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Superbowl Score

Despite Blackout, Super Bowl Scores Record Ratings
According to Nielsen fast national data, CBS' broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII averaged a 48.3 household rating/71 share, up a tick from last year's record 47.8/71. But those preliminary numbers are freighted with an asterisk, as the ratings service ...

Teasers Help Toyota, Mercedes-Benz Score Big in Super Bowl Ad War
Toyota's (TM) commercial featuring The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco as a genie granting Rav4-related wishes for a family of four is so far the most watched Super Bowl ad on the web, according to Visible Measures, a video analytics and ...

Beyoncé Helps CBS Score Best Super Bowl Ratings EVER!!! BUT… She Couldn ...
... B couldn't topple Madonna's record for Super Bowl halftime ratings. Beyoncé's halftime show megashow, which occurred in the 8 – 8:30 PM ET time slot, scored a 48.2/71; that's down from the 48.1/72 of Madonna's 2012 halftime performance. SO CLOSE!

Chrysler, Oreo score with ads during delayed Super Bowl
(Reuters) - Chrysler's Jeep ad featuring a patriotic salute to U.S. troops and narration by Oprah Winfrey, an Oreo ad asking viewers to vote cookie or crème, and a scantily clad male Calvin Klein model were among standout commercials during a Super ...

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Who do you want to win the Superbowl? by Ghost Nappa Q: Also, if you have ever had a favorite Superbowl commercial, what is is?

A: Both teams have strong defenses and both have had lapses during the season. Both teams have excellent QBs. The Steelers have a better running game. The Steelers have offensive line problems. The Packers have enough defense to pressure Roethlisberger, but he's experienced that for the past few years and been successful. I'd I'd like to see the Packers win, but think the Steelers are more likely. This is likely to be another low scoring game. It wouldn't be a huge surprise either way it turns out - the only thing that would surprise me is if it turns out to be a blow out. Since the Redskins aren't in the game I really don't have a strong preference; I'm leaning toward the Packers because it's been longer since they've won one, but I really like it to be a good game which ever way it turns out.

What are the odds of winning 3 quarters of a super bowl pool with 4 different blocks? by Richard Stuart Long Q: A gentleman in our office purchased 4 of one hundred blocks for this years superbowl pool and won three. No single square won twice. The value of his winnings = 80% of the total pool. What are the odds?

A: How did he win 80% of the pool??? He should have won 75%. (3/4's) Let's just say you had 4 random numbers. 4 random "lottery style" balls are drawn labeled 1 through 100. You hit 3 out of those 4 balls. To hit 3 out of 3, the formula is this: 3/100 X 2/99 X 1/98. That's 1 out of 161,700. Now you can hit ANY 3 out of your 4 numbers. That gives you a 4 times greater chance. (Let's say your numbers are "1", "2", "3", & "4". You can get 1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-3-4, or 2-3-4.) So divide 161,700 by 4. The CHANCE that you'd hit 3 out of the 4 numbers right is 1 out of 40,425. Restated as ODDS you would say: The ODDS against hitting 3 out of your 4 numbers is 40,424 to 1. There is your answer provided that ALL NUMBERS ARE EQUAL! In YOUR example, however, all squares are NOT equal. If he had the square for the 1st quarter win, for example, he had a very easy to hit number. (Green Bay = "4" with Pittsburgh = "0" with the score 14-0.) The 2nd quarter and third quarter numbers were also very common winning combinations. Only the 4th quarter score was an odd score. Given the numbers he must have had in order to win, as soon as he had those numbers, the odds were much better than 40,424 to 1. If everything in your pool was random, then before anyone knew which numbers they would get, you could fairly say that the odds against any one person hitting 3 out of 4 quarters if they had exactly 4 squares is exactly 40,424 to 1.

How many kickoffs are there in a football game? by Sonia Q: I am totally clueless about football. The Superbowl has one kickoff, at the beginning, right? Any other ones?

A: There is always at least 2. Their is one to start the game and one at half time. All other kickoffs take place after a team scores. Punting, on the other hand, takes place when a team is on 4th down and they do not feel they can move the ball far enough to get a first down (this can actually happen on any down but they do it on fourth down usually because if they don't get a first down on fourth down the other team gets possession of the ball at the spot that they were stopped).

What was the score at the end of the 3rd quarter last night in the superbowl? by Petzl Q: Can you give the score at the end of the 3rd quarter.

A: It was 19-14 Colts.

