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xpienn ninanthony - sytycd http://t.co/mdO9TgY8 ♥♥♥

ElizeDeBoer yes morgen avond weer #sytycd

XOReview New video , SYTYCD Tour Halloween Finale - Season 7 - http://t.co/mLFUN0MO

XOReview New video , SYTYCD Tour Halloween Finale - Season 7 - http://t.co/LnkvMpmW

DancingChica sytycd 30-10-2011 Juvat en Anna-Alicia - rumba - YouTube http://t.co/kx6iyIBs

Celinexx15 @liselottee23 ik ben vanavond met esmay. maar morgen avond ben ik wel thuis, gaan we dan sytycd kieken ? (:

Mazza_Dream I BETTER SEE SYTYCD AMERICA LIKE CH 10 TOLD ME COME BACK TO AIR :D PREFERABLY NOT AT 11 AT NIGHT AHA dancer signing out #goodnightpeoples xx

TeamRinus RT @KoenRoem: Check onze nieuwe website! http://t.co/abaYjsD5 #sytycd

GemJoyTree Just randomly had this burning urge to watch kayla & kuponos addiction piece, #SYTYCD #favouriteever

Matt_Silverman @ariherzog They're actually more like "eating on the couch while we watch SYTYCD" discussions. @lfmccullough

RealNishh Ik ga de nieuwe SYTYCD danskoppels raden.

TonyWadsworth RT @Maaiysa: With performances from @jerseybudd, @thereason4, Charlie Bruce from #SYTYCD, CBeebies fave Waybaloo & @reconnectedband, will be a FAB night!

LittleShawtyxx Zondag met @YOUNGCECC Naar sytycd op de gastenlijst als V.I.P !

RoyJulen Omdat er geen ballroom jurken zijn in Nina haar maat heeft Philip de liever zelf 1 gemaakt. Wow! @ninasytycd #sytycd http://t.co/Sxt51ovk

Miepong SYTYCD?"@Lingualina: オハイオ州ワパコネタ"


Whats the name of the song that was on sytycd season 5 vegas that nerdology danced to? by sodapopgrl19 Q: SYTYCD Nerdoloy song?

A: freeze - t-pain feat. chris brown http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGeMHCUKkhw

where can i download the bleeding love sytycd version? by gmed23 Q: i want to know where i can download it because i've looked everywhere! i know leona lewis sings it but i want the remix version on sytycd. thankks.

A: http://aimini.net/view/?fid=7IqgtU1RVQ9Cvjucv4lD You can either send it to your phone... Or you can download to your computer. the download link is closest to the middle of the page.

How to put the sytycd version of bleeding love onto a CD? by Taylor Q: I want to do a dance to this same version of this song but I have no idea how to download it. Can anyone tell me how I should do this? Please heeellp!

A: youtube to mp3 converter. http://www.video2mp3.net/ Find the song you want, then paste the link in the video URL description box and click convert

What place did travis wall have on sytycd? by dancer06 Q: On season two of sytycd, what place did travis wall have?

A: Runner up Season 2. He has grown since he has been on the show. To go from a dancer 2 now doing choreography is amazing.

How is Danny from SYTYCD related to Travis from last season? by Krissy Q: I was cooking while they were doing the interview with Danny and I caught that he was related to Travis from last season's SYTYCD, but I didn't catch how they are related... are they adopted brothers? Just curious. Thanks for the help!

A: Hey Girl! Yeah Travis' biological mom adopted Danny when he was 9 I believe. He had apparently had a rough home life. Travis' mom owns and runs a dance studio in VA Beach. Denise Wall's Dance Studio, and Travis, Jamie, and Danny all were her students.

What dances are performed on the SYTYCD Season 8 summer tour? by ooooo Q: Has anyone gone to the season 8 tour of SYTYCD? What dances did they perform?

A: That's approximately that: Top 12 Group "El Fuego" Clarice solo Tadd, Melanie, Jess and Ricky - Jazz -"Another One Bites Dust" Jordan & Nick - Jazz - "Nutbush" Caitlynn & Mitchell - Jazz - "Piece of My Heart" Clarice & Jess - Jive - "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" Melanie & Tadd - Jazz - "Show Me What You're Working With" Mitchell solo Bollywood group routine Jordan solo Top 6 Guys "Prague" Caitlynn & Mitchell - Contemporary - "Shirk" (maybe it's supposed to be with Marko?) Jordan & Jess - Contemporary - "The Lonely" Ricky solo Top 6 Girls "My Discarded men" Missy & Nick - Samba - "Cinema Italiano" Missy solo (?) Melanie & Jess - Broadway - "Where Do I Begin" Caitlynn & Tadd - Foxtrot - "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails" Broadway group routine Sasha solo Jess & Nick - Tap - "Can't Buy Me Love" Group routine *new* - "Viva La Vida" -- Intermission -- Top 8 Contemporary - "The Circus Sets Up" Jordan & Tadd Contemporary Melanie & Marko* "Turn To Stone" - Melanie by herself Caitlynn solo Sasha & Tadd - Lyrical Hip Hop - "Coming Home" Clarice & Jess - Lyrical Hip Hop - "Just the Way you Are" Melanie & Ricky - Contemporary -"Total Eclipse of the Heart" Nick solo New group routine ? & ? - Broadway - "Please Mr Jailer" ? & ? - Jive - "Runaway Baby" Sasha & ? - Hip Hop - "Misty Blue" Jess solo Contemporary group routine "Grown Unknown" Caitlynn & Mitchell - Contemporary - "I Know It's Over" Sasha & Ricky - Contemporary - "Fool Of Me" Tadd solo Melanie solo "Velocity" "Pop drop and roll" Group routine - "XR2" Melanie & Sasha - Jazz - "Game On" New group routine

