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Superbowl Commercials

Unlikely stars emerge from Super Bowl ads
The little-known actors and actresses who star in Super Bowl commercials have one chance to make a career move after their brief but massive moments of fame. Some do. Some don't. kia ad. Alyssa Campanella plays a robot in a Kia ad who takes down a ...

Budweiser Clydesdale foal from Super Bowl commercial is named Hope
The three-week-old star of Budweiser's Super Bowl ad now has a name: Hope. Anheuser-Busch said Tuesday that its contest to find a name for the foal born Jan. 16 at the company's Clydesdale ranch in mid-Missouri generated more than 60,000 tweets, ...

TV Jukebox -- Super Bowl commercials edition: Rolling Stones, Psy, Hans ...
When it comes to all the forms of entertainment in the Super Bowl telecast, music completes the package. No, we're not talking about Beyonce's halftime show. We're talking about the tunes in all those commercials. The music in this year's Big Game ads ...

A Postgame Follow-Up on Super Bowl Commercials
Published: February 4, 2013. THE reactions to the advertising bowl that was played inside Super Bowl XLVII are offering a fascinating look at the dominant types of commercials — emotional and humorous — that Madison Avenue prefers for its big event.

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SimplyDEEDEE_ In class re-watching the superbowl commercials

MTLbuzz TR @alfredCom: Si jamais vous aussi, vous avez manqué d'électricité dimanche dernier. // http://t.co/GdCce15s #s... http://t.co/o6Ej9ifp

Stef2628 I declare next year the writers of @NewGirlonFOX should be incharge of the superbowl commercials!! #newgirl

SteveTGorches RT @LeonSandcastle: Look at your boy. Shining on http://t.co/xUGu6PyR! #Sandcastle RT @nflnetwork: The best commercials from #SB47 --> http://t.co/3zSwDtLj

paolatheputa Looking up Superbowl commercials with Ms Fleet.

DeanCrutchfield Did the Superbowl commercials this year lack pulling power? Here's my thoughts shared with the Financial Times: http://t.co/uKlFF82k

the3rin RT @FiWoProblems: When trying to watch Superbowl commercials online, I have to watch commercials before each commercial.

B5Feed [Crushable] Conan Improves The Budweiser Horse Commercial By Making It More Realistic http://t.co/EBhpGMJf

themommyfiles RT @CinnyBBS: Missed the #Disney #Superbowl Commercials? I've got them right here! #DisneyOz #LoneRanger #IronMan3 #SB47 http://t.co/ly9HyRJE

B5Feed [Crushable] Conan Improves The Budweiser Horse Commercial By Making It More Realistic http://t.co/wQwmv8Lr

LaChangaLoca Watching #SuperBowl commercials on #youtube bc it's testing week and there ain't shit else to do

jamessmell Check out how #Autodesk’s software enhanced some of your favorite #SuperBowl ads @AnimationWorld: http://t.co/XvgFUM01

businessdotcom #Hashtags: What You Can Learn from the 2013 #SuperBowl #Commercials http://t.co/k0gPYl5h via @businessdotcom

BostonBrander RT @havasww: Surprised? #Twitter Mentioned in Half of #SuperBowl Commercials - http://t.co/1Dqr8VKl - (via @mashable) #havasww #brandbowl

Saaabina RT @havasww: Surprised? #Twitter Mentioned in Half of #SuperBowl Commercials - http://t.co/1Dqr8VKl - (via @mashable) #havasww #brandbowl


What was the Superbowl commercial featuring OBAMA? by -Tequila10+ Q: Does anyone have a link? I am one of the few people that find football barbaric so I didn't watch but I heard about the commercial and I'd like to see it. Thanks.

A: It was short and sweet. You can just google- obamas ad ran during superbowl.

What was your favorite Superbowl commercial? by Judy Grimes JK Q: Mine was the Denny's commercial with the Scorsese impersonator where the waitress kept interrupting him with the can of whipped cream. Which one did you think rocked? This is it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5ckPe4Bpaw I almost forgot about the Doritos Magic Ball! That was awesome too.