Why is all the Superbowl hype surrounding the two QBs when both of them were lousy in the championship games? by Machinehead Q: I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise, QBs are overhyped in general. I think the Superbowl comes down to the defense. @ Joe: I'm not the one who thinks football is a two man game. There's 104 guys dressed for this game and all the focus is on two. That's fair? Besides neither QB is in this game if their TEAMS didn't play great last week.

A: I agree with you. Both QBs did terrible, but they are all very well known guys by people that aren't big fans. I think Aaron Rodgers will probably be the most important for the Packers. Rodgers has managed the games as well as Peyton in the regular season, but did not look very clutch last game against the Chicago defense. If Cutler would have stayed healthy throughout the game, they probably could have came back. Big Ben is always over rated, the Steelers win because of their defense and running game, he is a little important, but in the first few weeks of the season when Rothlisburger was hurt, they looked just as good. Neither QB will do great in this game (IMO) because of the two defenses, I don't see the Packers having any big throwing plays because Polamalu is going to shut that down, so I don't see his arm making too many big plays. Steelers should focus on the running game because Woodson will be able to shut down one receiver, and the rest of the secondary is a little under rated. Matthews could get to Big Ben (but he is good at avoiding the rush). I think this is going to be a close low scoring game. Packers 24 Steelers 21

If the Superbowl went to overtime can a team win by 7? by Waldo Waldo Waldo! Q: I know it's the first team that scores wins, but let say the Steelers scored a touchdown. Does it end right there, with the Steelers winning by 6, or do they let them kick the extra point to win by 7? The reason why I'm asking, because I was worried at one time since I had the Cardinals +6 1/2. Excuse me, Super Bowl. Satisfied Jeff The Teacher.

A: First points wins, so by rule, if a TD was scored in OT, the winner would win by 6. The extra point is just that. Extra. They would not do extra points in overtime. Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati in OT in 2006, 37-31. TD in OT, no extra point kicked.

How does a bet work and what are the others ways to do a bet? by TheRealCP1341 Q: for example. lets say the saints and the colts make it back to the superbowl this year. lets say 10 people are in this pool. each person bets $20 dollars each. 9 people vote for the colts to win and 1 person votes for the saints to win. if the colts won, does that 1 person who voted for the saints pay those 9 people $20 or do they all split up that $20. what happens if the saints won too?

A: this way of betting is completely stupid. If you're going to bet you go to a sports book and lay down money against the spread. If you're going to do a bet with say 10 people you won't do it based on who wins because it's pointless. You'd do it based on the final score. Meaning everyone gets a number 0-9 and say the final score is 31-20 Colts. Add the final digits (1+0), the person with #1 would win. But i'd stick to betting against the spread...more fun.

Is it bad that I absolutely hate watching hour long sports or superbowls? by Cats and Dogs Q: I hate watching these sports with my friends because i personally find it very boring..its just 2 teams throwing balls at each other, trying to score baskets, or trying to score goals...especially the Super Bowl of the NFL, that is just super pointless and boring... people tell me that if i don't like watching sports then i live under a rock because i know about sports since i don't watch any.. is this bad? is anyone else like me?

What do you think the score of the superbowl game will be? by 12345 Q: What do you think the score will be?

A: 31 28 packers win

What do you think the final score will be between the Steelers and the Cardnales in the superbowl? by AMS Q: The Cardinals have never been to the superbowl, but the Steelers have been there six times and won five times...

A: they will own the cardinals 97-0. go steelers

Who out there feels that the seahawks were cheated out of the superbowl? by funkykomadina Q: I think the ref's got paid off or something. I mean, even rothselburger, or whatever, said the touchdown he scored WAS NOT A TOUCHDOWN! Now that's sad!


Should the Patriots be sent to the college ranks since they love running up the score? by Pat fans love to report Q: very classless on their part, but I expect nothing less from a team that cheats it's way to superbowl wins.

