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Tablet PC

Google's 7-inch tablet PC to ship in June, says report
DigiTimes released a report today saying that Google's 7-inch tablet PC, reportedly manufactured by Asus, will start shipping in June, with initial shipments expected to reach around 600000 units. Google originally planned to release its entry-level ...

Lenovo Rising in Ranks of Tablet PC Makers
By Tuo Yannan Lenovo Group Ltd, a Chinese maker of personal computers, became the fourth-largest maker of tablet PCs in the world measured by market share in the last quarter of its 2011 fiscal year, the company announced on Wednesday.

Review: OnLive Desktop brings the PC to tablets
By MAE ANDERSON So you love your iPad, but you wish you could work on Microsoft Office software, watch Flash video and generally have more of a PC-like experience? OnLive Desktop is one way you can. OnLive is best known for a streaming video-game ...

IPad domination: Apple continues to lead in mobile PC shipments
By Salvador Rodriguez Apple's dominance of the mobile PC and tablet market continued through the first quarter of 2012, according to a new forecast report. Apple towered over the tablet sector with the iPad while also keeping a strong hold at the top ...

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Could I play World of Warcraft on a tablet pc such as Motorola Xoom? by Q: Their commercial says it has all the power of a laptop so can I play WoW on Motorola Xoom? Also can I download stuff normally like I would on my PC strait from the internet or do I have to use their app store? I've heard rumor you can't. I don't have a tablet so I wouldn't know. Also what is the difference between a Blackberry Playbook and a Motorola Xoom?

A: The Xoom and Playbook are pretty much the same, just different brands. And no, you cannot play WoW on a tablet. Get a razer switchblade gaming PC for virtually any games. It has LED keys so when you play WoW, it shows your commands on the keys, not the screen.

Can somebody give me a list of reliable tablet pc's for under $200 and their price? by Q: Im getting $150 at the end of june and was planning on getting a tablet pc, can anybody give me a list of reliable ones for under $200 and where to get them.

Is there software useful for programming on a tablet pc? by fwahobadagadz Q: I am looking for software that can be used to program in computer languages by handwriting on a tablet pc rather than typing. I'm not sure if this would work well with ordinary software, I'm hoping it can be relatively easy to write the programs this way.. Thanks.

A: Although hand-writing recognition is very-good to excellent on TabletPC's you'll find writing "code" to be somewhat clumsy. You're using non-standard words and grammer so recognition is more difficult. You could use the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) in letter recognizer mode, but that will be slower than keyboard. I, personally, don't know of any software that will help, but you may find an better answer to this on either of these 2 TabletPC forums: http://www.gottabemobile.com http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com

is it possible to use a projector with tablet pc? by Q: I need to present a project at school in two days and I am planning on buying a tablet pc because its cheaper. But i need to know if its possible to connect a projector to it. thanks!!

A: If it has VGA output, yes.

What is difference between a Tablet PC and a Wacom Tablet? by rishabh2011 Q: Does Wacom tablet(e.g intruos 3) not support windows? If not how softwares like photoshop are installed in it. Does a wacom not support functions of a pc?

A: A tablet PC is a type of computer, with all bells and whistles, with a touchscreen as an extra. You can look at it als a PDA on steroids :-) A wacom tablet, is a usb device, wich you connect to a computer, where you can "draw" on with a pen, like a digital paper. They exist in many sizes, depending on your budget and needs..

How do i put photoshop on my tablet pc? by minisagers Q: I have a ViewSonic V1100 and i wanted to know how i can i put Photoshop CS5 Extended on it. I would think it was just 1, 2, and 3 your done but i doubt that. Is there some special configuration that i have to go through to make the Tablet PC act how its supposed to in Photoshop?

A: Based upon the tech specs, the Viewsonic V1100 doesn't meet the minimum hardware requirements to run Photoshop CS5.

Can I use a Tablet PC as an input device on a desktop computer? by Mark Q: I have a Tablet PC. Is it possible to get that to work as an input device on a desktop computer? In other words, use the Tablet PC like a Wacom Tablet. Either wired somehow or wireless (such as with wifi) would be great.

