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TLimbongCFC Bravoo Sunderland! RT @Sunderland_UPD | Eurosport | Sunderland v Manchester City: LIVE

kevinputra_H RT @detiksport: Kickoff Sunderland vs City !

deviana_W nw: Sunderland vs Man. City.. :) goo MC!! :D

tgirishkumar RT @PhilipTehDevil: Prediction - Sunderland 6-1 Man Citeh #HeardItHereFirst

m_lockley @BBCFootball Do it for United Sunderland

juliangratiano #hope ManCicit kalah (Y) spy LIVERPOOL naik ;) RT @dwiestmop: Nonbar Sunderland Vs Man City

CELTICBOB1967 Come on the Sunderland. Get in tae Shitty. #MartinOneal

triedhi Sunderland vs ManCity.. Cerdas itu ketika ManCity bisa memenangkan pertandingan ini..

Sean77Woods Made up with the result today for the blues, now for Sunderland/ManCity

4_Nasser come on sunderland

doddie_sheva #NW : sunderland vs city

AhmedHolder C'mon Sunderland. Inflict some pain into the evil empire

Markcullen21 Well just got in from training, coffee in hand and watching man city hopefully spank Sunderland!! 5-0 would be a dream!!!

CLJones99 Sitting down watching sunderland play city :)

lucstimao Despertador ñ falha ..... a tempo para assistir Sunderland x Man.city


Was anyone else a touch disappointed that Sunderland won? by The beachball in the suit Q: I was hoping we could put the final nail into Liverpool's coffin next weekend - now Sunderland have had that pleasure. Obviously I'm always happy for Liverpool to lose, though.

A: HAHA good one.

At what minute will Sunderland score their second equaliser? by Rolfi Al Sexsi Q: I think 84th How is everyone this morning/afternoon?

A: You should be winning! We can't defend for sh!t.

Sunderland vs Hull City live streaming football game England Premier League online Where can I watch? by Mahadi Q: Sunderland vs Hull City live streaming England Premier League online Where can I watch ? Sunderland vs Hull City live streaming football England Premier League online Where can I watch? Sunderland vs Hull City live Where can I watch? Sunderland vs Hull City live streaming Where can I watch?

A: Sunderland vs Hull City www.epllivestreaming.com

where do I get off the sunderland metro if I am going to the o2 academy? by princess96 Q: Me andmy friends are going to see Framing Hanley at the newcastle O2 academy tomorrow and we were wondering which stop we would get off at if we took themetro there.

A: Get off at Central Station. Go up Grainger Street and take the first left onto Newgate Street. It's on the right hand side after a couple of hundred metres. You can't miss it.

What's the new Sunderland song that the South West Corne keep singing? by loza Q: I just can't make it out and it's driving me nuts! No it's not Cheer Up Peter Reid, I think I'd know that one! It's a new song, the South West Corner have been singing it for the last few games now. I'd guess that it's something to do with the scum up the road but I can't be sure. Would love to know it myself though!

A: cheer up Peter Reid!

What was the deal with the changeroom in Mancheter United's game against Sunderland? by Q: The commentators kept ranting on and on about something happening in the changeroom. I didn't watch the game from the beginning.

A: There was a burst pipe in the changing rooms which delayed the game by 20 minutes.

What are the 3 major requirements needed for Sunderland to beat Blackburn on Sunday? by Q: 1. Play Ryan Noble alongside Wickham or Ji! He's scored 10 in 4 games for the reserves! 2. Play 4-4-2 3. Attack Samba as much as we can! That's all. 1st answerer: Who are you? Kitty? Cla.. Capsl... Torres: shut up or I am blocking you again! -.-

A: There Is Only One Requirement Needed! Play Nicklas Bendtner! Go Ahead!

how much would you have to pay to use the swimming pool in sunderland aquatic centre? by seroask Q: does anyone know how much if you're a member and if you're not a member?

A: It's all listed on page 12: http://www.sunderland.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=7231&p=0

How many Sunderland players should I get in my fantasy team for next week? by Rolfi Al Sexsi Q: Should I get as much as possible? I can see them just running rampant over Newcastle.... scoring like 5 goals.... Yeh thats right , Revenge ! Should I get Larsson? I can see him getting a hattrick. CMON YOU MACKEMS!