A: OMG do you hate the pats tooo!!! i fucking hate them. every year they get the easiest fucking schedule so that they only really have to play 2 good teams, the end up 14-2 and get a buy in the playoffs cause their division sucks and basically then only need to win two games against a shitty AFC team and one against an NFC and win it..... on top of that i am so glad gronkowski broke his arm... they kept their first stringers in when they were winning by 30 points with 2 minutes left in the game. they run up the score every single game they can, just so at the end of the year they can claim they have the best offense in the leage and tom brady is a saint. i mean its ridiculous. they have no sense of honor and all the people who are pats fans in NE have no idea how much they are loathed and no idea how the actual game of football is played.... on top of that the pats piss me off cause they throw away their tradition (which is what makes the game so interesting) just so they can steal little bits of everyone elses tradition.... and the kids at school are so oblivious to the fact that the patriots get free passes with the refs in alot of their games. the refs have made them the LA lakers and the boston celtics of football.... jeeze they just piss me off sooo much their scheduel just requires them to work hard for 2 games, and they get a superbowl

Can you tell me something truly remarkable about Superbowl from 1985? by Sammy-Bob Q: Okay, I am doing a report for school, it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me something big that happened during the last Superbowl Da' Chi-town Bears won. Please exclude anything from the Superbowl shuffle. Season and game stats and information of Payton, McMahon, Fenszik, and Refridgerator Perry (including the latters height and weight) would be awesome too. Also if you could tell me what the main coaches are doing now(exluding Ditka), I would be eternally greatful. Please and thank you.

A: This was the first Super Bowl to feature brand new participants since Super Bowl XVI. The Bears' 21 points in the third quarter is still a record for the most points scored in that period. Richard Dent became just the second defensive end to be named Super Bowl MVP. The first being Harvey Martin, as he shared to MVP with fellow D-Lineman Randy White for Super Bowl XII. Jim McMahon became the 6th player to rush for two touchdowns in a Super Bowl and he is still the only quarterback to rush for more than one touchdown in a Super Bowl. A major reason why the 46 defense was so effective in 1985 was that almost all of their opponents were unprepared for its then-unusual primary tactic: blitz five to eight players on each play. But in less than two years, offensive coaches discovered how to exploit the 46 defense by using quick, timed passes from formations that used multiple receivers. The Last Precinct debuted on NBC after the game. This was the first Super Bowl where the winning coach did not receive the traditional call from the President of the United States. Winning teams are now rewarded a trip to the White House to be congratulated by the president personally. Walter Payton did not score in the game. Kevin Butler hit 3 field goals The Bears defense became one of the few teams to get a safety in a Super Bowl (Henry Waechter, Bears D-End, sacked Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan

Is it me or do most superbowl games kind of suck? by notatroll Q: Most happen to be low scoring punt fests. Games that are supposed to be high scoring "shootouts" (colts vs saints) never really are. Games that end up being interesting are not really until sometime in the 4th qtr. Overall I feel like most SB games are lackluster for most of the game. They are made interesting by the fact it is the SB.

A: Totally agree. SB games are sort of boring to me. There always is a HUGE "Superbowl" moment though, which makes the Superbowl game more memorable.

Why did Ahmad Bradshaw want to stop before his winning Superbowl touchdown? by neal40000 Q: If you watched the game, you'll have noticed the Giants game-winning touchdown scored by Ahmad Bradshaw was really strange, he stops before the line and accidentally falls backwards scoring the winning touchdown.. Why did he want to stop? Why were the team not too happy about his GAME WINNING TOUCHDOWN?

A: Eli Manning actually told Bradshaw "don't score!" (or something to that effect) just as he handed Bradshaw the ball. Bradshaw himself said this on Mike and Mike in the Morning yesterday during an interview with them. The reason Manning said not to score was because if he scored on that play, it left the Patriots 1 minute on the clock to score again. IF Bradshaw had taken a knee on the 1 yard line, they could have, in theory, run the clock down further before attempting to score a TD or a FG to win it, leaving the Patriots no time to come back.

How many total touchdowns has Devin Hester scored? by Nick V Q: Can any one tell me how many total touchdowns Devin Hester has? Please include all regular season and playoff touchdowns. Also include all receiving, punt returns, kick returns, and any other touchdowns he may have scored.

A: im pretty sure its 11, 9 Returns, 2 Receiving. maybe 12 if you count the superbowl.

Proposition #1 How will the first score in Superbowl XLII be generated? by Killer Chick Q: For instance, a field gooal by Gowtowski, Manning to Toomer TD, L. Maroney run, etc. The first person to get the closest answer gets 10 points. Happy Superbowl Weekend Everyone - including the haters.

A: Lawrence Tynes field goal.

If the Steelers win the Superbowl will there be another asterisk next to the win like the last 2 they won? by pistols_blazin Q: The steelers superbowl wins against seattle and arizona are tainted if they win this one will it be due to bad officiating again?