A: Check out this link to see all the superbowl commercials!! http://badassmonkeys.com/2009-superbowl-commercials/

Is anyone else disappointed by the superbowl commercials? by heather :] Q: I'm watching the game, and my homework is too record every commercial. BOY, do these suck! There all about Heroes, and dumb stuff. None of the funny, one's that you never see again. I'm gonna see these commercials tomorrow. The only one are the Clydesdale one's.

A: I hate commercials anyway, so I never watch.

What was the most Overrated Superbowl Commercial last night? by Jamal2Doe(Heat Fan est.'03) Q: The Eminem commercial was liked by everyone but myself thought it was Overrated. What about you?

A: which one? the detroit one was really good. the darth vader commercial mainly because it wasnt even a super bowl commercial. ive seen it many times before. it was funny, but it wasnt that new.

Why do they still show the Saints superbowl commercials? by David Q: Shouldn't they be promoting superbowl 45? And plus the saints just got eliminated by the worst team ever to make the playoffs. I understand that they show the commercials because the saint won, but seriously it was almost a year ago. i would understand showing the commercials up until the playoffs started.

A: it is because the media likes the Saints.

Do you think they will put Danica Patrick in a Super Bowl commercial? by lildanica7 Q: They were talking about putting her in a superbowl commercial for Go-Daady but it's not an official deal yet! I think it would be cool and I hope they do!

A: Yes. She is the best known Indy driver and if the Super Bowl is on ABC the Comercial she'll be in will make IRL have more fans.

where can i find information on this years superbowl commercials? by Michelle Q: I'm looking for a website that shows what companies are having commercials and how much they are paying for them. Thanks!

A: google it..

Where can I get a SCORECARD for The Superbowl commercials? by chasvanblom Q: I'm offering my services as "AVERAGE JOE" Commercial Advertisement-watcher during this Sunday's Superbowl. Hearing SO MUCH BOOH-YAH about Superbowl Sunday's commercial-impact every year, I'm offering my unsolicited help to evaluate the commercials, which draws so much media attention. Is such A FORM available (as a downloaded document) somewhere? You're welcome.

A: uhm, maybe this will give you some ideas for the Superbowl. http://www.girlinthemini.com/2011/02/05/easy-super-bowl-party-food-ideas/

What did you think of the superbowl commercials? by J A H Q: I was a little dissapointed this year, they weren't very funny. I didn't think they were anything special or worth remembering, they were like any other commercial on t.v. What happened to the funniest most creative commercials that used to air during that time?

A: i agree with you, they lacked the creativity that you expect from superbowl commericals. the doritos and budlight were stupid and not funny. the best one's were the coca-cola bug's life and the bridgestone mr. potatoe head. the one in 3-D for SOBA was weird.

Who was the cutie in the Superbowl commercial? by xx_Jessi_xx Q: the superbowl commercial where the guy's heart was beating and he was talking about women's heart attacks or whatever,,, what's his name

A: Mark Sanchez he is a quarterback for the jets

Isn't advertising one of the biggest industry today? by YES MAN Q: Google model and revenue come from advertising, and so are thousands of sites out there.. TV is full of commercials and so is radio and the millions dollars superbowl commercials. Celebrity endorsements are also a form of advertising as well as many sports sponsors. A ton of things around us are advertising. Do you think advertising is the way of the future?

Did All those Superbowl commercials ruin the actual game for you? by Dman Q: I watched that whole game, but i only remember the fourth quarter because of all those commercials.I don't know about you but it kinda messed up the game for me.

A: yeah their was a commercial after every 2 downs it pissed me off

What's the song from this superbowl commercial? by Maybe Q: What's the song from this superbowl commercial? whats the classical song from the pepsi max commericial from the superbowl a little while ago, with the couple that was on a date in a restaurant and they were talking inside their heads?

A: it is a rap song.

What was your favorite Superbowl commercial? by carlos rodriguez Q: what was your favorite Superbowl commercial from yesterday?

A: The dogs were cleaning the house and serving beer to people at the house party.

When Did Superbowl Ads Become So Important? by SweetestCollision Q: I was thinking about last night's and all of the good commercials and the commercials that were an absolute waste of time! Whether they were good or bad, though, the companies paid BIG BUCKS JUST for the commercial spot AND for the commercial itself! Have commercials always been so important during the Superbowl, or when did they kind of begin becoming pricier and pricier? With that being said, we may all have favorite commercials, so what is your favorite Superbowl commercial of all time?