A: You probably could do this, but it would likely be too clunky and slow for any real use. Because the TabletPC is a full computer in itself you cannot use it as an external device. You could, however, network the 2 computers and the TPC could run the desktop through various desktop extension applications that are available...but there would likely be unacceptable amounts of lag between the two systems.

Is it possible to use a tablet pc for drawing? by shadowtoucher Q: For example, a lot of digital artists use their tablets (Wacom, Graphire, etc.) for drawing. Can a tablet pc be used that way or is there something special about the tablets that you connect to the computer? ...wow, somehow that sounds like a really stupid question.

A: You CAN do it, but I don't reccommend it unless you have a really steady hand because plastic on the LCD monitor moves a lot more than your regular pen/pencil on paper, so finer details are harder to do. If you plan on drawing just basic things, yeah sure, but for detailed works, paper works best.

What is the best convertible PC tablet available in Ireland and does the handwriting recognition really work? by Arik Q: I need a relatively high spec Laptop PC or Tablet PC for business purposes and I'm very interested in a Tablet PC in particular. I'm just not sure that 1) the handwriting rec will really work; 2) 2hat the performance will be sufficient; and 3) that the extra price will be worth it. I'm interested in hearing the practical experience others have gained and which products they have found best. My primary uses w.r.t. the tablet functions would be: - Wireless Web Browsing - Data gathering and catagorising - from web resources in particular - Meeting note taking and filing - Document reading / reviewing - (potentially - depending on how good the handwriting rec is !) Document writing Many thanks for answering ! Arik.

A: It appears that the question period has expired. If you have received an answer that meets your needs, please choose a 'best answer.' Regards.

What drawing program do you suggest, for the Android Tablet PC? by Q: I need to figure out good drawing programs for the Android Tablet PC. I have no idea what to get.

A: I think you can find anything (games&apps) you want. ALL FOR FREE! android.pandaapp.com go to the download page and you can find everything you need! Hope you like it!

How can I get my Tablet Pc's pen to be pressure-sensitive? by Fulmetalsasukefreak Q: I have a HP Touch Smart PC, it's a tablet PC that has a touch screen and comes with a pen. However, I wanted to useit for digital drawingas well, but the pen is not pressur- sensitive like wacom tablets. Is there any program that lets me make it pressure-sensitive? Thanks

A: Rub some extenze on it?

Does the sylvania tablet pc have the market like the droid phones do? by April B Q: You know the droid phones that run android systems have the "market" where you can download apps to the device does this tablet pc by sylvania have it also?

A: Nope just found it out...unbelievable there is a hack to get it on though but I'm too lazy to find it...still extremely disappointed with this move..

How do i install norton 360 onto my tablet pc? by hi Q: Is it possible to install norton 360 onto my tablet pc without a cd drive because i do not have one on my computer. I have the install CD and the verification number . Any help is great!! Thanks And is it even possible to put the contents of the norton 360 CD onto a flash drive on another computer and then transfer it to this one or will that not work. Thanks again!!!

A: I would try the flash drive. If no workie then I would buy cheap external CD unit. I used Norton for years and was the best at stopping everything bad. But never tried the 360 program but I imagine it is as great as other Norton products.

Can I use a tablet pc instead of a graphics tablet? by Q: Hi, I'm an artist and would love to get a graphics tablet with an interactive display, but they are way too pricey. I see some tablet PCs that are on the market that are half the price. Would I be able to use a tablet pc instead of a graphics tablet? Do they function differently, making my purchase uneccessary?

A: Could the new iPad help you? They have over 200,000 applications. There might be a few you like. ;-)

Which tablet PC comes with a pressure sensitive pen? by Q: I'm interested in purchasing a tablet pc but I need it to have a pressure-sensitive stylus as I'll be using it a lot for sketching. Currently the brands that I've looked into are: Toshiba, Lenovo (IBM) and Fujitsu. Yet (and amazingly) I couldn't find in any of the respective websites any detailed description of about the stylus pen where I could see whether it is pressure-sensitive or not. Any information in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

A: The Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook T5010 which I have has a pressure sensitive pen. It is based on a Wacom active digitiser, as are most modern tablet PCs with active screens. Purely passive screens i.e. those that can be operated by your finger, don't have pressure sensitivity, I gather. I believe the Toshiba Portege range also uses Wacom active digitisers with pressure sensitivity. The Lenovo I don't know.