A: explain plz, despite non calls bad calls or costly calls, you have to make plays as long as there is time on the clock, seattle couldn't overcome. i admit there was a questionable call that went the steelers way but with plenty of time seattle couldn't overcome they lost thier will imo to win, and the cards got a safety and a td leading the game,pgh got a costly penalty on the last drive that game and the steelers drove at least 80yds down the field to score a td,the cards didn't make defense plays,but when the cards got the ball back the couldn't make plays to win. please explain what officials have to do with making plays

Why do Americans like to Watch HandEgg, what is this SuperBowl? by Red Collar Guy Q: I see Americans love to watch the sport HandEgg, its apparently their favourite sport in the US. This Superbowl thing also seems to be very popular there. Can someone explain to me why Handegg is so popular and what this Handegg sport has to do with Superbowl?

A: Don't you worry. We all know that soccer (football) is such a superior sport. You and the rest of the world can continue to watch those pony tailed laden pretty boys sashay their way across a pitch, only to go down in a heap as though they've just been shot, when an opposing player breathes on them wrong. Such a beautiful game, even when it's 0-0, because it was all about the beauty of the game, when no one did anything and neither team scored, and no one won. They tied because neither did anything, and it's so beautiful. Pretty boy passes to wanna be pretty boy, who passes it to wuss boy, who goes down in a heap and writhes around after another player from another team came within 10 feet of him. He gets up, looks at super hot, brain dead girlfriend in the stands (I believe they're called WAGS, yeah, they're just as useless in the U.S. as they are where you're at), realizes he wants to play on, and fake hobbles over to the sidelines, gets his makeup on, then goes out again. And they prance and run all over the field, and it's so beautiful. And nothing happens. And it's so exciting. And depending on who wins, the fans riot afterwords. Even if no one wins, as ties are common. There we go again! South Africa, here we come!

What team will win the Superbowl this year? by idk Q: I'm just wondering. And don't tell me the lockout needs to end first, because it will next week. So I think the Ravens will beat the Bears in the Superbowl. What are your picks?

A: I would say the best teams are the Jets, Packers, Ravens and the Falcons Jets- Great defense if they can bring in both Holmes and Edwards I don't know how people can stop their recievers and score points. Packers- Just a very good all-around team. If Aaron Rodgers can hold up and avoid injuries this could be a dynasty. Ravens- Joe Flacco is one of the most accurate passers today. Also like MJD said those four great players are hard to ignore. (Haloti Ngata, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Terell Suggs.) Falcons- Going up and adding Julio Jones could make the Falcons a team to reckon with, if their defense holds up I don't know how anyone will stop them. Notice: All of these have very good young qb's GO Flames!

Superbowl what was the score after each quarter? by tom Q: Hello, just trying to see if I won some money (I was working and could not watch) what was the scores at the end of each quarter? Thanks!

A: Indianapolis (16-4-0) « 6 10 6 7 29 Chicago (15-4-0) 14 0 3 0 17 First quarter Colts - 6 Bears - 14 Second Quarter Indy - 16 Bears - 14 Third Quarter Indy - 22 Bears - 17 Fourth Quarter Indy - 29 Bears - 17

Where can I find a list of all the past superbowls? by LT. DAN Q: I would like to know the teams that played, the final scores, and the locations the game took place.

A: SuperBowl.com/history/recaps XL Feb. 5, 2006 Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10 XXXIX Feb. 6, 2005 New England 24, Philadelphia 21 XXXVIII Feb. 1, 2004 New England 32, Carolina 29 XXXVII Jan. 26, 2003 Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21 XXXVI Feb. 3, 2002 New England 20, St. Louis 17 XXXV Jan. 28, 2001 Baltimore 34, N.Y. Giants 7 XXXIV Jan. 30, 2000 St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16 XXXIII Jan. 31, 1999 Denver 34, Atlanta 19 XXXII Jan. 25, 1998 Denver 31, Green Bay 24 XXXI Jan. 26, 1997 Green Bay 35, New England 21 XXX Jan. 28, 1996 Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17 XXIX Jan. 29, 1995 San Francisco 49, San Diego 26 XXVIII Jan. 30, 1994 Dallas 30, Buffalo 13 XXVII Jan. 31, 1993 Dallas 52, Buffalo 17 XXVI Jan. 26, 1992 Washington 37, Buffalo 24 XXV Jan. 27, 1991 N.Y. Giants 20, Buffalo 19 XXIV Jan. 28, 1990 San Francisco 55, Denver 10 XXIII Jan. 22, 1989 San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16 XXII Jan. 31, 1988 Washington 42, Denver 10 XXI Jan. 25, 1987 N.Y. Giants 39, Denver 20 XX Jan. 26, 1986 Chicago 46, New England 10 XIX Jan. 20, 1985 San Francisco 38, Miami 16 XVIII Jan. 22, 1984 L.A. Raiders 38, Washington 9 XVII Jan. 30, 1983 Washington 27, Miami 17 XVI Jan. 24, 1982 San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21 XV Jan. 25, 1981 Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10 XIV Jan. 20, 1980 Pittsburgh 31, L.A. Rams 19 XIII Jan. 21, 1979 Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31 XII Jan. 15, 1978 Dallas 27, Denver 10 XI Jan. 9, 1977 Oakland 32, Minnesota 14 X Jan. 18, 1976 Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17 IX Jan. 12, 1975 Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6 VIII Jan. 13, 1974 Miami 24, Minnesota 7 VII Jan. 14, 1973 Miami 14, Washington 7 VI Jan. 16, 1972 Dallas 24, Miami 3 V Jan. 17, 1971 Baltimore 16, Dallas 13 IV Jan. 11, 1970 Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7 III Jan. 12, 1969 N.Y. Jets 16, Baltimore 7 II Jan. 14, 1968 Green Bay 33, Oakland 14 I Jan. 15, 1967 Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10

