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Strikeforce heavyweight tournament

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Why doesn't the UFC ever put on Grand Prix Tournaments? by Kratos The Enforcer Q: Just curious I mean a few other MMA leagues do it and it's always a fresh wayt to get a new champion and the only tournament action we really see from them is TUF which while exciting is about up and coming fighters not seasoned veterans who are getting a title shot and putting the full range of their skills to the test, is it because of the State Athletic commission or something ? I just think you could get some awesome fights out of it, like in the old Pride FC glory days , Also yes I did get this idea because of the Strikeforce/M1 Heavyweight Grand Prix coming up but I'm just a curious fight fan not a troll Yeah but most Grand Prix Tournaments would space it out a little to give the fighter enough time to recouperate and prepare for the next round by placing 2 or 3 non tournament events or a different tournament weight class event in between them , the way grand prix's work is by having the tournament contestants headline the event all the while still having undercard fights, I never said have an 8 man tournament in one night

A: i think an eight man tournament within 6 months would be awesome but the thing is alot of the top HW's fight at different time of the year so we fans would have to wait for all of them to be healthy and then do it but to be honest the ufc will never do this

MMA Strikeforce 31 live...? by Simon Bartholomé Q: is there a website where you can watch this event on feb 12 th. i wanna see the both heavyweight bouts of their tournament. costs or no costs doesnt matter. give me every link you think of could work. i live in germany so this is gonna be tough to see live. besides is there a site where you can watch the UFC events also?

A: Should be on KO vids

Strikeforce/UFC Grand Prix? by Curtis Q: Wuz up world! I go by MMAluv305, I've been a fan of mma since the early 2000's. I recently came up with the ideal of a Strikeforce/UFC Grand Prix after Zuffa purchased the rights to Strikeforce.The tournament would be a year long thing, the dates would go as follows 1/7/??, 4/28/??, 9/18/??, 12.29/??. The winner of the tournament will fight current UFC champ Cain Velasquez for the undisputed world heavyweight title. If I could make the matches this is how it will go. Bracket 1-Shane del Rosario/Brendan Schaub, Bracket 2-Mike Kyle/Cheick Kongo. Bracket 3- Fabricio Werdum/Roy Nelson. Bracket 4-Frank Mir/Antonio Silva. Bracket 5- Daniel Cormier/Gabriel Gonzaga. Bracket 6- Josh Barnett/Antonio R. Nogueria. Bracket 7- Sergi Kharitonov/Shane Carwin. Bracket 8- Junior dos Santos/ Alistair Overeem. And a added bonus Lavar Johnson/Matt Mitrione plus Chad Griggs/Pat Berry. And for all my sports fans I also came up with a NBA/NCAA type tounament. Class 1 Junior dos Santos/Daniel Cormier Josh Barnett/Antonio R. Nogueria Frank Mir/Mike Kyle Fabricio Werdum/Gabriel Gonzaga Class 2 Alistair Overeem/Brendan Schaub Roy Nelson/Sergi Kharitonov Cheick Kongo/Antonio Silva Shane Carwin/Shane del Rosario I understand that this Grand Prix will probably never take place but call it wishful thinking from a true MMA fan, If anybody else comes up with any Heavyweight match ups, write them as a answer. I would love to see what people come up with. At a later time I will be putting together a grand prix for every weight class.If any one would like to see what i come up with just reply can let me know.

A: that would be nice in a perfect world... i would sure feel bad for griggs though...

strikeforce hw grand prix...!? by Simon Bartholomé Q: wow, i heard that there will be this tournament in the heavyweight division of strikeforce. i look forward!! Quarterfinals (february and april): Fedor vs. Antonio Silva Andrei Arlovski vs. Kharitonov Werdum vs. Overeem II Brett Rogers vs. Josh Barnett Especially Werdum vs Alistair will be very interesting. what amazing match ups! what are your predictions? do you know how the semifional looks, so winner of a match against winner of which match...? any other feedback!?

A: Semifinals: The winner of Fedor - Silva VSthe winner of Overeem - Wedum The winner of Kharitonov - Arlovski VS the winner of Barnett - Rogers As for the final,my predicton is Fedor vs Kharitonov.

Who goin to win. Strikeforce HW tourney ? by AM A MONSTER Q: What your thoughts on strikeforce 8 man tourment. Who goin to win. I have p http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Strikeforce-Heavyweight-Tournament-Officially-Set-with-4-Bouts-29180 Sherdog.com was informed Tuesday by sources close to the tournament that Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Silva, Josh Barnett, Fabricio Werdum, Sergei Kharitonov, Andrei Arlovski, Brett Rogers and Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem will compete in the upcoming tournament. That lineup was later confirmed by a press release from Strikeforce.

