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How does interstellar absorption affect the classification of a supernova remnant? by hormones101 Q: How does interstellar absorption affect the classification of a supernova remnant as a type 1a or a type II supernova remnant? Interstellar absorption is the absorption of starlight by dust and gas in the space between the stars. Please help I need it by tonight! Thank you!

A: Type 1a supernova are standard candles, because their light curves are always very similar. This permits to measure their distance in two independent ways: - the total amount of light scales as 1/distance^2 - the redshift Absorption by the interstellar medium affect both of these measurement. It absorbs light so to total intensity decreases, and it absorbs more blue light than red, making the object seem redder.

What would happen if a supernova happened in the atmosphere? by corinthianblue Q: Very simply, I am curious about what would happen if a miniature supernova set off inside our atmosphere. Nothing too big. Just about one mile in diameter.

A: There's no such thing as a miniature supernova. A supernova within a hundred light years would vaporize the Earth.

How can you measure the strength of a supernova? by Zeh Doctor Q: And also, how does a supernova create heavier elements than iron out of hydrogen helium and so on for big stars? And by creating gold in a supernova, doesn't that mean alchemists were not AS mad as they appeared?

A: Supernova nucleosynthesis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernova_nucleosynthesis Synthesis of elements heavier than iron mainly starts with the elements around and including iron, which have previously built up in the core of a heavy star during the earlier phases of the star's life. There is a high neutron flux during the supernova and there can be a series of rapid neutron captures, with subsequent decays, that lead to a suite of heavy elements http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R-process There is also a slow neutron capture process that operates inside Asymptotic Giant Branch stars which builds up heavy elements over a long period of time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-process Here's the kick-off page for reading up on how the elements are synthesized in stars http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stellar_nucleosynthesis

How are supernova explosions useful is measuring the distance of galaxies? by Amy Z Q: How are supernova explosions useful is measuring the distance of galaxies from Earth? Thanks! That term 'standard candle' was exactly what I was looking for! I had heard it before but I forgot it, thanks!

A: Supernovas come in different types, distinguishable by their spectra and the shape of their light curves (how they get brighter and fainter with time). Type Ia appears to consistently have about the same luminosity in nearby galaxies. Therefore, it is assumed that Type Ia supernovas are about the same luminosity everywhere in the Universe, a "standard candle". This assumption allows the calculation of the "luminosity distance" to distant Type Ia supernovae.

How to simulate a supernova for a science project? by Alluring Azalea Q: I have an astronomy project due soon on the topic of the 1987A supernova. I wanted to come up with a creative way to physically explain or show what a supernova looks like, but I cannot think of anything. Most simulations are done using a computer program to make it as real as possible. I am just trying to make it metaphorical but flashy at the same time. Anyone know any ideas?

A: My astronomy professor has a simple but great "supernova simulator" - three rubber balls, with holes in the center, different sizes, on a stick. How does it simulate a supernova, then? It's dropped, large ball first; the other two balls bounce away from it at high speed on impact. This simulates the way the rebound off the core causes the star to explode. To make it flashy, use the bounciest balls you can find - if you can find ones that will light up even with holes in them, even better. Failing that, ones with glitter should work nicely. But even with plain ones, the effect should be eye-catching.

What is a supernova compared to a planetary nebula? by Katie Q: I know that a planetary nebula is the death of a giant star, and its leftover core is a white dwarf. Is a supernova the death of a supergiant star? And is its leftover core also a white dwarf or is that a neutron star? I am basically trying to find the relationship between the death of a supergiant star, a supernova and a neutron star.

A: The remnants of a supernova will be either a neutron star or a black hole. To leave behind a black hole, the original star would have to be at least 10 times more massive than our sun. A neutron star would require an original star between 5 to 9 solar masses.

What is the difference between a supernova and a supernova remnant? by lsupergeorgel Q: A supernova comes first, right? When does it become a supernova remnant? When does it give off cosmic rays? Can you explain cosmic ray spallation? Thank you very much.

A: Supernova exploding star: a catastrophic explosion of a large star in the latter stages of stellar evolution, with a resulting short-lived luminosity from 10 to 100 million times that of the Sun

What makes the Crab Nebula supernova remnant unusual as a supernova remnant? by Chrissy Q: A. It is the biggest supernova remnant visible. B. It is the oldest supernova remnant known. C. It is the remnant of a supernova that was observed in the 20th century. D. It is the remnant of a supernova observed by humans. E. It is the nearest supernova remnant.

A: Your answer can be found here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crab_Nebula

supernova?? by PublicSUD Q: ok i have this science project where you have to pick a topic on astrology, my group chose supernovae, and it's bascially like a tourist attraction to our topic, i can't think of a name for our company, any of you guys help me out? ok i have this science project where you have to pick a topic on astrology, my group chose supernovae, and it's bascially like a tourist attraction to our topic, i can't think of a name for our company, any of you guys help me out? or sorry i meant astronomy, any names???

A: Please do NOT confuse astrology, which is garbage claiming that the positions of stars and planets influence one's fate, with astronomy, which is a real science. A company that would bring tourists to see supernovae up close could be called "The light fantastic".

Supernova? by Star Q: Briefly describe how a type I supernova might occur

A: When a massive star fuses a sufficient amount of matter into iron at its core, the forces holding the electrons in their orbits around the nuclei of the atoms at the center are overwhelmed by gravitational pressure, and they collapse into the nuclei forming neutronium. The entire core collapses into a mass of solid neutrons, and the explosive release of energy blows the outer layers of the star outward, causing fusion into tranferric elements.

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