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Swami agnivesh

Agnivesh defends hostel warden
Uma Poddar's actions may have outraged the nation, but Swami Agnivesh has merely derided the “senseless ruckus” made by the girl's parents, the media, and “even the Prime Minister's Office.” Citing the Viswa-Bharati Vice Chancellor, who “categorically ...

Visva-Bharati warden's action traditional cure: Agnivesh
New Delhi, July 10 (IANS) A nationwide outrage over a Visva-Bharati warden asking a class 5 student to drink her urine for bed-wetting notwithstanding, social activist Swami Agnivesh claimed Tuesday this was a "traditional cure" for such a condition ...

Swami Agnivesh backs 3rd front in Gujarat, hits out at Narendra Modi
Social activist Swami Agnivesh has welcomed the idea of a party being proposed in the state by former chief minister Keshubhai Patel and other BJP dissidents.

Swami Agnivesh calls for judicial probe in Maoist encounter
New Delhi/ Hyderabad/ Chennai, June 29 (ANI): Social activist and Maoist sympathiser Swami Agnivesh has called for a judicial probe into gunbattles between security forces and rebels in Chhattisgarh, after the latest exchange of fire. "A judicial ...

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mathur_anurag When Swami Agnivesh comes to visit you, how should the "drink" be offered to him? Chilled? Warmed to ambient? Straight from source?

viveckgarad RT @REINSTALLINDIA: Dear Swami Agnivesh, I think Bed Wetting is better than a Stinking Mouth! #Hahaha.

archcoolcarnee I wonder what cure Swami Agnivesh has for potty accidents.

bhakt_rajnikant By doing this swami Agnivesh is trying to show tht there is no need of Toilets costing 3lakhs

ThatPungiDude Swami Agnivesh will address all the queries by "peeke batata hu"...

Raavas_ RT @LoKarloFollow: @doctoratlarge It's been nearly 20 years Swami Agnivesh ate fresh food and drank water, he has been recycling his food and drink since then.

BhattAaqib Chidambaram should note that there are people like Swami Agnivesh in India who don't spend Rs 15 on bottled water. Courtesy: Faking News!

vschanna Are Naxalites sold out to Swami Agnivesh's favourite drink? @mediacrooks

randomWhiz RT @ChinmayiBali: Unlike other men on twitter Swami Agnivesh doesn't care for your DP but just the pee.

CricVish BREAKING: Swami Agnivesh to launch his own brand of water and call it "Pissleri." via Nirav on FB

Marut_ RT @chhayank: Haha Rofl "@Ra_Bies: Apple has designed a new iPad app for Swami Agnivesh, it's known as iPee"

ZeHarpreet RT @writingchalk: Poor Swami Agnivesh. Just when he wanted some piss of mind. #AckThoo #justsaying

RramachandranR @Old_Monk60 @justicearnab Pee Swami Agnivesh

gargigags RT @ekchilledkabeer: Swami Agnivesh is now the brand ambassador for Peeter England

intweetz Swami Agnivesh is simply suggesting that we get piss drunk *hic*


Do Anna Hazare a stubborn person ? even Swami Agnivesh lashes out.........? by Q: Swami Agnivesh was with Anna Hazare when he started his campaign but now he is among one of the hardest critics...................... What is the reason...............? http://in.news.yahoo.com/anna-dictatorial-way-working-alleges-swami-agnivesh-124123468.html

A: Yes. Anna Hazare is crossing the limits now. I urge the central government to treat him the same way they treat the joker Ramdev !!!!!

Do you know Swami agnivesh ? by arya P Q: What is his business ?

A: I don't know him personally, but like all informed Aryas, I have read a good deal about him, his views and his activities. Some information can be found here: http://aryasamaj.forumwise.com/aryasamaj-post-727.html#727 Personally, I think he is more concerned with his own political career than actually doing the work of Krinvanto Viswam Aryam as set before us by Swamiji.

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