A: Super Bowl, two words. The game started to take off with Super Bowl III, when the AFL beat the NFL for the first time. After the leagues merged in 1970, the game became huge, and it's been getting bigger ever since.

What's the genre(s) of that song called "Hey Baby I Want That Car" in the Superbowl Ad? by Trollski LovesTrolling Q: There was a song called "Hey Baby I want That Car" featured on a 2012 Superbowl commercial. What would you guess what genre(s) of music is that type of music for that song?

A: I would say old school RnB probably. A bit of 70s Motown vibe.

Did anyone else find that Kardashian Superbowl ad too steamy? by Justin Stewart Q: It was the really steamy Superbowl commercial where Kim was making hot love to a guy, and then she was like, "You're the best I've ever had," followed by her showing off her Nikes. For a commercial that was shown in front of millions of viewers, did anyone else find that ad to be too inappropriate? Not only that, but little kids could have seen it, and some probably did.

A: I was watching the game with a bunch of guys and they were like, "Why can't the skanky commercials at least have hot girls." And then went on to mention all the girls they thought put Kim to shame and guys that think she's hot have low standards. lol but yes, the commercial did ruin the mood of what this years were trying to go for. That mood being a less sexed up version of the superbowl

will they make more silly superbowl commercial? by elbow grease 12gatchback Q: do u think they will make more silly Superbowl commercial 4 this coming Superbowl? what was your favorite? mine was, e*trade & Planters Peanuts do u know any new 1s coming out?

A: yes they should make more silly superbowl commercial. 4 the past years they have and i think its cool my favorite is also e*trade some other silly e*trade commercial and sort budwiser 2

Who do you want to win the Superbowl? by Ghost Nappa Q: Also, if you have ever had a favorite Superbowl commercial, what is is?

A: Both teams have strong defenses and both have had lapses during the season. Both teams have excellent QBs. The Steelers have a better running game. The Steelers have offensive line problems. The Packers have enough defense to pressure Roethlisberger, but he's experienced that for the past few years and been successful. I'd I'd like to see the Packers win, but think the Steelers are more likely. This is likely to be another low scoring game. It wouldn't be a huge surprise either way it turns out - the only thing that would surprise me is if it turns out to be a blow out. Since the Redskins aren't in the game I really don't have a strong preference; I'm leaning toward the Packers because it's been longer since they've won one, but I really like it to be a good game which ever way it turns out.

Is it true Daniel Bryan was the goat in the Doritos Superbowl commercial? by Super Plex Q: Jerry Lawler said Daniel Bryan was the goat in the Doritos Superbowl commercial.

How much money does Budweiser/ budlight spend on advertising every year? by Flipstar Q: With all the commercials they have playing all around specially superbowl commercials just wondering how much they spend in total.

A: considering that Anheser-Busch owns Budweiser and Budlight and their annual ad spending is $800,000,000, I would assume most is allocated towards those two brands since bud is the KING of beer. I would guess somewhere around half a billion dollars, true story believe it or not!

What happened to Candace's Superbowl commercial? by Arthurlikesbeer Q: didn't they do a promo for a godaddy Candace Superbowl commercial I don't think They showed it ,what the deal? what is the deal? ,haha

A: lol!

Where can I watch all the commercials from last night's Superbowl? by FigureSkatingDonut Q: I missed some commercials last night that my friends say were really good. Does anyone know a website where I can watch all the Superbowl commercials from last night?

A: YouTube has an entire section just for them http://www.youtube.com/videos?s=rf

what was the song on the new diet pepsi max nod commercial in the super bowl? by tcreature358 Q: i really liked the song on the diet pepsi max nod superbowl commercial... what was it?

A: Haddaway-What is Love

What are the five basic rules of advertisement? by audacitychick Q: I'm doing a lesson with Superbowl commercials in my Consumer Finance class. I wrote in my notes to have my students write a summary with the 5 basic rules of advertisements for the commercials, and now I've forgotten what I wanted.