A: Yeah. Some of us ain't complete b3llends and create a full page on Sunderland questions. Immature much? Do you love us or something? TOP DOGS.

What are Bolton survival chances against Liv? Inspired from Sunderland? by Q: I think Bolton would be inspired from Sunderland's display at Anfield. And they managed to score 2 times past Man City. What do you think about their chances at Anfield? @Sue : Your answer is completely irrelevant to this question. You can do better than that.

A: Sorry I never predict the scores in case I am tempting fate. However I can predict that almost all of your questions and answers will demonstrate your hatred for Liverpool. Don't you think you would be better employed supporting your own team rather than continually making spiteful comments about another one? Just an observation.

How much news coverage would Abby Sunderland have got if she HAD circumnavigated the globe? by tommie23 Q: yes, the 16 year old sailor did not make her goal, thankfully she was rescued. I seriously doubt this story would be so persistent had she succeeded.

A: She would have made all the rounds and then people would have promptly forgot about her. 15 minutes.

Will anyone in Sunderland or Newcastle hire me? by Fayeee (L) Q: I'm 15, 16 in september and looking for a job in Newcastle or Sunderland, can anyone help me please?

A: Sorry I know how hard it is at the minute for jobs, my sister is fifteen and wants a job she is putting ads up locally and asking local businesses if they need help, I know it's a pain but worth a try best of luck :D

Who will score first Bolton or Sunderland? by Q: And who will be the first scorer & the winner of the game? Something tells me Bolton will go infront first and lose & Bolton have lost their last 5 meetings with Sunderland, Could this be a draw do you reckon? I think it'll be a 1-1 draw. Yes, whoever gets it right gets 10 points.

A: Bolton, 3-0 Sunderland,

When does it usually start to snow in Sunderland, UK? by celon_divina Q: Did it ever start to snow like last week of October?

A: It snowed nearly everywhere in the North East during the last week of November, last year. It rarely starts that early though. If it snows, it will probably be in December, but there's no guarantee that it will happen at all. I can't remember it ever snowing as early as the last week of October. That's not to say that it won't, but in my opinion, it isn't likely.

Henderson of sunderland should i keep him on my fpl team? by Q: I hav henderson who hasnt rlly been helping and been on my subs bench. I hav money to get ramsey or rodwell? Which should i do? Or any others? Im worried bout rodwell cause donovan and co fill the midfield pretty well for everton so he might not play. But ramsey doesnt play much.

A: keep him .

Is Fergie going to apologise properly for his comments after the Sunderland game? by The beachball in the suit Q: To assert that the giant red balloon was unfit was outrageous and completely unfounded, as proven by its outstanding contribution today. Who thinks we'll get an apology? Will there be a disciplinary?

A: no he wont.he is not that nice

where is good to go dumpster diving for food in Sunderland, England? by Q: I am interested in dumpster diving, i usually do it at iceland not to far away from mine but some days the pickings are slim, i was just wondering if anybody knew any good places to go to.

A: I think that is against the law, go to or call Salvation Army, tell them you are hungry. Offer to help them move stuff and you get food, maybe. edit Had to come back to this one, yes, it is against the law to trespass or enter a Commercial Garbage Receptacle. So go dumpster diving, but wear a Haz-Mat Suit, because there are more germs that can kill you in one of those things than it is worth. So get the Haz-Mat Suit, go dumpy diving, get arrested and go to jail, they feed you in jail, they have to. If enough people were in jail for being hungry, things might change, or get worse.

Where is a nice area to live in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, which can easily access hospital? by chooch Q: Ideally would like to be walking distance, alternatively good transport link for shift work.

A: How about Houghton? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houghton-le-Spring

How many goals will the Mackems score against Sunderland in their next game? by Rolfi Al Sexsi Q: Wait.. i think i got that wrong. geordie? hi!