Who Thinks the Giants had cheated on The Super Bowl And Patriots should of won? by ME! Q: At the Last 2 min. of the superbowl Giants had scored a touchdown But in The 2nd Quarter patriots had their feet in the touchdown area. But the giants tackeled them. But That should of counted as a point Who agrees??

A: i wish, I want someone to shut them damn dolphins up about there perfect season.

So is it looking more and more like the Packers won a superbowl despite having Favre? by x2000 Q: They had the #1 defense led by Reggie White, a pretty good run game, and Desmond Howard scoring on special teams. Brett Favre, all he does is lose playoff games. Exactly red4tribe. 5 of those wins come 2 seasons, so he is 8-10 all the other years. Basically, a team can only make it to the second game in the playoffs before he makes some bonehead INT or fumble.

A: Yes, they did win despite having Favre. Favre lovers can tout his records all they want to, but he only got them because he's been playing since before Tom Landry was born.

How many Superbowls have been won where the last score was a 3 point field goal? by Tommy Q: Just as the question says. I'm curious how many Superbowls have been won where the game came down to one teams Kicker making a 3 point Field goal and did in fact make it to win the game.

A: As of the 2010-2011 season, there have only been 4 such Super Bowls. In fact, 3 of these game winning field goals broke a tie, and only one resulted in the final lead change. The 3 Super Bowls where a game winning field goal broke a tie: Super Bowl V (1970-1971 season): Jim O'Brien kicks a game winning 32-yard field goal, as the Baltimore Colts defeat the Dallas Cowboys 16-13. Super Bowl XXXVI (2001-2002 season): Adam Viniateri kicks a game winning 48-yard field goal, as the New England Patriots defeat the St. Louis Rams 20-17. Super Bowl XXXVIII (2003-2004 season): Adam Viniateri kicks a game winning 41-yard field goal, as the New England Patriots defeat the Carolina Panthers 32-29. The only one where the lead exchanged hands: Super Bowl XXV (1990-1991 season): Matt Barr kicks a game winning 21-yard field goal, as the New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19. (Ironically, this Super Bowl is more memorable because of Scott Norwood's missed field goal attempt at the end of the game.)

How Much Is My 1988 SUPERBOWL signed by Doug Williams Poster Worth? by Q meet A Q: Its a big poster that is 36 inches in length and 20 inches up and down. It is signed by Doug Williams, the quarter back of the washington redskins at the time. It also shows the stats of the game, the players on the redskins, and the final score. how much do you think its worth?

A: about as much as some fat redskins fan dressed up as a pig lady is willing to pay for it. Outside of that, very little.

Why do people still think the Titans were one yard short of a Superbowl win? by $so fresh so clean$ (3 for 3) Q: Had they scored on that play, the odds say that they would have kicked the extra point, meaning overtime. They would have had to win the game in OVERTIME. Scoring in the last seconds of the fourth quarter would have not given them the win, only a TIE. Why do people still say this some 8 years later? Even the sports people on television continiously say this, "only one yard short." Why?

A: I don't think that many people REALLY believe that, I think it just sounds better to say it that way. More drama and such.

Superbowl Block Pool Variations !! Can anyone explain the different variations of superbowl block pools? by Puffy Q: I know of 3, First variation if the score was AFC10 - NFC 17 (0-7) then the person in that block wins at the end of the quarter. Second variation, same concept as the first game but each quarter the numbers change, so if you have 7,0 you might have 8-2 for the 2nd qtr. Third variation, where everytime the score changes someone wins.