What are the things that I can do on a tablet PC? by student Q: Well I am just a college student, and I spend hours in transportation between school and home and I was just wondering what a tablet PC was all about. I wish i could type papers on my way, but my phone does not cut it, and the laptop is too heavy and chunky to bring along. I was wondering can i type on the touch screen of a tablet pc? Does it have all the Microsoft tools? All the discussion forums are too "techy" for me. Please help.

A: Yes you can use office tools

How do I disable the internal mic on my Gateway Tablet PC using XP? by Q: I want to disable the mic on my Gateway tablet PC. If I go into Device Manager, I can disable the driver (IDT Audio), but that also disables my sound driver so no sound works at all. I am not wanting to simply mute it, I want to disable it entirely. Can anyone tell me how to disable it without losing all audio?

A: Here you go: http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/gateway/17949-how-do-i-turn-off-internal-mic.html

What is the average cost of a tablet pc? by Ethan D Q: What is the average cost of a tablet pc in Ireland, and where might i purchase one in co.kilkenney?

A: Well around 150 and if there is a pc world you can get one there

What is the gift card used for the tablet pc? by Q: I have this tablet PC but I want games and my birthday is coming up and my dad thinks people should get me a gift card for my tablet but we don't know if we have any.

A: You can use any type of card you want. you can use expensive ones or cheap ones like index cards. The card is only a medium, what's important is the message inside. If you would like to buy some index cards, you can use this link.

How do I make my tablet pc pen work again? by Tofu a la Mode Q: I have a Gateway tablet pc. (The smaller one I think.) I turned it on today and was going to draw, but the pen isn't working. At all. It doesn't move the cursor or even register with the computer. How can I fix it myself? I checked the settings and nothing is wrong with them. It also has not gotten wet or been cropped, and I keep the pen in the computer when not in use.

A: I'm pretty sure that Gateway TabletPC's use Finepoint Technology screens. This means the pens probably have batteries in them. So it's likely the batteries have died. Open the pen and replace the batteries and you should be good to go.

Toshiba satellite Tablet PC making a lot of hissing sound and getting very hot.Any solutions? by diyaparmar Q: I have Toshiba satellite Tablet PC R 20. Since a little while I have noticed that when I switch it on, it makes a lot of hissing sound which is continuous. Also the bottom left side of the laptop gets very hot. This is the battery compartment. What is the problem?I tried to get Toshiba online help but can't contact Toshiba. I am in India. Bought the laptop in Toronto, Canada.

A: yea dude im on my sis''s toshiba laptop ,it does the same thing ,but is your random too?,like it will get hot then out of nowhere it cools down with no loud sounds on the left vent?

Is it true to use Tablet PC or Virtual key board on screen can protect you to steal your personal inf? by SamM. Q: Is it true to use Tablet PC or Virtual key board on screen can protect you to steal your personal inf?means if we use that online screen keyboard to type our password,personal bank account number etc then no one can trace it and its very secure?

A: It is to an extent... If a keystroke recorder has setup a windows callback then running a Virtual Keyboard and using that instead will bypass the keystroke logger. The same software could also be doing other things to steal your information though, like enumerating all visable windows for boxes that contain bank names and the contents of the boxes, etc.

What is the most powerful Tablet PC on the market today and who makes it? by freecc93 Q: I am looking for a true Tablet PC not a laptop or notebook that converts. Screen resolution is important because I will be reading from this alot. Also I need something that is readable in the sunlight. Can anyone help.