A: More like how many goals will the fat smelly geordies score against the mighty sunderland in their next game one thing we don't want to see in the next game: http://www.live4ever.us/uploaded_images/nufcfatfans275-759356.jpg

What do you think about Abby Sunderland having to be rescued? by Marlbobama Q: Who do you think should pay for the rescue? Do you think she should have been out there on the sea? I'm reading about all the expenses that went into this rescue, and although I agree she needed to be rescued, I think the parents should be held responsible for at least some of the costs.

A: I think it is a great testimony to why you, me, everyone, should have not one, but two EPIRBs on our boats. They not only knew her exact position, they knew she was in trouble, but they also knew the boat was not sinking or taking on water... ( If those two NFL players, Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper, had of had one, they would still be alive today... ) As far as your question should she have been out there? Sure she should of... why not? More then a dozen teenagers have sailed around the world without one loss of life... Statistically, out of a dozen teenagers driving a car - 3 will loose their lives before they reach 20. So, for all those mothers (mostly it was all mothers) that were making all those harsh statements on the news that were directed at Abby's parents... I say, at least Abby's parents were actively involved with their kids lives, and knew where and what their kids were doing. (By far, most parents don't know that.) Under the International Convention for the Safety at Sea, It dictates that rescues at sea are a no-cost agreement. International Maritime law regarding search and rescue operations are that any ship in the area of a distress call will divert to assist that ship. (This by the way was put into effect after the Titanic disaster.) Besides, because Abby had an EPIRB, it was a simple (and cheap) straight forward rescue. It cost Australia about $125,000 US dollars. Compare that to the 1997, $6 million rescue of British sailor Tony Bullimore and Frenchman Thierry Dubois, (who did not have an EPIRB on board, and with the earlier earlier rescue of Isabelle Autissier was rescued at a cost of $5.8 million, who had no EPIRB - this leaves search planes and vessels having to "mow the lawn" over thousands of square miles of ocean to locate the vessel or the sailor. An EPIRB gives the position within 3 feet. The rescue maritime law has been in effect now for almost 100 years. Now I don't know about you, but while I will gladly turn my boat and race to rescue someone, I am certainly not then, going to turn around and send them a bill... or expect or accept payment. I just have too much respect for life, and for my fellow man to do that. "Home is the sailor, home from the sea..." Happy & Safe Boating, John

What happened to Abby Sunderland's yacht, Wild Eyes, after she was rescued? by Q: I can find no record of what happened to Abby Sunderland's yacht, Wild Eyes, after she was rescued during her failed attempt to circumnavigate the globe. The yacht was demasted after a rogue wave rolled it in the southern Indian Ocean.

A: It was left adrift in the Indian Ocean. So there are three possible outcomes here. 1. If Abby left the power system on (which I haven't heard if she did or not) then the vessels bilge pumps would still be working, (as she had solar power to keep her batteries charged)... In this case, more then likely, she will drift ashore - somewhere... 2. If the power was turned off, then she has most likely already sunk to the bottom of the Indian ocean. 3. The third possibility of course, is that it is very possible someone has already recovered her... and if so, of course, it is theirs for the taking, as it is well publicly known the vessels location and the fact that she was abandoned. It will be interesting if we ever hear of Wild Eyes again. John

Jobs at Nissan factory in Sunderland. How long is it until they start interviews? will it be right away? by Steven Q: I've applied for a job at Nissan and am currently out of work due to no fault of my own. I know the vacancies close in April, but will Nissan start interviewing candidates right away or wait until the closing date before starting? I'm just really worried that I'll be out of work until April... thanks for your answers.

A: I am not in the US and neither I am an officer in Nissan to decide something good for you! I just only can pray for your good luck to get you the job! I still can give you some guidance: If you can get the email ID of the officer who has to select you or who recommends you for the job to get appointed, just send him/her a mail informing your merits and back round in one para and in the second para highlighting your current unemployed condition to take up the job immediately and confirm your interest to work honestly and faithfully to their satisfaction. Hope you would turn up for the appointment! Good luck!

Bolton vs Sunderland will there be plenty of goals? by Q: Both teams are in dire need of 3 points & I think there will be goals particuarly from Sunderland. Who would you pick for first goalscorer? Kieran Richardson looks a very good bet or Sebastian Larsson.