A: We sell all 100 squares..... then we draw numbers (0-9) for each square ACROSS the top. then we draw numbers (0-9) for each square DOWN the side. then label the top #'s either winner, home or AFC (or NFC). we pay each quarter.... half time & final scores getting most of the $$

How many superbowls have packers and steelers won? by Anonymous5 Q: How many wins do the steelers have on the packers? Who do u think will win and final score??

A: packers - 3 steeler - 6 WOOOT steelers will win this one, i'm gonna guess 24-21 or something around that

How many Goals will Arizona score on the Steelers of Pittsburgh? by Señor Gato Q: Yeah, did that get your attention? FIFA's Superbowl Prediction? and Is this the return of El NIÑo or what?

A: looool. Good one, Compadre. I'm guessing Steelers will win. But I'm rooting for Arizona. Fq: Torres.. wow. He definately worked wonders

Can the Arizona Cardinals break the 30 point mark in Superbowl 43? by Betrayed King Q: They've broken the 30 pt. mark in all 3 of their playoff games this season. Scoring 30 against Atlanta, 33 against Carolina, and 32 against Philadelphia. Will they break the 30 pt. mark today against the Steeler defense in Tampa Bay?

A: I think that if they score 30 they will win. Pittsburgh's defense is superb but, if they get into a shootout, their offense is not strong enough to match AZ point for point.

Why are the Dolphins and their fans celebrating like they won the Superbowl? by Tremone21 Q: This was suppose to be your playoff season guys. Now, all you guys are doing is looking forward to the NFL Draft. Winning one game isn't nothing to celebrate record or no record. There are no moral victories in the NFL. Oh, the Dolphins came close and they should had won 6 games. Lol, but they didn't and a lost is a lost no matter the score. Wake up Dolphin fans because they accomplished nothing at all and they will finish either 1-15 or 2-14. Is that something to cheer about?

A: its infinitely better than finishing 0-16. and its kind of like when a team of handicapped kids beats a team of normal kids...they go nuts. let them enjoy it, theyve only gotten to celebrate once this year.

What is considered to be the worst SuperBowl in history? by Sting has come to save Y/A Q: Can you think of any superbowls that were just big dissapointments? The only one that comes to mind is the 49ers over denver

A: 1) Superbowl XXIV- 49ers blasted the Broncos 55-10. 49ers put up a superbowl record 55pts on the underdog Broncos. 2)Superbowl XXVII- Cowboys destroyed the Bills 52-17 the infamous Leon Lett failed return was the only reason the Cowboys didn't break the 49ers record (55pts). 3)Superbowl XXXV- Ravens dominated the Giants 34-7. The Giants only score was a kickoff return that was immediately answered. 4)Superbowl XXIX- 49ers dismantled the Chargers 49-26. I remember feeling like the Chargers didn't belong in that game, and I was right. 5)Supebowl XXII-the Redskins absolutely ran through the Broncos 42-10. The Broncos got their 10 first, then let the Redskins run up 35pts in the 2nd qtr alone. It was cruise control from that point.

Do you think Matt Millen and the Detroit Lions deserve a superbowl ring and trophy this year? by VN33 (The Man of the Hour) Q: I sure hope so I mean Matt Millen dosen't deserved to be blame it's obviously the offensive line and sometimes the defense that needs to regroup and be blamed. I know a lot of people could care less about Millen but he really is a good general manager and I still think he's got what it takes to win the big showdown. Yes the superbowl. I hope Calvin Johnson is healthy to play this week after him getting knocked out because they drafted him first round. Anyways I think the Lions and Millen and the coach deserve superbowl rings this year and I can see it happening just now.

A: Yes they DESERVE to win but you look at this team, they gave up 56 points to the eagles, thats not a good sign for the offence, i mean you saw what happened in the second half, lions offence had to much pressure knowing that they had to score because their D couldnt stop the eagles, and you cant expect a team with only offence to carry you to the super bowl, even the greatest show on turf played some defence, thats why they won a super bowl and reached another. So i expect detroit to upgrade their defence if not now than on the offseason, but they better not wait too long like KC did a few years ago, because if u look at them now, the majority of that offence is now gone, but Detroit still has time

Do you think the Patriots will go to the Superbowl undefeated for the season? by iguanamanferret2 Q: What will the ending score be,with who on top?

