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Super Bowl Ads 2013

Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Ads That Stole the Show on Super Sunday
By most accounts, Super Sunday fell well short of the advertising bonanza fans have come to expect from sponsors. Thirty seconds of air time cost advertisers $4 million this year, and with leaked ad spots and teasers available for weeks prior to the ...

Super Bowl 2013, Sandy Hook and What We Learned Sunday Night
The object of advertising is to attract attention to a product, business or service by the use of paid announcements. As a profession it vacillates between being a deep and wide industry where there is always something new to learn and there is no ...

Taco Bell Super Bowl Ad 2013: How The Company Used LAPD-Like Car And ...
That sure looked like a Los Angeles Police Department car during a Super Bowl ad: the black-and-white paint scheme, the iconic "protect and serve" slogan, the city seal on the door above the word "POLICE." But the Taco Bell ad that aired during Sunday ...

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jamaaludeen RT @kevinmarks: “Hashtags Included in 50% of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Mentioned In 8%, Twitter In 6%, Instagram In 2%” http://t.co/nQcNHLTj

WitkosRobinson Super Bowl Ads Bow to the Mobile Screen http://t.co/PQVC6HE7

PinoyVideosTK Video: Enchanted Garden - 16.Oct.12 @ http://t.co/6PaxzqYS #flipbooth #Super Bowl Ads 2013

james_bb @johnsweeneyroar were you aware of the #scientology super bowl ads? http://t.co/qHzpEIMP rather like andrex - a softer message.

MogulAzam RT @spencerchen: Proves once again, ads aren't made to appease critics and pundits. They're made for prospective customers. http://t.co/JXVVGO57

LynnMarieBruno Twitter mentions '13 #superbowl ads outpace Facebook 26-4; In 2012 they were about equal http://t.co/fi0EuXSo. Anyone want to bet on '14?

BrianBrownNet 50% Of Super Bowl Ads Worked Twitter Into Their Commercials [THE BRIEF] -   http://t.co/Lbn3XViI

thedigitalpm Top Superbowl Ads To Watch This Sunday - via PSFK http://t.co/WpDxVKM8

weeklyinterview RT @moekittaneh: Go Daddy Posts Biggest Sales Day in History After Super Bowl Ads Run http://t.co/15WULdhY #sales #marketing

Danica_Fans #Sport #IndyCar 2013 Super Bowl ads: Kate Upton washing a car, Danica Patrick and... http://t.co/nIUPUWDq #TFB Gooo

Animekida Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Ads That Stole the Show on Super Sunday http://t.co/TOqUoGzd #superbowlads2013

FLVTubeTweets Super Bowl Ads 2013: #SuperBowlAds2013 #Super #Bowl #Ads #2013 http://t.co/lZTCrAd4 #google #youtube

GossipDetector Here Are All The Super Bowl 2013 Ads In Order - A scene from SodaStream's Super... http://t.co/yMTHM0cM #BarRefaeli #SethRogen #SuperBowl

jrobertson RT @kevinmarks: “Hashtags Included in 50% of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Mentioned In 8%, Twitter In 6%, Instagram In 2%” http://t.co/nQcNHLTj

marmauas [email protected]: Sexist Ads? #notbuyingit, Some Say http://t.co/U5QBmsgd” Who did they say is the "sex object"? Geek era, so think twice.


Song Name help please!!!!!!!!!? by Brady Q: it was on the Hyundai commercial when the kid cant play football unless e brings a "tank" so he gathers friends and a Hyundai and returns and the bullies are like u kick and he kicks it iat him, it goes sometihing like raise your head, i think its in the heavy rock catergory not tank, its team and he gathers a team, here a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPZ8LZQMPys

A: The song from the Hyundai Santa Fe "Team" Super Bowl commercial is "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" by Quiet Riot. You can get the song and watch the ad here: http://www.popisms.com/TelevisionCommercial/69989/Hyundai-Commercial-for-Hyundai-Santa-Fe-2013.aspx .

Whats the song that just played in that beer commercial? by Rajan Q: The beer was german and a beta fish was singing it.

A: The song in the Beck's Sapphire Super Bowl commercial with the fish was "No Diggity" by Chet Faker. You can get the song and watch the ad here: http://www.popisms.com/TelevisionCommercial/70021/Becks-Commercial-for-Becks-Sapphire-2013.aspx .