A: I am going for sunderland since I like lots of their players (David vaughan, john oshe'a, brown, larrsson etc) I don't really like anyone from bolton although Cahill is arlight. Larrason is suspended from the game, so no I don't reckon he'll make first goal. So Richardson. Go sunderland!

Does anyone know if The University of Sunderland accepts General Studies as a subject? by Q: I want to apply for Sunderland and i'm not sure if i can use General Studies as a subject in my ucas points?

A: Contact the university and directly inquire./

Should I go to Plymouth or Sunderland university? by Lucy Q: At Plymouth the course is International tourism, at Sunderland it's Tourism and Spanish. Which university is better? Which city is better? I'm from Bristol and am not bothered about the distance from home. Also, would a different degree be better? If so, what degree should I take instead? I am applying in the next few weeks.

A: Place the name of each school individually into your favorite search engine and add the phrase rankings and reviews. Then do a compare and contrast. If there is time the best approach is to visit each school and to speak to faculty, students and admissions .

No male supporters allowed in the Sunderland Liverpool game tomorrow? by Rolfi Al Sexsi Q: ^^ let's see who can find the joke in that. FQ- Prediction Sunderland vs Liverpool Edit: You know, balls, liverpool, bent ...:|

A: Your jokes are like Arsenal trophies - hard to find

Why do people find it so irresponsible for Abby Sunderland to sail around the world? by binglind Q: She's 16... and obviously she loves sailing would it have been OK'd if she's 2 years older and then there'll none of these bull about her being too young to sail around the world? what would the news be if it'd been a man who's 30 years old with little experience and needed rescue in the middle of the ocean? would it matter less? more? would you want the man pay in full for the rescue even if it'd bankrupt him financially?

A: oh dear

Are your kids happy that Abby Sunderland is alive and safe? by Q: Abby Sunderland is believed to be approximately 500 miles north of the Antarctic Islands on her bid to become the youngest to circumnavigate the globe in a sailboat. My kids were so relieved to hear that.

A: I'm glad she is alive. I'm always glad when children are found alive. My daughter is too young to understand and if she was older I doubt I would want her following a story of irresponsible parents who let a teen do such a thing alone. My step-dad was a Marine, hes owned boats all his life, he loves to be on the open ocean, but he wouldn't try to do what she did alone... he has a brain, unlike her parents. So who is mailing her parents the bill for her rescue? They should pay for it in full before the next set of idiots send their kid thousands of miles from home with no supervision and expect fame and a free ride home.

How much would you charge to rent a room out in Sunderland? by samw1984 Q: Me and my fiance are splitting up and i need to rent out 2 bedrooms so I can afford to keep the house. How much would I charge??

A: oo Sam, sorry to hear about you splitting up. Make sure you get his name off the mortgage and other household bills are paid up to date. ( so you don't get left with debt.) Its not just the case of how much, you need to sit down and sort out 'house rules' make a type of contract with 'get out' clauses if they breach them to cover your own back. Get some rent in advance and a bond in case they damage anything.Don't include gas, phone and electric with the rent, these can be abused, split them with them and get all phone calls itemised I took in a lodger once without house rules or contract and came to regret it. Be very careful, make sure you only take in proffessionals and check their references, get at least 3. If you look in the Sunderland Echo , they usually have rooms to rent, this will give you an idea. I think its usually a percentage of the mortgage. You can buy rent cards from newsagents, keep them updated so you have no arguments over what was paid when. You can also download tenancy agreements, which are free. Ask others who have let out rooms, ask at the council, you may be liable to pay tax on the rent as it is classed as an income. Good luck

What was the deal with the changeroom commentating during Manchester's game against Sunderland? by Q: I didn't watch the game from the very start, and the commentators kept ranting on about something weird happening in Man U's changeroom.

A: Yeah, Dimitar's right their dressing room ceiling fell. I wonder how that happened though since the EPL has a strict standard all clubs must follow.

Why does Kenwyne Jones still play in a sunderland kit? by Rossenator - (vcc) Q: This is ridiculous. he gets offers but doesnt take them. I dont rank that many other PL strikers ahead of him. Arsenal could use him, Liverpool could use him. GET HIM OUT OF SUNDERLAND. Sunderland always do a good job in keeping these top players unexposed. This goes for Lorik Cana as well.