A: I'm rooting for Fedor.

What are your thoughts on The Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament? by They just can't stop the Sofa King Q: I super pumped for this!! A lot of question will finally be answered and I JUST CAN'T WAIT! And what timing too, with most of the UFC's heavy weight on the side line SF could not of picked a better time to show off their top names. Most of the eight fighters have already fought each other so it could give a good out look on how its going to go... This is how i see it going First Match Andrei Arlovski vs. Sergei Kharitonov I think Sergei is one of, if not the most underrated heavy weight in MMA. He holds a decisive KO win over Overeem and another UD win over Werdum, he been around since the Pride days and has K-1 level striking. Andrei is not the same fighter he was, he has something of a punchers chances but this one IMO is all Sergei Sergei via TKO or KO Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Silva I can't wait to see Fedor back in action. Silva is a good heavy weight but he might be out of his class. This fight could go anyway but I have to just give it to Fedor Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum Overrem is just too big too strong and too all over good for Werdum. But as time has shown anything can happen with Werdum he could end up tapping Overeem again. I think if Overeem comes in to this fighting his fight ( like JDS did ) he should take the KO . Overeem via KO Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers Josh should come in the favor but he's to up in the air to say...he did KO Pedor but then the whole roids things comes in to play...Brett could get the KO but my money is on Josh..over all both are overrated IMO Josh via UD Second Match Alistair Overeem vs. Sergei Kharitonov (I think they might set it up like this just to hype Fedor/Overeem up) Now this fight is going to be very interesting considering the fact that both fighters hold wins over each other. Both men have heavy everything and can put or be put to sleep. Overeem has been set up to be almost unstoppable but if you look at the K-1 Grand Prix, Spong and Saki both gave him a run for his money. Which shows to me that if you put a top level SMART and BIG striker in front of him his old glass jaw might find its self back on the ground...but then again this is Overrem we are talking about..this man could put down a black bear. But i have to go with the upset, with Sergei winning via UD or KO Sergei via UD or KO Fedor Emelianenko vs Josh Barnett Ahh and some how we find our selves back to August of 09, hopefully Josh will come in clean for this fight but either way I simply don't see him getting past Fedor... Fedor via UD or Sub Third and Final Match Fedor Emelianenko vs. Sergei Kharitonov My money is on Sergei for the upset win over Fedor...how?...I do not know.....but I just got a feeling ; ) So what are your over all thoughts on the whole thing? You agree of disagree with my picks? How do you see it going?

A: Reminds me of the old days when UFC was ran tournament style. Unfortunately, I'm not as educated on strikeforce's fighters as I am the UFC's. I know a few of your picks, and I'd be inclined to agree with who I know. I think Verdum got very lucky with that triangle. The man was cut from the UFC for losing too many fights. So I don't know honestly.

Who's going to win the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament? by Q:

A: I would put money on Overeem,but don't count Fedor out. Actually my hope is Werdum upsets Overeem (again) so Fedor can get his rematch there, and by winning the grand prix Fedor would fight Overeem for the belt.

What are your thoughts on the Strikeforce: Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament? by They just can't stop the Sofa King Q: and how do you see it going?

A: Fucking sweet!!!! its about time we see some great HW matchups! haven't seen a good one in a couple years...

Will Strikeforce heavyweight tournament have both 3 and 5 round bouts? by TheHonorableReese Q: Since champion Alistair Overeem is fighting in the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament, all of his fights are supposed to be 5 rounds because he holds the championship belt. However, CEO Scott Coker was talking about potentially making all contestants' bouts 5 rounds to be "fair" to Overeem. None of the fights last night went 5 rounds, so I'm assuming it's not going to be exactly how he says it will. Furthermore, is Overeem still fighting 5 rounds in each fight, or is he now only going to fight 3 to match everyone else? I can't find any sources that give this info.

A: The fights from Overeem's onwards will be five rounds.

who will win the strikeforce heavyweight tournament? by Q: Werdum? Overeem? Bigfoot?

A: Overeem will in my opinion. But sergei kharitonov is a dark horse in this tournament. But he is capable of knocking out any man with his boxing. And he has beating overeem before. So I wouldn't count him out either. But overeem is very improved since then. But wouldn't be surprised if any of the remaining fighters would win it.

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