A: check this out

Spiritually pondering what products have you brought recently due to the commercial? by House iz in da hizzy! Q: I started buying brisk due to eminem's superbowl commercial and old spice due to issah mustafa. What about you?

A: ohh ohh that Fushigi ball made me remember the movie labyrinth and how I wanted to contact juggle like that. So like any one else I waited till wall mart had it.

What happened to the Superbowl marriage proposal? by Amy S Q: Last week on the news - I forget what channel they had a story about a guy that raised money on the internet and got a corporate sponsor and was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him during one of the superbowl commercials - I watched all the commercials and I didn't see it - anyone know anything about this?

A: The commercial aired on TV in the Seattle area during the show Veronica Mars Tuesday night- here's the video and the reaction: http://www.kstw.com

Where can I find old Toyota commercials from the 90s? by Cliff Q: Looking for a commercials with a David Stern 1997 is the timeline it was a superbowl commercial. If you can help me find this I would apperciate it greatly. Toyota camry and he uses the line spacious!

A: youtube

does anyone have a clip on the net of superbowl 41 commercials? by collin Q: i need a video of the superbowl commercials and and i cant find them?

A: It is not complete. The Emerald nuts one is missing.

Who just saw the funny Horse commercial where the horses ran away together on the super bowl? by Arnelle Koehler-Trümper Q: that was epic. i love superbowl commercials. yes they broadcast the superbowl in germany and they have german commercials and us commercials with subs

A: im not watching it, even though i really want to see the commercials! edwardzslady duh<3

Why isn't the deaf PEPSICO commercial appearing with the other Superbowl Ads in Yahoo Video>? by Dlaud Q: The Pepsico commercial "Bob's House" that appeared during the Superbowl pregame show did not appear under the other "hearing" superbowl commercials on the front page of Yahoo Video. I had to search for it. It was the best commercial of them all....Is this more discrimiation?

A: Good question.

How does one go about getting in a superbowl ad ? by Jo Milla Q: I'm a 19 year old male and live in NY . I've never been featured on a public broadcast before but I really want to change that. I would love the idea of being in a superbowl commercial , but now I'm wondering how exactly would I go about acheiving this ? Any thoughts ?

A: All the Top Contributors in this section will get a chance to be in one

How many different sponsors have commercials in tonight's Superbowl? by chasvanblom Q: I'm keeping a tally with tonight's Superbowl commercials. - How many different commercials / industries can I expect to see?

A: enough!

who is the other old actor in the betty white snickers commercial? by SweetDreamer Q: In the Snickers 2010 Superbowl commercial featuring Betty White and a second octogenarian actor. I'm wondering who the second actor is. This is an ongoing family debate. We need answers! Thank You!

A: Abe Vigoda He played a part in Barney Miller, as Fish

Who is going to watch the Superbowl today? by Me Q: I am. I am going to watch the commercials. I love the superbowl commercials and musical performences. I agree with everything you said Baseballfan4ever! Nice Answer! I agree too JellieBeanx3 I want the Patriots to win,. See, I am from L.A. So, I dont want New York to win.

A: i would say around 95 million people are (new record) They have to beat the current record of 94.08 million people set by the Dallas Cowboys who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in January 1996

how can I see superbowl commercials in Canada? by Joe Mama Q: Alright, so I'm up here in Canada and I'm watching the superbowl but the hilarious superbowl commercials are switched with boring not-funny-at-all Canadian ones! Is there some way that I can see the American ones?? (Sadly, I don't have a sattelite) Please advise.

A: www.youtube.com should carry them. They show everything else!!

What is this car Superbowl 2012 commercial? And where can I watch it? by Michaela Q: There is this one Superbowl commercial I saw yesterday that I liked. The girl came up to the guy and started speaking in a foreign language (I have no idea what she was saying) and I think the guy was about to kiss her and then it showed him about to kiss a car. I thought it was hilarious and I'd like to see it again. So where can I find it?

A: It was the Fiat Oh, sorry - I almost forgot - here ya go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpi2IAec9Ho

What are some interesting things for a girl to do during the superbowl? by ♥Jennifer Jeter Q: Derek Jeter is supposed to be in a Superbowl commercial tonight and I cant miss it. I also am looking forward to hanging out and relaxing, but what are some things to make it interesting for a girl...