What is the dance from SYTYCD where they are wearing skeleton sweatshirts? by Caidie Q: What dance was it in SYTYCD where the couple is wearing some sort of skeleton sweatshirts I believe. It is a hip hop dance from one of the first few seasons. It is driving me crazy because I can't find it and it is my all time favorite one!!

A: the routin is danced by lauren and pasha from season 3 and choreographed by shane sparks . It was also nominated for rmmy awards 2007.

where can i watch full episodes of sytycd? by Lizz Q: I always have rehearsal during SYTYCD so i was wondering if there's anywhere online where i can watch it?

A: You will need to spell it out in the search, "So You Think You Can Dance", but http://www.grabaid.com has all of season 5.

SYTYCD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? by KK Q: Anybody know about when the next season of So You Think You Can Dance starts?

A: the show will be on again in probably late spring same as this year

sytycd ?? by Dfs F Q: a while back i dont remeber how long ago but i was watching sytycd and there were two people dancing together but there were 2 guys becuz something happen and at the begining of the dance there were dress like greeks and nerds then started to do hip hop dance who were the 2 ppl dancing

A: Benji and Travis!!! haha i loved that dance!!!! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN4SA-LqbIY

Twilex -- Alex and Twitch hip hop My Chick Bad - Hip-Hop So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Week 3 World Champions Eric Luna & Georgia Ambarian Ellen DeGeneres Show - SYTYCD My Top 30 Routines Of SYTYCD S7 So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 'Turning Tables' Bryan Gaynor SYTYCD - Fireflies HD Sasha & AS Kent - (Tyce Diorio) Contemporary SYTYCD S5 - Melissa and Ade Melanie & Marko - Travis Wall (Turn To Stone) Melanie Moore on SYTYCD season 8 Audition Ellen and Twitch SYTYCD 7 Finale Lady Gaga - Medley - Edge Of Glory & You and I Melanie & Marko - NappyTabs Routine (I Got U) Axis Dance Company Sasha & Melanie 'Game On' (Sonya Tayeh Routine) Week 1: Tommy & Charlie - Hip Hop - So You Think You Can Dance - BBC One SYTYCD 6/15/11 Statue Routine Jordan & Tadd - Contemporary (Travis Wall) SYTYCD Pommelien & Pilar SYTYCD - Dutch Audition 2010 So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 'Stupid' SYTYCD group routine - Crookers ft Roisin Murphy Finale - Melanie & AS Robert - Stacey Tookey (Contemporary) SYTYCD Season7 - Alex & Allison SYTYCD Winner Joshua Allen Gets Sassy! Caitlynn & Marko - (Sonya Tayeh) Jazz 'Gasoline Rainbows' by Amy Kuney on SYTYCD | Top 14 - Stacey Tookey, Joey Arrigo, Geisha Chin This is SYTYCD sytycd S07E19 SYTYCD 7/20/11 Couple with Issues (Breakfast Routine) SYTYCD - Melanie's Solo (Top 6) (Cracks (feat. Belle Humble) [Flux Pavilion Remix]) So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Sasha and Melanie Top 8 Just Dance - Iconic Boyz, SYTYCD, Teen Choice Awards, Born to Dance, Glee Project, Smurfs Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are (Boyce Avenue cover) So You Think You Can Dance (on iTunes) SYTYCD 7/20/11 Your Worst Nightmare (Jazz Routine) SYTYCD 7/27/11 Bad Ass Sanitation Workers (Hip Hop Routine) Just Dance - Glee Project, SYTYCD Week 4, Rihanna Concert Fire, Step Up 4, Dance Moms Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor (Live) @ So You Think You Can Dance UK SYTYCD Hok & Jaimie-Hummingbird + Flower So You Think You Can Dance Relationships History Auditions - NYC - Samara (Princess Lockerooo) Waacking SYTYCD Canada Top 10 : Lindsay Leuschner and Adam LoPapa Just Dance - SYTYCD Week 4, You Got Served, The Voice, Justin Timberlake, Something Borrowed Les Twins choreography being ripped off on 'SYTYCD' Just Dance - ICONic Boyz, Hip Hop International, SYTYCD, Rio, Darren Criss, Glee Project, Miss P Just Dance - SYTYCD Week 2, Spider-Man on Broadway, Miss P on BET, The Muppets So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 'Memories' Arielle Coker SYTYCD season 8 LA Auditions Just Dance - SYTYCD Week 1, Jessie and the Toy Boys, Tony Awards, Anything Goes, theoriginaltyler
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