Song from Super Bowl Go Pro baby commercial? by Gavin Pitner Q:

A: The song from the Super Bowl GoPro commercial with the baby is "Running All My Life" by Walking Def. You can get the song and watch the ad here: http://www.popisms.com/TelevisionCommercial/70307/GoPro-Commercial-for-GoPro-HD-Hero3-2013.aspx .

poll: what do you think of this ad from the super bowl ? by Mike M NUMBER 5 Q: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/02/03/paul-harvey-talking-about-farmers-in-dodge-ad-wow-was-that-amazing/ it was good except for the dodge trucks in it

spiritually speaking would it not be smarter? by Kevin H Q: for company's to give away 3.8 million dollars of there product to consumers for them to try it than to give it to a 30 second superbowl Commercial.

A: Seems these reports say different. At about $3.8 million for a 30-second spot, an ad on this year's Super Bowl was easily the most expensive ad buy on television. For marketers, though, buying a spot during the big game may be the most efficient media play on Madison Avenue. That's only partly because of the huge audience for the game—111 million people watched last year, according to Nielsen. Super Bowl advertising. However, this amount of prominence has also carried a high price: at Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, the average cost of a 30-second advertisement was around $4 million.[

Did you see the Paul Harvey Super Bowl Ad? by Allah Q: What did you think of it? http://rickstephensdepartments.blogspot.com/2013/02/wow-did-that-dodge-ad-with-paul-harvey.html

A: Yeah, will turn out to be dumb as people will describe it like you did and forget about what the ad was for- you said Paul Harvey ad, not Dodge pickups ad- see my point? A lot of younger folks don't even know who Paul Harvey is, I only do becasue I am over 50 (and not the target demographic for advertisers). Memorable commercials where nobody remembers what they are advertising end up being a waste of money. They were supposed to be selling trucks, not farmers. It isn't going to make anyone run out and buy a Dodge truck, so a bad ad in that sense but poignant for someone like me who grew up on a farm & appreciates farmers. Now, if I said did you see that Mean Joe Green Superbowl commercial or the one with the horse & trainer or the goat or the guys in the tutus? Yup, see, you immediately remember the products they were advertising!

What was the song played on the BBC's 2013 Super Bowl Advert? by Ben Q: Hi everyone, I was watching BBC 2 yesterday (03/02/2013) evening and saw the advert for the BBC's coverage of the superbowl, on which a brilliant, fast-paced swing song was playing. Before I could Shazam this awesome song, the ad was over and I was none-the-wiser as to its name. There were some lyrics that I remembered: "come on down, i'm feeling good tonight" was played toward the end of what I think was the chorus. I've searched all over and can't find any reference to the ad and so i'm now turning to you guys. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

Why didn't Tom Brady win the MVP award? by DK Q: He was the best QB this league. 5,000 passing yards almost 40 total touchdown basically 5 interceptions. and he doesn't get MVP? Just wow but hey I'm happy for AD that guys a beast at least Pick 6 Peyton didn't get it. Tom Brady= the 2013/2014 Leauge MVP and Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning= 8-8 season 22 touchdowns and 26 Interceptions write it down I did predict a Peyton Manning one and done this year. I should be good enough for bleacher report haha. @Chalise Hahaha yeah I felt bad for you :( Sorry maybe next year though stay strong :)

A: DK! LOOL knew you would say something. I'm pissed Peyton didn't get it :/

can you help me with as much information on puppies as possible? by Lizz Q: i will be having a puppy of my own from our dogs litter my parents said i could keep one [im 14] after my labrador Bella tragically passed on Friday. so i have ALOT of questions and if you could answer them i would be so grateful what age does a puppy need her/his first shots? what age can a puppy be spayed/neutered? how much does puppy classes cost? i have compiled a list of stuff i NEED to buy for my puppy food/water bowls collar nametag puppy shampoo stuff i WANT to buy for my puppy teething toys kong toy treats [we already have leashes and brushes an a clicker] and more questions what age can puppies start to be trained? since it will stay with its mother will weaning be problem? [i know they start to be weaned at 4 weeks but most of them still try to suckle!] is it safe to let my puppy be out after the first set of shots or after ALL the shots? thanks i know this is LOOOOONNNNGGG an no dog or owner is perfect but i want to be prepared. in memory of Bella R.I.P Bella 2008-Febuary 1st 2013 my other dog is pregnant so we are keeping one of her puppies

