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Take shelter

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Wilsonjd2 Coming soon... - My review of “Take Shelter” http://t.co/ApBmVJ4k

JoseTheCop_BDB *Middle-aged male, dressed in rags, blankets, no personal belongings in the area*We'll take you to a shelter for the night, see you settled*

guadalustebbint MOVIES: 'Anonymous,' 'The Way' & 'Take Shelter' - Westport-News http://t.co/fyQz6aJQ

forloveoffranky Great movie! (@ Regal Winter Park Village 20 for Take Shelter) http://t.co/m5TXJTKi

ChadWagner roll'n around on schwinn, check'n out new developments in the old 'hood. started raining, so I had to take shelter. http://t.co/VZGhPCh9

vjmfilms Between Olsen here and Shannon in TAKE SHELTER, the "playing a crazy person" Oscar-bait role has a new bar set. The way Olsen does and says

SharkbaitHamm Take Shelter และ Sleeping Beauty และ Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy เข้าไทย อะ ดีๆ

OKTOMEDIA TAKE SHELTER opened at The Neon today. There are two Q&A screenings Saturday at 4:15 and 7:00 with producer Tyler Davidson.

Seductress2u @princessxjodie kitten while at a car wash, took it to the shelter, they said they would take it free this time, but usually it's $96 to...

EHerbertHenney It took me about an hour after seeing Take Shelter to realize that I really, really liked it. #betterlatethannever

Depoetic Psalm 5:11a But let all who take refuge in You be glad, Let them ever sing for joy; & may You shelter them...

malcolmboyer @foreverd23 yeah what was the deal with that? Did you take him back to the shelter or bring him back to his owners?

jstuven I wanna take shelter From the poison rain Where the streets have no name

suderjh RT @VAartED: @HwangDennis #vaea11 my art teachers taught me to bounce back after failure. A shelter where it was ok to make mistakes and take risks.

luciawesterneig Take Shelter - Recent Reviews - Viewity http://t.co/NJcvcfyV


Where do you take shelter from the storm? by Tink Q: BQ: Have you had a cold this year? (achoo!) Good night ~ Good Morning, Starshine.

A: I don't. BQ: My second cold of the autumn (fall to you) has just started. Since January 1st I've had four or five colds. I don't know why this year has been so bad for colds - maybe I should shelter from those storms. I like them though..

Do you think a shelter will take these cats in? by Lela Q: I found three small kittens, while visiting some family in Europe, and I've tried everything to give them away, to no avail, plus they have no shelters here, and now I have to come back. I vaccinated and chipped all the kittens, but do you think a shelter in the US will take them in, even if they're from Europe or no?

A: Go to the vet were they were seen and get a health guarantee (I have to do this when I ship my kittens nation wide or world wide). No airline will accept them without this health guarantee. They are trying to prevent sick cats from infecting any other pets traveling on the plane, which is only fair. Europe, from what I've seen is more picky than the states about immunizations and require more than we do. If you've given the shots yourself you may be out of luck because the health guarantee vets sign is a legally binding contract and most won't sign off on shots that they didn't verify themselves (I know my vet won't!). Unfortunately it isn't cheap to ship a cat internationally...and if you have invested that much time, money and effort into the kittens they why not provide them a good home yourself? If you put them into a shelter there is a good chance one or two of them will be euthanized before they find a home! But, if you can't then search for a no-kill shelter (humane society) or post in the local paper, or craig's list. Call an airline and ask them about their requirments and they will give you all the details. Then contact your vet. Good luck!!

Will the animal shelter take a biting dog? by Madison Q: I live in a small town where everyone leaves their dogs out on a road that has a lot of traffic, and my dog chases cars. I worry about his safety. my dog has started being very territorial. Whenever my dad isn't home he bites(MEN ONLY). And he fights with other male dogs. We need to get rid of him but would a dog shelter take him?? Or should we do the dreaded and put him down?

A: Have you tried, training, socialization, exercise or rules, boundaries and limitations! Having your dog on a leash or in a fenced yard will prevent him from getting to the cars.

Would an animal shelter take treats that have been opened? by Q: I got my cat two big bags of tuna treats. And all of a sudden she decided that she doesnt like tuna. So i have these bags of treats and no one that has cats that would take them from me. Would a shelter take them, even though its opened? it has a zip lock...so its fresh.

A: why dont you call them and ask? theyll be opened soon once its not christmas/weekend... they might, but they won't think much of it (if they take it at all), maybe just give you a friendly thanks. buttt you might make some kittens happy : P

Where can I take shelter from a Tornado in Georgetown Tx? by cindy1576 Q: We live in a mobile home, in a neighborhood with other mobile homes. I have no idea where to go. No one around here has a storm shelter. The only thing i can think of is the post office, or the hospital. ???? Thanks. I am 1 block away from the hospital. I can be there in a matetr of minutes. Getting my shoes on and watching the news right now.

