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2011 Eclipse Awards Official Sweepstakes Rules
By entering this Sweepstakes, entrants accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules. Any violation of these rules may result in disqualification. All decisions of the judges regarding this Sweepstakes are final and binding in all respects. 1. ...

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Sweepstakes: You Could Win A Shuttle H7 ...
Sherlock Holmes could have solved the mystery at the heart of A Game of Shadows a whole lot quicker if he had a Shuttle H7 Series PC. Now you can join in the fun of the chase, as we celebrate the release of this anticipated sequel by giving away one of ...

Brookside Foods Wraps "Giving Back With Chocolate" Charity Tour, Announces ...
13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Brookside Foods (www.brooksidefoods.com), a creative chocolate company, has wrapped its "Giving Back with Chocolate" US coast-to-coast charity tour and announced the winner of its $15000 Sweepstakes. ...

City of Delray Beach hoping to ban sweepstakes internet cafes
Delray Beach's city manager says sweepstakes cafes operate in a gray area of state law. Because sweepstakes like Publishers Clearing House or fast food games are permitted in Florida, storefronts advertising online sweepstakes have sprouted up across ...

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Can teenagers be taxed on items or cash won from sweepstakes? by Kaitou Ran Q: I'm considering entering an online sweepstakes, but I need to know if it is possible for me to be taxed for the item. If it helps, I am 15. Any answers about this will be greatly appreciated. The sweepstakes I'm referring to have small prizes. Most of them probably are worth less than $100 and I don't have any other source of income right now. Yes, I am eligible for the sweepstakes I am referring to. These are intended for teens between the ages of 13 and 18.

A: From your information, you are a dependent. It is possible to be taxed on sweepstakes winnings. The value of your prizes is considered "other income." If your total winnings are greater than $950, you are required to file a tax return and will owe income tax (but not Social Security or Medicare Tax). If you win prizes with value less than $950, you will not need to file a tax return and will not owe tax. In many cases, when a child is awarded a prize (especially something of significant value), the prize is considered awarded to the parent. Read the rules for your sweepstakes to find out. Your parents are subject to different rules, but if you win a prize and the award is considered to be awarded to your parents, your parents will include the value of your prize on their tax return. A small prize with advertising information on it will not be considered to have any value for tax purposes (e.g. something with small value such as a t-shirt with advertising logo).

I am holding a sweepstakes online and i have a legal question can you help? by Daydreamin' Q: I know that holding a sweepstakes in the USA can be illegal, but what if i offered a "FREE" option on my sweepstakes, would that be considered a legal online sweepstakes? The only time the participants would pay is if they wanted to add more entries for prizes. Something like $1.00 for extra entries but FREE for your 1 entry. PS> I am in Arizona if this matters at all.

A: No, that is still illegal. Anything in which a person can pay money to buy a chance to win is a sweepstakes or lottery and that is illegal. Even if you are giving a free entry, the allowance of additional entries for money is against the law.

If you enter sweepstakes, what percentage of your winnings will they take for taxes? by kitt7371 Q: I love to enter cash sweepstakes. I was wondering if I won, how much would Uncle Sam take? I live in MD. Like if I won 25,000...How much would I actually get?

A: You will end up with about %60 of your total winnings. So, if you won $25,000 then you can expect to net about $15,000.

How can you tell if a sweepstakes is a scam to real? by KEVIN Q: I enter a sweepstakes in the public clearance house and the only problem is if you win you have to pay them mad fee to secure youre money but they have official rules and sweepstakes fact.

A: You never have to pay a fee to get your winnings in a real sweepstakes. It is a scam.

How do I have to report sweepstakes income if I sell the prize? by Brian S Q: I won a prize back in August 2006 worth almost as much as a car (about $9000). I still have it, but have never used it, and was just waiting for winter to end so I could decide if I want to keep it or sell it. I already paid sales tax on it. But, for income tax purposes, I am assuming I have to report the entire value as 2006 income. That's fine, but what if I sell the item in 2007 for less than it's worth (say $7500)??? Can I then declare my sweepstakes income for 2006 as $7500, or do I have to report the whole thing? it's going to be hard enough to pay federal + state income tax on an extra $7500 let alone the full $9000. Thanks I finally received the prize in December, when I couldn't use it or sell it. I'm still waiting for a 1099, but since I know the exact value that's what I was expecting to have to claim on my taxes.

A: You have to report the fair market value of the prize in the year you won the prize. As long as you sell the prize for less than what you claimed it was worth when you won it, then there are no more additional taxes. If you sell it for more than $9000, then the difference is a captial gain.

What is a good website to enter sweepstakes? by So Sick Q: So, I decided to try and enter random sweepstakes. I saw it on TLC and some people won cool stuff xD I thought it would be cool to try and just enter random sweepstakes but I don't know which websites to trust or not. Most of it is just for fun though, ^-^ Sorry if it's in the wrong category. I don't really know where to put this question.

A: I only use http://www.sweepskid.com , they only list the good sweepstakes, and not stuff I don't want, like CDs from a band I never heard of.

How would I conduct a legal sweepstakes for my small business in Texas? by Daniel Y Q: I'm considering doing a sweepstakes to giveaway granite countertops and installation. I've read that raffles are illegal. How would I go about running a legal sweepstakes and advertising this event in Texas?

A: Are you currently advertisting? If you do, then include the submission form with your ad. The reason is the person who got the sweepstake might already have a counter top, so your gift might not be usable to them, unless it has cash value which I don't recommand. If you include submission in the ads, then you can collect customer information, to send them direct mail later on. Think about it. Try valpak, merchandiser or clipper magazine, there are ones who have lots home improvement ads inside.

SWEEPSTAKEs? by What's Up? Q: do you know of any good ones? Would you like me to send you a link to one that i have been entering?

A: Most of them are scams.

Sweepstakes? by Darren S. Q: Im short on money and i need a lap top anyone now were a good sweepstakes is.

A: Try http://cashforunow.blogspot.com/

sweepstakes? by ahfleuthfnoeu Q: what sweepstakes are there that can win be a new room makeover or room furniture? Websites? Thanks

A: www.hgtv.com

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