A: buy a laptop with an OLED screen (big bucks$$$) this is the tech http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_30650/article.html this is the laptophttp://www.engadget.com/2006/12/02/lg-debuts-ebook-concept-laptop-with-oled-screen-liquid-fuel/

What is the best tablet pc on the market thus far in 2008? by Funky Monkey Q: What is the best tablet pc on the market thus far in 2008? Please answer if you have done research on this topic, no personal opinions please. Thank you :)

A: the best tablet PC by research is HP TX2000 its a upgraded model of hptx1000 series. the best of the best tablet pc available to the market today extreme graphics and great processor and Hp really worked on the complains from tx1000 and modify it and made tx2000 just search for tx2000 specs and you will know all.

How to make a tablet pc from old laptop components? by Anks Q: I am an EC engineering student. I am having an old laptop from which i can get a working processor, ram, harddisk, battery, lcd and the like components. Please tell me how should i again connect all these components to get a working tablet pc with wife connectivity and i then wish to install android os in its Rom

A: If you have to ask, there's no way that you can do it, even with step-by-step instructions given.

what are the things I should consider before buying a tablet pc? by Q: I am planning to buy a china make 10'' tablet pc. could anyone help me about the minimun requirements for buying a tablet pc.my budget is 100.130$.also if anyone can give a review of chinese tab pc's..it would be really helpful.

A: Hi this Web is chinese store it's very cheap this under $150 tablet pc hope can help you http://www.cheaptabletspcs.com/Product/SearchList?SearchKey=TabletsUnder&ProductType=0&PerPage=12&PageIndex=1&Sort=desc&ColumnValue=DiscountPrice&GirdOrList=Grid

How can you plug a MotionComputing tablet PC into a laptop? by buildyourfences Q: I have a Dell laptop, and a MotionComputing tablet PC (LE1600) that I want to plug into the laptop so I can just use one computer, making the process a hell of a lot easier. Is there any way I can do this? I've tried using a VGA cable, but neither computer noticed the other.

A: just connect table pc VGA cable in to laptop VGA port thts it

How much does a slate tablet PC cost and where can I buy one? by Q: My mom is gonna go out and get me a computer. She told me to search up different computers. I want to get a slate tablet PC. How much does it cost and where can I buy it?

A: Unless you've actually used a slate tablet PC before, it is advisable to go to a store and try one out. Tablet PCs are manufactured by several companies such as Lenovo (IBM) & Fujitsu. They are very nifty and handy when processing orders and walking around or simply drawing and can recognize single touch gestures as well as pen input. Like the Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet, it works like a laptop and the screen swivels and folds into a tablet and has a wonderful hand writing recognition software that reads even script letters! Unfortunately, these tablets can get quite heavy after a few hours or a long day carrying it around like a thick notebook. It weighs about 3 pounds and that's without a media (CD/DVD) drive. They can also be expensive as in the range of $1,500 to $2,250. Is it worth it? It depends on your needs and requirement. Is it necessary? Only if you have an application that requires a tablet computer. You can always try a multi-touch laptop. These types of laptop have multi-touch screens like the iPhones/iPod Touch. It recognizes multi-finger gestures as well. Check out Lenovo S10-3t at only $550. It has a small 10.1" display that pivots and swivels like a tablet and recognizes multi-finger gestures but doesn't recognize any pen inputs. Good luck and I hope this helps.

What is the difference between a tablet PC and a notebook PC? by April H Q: I saw the other post but was not fully sure for example the Toshiba Portege R400-S4834 Notebook PC and the Toshiba Portege M700-S7003V Refurbished Tablet PC both have swivel tops and are both categorized as Tablet PCs but what is the difference, I want to use form filling software program but want the easiest experience in the field and email the results back to the office... will either work? which one works better?

A: Actually, both of the laptops you mentioned are tablets. A couple of differences between the two laptops - R400 has no optical drive and has worse performance than the m700, but its lighter and it looks much bettter. I personally own a toshiba m700 and I find it easy to use and fast (with its 2.4ghz intel core 2 duo). Get the m700 - its definitely the better deal.

What is the best type of Tablet PC for a college engineering student? by Jas Wicks Q: My predicament: The Virginia Tech Engineering Dept. requires each student purchase a tablet PC with rather specific specifications. I have began to research my options, but the biggest issue is I haven't seen one with a processor of 2.2 GHz. And I don't understand what exactly the dal processor thing is. Also, why do Fujitsu tablets seem to be status quo?