A: Go to whichever one is closer or that you think you'll feel safer in! The hospital sounds like the better option. Go quick the storm is on you. For all those in the way of the huge storm, Marble Falls, Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Austin...etc...Stay safe tonight, take precautions, and be prepared for the worst. I'll be praying. God Bless.

During WWII, did the Germans take shelter in the homes of Polish women, did the women kill the germans sometim? by UnkelJonytan Q: I'm writing a story about a single polish mother of two who killed an abusive german soldier who took shelter in her home and is on the run and hiding. PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!

A: Unfortunately, these things happen in wartime in every country and by any army. German soldiers raped women in all countries they invaded and occupied, So did Russians, Americans, and soldiers of all countries on all sides. And yes, sometimes the victims react and fight back.

How do I catch a stray cat that adopted me? Want to take it to animal shelter for adoption!? by Missy Q: Started feeling stray cat but now the cat is going after my puppy! Can't have stray anymore. Can pet cat but can't pick up cat to take to shelter! Runs from everyone but me! Any suggestions?!

A: poor cat your probably its only hope, and the only one its starting to trust, if it doesn't get tamed they will just put it to sleep its not adoptable if its wild , but if you really feel you need to get rid of it you can get a trap from the animal shelter to catch it.

Where in my basement should I take shelter if there's a tornado? by Indie Q: I read that you should avoid taking shelter next to south or west walls since most storms in North America come from the southwest. However, in the northeast corner of my basement, there's a large fuse box. I would think sitting under a fuse box in a tornado wouldn't be a good idea. There's a 3-walled enclosure on the south wall... would that be a better idea?

A: Tornados rarely collapse basements so you need to watch items that can fall on your head. Stay under a heavy beam that can support any falling debris. The south wall is fine as long as nothing heavy is on the floor above it. Imagine the floor falling in and what would be on it. Stay in the areas that are clear and cover yourself. The best is keeping a metal bathtub in your basement that you can turn upside down and get under. These are very safe.

Is a highway overpass a good place to take shelter from a tornado.? by Kutter N64 Q: Is a highway overpass a good place to take shelter from a tornado? Please Explain Your Answer.

A: Absolutely not! Stopping under a bridge to take shelter from a tornado is a very dangerous idea, for several reasons: 1. Deadly flying debris can still be blasted into the spaces between bridge and grade -- and impaled in any people hiding there. 2. Even when strongly gripping the girders (if they exist), people may be blown loose, out from under the bridge and into the open -- possibly well up into the tornado itself. Chances for survival are not good if that happens. 3. The bridge itself may fail, peeling apart and creating large flying objects, or even collapsing down onto people underneath. The structural integrity of many bridges in tornado winds is unknown -- even for those which may look sturdy. 4. Whether or not the tornado hits, parking on traffic lanes is illegal and dangerous to yourself and others. It creates a potentially deadly hazard for others, who may plow into your vehicle at full highway speeds in the rain, hail, and/or dust. Also, it can trap people in the storm's path against their will, or block emergency vehicles from saving lives. The people in that infamous video were extremely fortunate not to have been hurt or killed. They were actually not inside the tornado vortex itself, but instead in a surface inflow jet -- a small belt of intense wind flowing into the base of the tornado a few dozen yards to their south. Even then, flying debris could have caused serious injury or death. More recently, on 3 May 1999, two people were killed and several others injured outdoors in Newcastle and Moore OK, when a violent tornado blew them out from under bridges on I-44 and I-35. Another person was killed that night in his truck, which was parked under a bridge. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/faq/tornado/#Safety

Where is the best place to take shelter in a tornado warning? by indigo Q: I'm in house with no basement. There are 2 bathrooms. Both bathrooms have outside walls. So, is it better to take shelter in the bathrooms (one small, one larger) OR in the hallway which is central in the house?

A: No, do not take shelter in either one of your bathrooms considering that they are connected to an outside wall. This is among the worst places you could be. Your hallway would be the best place because it is in the middle of the house, far away from any windows or outer walls. If you have a closet in the hallway, it can also be a good room to go to. Take blankets, pillows or a small enough mattress to cover yourself while you take shelter. *TORNADO SAFETY* http://www.tornadochaser.net/safety.html http://www.srh.noaa.gov/oun/wxsafety/severewx/stayingsafe.php http://www.crh.noaa.gov/lmk/preparedness/tornado_large/index.php http://www.disastercenter.com/guide/tornado.html http://www.srh.noaa.gov/fwd/wcm/safety_rules_lists.pdf http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/brochures/tornado.shtml http://www.srh.noaa.gov/elp/swww/v5n1/tornadoes2.htm http://library.thinkquest.org/03oct/00758/en/disaster/tornado/safety.html http://www.tornadoproject.com/safety/safety.htm http://www.redcross.org/services/disaster/0,1082,0_591_,00.html http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/severeweather/tornadosafety.html http://climate.ok.gov/tornadosafety/homeandschool/default.html

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