A: Yes the Patriots are finishing out the season undefeated against either Greenbay or Dallas final score if they play greenbay will be 48 - 24 if they play cowboys it will be 76 - 12

What will it take for the Falcons to make it to the Superbowl in the future? by toughguy2 Q: Needless to say I was disappointed in them only scoring 2 points and none on offense vs the Giants. How do they get over that hump?

A: Atlanta is a funny team. If you look at all there past postseason results, you will realize that they lost to Arizona, who then went to the superbowl and they also lost to Green bay who then won the superbowl. It`s kind of bad luck but regardless to that the one problem I believe they have is any big plays or risks they take. Giants played some amazing defense but the Falcons did not really do anything to make them work. We all know that Giants have a great defensive line so Micheal Turner was not going to have a big game so the game was in Matt Ryan`s hand. Falcons have the weapons but Matty Ice seems to get nervous and thats what I think was killing them. They did let 24 points but if the offence could have actually scored then it would took a lot of pressure of the defense. Falcons are a good team but Matt Ryan has to really want it for them to go far in the playoffs. He can`t depend on the run game. I think they will do much better next year and dont really need to do anything. They got Julio Jones this season and he didn't help that much because again matt Ryan has to take more risks and that was what Eli loves to do

What does it mean to gamble on 'squares' -like for the superbowl? by Dana M. Q: My friends are doing this 'squares' thing. What does that mean and how do you do it? There are doing it for the superbowl. Thanks

A: there is a grid, 10 by 10 set up each square is then sold for say, $2 after all squares are sold, numbers are randomly placed along the top row and side row, from 0 - 9 now at the end of the first quarter, half time, and final, the last number of the score of the game for each team will correspond to one square, which is the winner. So if at half time the score is Patriots 21, Giants 10, then whoever had the square that lines up with (1) and (0) would win the prize for that draw. The fun with these is that it is just random luck, not skill, which deterimines the winner. It's all randomly picked so anyone can win! Good Luck!

What does it mean to buy squares, like for the superbowl? by Dana M. Q: My friends are doing this 'squares' thing. What does that mean and how do you do it? There are doing it for the superbowl. Thanks

A: Just pick a square and you get two numbers, one for the Patriots and one for the Giants. Say you get Pats 2 and Giants 5. The Patriots need to have a 2 as last number in their score such as 2, 12, 22, 32.... and the Giants need a 5 such as 5, 15, 25, 35. They both have to have numbers that end that way for you to win. Usually there is a payout for the end of each quarter and the final for a total of 4 chances to win. It's fun, I have 5 squares for today.

What team are guys going for or betting on in the superbowl? and are u guys ready? by lex boo marie! Q: Well I'm bored waiting for the Superbowl . I'm betting my mom. Who do u think will win?

A: I want the Ravens to win. I made a bet with my bro who is the true Ravens fan (I like the Bengals). We bet on our predictions. Whoever is closer to the actual score wins. I have to make koolaid for my bro if I lose, while my bro will have to give me $5 if I win

Who is going to win the superbowl this year? by E95 Q: I'm a eagles fan, but they aren't looking too hot since they got shut out from dallas last sunday. I think it will be the saints and the colts ( well I would like to see the saints and the colts), but both teams choked towards the playoffs losing thier perfect seasons. If there were two teams with perfect seasons in the superbowl I would definatly watch it!

A: By what I've seen in the regular season, I would have to say the Indianapolis Colts... They have looked the best throughout the entire season when the starters were playing of course. They have come from behind on numerous occasions so we know they are battle tested... They have the best QB in the league in Peyton Manning... and their defense is looking surprisingly stout... As a long time Colts fan I know not to expect the same in the playoffs but our ace in the hole is that we have home field advantage throughout the playoffs... I think that should propell us to the super bowl but the only thing that scares me is the Chargers... Hopefully the Ravens or Pats will knock them off and we will glide to the Super Bowl... And if they get there i dont see them losing to anyone in the NFC because they are all inconsistent... But if i had to choose I would say the score to the Super Bowl would be Indianapolis Colts 24 - Minnesota Vikings 14

I got long hair and I wanna shave it for the superbowl what should I do? by Josh Q: Im planning on the panthers to go and win. So as a victory gloat im gonna shave my head and put the score on the back of my head. Whats a good hairstyle for this?

A: A good hairstyle for shaving your head and putting the score on the back would be to shave your head and put the score on the back, I don't think any other hairstyle would achieve your aim successfully...