A: Don't worry so much about the processor speed. If it's 2.2ghz or higher, it will fit the specs recommended. They give that 2.2ghz as a minimum for the software they will issue you to use. Also, if it has more RAM than is listed, that's fine as well.

What is the best place to order some tablet pc online? by Q: I live in Africa and want to purchase some tablet pc, Google android is my choice if possible.

A: I just ordered my very own Google Android 7'' Tablet PC eBook Reader WIFI UMPC M002 Netbook Apad iPed iRobot MID at this site for only $105.00: http://www.tomerep.com/google-android-7-tablet-pc-ebook-reader-wifi-umpc-m002-netbook-apad-iped-irobot-mid.html They offer free shipping to many destinations worldwide.

What is the best illustration/drawing program to use with a tablet pc? by Mr. Blah Blah Q: I want to know what is the best illustration or drawing program to use with a tablet pc. I want one that has a tablet pc friendly interface. So far Alias Sketchbook Pro is the best I have come across but I want a program with that great interface but with more features. Thanks!

A: Painter IX, so far I found this program fantastic , plus Photoshop CS3, I downloaded some amazing brushes and you can really related to them when you want to make the final touches and so.

What is the best tablet PC for an artist? by Q: I've decided to get a tablet PC, but am having a hard time figuring out which one. I'd like to spend less than $2000 between the tablet and software I'll need (I'm leaning towards just using photoshop). I'd like a tablet I can bring to cafe sketch, but I also want to be able to use it as a regular computer too. What would be best? Thanks!

A: http://www.wacom.com/index2.php browse here, they have some of the best tablets... By using it as a regular computer what do you mean? Like a big, touchscreen laptop? You arn't going to be able to find one of those unless you find a major discount on amazon or ebay or something. (As a side note, a "tablet" that can be used as a regular computer isn't even really a tablet, even so they have somehting like that on their site...) Unless you meant you want to be able to use it for navigation on your computer... then there are many tablets they have for that, I may be getting the Intuos4. Just saying. Hope this helps, best of luck ^^

What is an inexpensive tablet pc that can handle drawing and making art well? by crimsonbloodangel Q: I am looking for a relatively cheap tablet pc that can read .pdfs. I would also like it to be able to run an art program like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI. It should also have wifi. I am wondering if such a tablet exists, or if I would be better off going with a laptop PC.

A: They do exist but whether they are 'better' than a laptop is debatable. There are a number of laptops that can also double as tablets, the screens either fold back over the keyboard or can be 'flipped' over and some that just have touch screens but still function like normal laptops (they dont fold back/flip) Both the art programs you have mentioned are Windows based so you will need a windows based tablet PC (rather than android tablet or an iPad). The cheapest I've seen are refurbished or second hand units starting from £160-200 but they tend to have smaller capcity (either SSD or HD). The full price units are obviously more , expect to pay £500+ ( some are closer to 1K) for a high spec one. Look at the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 , Viewsonic ViewPad, Archos 9, ASUS Eee Pad or Acer ICONIA ranges. There are also numerous 'cheap' nonbranded resellers on eBay.

How can I tell if my computer is a Tablet PC? by ´¨¤ .•´ღ αℓýღ ¸.•´¨¤ Q: My Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5900 has a folder in accessories, that has three programs named Tablet PC with three programs named Sticky Notes, Tablet PC Input Panel, Windows Journal. So is a Tablet PC? If it is, I have no clue, nor understanding on how to enable the feature. It's Vista, and I absolutely loathe Vista.

A: No, it is NOT a TabletPC. Vista has all the "extras" for TabletPC's built into the operating system but they are only active on a TabletPC, so that's why the folder is there. You might be able to run Sticky Notes and "write" onto them with your mouse. Also, you might be able to use Journal (which is a note-taking application) but you won't be able to hand write anything into it. The Input Panel is strictly for TPC's and should not run at all.