A: I'll try to help you with as much as I can: 1. Vaccines? I think there's like 3 rounds. 1 at 6 weeks, 1 at 8 weeks, and another around 10-12 weeks. I personally don't give vaccinations so I'm not sure. 2. Most people prefer to get their dogs and bitches spayed/neutered around 6-8 months before the male spazzes out and the female goes into estrus (or heat). 3. Sorry, I don't know how much puppy classes are, I have always trained my dogs myself. I think it's like $50-$100 per training session about once a week for around 8 weeks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Puppies can start to be trained around 8 weeks old. Also, puppies shouldn't leave their mothers until they are 8 weeks too. But remember, NOT too much training. Most puppies have very short attention spans and too much training at one time can stress them out and confuse them. About 2-3 ten minute sessions a day around 4 hours in between sessions should be fine. Start with the basics like come, sit, down, and stay. Make sure those are accomplished before moving on to "tricks". Be consistent too. An inconsistent owner leads to an inconsistent dog. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weaning is pretty easy. When the puppies are 3-4 weeks old, they should be ready to start on solid food. If you don't feed a Prey Model Raw diet, you should look into it. It's the most healthy and biologically appropriate diet for a dog and is very good for them. Dogs were designed to eat raw meat before some stupid people came along and invented kibble. Kibble is gross, it's completely filled with disgusting additives and preservatives and packed full of fillers. Dogs are CARNIVORES, NOT OMNIVORES and they need MEAT. Raw meat to be exact. No veggies, fruits, dairy products, or grains. Just meat, bones, and organs. The ratio should be around 80% muscle meat, 10% edible bone, and 10% organs (5% of which should be liver). Your dog will love you and will be super healthy! Ever since I put my dogs on a raw diet they have had silky and shiny fur, clean teeth and gums, odorless ears, smaller poops, non-itchy skin, good muscle tone, and WAY less vet visits. People think that feeding raw is expensive, well it's NOT. I paid $200 a month for premium kibble for my two 100+ lb dogs and now I only spend around $35. The key is to find cheap meat. Post ads on craigslist for unwanted, freezerburnt, or expired meat, ask hunters for scraps, ask friends for unwanted meat, find good meat sales, and ask farmers for culls and stillborns. It's a lot easier than it sounds and extremely healthy. You should start on chicken (the dog in my avatar is eating a whole chicken) which is a good bland meat that shouldn't upset a dogs stomach. Make sure it's not enhanced! It should be less than 100mg per 4 oz serving. Chicken leg quarters should be fine. You may have to ribbon it a bit at first to give the puppy a place to start! Don't mash it or grind it though, that takes the whole point out of it. Also, DON'T underestimate those puppy teeth! Starting early on raw should help strengthen the puppies jaws. After about a week on chicken, you can add a second meat, say pork. Then you can start to add organs like liver and kidney (very inexpensive and easy to find at Asian markets). Too many organs though can cause stomach upset. Remember this; more bone, solid poops, more organs, looser poops. So if your dog has mushy poops, add more bone to his diet, and if he has very dry poops, add more organs. It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it! You can also start adding different meats, you want a lot of red meat. Red meat carries the nutrients and vitamins that the dog needs. Beef, venison, elk, moose, pork, lamb, and goat are all red meats and are good to feed. Many people will tell you that the bacteria in the meat will hurt the dog, well that's just plain stupid and people don't know any better. Dogs have very aggressive enzymes in their bodies that break down bacteria and it will in no way hurt them. There are tons of myths about feeding raw and if you're interested, here is the one about bacteria: http://rawfed.com/myths/bacteria.html Here is the whole raw feeding site if it helps: http://rawfed.com/ Also, here is a Facebook page that has raw feeders on it if you're interested, they'll give you all the help you'll need! https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/261761471359/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You're puppy will be fine without it's vaccinations as long as you keep him away from public places where there are tons of dogs and stuff. Sorry my answer was so long but I hope you found it informative!

How on Earth is the Coke ad racist against Arabs? by Educated Black Man Q: More political correctness gone crazy. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/31/coke-super-bowl-ad-racist-arab-american_n_2586620.html

A: Because they say so. How is the song "Kung Fu fighting" racist against Asians? http://www.nbcnews.com/id/42779407/ns/world_news-europe/t/man-arrested-singing-kung-fu-fighting/

Will Hillary and Obama blame that "racist" Super Bowl Coca Cola ad for the latest US Embassy attack? by The Black Bolshevik Q: Police sources: Suicide bomber kills at least 3 at US Embassy compound in Turkey A call to the embassy’s main number at about 2:10 p.m. local time (7:10 a.m. ET) was not answered. Speaking at about the same time, State Department spokesman Harry Edwards said that he did not yet have any details on the explosion and could not immediately confirm any attack. http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/01/16804949-police-sources-suicide-bomber-kills-at-least-3-at-us-embassy-compound-in-turkey?lite Coke Defuses Racism Allegations Over Super Bowl Ad Showing An Arab Pulling A Camel Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/coke-defuses-racism-allegations-over-super-bowl-ad-showing-an-arab-pulling-a-camel-2013-2#ixzz2JevDkE7Q

Does the Ram Trucks Superbowl commercial "Farmer" make you miss the America you grew up with? by Manny A Kounts Q: Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial "Farmer" http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AMpZ0TGjbWE Paul Harvey wins: Super Bowl ad tribute to farmers earns praise, nostalgia http://twitchy.com/2013/02/03/paul-harvey-wins-super-bowl-ad-tribute-to-farmers-earns-praise-nostalgia/ Scr - THE SHORT BUS HAS ARRIVED! Where's your helmet? Keep Your White Guilt - You act as though your stupidity is a virtue.