A: The commercials are always so funny!!

when do superbowl commericials officially start? by Matt Q: For the 2011 Superbowl when do the 30 second $3M superbowl commercials start appearing because i know it's before the superbowl kickoff starts. Thanks for the answers i know im probably asking a stupid question but do they end after the postgame show or right after the game ends?

A: They start during the pre-game stuff...Around 6:30PM ET

What classical music is in the background of coca cola's superbowl commercial? by June Q: It's a classical piece, if you need to see it go here. http://www.superbowl-commercials.org/3405.html

A: This is the third movement, ''Sarabande'', from Handel's Harpsichord Suite No. 4 in D Minor, HWV 437. Here's a link to the original work for harpsichord: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdYW0oenh… (Sarabande at 4:24) Orchestrated version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSAd3NpDi… Best regards

Will 3D glasses from My Bloody Valentine work with the 3D superbowl commercial? by olly666 Q: Will 3D glasses from My Bloody Valentine work for the 3D superbowl commercial/Chuck episode?

A: No. They are based on fundamentally different methods of producing 3D. "My Bloody Valentine 3D" uses Real-D technology, which is based on polarization. The Superbowl and Chuck glasses use Intel's Intru 3D technology which is based on color filters.

GEN X: What was your favorite Superbowl commercial and why? by easeofdisease Q: I'm doing a project for school and would appreciate any in depth answers to what was the most memorable Superbowl commercial this year? (Or any year if you didn't watch this years game) And what made it the most memorable? Much appreciated!

A: i watch it for the football

BOOMERS: What was your favorite Superbowl commercial and why? by easeofdisease Q: I'm doing a project for school and would appreciate any in depth answers to what was the most memorable Superbowl commercial this year? (Or any year if you didn't watch this years game) And what made it the most memorable? Much appreciated!

A: The one where the Pug broke the door down to get to the Dorito's. Because it's the only one I remember seeing at this point.

BOOMERS: What was your favorite Superbowl commercial and why? by easeofdisease Q: I'm doing a project for school and would appreciate any in depth answers to what was the most memorable Superbowl commercial this year? (Or any year if you didn't watch this game) And what made it the most memorable? Much appreciated!

A: The car commercial that showcased Detroit. Americans need something to beat them over the head a thousand times to get into their thick skulls that buying foreign made goods means that you lose American jobs.....and ad was a pretty good way to show how all the car jobs in Detroit ...and all the jobs connected to the cars....and the rest of the jobs that had no customers when all their customers' car jobs disappeared....wrecked a city, wrecked a state. Even though Toyota and some of the other manufacturers have plants here....a portion of the money spent on one of those automobiles goes overseas. Americans need all the jobs we can bring back home...and keeping ALL our money here is the only way to get them here.

Teens: What was your favorite Superbowl commercial and why? by easeofdisease Q: I'm doing a project for school and would appreciate any in depth answers to what was the most memorable Superbowl commercial this year? (Or any year if you didn't watch this years game) And what made it the most memorable? Thanks.

A: I liked the puppy one for doritos

Whats the best site to watch the top ten superbowl commercials online? by abcdef Q: i am furstraed 40 minutes searching on web didn't find ,I cam here looking for answer ..didn't find eather where is best superbowl commercials with of course i don't mean youtube thanks

A: here is one page i dont know the officials

What Superbowl Commercial do you think was the funniest? by locker 646 Q: I don't think the best superbowl commercial was that funny. The one with the horse and the dog. That won for the best. I think the doritos one with the mouse was the best. What do you think was the best?

A: i liked the baby (i think it was for insurance). and i liked the t-mobile one i think it was called 'hey chuck' -- that kinda made me laugh cause that really happens!!

what was the name of the song during the Superbowl commercial? by James Q: The Superbowl commercial where the cars are doing flips in slow-motion and they push one of an airplane. It was a fast upbeat song. I believe it was a commercial for Ford.