How what team will have the advantage at the Superbowl with the rain? by traderb550 Q: Will rain have a positive effect on the Bears of Colts? Will there be less scoring or more scoring?

A: colts more scoring

What are ten things that occurred at the superbowl? by Nick Q: I need to know ten actions or things that happened at the superbowl things like touchdowns interceptions explaining who. i didnt have time to watch the game i would just like to know the main highlights and facts.

A: 1. colts started off up 10-0. 2. saints failed to convert a 4th and goal to a TD. 3. saints went for an on-side kick to start the 3rd.. and recovered (10-6 colts at this point). 4. it was the first on-side kick (recovered or just attempted im not sure) in the super bowl to not occur in the 4th quarter (they went on to score taking a 13-10 lead). 5. werent a lot of penalties called. 6. saints went for 2 to try and get a 7 point lead in the 4th, they called it no good, but reviewed and it turns out it was good (24-17 saints at this point). 7. peyton threw a costly pic 6 late in the 4th. 8. and they didnt even score after that, being down 31-17 and on their own 5 yard line. 9. all-in-all, after part-way threw the first quarter, saints outscoared them 31-7.. 10. and won the game 31-17. drew brees got MVP (and rightfully so).

So after an undefeated season the Patriots are going to the Superbowl? by Badfish Q: Do you think its a lock that they beat the Giants this Sunday? They already beat them in the last week of the regular season but it was a high scoring game decided only by a field goal. I think there is no doubt that the Patriots will go in there, score around 30 points and come out with the victory. I mean Randy Moss is going to be running wild in the biggest game of his career. 19-0 for sure.

A: Thank you for bringing up such a painful subject.

Be honest. Which city would most likely riot if their team lost the superbowl that came down to a bad penalty? by 1 Q: Like if a team had time for one last play to win the superbowl and they scored a touchdown and a referee called a terrible penalty that shouldn't have even been a penalty and they end up losing the superbowl. which city would most likely end up rioting?

A: Philadelphia, never won a superbowl, they would assassinate the referee and burn everything down

Has there ever been a Hail Mary pass to win the superbowl? by mickey Q: After watching the superbowl yesterday, I was wondering if any QB has thrown a hail Mary pass to win the superbowl-- who, when, and score?

A: Hail Mary to win the game, no. Lynn Swan's catch in Super Bowl X was not near the end of the game.. but is still the greatest catch of all time Super BOwl or not.

What were your predictions of superbowl 43, and where they right? by madden3019 Q: If you made predictions about superbowl 43, what were they, and were you close? Sorry, i spelled were wrong

A: I predicted the Steelers to win but I honestly thought both teams would score more points.

How does betting on the superbowl work in Las Vegas? by andy Q: Alright I'm going to Vegas and want to bet on the superbowl. How does it work, do I just put up let say 2000 and if my team wins I get total of 4000 back? What is this point difference everyone is talking about?Do they have to win by a certain amount of points in order for me to win?

A: The point difference is what is referred to as a "spread." A spread is created to essentially level the playing field. As you are aware, most of the world considers the Patriots to be a stronger team overall than the Giants. Because of this Vegas oddsmakers want to make it a little harder to bet on them. Therefore, they might make the Patriots (-13). This means that before the game even starts, if you are betting on the Pat's, you are down 13 to 0. So the Pat's must win the game by more than 13 to win your bet. On the other hand, the Giants would be a (+13) so you would be up 13-0 when the game kicks off. The Giants don't have to win the game to win your bet, they just can't lose by more than 13 points. Another popular bet in Vegas is called the "over/under", This is a number that Vegas will come up with, and it refers to the total amount of points scored by both teams during the game. It's your choice to bet whether the total points scored will be higher than that number or lower than that number. In that bet, it doesn't matter who wins the game but rather how many combined points are scored when the final whistle blows.

What does the P&S section think the superbowl score will be? by Cigano Cowgirl Q: I'll give best answer to whoever guesses closest, and make sure you say what team will get what score. I asked this in the football section and got 2 answers! So please be good to me P&S section;)

A: GB 24 Pitt 21

Who will win the Superbowl if it becomes a defensive battle? by RB Q: If the Superbowl becomes a low scoring defensive battle, who do you think will win? Colts or the Saints? Unlikely but if it did.

A: The colts. The first reason is nothing rattles Peyton Manning, you might git him off track for one drive but he will strike back so you cant blitz him. The saints safeties are questionable and will be exposed. The nest reason is the saints have no running game which is a plus for the colts and Drew Brees is easily rattled.

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