Will all the vista tablet pc components work in XP or ubuntu? by abujabish Q: I'm using an HP Touchsmart tx2-1020us tablet pc that runs on vista 64 which it came with. I was wondering if I switched to xp or ubuntu if all off the programs for for handwriting recognition and all the other tablet pc components would still work in either one of them. Basically, I can't stand Vista but I want to keep all the tablet functionality.Thanks.

A: No, they will not work in either XP or Ubuntu. Linux, I have heard, does have *some* tablet support apps floating around but they are nowhere as comprehensive as what is found in XP or Vista. MS made many changes to the TabletPC apps in Vista. TabletPC components are now integrated into the Vista OS and are definitely superiors to the XP versions. In XP, you got WinXP Pro and the TPC components were "shell" apps that ran on top of XP, external to the OS. On a TPC Vista is definitely the OS to run. Vista is actually quite good. The problem is the third party software developers who have not cleaned up their code to run efficiently or correctly in Vista. And many 3rd party hardware manufacturers have made absolutely horrible device drivers which cause all sorts of problems. I guess that's what you get when you pay someone in Bangalore $1/hour to write your drivers... And you state you have the 64 bit version as well. Way too many software developers have ignored the 64 bit system and stuck writing apps only for the 32 bit OS. That will be your biggest problem... If you do want to downgrade to XP Tablet Edition you need to know that XP TE was OEM only. You cannot buy the TabletPC version of XP anywhere except from the manufacturers. If you're a true geek you can load XP Pro and find all the required apps to create a TPC, but it's a very difficult task to do so. It's much easier to contact HP. My suggestion would actually be to wait for Windows 7 to arrive and upgrade to it. It will fully support the multi-touch screen on the TX2 which XP will not.

Buying a used tablet pc to use as a digital sketchpad and idea book? by miraarts Q: I am thinking of buying a used or refurbished tablet pc to use as a digital sketchbook, an idea journal where I can jeep track of my thoughts, and for general web use, email tracking, etc., Any suggestion? The cheaper the better.

A: I don't suggest refurbished or used tablets because they can be troublesome in the future and reselling would be hard. I think ViewSonic 10 inch tablet what you are looking for. It is much cheaper than other tablets such as iPad, Galaxy Tab etc. Here is the link for your review: http://amzn.to/gJx8xW

How do i get back my tablet pc programs which have disappeared from my laptop? by Triniguy Q: I'm running windows 7 on a sony vaio VGN-NW240F and i had some cool snipping tool and other cool programs in the tablet pc folder. They aren't there now and yes i tried the thing with "Turn windows features on and off" and it's checked. The folder is empty in accessories.

A: try to use system restore to previous date

What is the difference between Graphic tablet and tablet pc ? by THE GREAT Z Q: Please tell me what is the difference between Graphic tablet and tablet pc.I want to make cartoon animations.and also what is difference of cost of the 2 above tablets.And one more thing,will the tablets work on every laptop?

A: A graphic tablet is a computer accessory specifically designed for graphic works. With one, you can manipulate line weights very much like a pencil or a brush (press hard for larger lines and light for finer outlines, turn the pen around and you will have a virtual eraser with the same degree of functionality). In addition to that, it feels much more responsive and natural, and they don't run on battery power. However, most models force you to look at the screen and draw, and not your hand and paper as you would normally do, so you will need to practice coordinating your hand-eye movements for a while, but after that, graphic tablets are handy. On the other hand tablet PCs are not designed for artists, mostly they have a touchscreen functionality. Some are entertainment machines (like the iPads) and some are business machines (like the small Thinkpads, HP, etc.). Unless you opt for the iPad, you will have a complete computer to draw on but they are quite expensive and the screens tend to be small and colors are off because of the extra touch layers on top of the LCD (and viewing angle). If you are an art student, I will recommend getting a Wacom tablet, and a small one at first as they are cheaper and you can test if they are right for you. The current range includes the Intuos4 and the Bamboos, with the cheapest being the Bamboos that cost around $100 to $300. Or perhaps you can have a go at the iPads, I heard someone drew portraits on it with a digital pen so I think they are not that bad, only don't expect much in terms of software and computing power, catering for animators. If you are serious, I haven't seen any studio not having the D (DTX, DTZ, DTK etc) series from Wacom with which you can draw right on the LCD screens, or at least large, professional tablets. Expect $1000 plus though. Or you can buy a laptop that has a Wacom screen, like the Thinkpad W700 or X220. I can't find the details on the W700, but I think you can still get them elsewhere on the net. Of course, others like Toshiba and Fujitsu had Wacom enabled tablet PCs in their range, but a search on the net yielded little new information on these machines, I'm sorry. But it all boils down to how much work you will do. Animators tend to draw a lot (on 2D animations) or zip around with models (on 3D animations) so I think you should have an idea before getting either ones. However, a solid approach has always been with a graphic tablet and I'm sure that they work on almost every laptop, as long as it has one free USB gate and runs XP or higher. Cheers.