A: Maybe he's happy at Sunderland.. he knows he will start there as a first team maybe he would not in Arsenal - it is not all about money and trophy's for some people

where can i get a sunderland jersey in ireland? by Q: i have been looking evrywhere to get a sunderland jersey but cant find one anywhere. i have no credit card so cant buy abroad . i do have a laser card but none of them seem to accept them. does anyone no of any shops that sell them or any online shop that accepts laser cards.

Will someone from Bristol fit in moving to, and living in, Sunderland? by Lucy Q: I'm from Bristol and I'm hoping to study at Sunderland university (providing I get the grades), will I fit in there? Will my accent be warmly greeted or thought of as stupid? I know life up north is very different but I think I will prefer it. So what do you think, will a Bristolian fit in in Sunderland?

A: Just don't start supporting Sunderland FC. That would make you a social outcast !

Was it a mistake for Arsenal to loan Bendtner to Sunderland? by Q: Do you think it was a good decision on the part of Arsene Wenger to loan Bendtner to Sunderland? Considering that by doing so it meant he would not return to Arsenal. Or do you think he isn't an important enough of a player to matter? I only ask this because of his stunning recent form for his international team Denmark.

A: Yes, for me benthner is better than chamakh, he scored crucial goals for us sometimes. Wenger should have loaned out chamakh

Why does Bruce always blame the Sunderland fans for his recent blows? by Q: Whenever he's on the verge of getting the sack, he always blames the Sunderland fans for having a somewhat obsession with Newcastle... I'd rather be obsessed with something more disgusting thank you very much. However, I think he's trying to cover up the fact that he's a sh!t manager who can't even put 2 + 2 together never mind tactics. FQ: Sunderland v Wigan score? OQ: The best way to cure a hangover before 3 o'clock?

A: still trying to get rid of him ?? i guess you have to try harder

Where can i watch Tottenham v Sunderland Live Streaming football match? by Q: Tottenham v Sunderland Live? Tottenham v Sunderland Live streaming? Tottenham v Sunderland Live online? Tottenham v Sunderland Live 7-11-09 ?

A: Tottenham v Sunderland Live http://onlinesportsstream.blogspot.com/2009/11/watch-tottenham-vs-sunderland-live.html http://onlinesportsstream.blogspot.com/2009/11/watch-tottenham-vs-sunderland-live.html

What score will the Arsenal hammer Sunderland by 2moro.? by gunnerandy28 Q: Will it be 4, 5 or maybe even 8. And how many times will the gunners just waltz around the mackems and walk the ball into the net. It's not that I think Sunderland are rubbish it's just that Arsenal are ready to hammer somebody and 2moro could be it.

A: 9-0

Is there a good cigar shop in sunderland? by tychonde Q: Hey people Im looking fora good cigar shop but i fail to find one in Sunderland unless anyone knows of any tucked away somewhere? Also, any good tips on a first buy? Cheers people

A: Don't know, I'm from Boro. Advice would be that if you don't know anything about cigars and you are going to a specialist tobacconist then I would take their advice. However, I would suggest looking for something mild and not too big. Also, if the cigar is expensive then ask them about lighting it as if you do it incorrectly then it can ruin the cigar.

What time is the last metro from central station (newcastle) to south hylton (Sunderland)? by Q: What time is the last metro from central station (Newcastle) to south hylton (Sunderland) but I actually want to get off at Sunderland....

A: 11.05pm

What restaurant can I go to in Sunderland? by RioB Q: I'm having trouble finding a restaurant in Sunderland or nearby. The main problem is they arent open on Sundays. Does anyone have any ideas besides Lucianos? I'd prefer an Italian if any one can help.

