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crayola227 "Why can't I just have sex w/ my cat?"

FluffyBieber14 Why can't I change my Picture man?

choiyuuki07 LOL. Bashing on us. You can't even spell right. Umm. It's actually P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. dumbass

luporsha [email protected]: I text you because I miss you, If I don't ...I'm waiting for you to miss me :)” <3

____YT @HilloryKanele i can't.. i don't have a phone, remember. dm me.

Sweet_Sanaa_101 RT @iSpeakShwagg: i.f.y.o.u.w.a.s.t.e.d.y.o.u.r.t.i.m.e.r.e.a.d.i.n. g.t.h.i.s.y.o.u.a.r.e.a.w.s.o.m.e . #shwagg

gabbymonsterr RT @MichaelJagmin: Why can't I sleep?

SplitLipKiss RT @FreshDumps: @splitlipkiss umm Alisha do I drink? Can't I show some love to my sexy besty

_noNastyNames wtf! why don't i get up this early for school?!

Heathinn Loads of my favourite singers are in Belfast. WHY CAN'T I BE THERE?!?

zenasophia @xhannahsalter I will later, ohmygodd if I ammmm!! I've got the dates wrong haven't I? It's the weekend before my birthday?xx

Clippz NEW VIDEO: T.I feat Big K.R.I.T - 'I'm Flexing' http://t.co/8Tsb6I5h @

alynavie @iiHeartAvrilL exactly..i can't,i wonder...where r u from?

_undeadprincess Why can't I find a guy that's like a Backstreet Boy lyric.

Loservillian @CrucioChloe you said you wouldn't. I REMEMBER IT.


Why can't I shift from 2WD to 4WD on my 1999 F-150? by Q: I can't move the shift lever from 2WD to 4WD, even when the vehicle is parked.

A: If its a manual transmission be certain that the clutch is completely down to the floor . But, just to complicate things, sometimes making the shift requires that the gears in the transmission be turned ever so slightly and requires that the clutch be released just enough to get that done. Its not uncommon for the shift to be difficult with the truck stopped.

Why can't i open task manager? by Q: I am currently running windows VISTA home premium and i hit control alt delete and select task manager and then nothing happens i just return to my home screen. I also cannot alter my my volume thing in the bottomRightt han corner near te clock. If you can help wit either of these issues please leave instructions and noirrelevantt answers.

A: Right Click on task bar -> Select "Task Manager" .

L!berals: A friend of mine was killed by a gang here in NJ. Why can't I carry a gun to defend myself? by Conservative Patriot Q: True story. I was almost a victim, good thing I ran away. So why should we let good people die and not defend themselves? Why do states that allow guns have less crime rates than here in NJ?

Why can"t I add a subject to my e-mails? by pipeu2 Q: All the contacts come up and I can add them but I can"T put a subject in the subject box. Worked a couple of weeks ago, but now nothing.

Why don't I have any motiviton or ambition? What should I do? by Jake (pyro) Q: I don't feel like doing anything anymore. I'm 15 and a freshman.

Can't I just buy an iPhone 4s and use my current sim card for AT&T? by Justin Q: I want to get an iPhone 4s but AT&T says I can't for reasons. But can't I just buy an iPhone and take my simcard out of my windows phone and put it in the iPhone? At&t said I was not able to upgrade because due to past due balance and other reasons. That's what they stated in my text. Idk what "other reasons" reffer to?

Why can't I see my friend online in Facebook's Tetris Battle? by Wh Neo Q: I think this is a situation which affects many of us who are playing the game. The challenge button is always greyed out, and you cannot find your friend 'live' even if both you and your friend are online. For me, I the 'live' button did not appear for any of my friends at all; I have also had other friends who are able to see the 'live' button at all times. What makes the difference in whether someone is able to see the 'live' button? Is it due to the network?

Why can't I follow the plots of most movies? by Eric Q: I feel like I'm intelligent in many other regards so why is this? Ironically, I understood "Inception" for the most part on the second viewing. @Farzin I don't know, I mean, I can be empathetic to a fault sometimes. And I'd be the last person to call myself a genius. I can be pretty good at covering for myself in social situations where I see things might be about to get ugly.

A: How about Asperger's? Sometimes it's not really apparent that someone has it, because sometimes it's not very advanced. Do you have problem reading other's emotions? Or do you find yourself annoying people all the time? I mean I'm just guessing here, but that is what I suspect it to be... You also say that you are intelligent (or you think you are anyways) which was one other clue for my guess.

Informed consent and medical diagnosis, don't I have a right NOT to know? by joeyjojo Q: I was just wondering with all the talk of "informed consent" if I went to get a medical diagnosis for something nasty, would I be in my rights to request personal nondisclosure to the result if I decided I simply didn't want to know? Basically that I chosen to have treatment without be informed of what it was I having done and what it was I had in the first place. Just wondering.

Why can't I preview my emails from the Yahoo Home page any longer? by Holly H. Q: Use to, that when I signed into Yahoo from the home page it would show how many emails I have next to "Mail", it still does only I use to be able to rest my mouse on "Mail" and a pop up would show my in box. Can I get that back?

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