What make tablet pc a better choice for you? by Q: Now, tablet pc is popular. But what factors make tablet pc a better choice for you than conventional desktop or laptop pc?

A: There are some features I consider before choosing a tablet pc. Such as- -Processor generation and speed. -GPU on board. -OS loaded. -Connectivity. -Camera and other features like gps etc. Last but not least- MOBILITY. :)

What is the best tablet pc for drawing and making art? by then she killed my brain Q: Ive been looking at the Dell Latitude XT2 , but I do not think they have the capability to create art with? Will it work with a tablet pen? I plan to buy a pen, so a pc with the capability to be able to use the pen would be wonderful! It is just better to draw with the pen instead of my finger. Help please?

A: The XT2 does have a pen digitizer in addition to the multitouch screen. I have a HP tx2z which is very similar to the Dell XT2 and it's great for most basic to high intermediate level graphics work. If you do a lot of advanced graphics I would recommend Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. I use one on my iMac with Creative Suite and it works great. It would work great on any Mac or PC that can run the advanced features that many graphic programs have. Some programs like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter require a graphics tablet to use some of the features. Make sure whatever you get has dedicated graphics.

What is the Tablet Pc that will allow me to download movies and music directly to the Tablet? by Q: I want a Tablet PC, with the exception of an IPad, that will allow me to use it as a multimedia player as well without having to use a SD or MicroSD. Hopefully a 10" screen and easy portablity. Any suggestions.

A: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Asus Eee Pad Transformer Motorola Xoom

what tablet pc is good for drawing but still good for computer use? by Q: I want to get a tablet pc to use for drawing and making other files and internet use. But I can't find any solid information and I want to know which tablet pc to get for myself.

A: I personally like the HP TM2 Tablet PC, and recently I've also been hearing lots of good things about the EEE Slate. Concept artists in the games industry who were formerly using Wacom Cintiques are now preferring to switch to the slate because of it's portability. I personally use the TM2 - It has good battery life, good pressure sensitivity and has a decent graphics card for Photoshop, 3d and games. I used to work for Activision as an art director and used this computer for all of my art related tasks. Another good thing about it is that it's fairly small, so easily fits in my backpack and I've traveled a lot with it overseas, and had no issues. This is the best computer that I've ever owned, and the only thing better may be the EEE Slate mentioned above because it's even smaller. One small issue with this computer is that it doesn't come with a CD/DVD Drive built into it and you will need an external one, but so far I've never had any need for a DVD drive. I've included a link here with a video I made about different drawing tools that I use (including the TM2) - if you scroll to 2min 56 seconds you can see the info about the tm2. Cheers!

What is the best tablet PC for CREATING Powerpoint presentations? by Jen H Q: I understand all tablet PCs can display Powerpoint presentations. However, my husband has to create many presentations from scratch for his job, and I want to find a great tablet PC that he can use while traveling for business. Ideally, he wants to be able to create a presentation from scratch, then transfer it to his laptop for adding photos and finishing touches. Are there any Android tablets (and apps) that are compatible between the tablet, and a PC running Office?