A: Heres a few: Naz Indian Restaurant - www.nazrestaurant.co.uk - +44 191 510 2060 - 1 review B.Amore - maps.google.com - +44 191 565 0077 - 1 review C.The Olive Garden - www.olivegarden.com - +44 191 510 9444 - more D.Panda Oriental Buffet - maps.google.com - +44 191 565 3462 - more E.Motiraj Tandoori Restaurant - maps.google.com - +44 191 565 6916 - more F.Frankie & Benny's - maps.google.com - +44 191 514 7369 - 1 review G.Marcello's - www.marcellosristorante.co.uk - +44 191 567 1032 - more H.Domino's Sunderland - www.dominos.co.uk - +44 191 510 3388 - more I.Thai Manor - maps.google.com - +44 191 567 6297 - more J.The Theatre Restaurant - www.thetheatrerestaurant.com - +44 191 565 3580

What time is the Sunderland vs Chelsea game on in Perth Australia? by Q: I'm not a Chelsea nor Sunderland fan i just want to see how Torres performs. Can someone let me know when the game is on for Perth.

A: im in perth it will be on 3:45am here

Bent leaves sunderland for villa,as they are a bigger club.How does he work that out? by scrpioeyes Q: what did villa last win? do they have bigger gates etc? so how can anyone say they are a bigger club than sunderland? he left for money but hasnt got the balls to admit it.

A: Darren Bent left because whiile shopping in Sunderland, he and his wife were threatened by some hooligans. He hasn't been the same man since. We should respect his decision Banz- I found this one - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wear-11801352

How far is it from Newcastle to Sunderland? by Emma K Q: How far is it between newcastle and sunerland, and how much would a taxi be between the two? I'm staying at my friends in sunderland but want to go for a night out in newcastle.

A: about 30 mins 40 tops

Where can i watch Liverpool vs Sunderland live on the internet? by derderder Q: does anyone know where i can watch Liverpool vs Sunderland live on the internet tonight??? i really need this. thank you so much!

A: www.live-footy.org

How in the world did Sunderland beat the great Arsenal? by Chivista Rudy #11 R*B Q: I heard sunderland is a weak team so what happened? I mean Master Vela was playing so Arsenal should of won like 10-0. Its just that his teammates didnt pass it to vela. So what are thoughts? BQ- Who does arsenal play next and when? At what minute did Carlos Vela start playing or was he a starter?

A: Sunderland are a good side and defended very well...with 10 men! BQ: Carlos came on as a sub around 70th minute. Arsenal play Chelsea in the PL

What players do you think would help improve sunderland? by Hodson Q: Sunderland have a decent team, thats good enought to stay in the prem but which players do you think will help sunderland take it t the next level?

A: Sunderland probably need a decent striker to deputise for Kenwyne Jones who is likely to be out until around Christmas. James Beattie, Darren Bent or Carlton Cole may be realistic targets, I think there's a bit of money to spend. I also heard that Diego Forlan is a potential target- I can't see it myself but he was at Man U when Roy Keane was there, so who knows?!

What are your predictions for the Newcastle Vs Sunderland match on Sunday? by u1bd66 Q: I was just wondering what your predictions for the Newcastle Vs Sunderland match on Sunday were, me and my sister have different views. Obviously I'm right and she's wrong. But anyway, what do you think the score will be and who too?

A: With 50,000 of us supporting we will have that adavatage (Newcastle) aswell as our players having the better quality to be honest sunderlands best player is not alot better than newcastles worst player (in the first team) never-the-less its still a derby and anything can happen 3-1 to newcastle

Are Sunderland about to bend Celtic over and ruin our chances for 4 in a row? by OhGodAye!! CelticFC:08 Q: Why is it when a player is rumored to join Celtic, the next day, like magic, Sunderland are also rumored... this is true with: Stephen Ireland, Richard Dunne, Shaun Maloney, James McFadden, Damien Duff, Carlton Cole, George Boateng & most recently Darren Bent, the player I want the most. They also want to sign the one and only Aiden McGeady. Next it will be Roman Pavlyuchenko you watch.

A: No they will not sign any of those players.....they think they will but when they lose out to a bigger club they go and buy championship players for huge ammounts of money.......

Sunderland? by stufrazer_1 Q: Which striker did Saint Johnston sell to Sunderland for £400,000 in 1982?

A: Ally McCoist and he was a big flop!

sunderland?? by Rachel c Q: what would u rate sunderland skill on itself n who is the best sunderland player?

A: 5 out of 10 Roy Keane...lol...

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