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Switched At Birth

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ohitserica Watching the first 10 episodes of Switched at Birth again :) @SeanBerdy I love you!!

Jingxuanology Switched At Birth seems good.

DaayDaDon Wooah whyd my mom just tell me she saw some kids switched at birth story on the news. The families found out when they werre 12!

doreenyweeny #SwitchedatBirth Ugh dying I need more switched at birth and Sean Berdy ;)

SexyJellyBelly I KNOW [email protected]: Lucas Grabeel's gonna be in Switched At Birth & his characters' name is TOBY D:”

melissachong17 Lucas Grabeel's gonna be in Switched At Birth & his characters' name is TOBY D:

MyTweeetsCray K im hooked on switched at birth lol

ElizabethluvsU "Switched At Birth" is one heck of a good show. My bro. and I are hooked. #Amazingtvshows

Mrs_Mahone4ever @jamesdukes18 idk it's between the secret life of the American teenager or switched at birth and yep I like that show

ashleighe98 is in love with Switched At birth (:

JeDdersss Switched at Birth is becoming very interesting!!!!! http://t.co/K4bkIFzj

pimisatria Baru aja gw liat iklan switched at birth, dan cewek. That means putri yg ditukarkan? Jgn blg putri yg ditukar itu jiplakan

xoxoYazzi Ooooh Switched At Birth :) I just learned the sign language of "I love cupcakes" :D I want to learn sign language !!

Joyce_fabulous I'm watching Switched at Birth http://t.co/qmHagGd0 @GetGlue @ABCFsab

tya_geo Ini cerita Switched at Birth di Starworld bakal mirip sama cerita Putri Yang Ditukar ya?? Hassh *beep* *matiin tipi*


When does abc family upload their new episodes to their website? Switched at birth? by Rhyan Q: I missed my favorite show! Switched at birth on abc family. It was on tonight at like 8pm or 9pm? I forgot, so when do they upload the episodes to their website? Thanks in advance!

A: It is there by the next day. So, it is already there right now.

What would you do if it was proved today that your first born was switched at birth? by J and B Q: What would you do if it was proved today that your first born was switched at birth, would you look for the baby you lost?

A: I just opened my email and there you were, popped up on my screen in response to my google alert for "switched at birth." I've been immersed in this topic for seven years, ever since learning at age fifty that my mother left the hospital with the wrong child, me. I'm editing the memoir that emerged from that experience. The title is "Who You Are, A Memoir: On Being Switched At Birth and How It Changed My Life." I'm publishing independently, and it should be available by Christmas. You can get more information on my attached website. The site should be active in the next few weeks. Or send me a note and I'll let you know when the book's available. As far as a specific response to your question, I would be as lost and unsure as much as the other people who have submitted a response, and no doubt as much as the woman was who raised me, my adoptive mom. Al

If your child got switched at birth would you switch it back? by It's Easy Q: If you found out that your child was switched at birth would you try and find your biological child or just leave it be? Or if both parents find out together would you tell your child?

A: I would hire a really good private eye to look into the back ground of the other parents and see if they are good parents.. if they were I would honestly leave each child where it was.. you bring a child home for a day or a year or five minutes that child is yours and do you really want to give it back?

Does anyone know when te next season of Abc Family's Switched At Birth is going to start? by Nikki Q: I am obsessed with the new show, "Switched At Birth"! I can't wait for it to be on TV again (the summer finale was last Monday). Does anyone know when the next season will start?

A: It'll still be the same season, but i'm guessing it'll start in January. ABC Family does that with most of their shows. They start in the summer and air the first half of the season, and then they take a pretty long break and air the remaining half of the season starting in January.

How to send fan mail to Sean Berdy from Switched at Birth? by ebdance7 Q: I have been looking all over for an address of some sort to send a fan letter to Sean Berdy (Switched at Birth). Does anyone know it or where I can find it?

A: at his Webs,com page~~

How did Angelo find out Bay and Daphne in Switched at Birth? by MrWriterWillEATYou Q: I watched Switched at Birth, and I'm confused as to how Angelo found out that Bay and Daphne were switched at birth. Help, please?

A: He said he was on the train when he saw the story in a newspaper.

What would you do if you found out your baby was switched at birth? by Melpomene Q: I just saw an article on Yahoo about 50 something year old women who found out they were switched at birth. It made me wonder what I would do if I found out one of my kids were switched at birth. So now I'm wondering what you would do. Would you switch the children back? Would it depend on how old they were? How might you feel? Thanks!

A: I would pray that the other parents were good and raised my child well. And I would hope that we could find a way to stay in the same area so we could keep in touch. But if I had enough time to bond and fall in love with the other baby and if the babies had time to get attached to their families - I would probably continue raising the other person's baby as my own. I hope to never be in a situation like that. And I think the chances of it happening are lower nowadays - at least in my town where they discourage even putting babies in the nursery to begin with. My daughter only spent a couple of hours away from me in the hospital, when I was totally exhausted. And of course the little ones that have problems at birth spend a little time in the nursery. But it isn't anything like on tv where you see a room full of babies.

What is this song from Switched At Birth? by Jen Q: It's in the second episode of Switched at Birth when Ty and Bay kiss at the art wall. The lyrics are : "so i think you should pick up your phone you know i'm all about picking up your calls cause without you without you then i wouldn't be me" i googled the lyrics but I couldn't find anything. Does anyone know what the song is called and who it's by? Thanks!

A: "My Shoes" by Daphne Willis. I love her! :)

What kind of motorcycle does emmett from switched at birth ride? by Hannah Schoenborn Q: On the show switched at birth on abc family, what is the kind of motorcycle the character emmett rides? Thanks!

A: it's a '66 Triumph Bonneville TT...Toby apparently knows exactly what model it is in episode 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4RmHhPd4GY&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL start at 4:37

What happens if you were switched at birth? by Sydney Lynn Q: I am watching Switched at birth right now. I am wondering what would happen if that happened to me. Could the other family sue for my child, because they are the biolocial parents. What would happen if they found out if the baby was 3 weeks, 9 months, 3 years?

A: yes, they could sue for the child. you could also sue for your child. highly unlikely for them to sue though. and it's also highly unlikely that your child would be switched at birth. hardly ever happens, don't worry :)

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