A: Tablet PC? I know a free android office, works good on android tablet. Kingsoft Office. a freeware. The ability to create PPT will be available on its 4.5 version. Which will be released this month. http://www.kingsoftstore.com/kingsoft-office-android.html

What is the best Tablet pc for construction estimating (Insurance adjusters) in the field? by melvin m Q: What is the best Tablet pc for construction estimators in the field? Can anyone please give me any hints on software i will need to run and write on this Tablet pc? Any advise on estimating softwares like Exactimate etc? Thanks!

A: Toughbook hands down! Talk to Panasonic and they'll hook you up with the software you need.

What is the difference between android tablet pc and windows tablet pc? by SamM. Q: What is the difference between android tablet pc and windows tablet pc?Which is better and cheaper?How safe they are to get virus or spyware,maleware stuff?Do they require antivirus softwares?

A: The difference is they run different operating systems. zxc

Tablet Pc ? by bornonaplatein1988 Q: Can we use the hp tc4400 tablet pc at home - for gaming, chatting, surfing, etc. Or..is it only meant for office use ? What about if we install windows xp in it ?

A: Tablet PCs are made more for mobility, small size, and light weight than performance. High end gaming is probably out of the question, but simple games should work fine. Chatting and surfing should work too. Just remember, if people use their work computers at home, you are more likely to see spyware and other problems because of more entertainment usage.

tablet pc? by me Q: do any tablet pc's have a special pen you can use to wright on the screen while touching it with your hand? like it would only recognise that pen and not other things toughing it? do they have anny good hand wrighting recognition or could you save it in your hand writing?

A: A tablet PC is a notebook- or slate-shaped mobile computer. Its touchscreen or digitizing tablet technology allows the user to operate the computer with a stylus or digital pen instead of a keyboard or mouse. A user can input text using the built-in handwriting recognition, on-screen (virtual) keyboard, speech recognition, or a physical keyboard (if available). Shorthand-like entry methods, which enable pen-driven input at touch-typing speeds, are also available, including AlphaTap and Shark. Tablet PCs that include a built-in keyboard are called convertibles or hybrids. Ones that are only a screen with pen are called slates; they can use external wireless or USB keyboards. The most popular convertible tablet PCs are the Acer and Toshiba. The most popular slates are the Motion Computing/Gateway Computers, Fujitsu, and HP/Compaq. Many Tablet PCs use a Wacom digitizer, which delivers pen-position input to the computer at a fast rate. Tablets with these digitizers project a small magnetic field above the screen that interacts with electronics in the tablet's stylus. The user therefore is able to rest their hand on the screen without affecting the image or mouse pointer; only movement of the stylus affects the mouse pointer. (However, due to interference from other electronics within a tablet PC, many models suffer from "jitter", which makes some tasks difficult, e.g. slowly drawing straight lines, or writing small characters.) UC Logic and Finepoint make similar digitizers. Tablet PCs became available to the general public with the introduction of Microsoft's Windows Tablet PC Edition in the fall of 2002. Before then they were used in small markets in industry, medicine, and government. Now they are used by students and many professionals.

Tablet+pc? by missy Q: My laptop came with a tablet pc thing, but I dont know how to use it. My computer is a toshiba. I wanna use this computer as a touch screen how can i do that.

A: my HP is a laptop that converts to tablet, I use my touchscreen all the time did your tablet come with touchscreen? I do not know if you can turn it into a touchscreen. Contact toshiba and ask.

Tablet PC? by dewe52 Q: Other than the touch screen and the size, what's the difference of a Tablet PC from Laptops/Notebooks? I'm thinking of getting one. Specifically, are normal programs not available on a Tablet PC? I saw this demo on the Microsoft site that said it allows you to transfer some of your favorite music from you desktop PC to the Tablet. Does this mean I can't store my whole library in it? Does a tablet have a DVD-RW or CD-ROM drive? Is there lower hard drive capacity? Or is it mostly the same thing? Hehehe... Thanks in advanced ;)

A: Most of the tablets you can buy now are convertibles, meaning you can use them as both a notebook and a tablet. They can do anything a typical notebook can and more. Look for the new SantaRosa chipset to get the better on-board graphics solution, also a built in optical drive is a plus to.

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