A: That was the America I grew up with. It's still like it today. Liberals just refuse to live it though.

Isn't the super bowl farmer ad just right wing propaganda? by Patrick Q: http://conservativevideos.com/2013/02/god-made-a-farmer-the-incredible-super-bowl-commercial-featuring-paul-harvey/ I think they are saying we should all work excessively hard. Don't we have unions to protect workers from working too hard? Doesn't this ad seem like right wing propaganda saying we are all lazy and need to work harder? Also, the put the word "God" in the ad, which is not appropriate on public television.

Which one is the best commercial for Super Bowl 2013? by Jean Smith Q: Have you checked all the super bowl commercial ads? Check out http://www.youtube.com/gamedayads and vote for the best one.

What was your favourite super bowl 2013 ad? by Boston Clark Q: My favourite was the oreo whisper fight. My runner-up favourite was the audi prom one. Which was your favourite?

Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2013! (Top 10 Super Bowl Ads) Best 2013 Super Bowl 2013 Ads: Kate Upton, Mercedes-Benz Ad Already Heating Up TV Super Bowl 2013 Commercials Sneak Peek! - Preview Best Superbowl XLVII ads 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — The Clydesdales: 'Brotherhood' 'Doritos Girl' Unveils Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalists Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | Get In. Get Happy. Fiat 500 Abarth - 2013 Superbowl Topless Commercial 2013 Super Bowl: Big Game Ad Teasers Audi Super Bowl Ads 2013 'The Prom' Go Daddy Bar Refaeli Kiss Super Bowl Commercial 2013 - FULL TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPERBOWL ADS - Best Ten Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Commercials Super Bowl 2013 Inspires Puppy Bowl: Sneak Peek at Doggie Football Event 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | Big Game Ad | 'Epic Playdate' (Extended) Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Volkswagen Ad Stirs Online Racism Debate SuperBowl - Toyota Ad Commercial | Commercial for the 2013 Super Bowl. Funny stuff Super Bowl 2013 Ads Posted Online: Most Heartwarming One Yet Coke Chase 2013 Ad 2013 Sisters Fiat 500L Super Bowl Commercial Super Bowl Ads 2013 - Fiat 'Wedding' Audi 2013 Super Bowl Big Game Commercials Prom - (Worth It) Megan Fox Super Bowl Ad For Motorola 2013 [HD] Milk Mustache Campaign 2013 Super Bowl Ads 15 Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2013 [With HD Clips] Super Bowl 2013 | Taco Bell | Viva Young | Game Day Commercial Super Bowl 2013: Game's Live Stream, Power Outage Most Searched on Internet Sunny Side: 2013 Volkswagen Game Day Teaser Video with Jimmy Cliff (Get Happy) Game Day 2013 Commercial: The Unaired SodaStream Ad 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | Big Game Ad | 'Epic Playdate' Super Bowl Ads 2013 PSY Super Bowl 2013 Ad | Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' Doritos - Express Checkout - Super Bowl 2013 Commercial New Acura NSX Superbowl Ad with Jerry Seinfeld Watch the Best Super Bowl commercials of All-Time |The All Best Super Bowl Ads 2013| |Amazing Compilation & Highlights ( New Orleans ) Super Bowl 2013 Highlights: Beyonce Half Time Show, Best Commercials, Power Outage - Recap Samsung Mobile USA - El Plato Supreme 2013 Super Bowl Ads Compilation | Best Super Bowl XLVII Commercials The Best Superbowl Ads of 2013 (in 60 Seconds) Allstate Mayhem Forbiden Apple - Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Super Bowl ads generate pre-game buzz The Walking Dead Super Bowl Commercial Bud Light | Journey | 2013 Super Bowl Commerical - Super Bowl XLVII BlackBerry Super Bowl Commercial Beck's Sapphire | 2013 Super Bowl Commercial -- Super Bowl 47 Gangnam Baby 2013 Super Bowl E-Lites Ad 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | Big Game Ad | 'Team' 2013 Dunder Mifflin Super Bowl Ads - Paper War with Cat Super Bowl 2013 Commercials Review Super Bowl 2013 Commercials: Viewers Call the Shots TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPERBOWL ADS - Best Ten Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Commercials
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