A: The song from the Chevy Sonic stunt commercial is "We are Young" by Fun. You can get the song and watch the commercial here: http://www.popisms.com/TelevisionCommercial/50878/Chevrolet-Commercial-for-Chevy-Sonic-2012.aspx http://www.popisms.com Connecting Pop Culture

How can I watch the Superbowl commercials in the UK? by Goatee_6 Q: Not sure why all the Superbowl ads are "restricted content" in the UK - it's not like TV shows, where they don't want you to watch them before Sky airs them...I mean these are commercials - advertisers should love to show them everywhere, and for free. Anyway, anyone know where I can go to watch the Superbowl commercials from Sunday? Neither YouTube or AOL Video will play them "in my region".

A: http://www.hulu.com/superbowl/results All the adds are there

How can i get a dvd with all the Superbowl Commercials of 2009 at? by Alex B Q: I am looking to buy a DVD of all the Superbowl Commercials 2009, I would like to get a DVD of them all, does anyone know where and when I could get something like that? I am looking to give it as a present

A: Check out this link to see all the superbowl commercials!! http://badassmonkeys.com/2009-superbowl-commercials/

Dodge Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial Farmer - God Made A Farmer Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2013! (Top 10 Super Bowl Ads) Best 2013 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — Extended Version of The Clydesdales: 'Brotherhood' Samsung Mobile USA - The Next Big Thing 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — The Clydesdales: 'Brotherhood' Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | Get In. Get Happy. The 25 Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Jeep® 'Whole Again' SUPER BOWL OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL Samsung Mobile USA - El Plato Supreme WINNER $1 MILLION Doritos 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Goat 4 Sale XLVII Global News SuperBowl - Toyota Ad Commercial | Commercial for the 2013 Super Bowl. Funny stuff 'Space Babies' 2014 Kia Sorento Big Game Ad Taco Bell Viva Mas 2013 Super Bowl Commercial! Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial - 'Prom' Sunny Side: 2013 Volkswagen Game Day Teaser Video with Jimmy Cliff (Get Happy) Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2012! (Top 10 super bowl ads) Best 2012 Top 10 SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS 2013! Milk Mustache Campaign Super Bowl XLVII TV Commercial (Extended Version) PSY | Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' Super Bowl 2013 Ad Controversial Super Bowl Ad by VW Official Super Bowl Commercials 2013 (Doritos® - Fashionista Daddy) Samsung Hilarious Super Bowl 2013 mock ad Rejected SuperBowl Commercial TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPERBOWL ADS - Best Ten Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Commercials Budweiser Super Bowl Ad 2013 - The Clydesdales Brotherhood 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | Big Game Ad | 'Epic Playdate' (Extended) 'Aspiring Americans' - Super Bowl 2013 Define American Ad The Walking Dead Super Bowl Commercial McDonald's Super Bowl XLVII Ad: One at a time Best Super Bowl Commercials Ads 2012 Super Bowl 2013 Commercials Review The Funniest Super Bowl Ads of All Time Super Bowl 2013 commercials-Watch Budweiser's tear-jerking ad featuring adorable Clydesdale foal Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Fast Six aka Fast and Furious 6, Iron Man 3 - Beyond The Trailer Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Volkswagen Ad Stirs Online Racism Debate TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPERBOWL ADS - Best Ten Super Bowl XLVI 2012 Commercials SUPER BOWL 2013: Best Commercials and Trailers, Kate Upton, Iron Man 3 and Stark Trek Into Darkness Best Super Bowl Commercial of all time: Dodge Ram Trucks 2013 - Keep Plowing Spot Beck's Sapphire | 2013 Super Bowl Commercial -- Super Bowl 47 Super Bowl 2013 Commercials: Taco Bell, GoDaddy, Calvin Klein Generate Buzz as Best, Worst of 2013 Bud Light | Lucky Chair | 2013 Super Bowl Commercial -- Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Ad - Dunder Mifflin by Quill.com - Paper War with Cat Lie Witness News - Controversial Super Bowl Commercials Hyundai Canada's 2013 Big Game Day Commercial 'GASPOCALYPSE' (Official) BlackBerry Super Bowl Commercial 15 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2013 [With HD Clips] BANNED PORNHUB SUPERBOWL COMMERCIAL! Audi 2013 Super Bowl Big Game Commercials Prom - (Worth It) Usher Kate Upton Willem Dafoe Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial
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