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Strawberry festival

Strawberry Festival: One of the sweetest times of year
At the Florida Strawberry Festival, where Doris Roderick (left) and Barbara Bailey served up shortcake last year, you're sure to sample many sweet treats inspired by the namesake berry. Concerts info: Reserved seats $10 to $50, depending on the artist ...

On your radar: Strawberries take the stage, Curtis Hixon Park gets rocked ...
By Michelle Stark, Times Staff Writer Florida Strawberry Festival: Plant City kicks off its annual festival, with sweet berry concoctions and an even sweeter music lineup. Today see the Oak Ridge Boys at 3:30 pm and Gretchen Wilson at 7:30 pm (both ...

Central Florida Fair, Strawberry Festival Open
For those looking for another annual Central Florida event, a trip to Plant City might be in store. The Florida Strawberry Festival also opens on Thursday. The event will feature concerts each night and the festival's famous strawberry shortcakes.

Plans underway for 2012 Strawberry Festival
It's never too early to talk about the annual Strawberry Festival and such was the case at Wednesday morning's Crawfordsville Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. Mike Barton, representing the Strawberry Festival Committee, came before the board ...

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EllieC10 RT @TravelerFoodie: #Orlando #Food #Florida_Strawberry_Festival: All hail the state’s sweet harvest http://t.co/AB2uKdIP via @orlandosentinel

DeLovatics RT @sharishort11: Demi Rehearsal Begins! Yay! Can't wait for Strawberry Festival! http://t.co/jHPZmcsy

Vidajky48 Strawberry Festival: One of the sweetest times of year | Daily News … http://t.co/iatlqtGb

struckdmillicen RT @dpatel32: Soo happy Ur comin to PLANT CITY FOR THE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL YOULL LOVE IT

dycuslanjanette RT @DeeMariieee: @aissaann me either :o Im going to the strawberry festival with @ReyLeee so hopefully Ill see you and everyone else :

frasherqtsandra RT @LivingDems: RT @sharishort11: Demi Rehearsal Begins Yay Cant wait for Strawberry Festival http:tcojHPZmcsy

ReyLeee RT @DeeMariieee: @aissa_ann me either ! .. :o I'm going to the strawberry festival with @ReyLeee so hopefully I'll see you and everyone else :)

foutsesjoyce RT @MarthaPatton: Owego Strawberry Festival Invites You http:tcoO6QAEmvc

Lylazaimo RT @MarthaPatton: Owego Strawberry Festival Invites You http:tcoO6QAEmvc

DeeMariieee @aissa_ann me either ! .. :o I'm going to the strawberry festival with @ReyLeee so hopefully I'll see you and everyone else :)

kathrinerhuterr RT @aprilknight: RT @sharishort11: Demi Rehearsal Begins Yay Cant wait for Strawberry Festival http:tcojHPZmcsy

kristennCx3 Off to the strawberry festival with my hubby 😍🍓

dudley_joe Can't till the strawberry festival!!

LivingDems RT @sharishort11: Demi Rehearsal Begins! Yay! Can't wait for Strawberry Festival! http://t.co/jHPZmcsy



what kind of fair or festival is happening in your area this summer? by karen h Q: for example avocado festival, strawberry festival, state fair etc. Please include your location also.

A: Alberta, Canada. Today .. a Canada Day celebration. A huge party at the local park .. bands playing, face-painting for the kids, free BBQ, world's biggest Slip & Slide etc .. it's gonna be fun!! :) Next weekend ... Riverboat Daze. A parade, sandcastle championships, duck derby, fishing derby, crash derby, open-air dance, beer gardens w/a band, fair and a Show & Shine (antique cars).

Is there another fair or festival soon? (florida)? by =D H Q: I am aware of the strawberry festival and was wondering if there was anything else like a fair. I am hoping there is something near Zephyrhills / Dade city, Florida. It HAS to be a fair or festival(with rides.) Thanks for your help Ex: County fair, state fair, Strawberry festival.

A: Visit tripadvisor.com a free site do a search for that city or one nearby, the forum there will allow you to ask real people that have been there done that. Old Towne in Kissimmee has fair style rides.

Have a good phrase for a festival t-shirt??? by H M Q: I am assigned to design a shirt for a strawberry festival my school puts together and there are t-shirts every year. I have been assigned to enter a contest for a cool t-shirt design, but i want to build the design around a catchy phrase. The one before was "I've been berried at the strawberry festival" and i think i want to change it, but i'm at a loss. Do you have any ideas! Thanks!

A: America Elects its First Red Berry! Strawberry Traffic Jam. Boy, is My Face Red! A Tisket, a Tasket, Here's Your 6-quart Basket. Squish All the Rest; Strawberries are the Best. Abandon a Fig; Adopt a Strawberry.

Does anyone have a list of the preformers at the Strawberry Fields festival in Canada's Mosport racewy in 1970 by NY METZ Q: I was there but can't recall all the musicians. I know Jethro Tull, Mountain, Jose Feliciano, Alice Cooper, Procol Harem, Melaine, Delaney and Bonnie, Sly and the Family Stone, Ten Years After and Grand Funk Railroad. The festival was in Aug of 1970 at Mosport Raceway outside of Toronto. If anyone has pictures that would be great!! I was 18 and didn't think to take any. THANKS!!

A: This is the best that I could find: Canada's giant AlterNation Rock Festival, which is taking place during the three days of this weekend, has moved its site at the last moment to Toronto's Mosport Park. It had originally been planned to stage it on the 1 1/2-mile-wide beach at Moncton in New Brunswick. Among artists taking part are Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Delaney and Bonnie, Eric Burdon & War, Sly & the Family Stone, Procol Harum, Leonard Cohen and Melanie... Some more info at: http://tcfraser.home.mindspring.com/music.htm

WHOOOO!!! Who went to see taylor swift at the strawberry festival!!!!? by galletas Q: omg wasn't she amazing!!! and all her lil photos!! i was a happy happy child!!! hmm... maybe the question is who went to see taylor swift at the strawberry festival

A: Unfortunately I was working that night, but I hear from coworkers it was amazing.

Plant City Strawberry Festival;Purses!? by Q: There Was This Little Shop Area With A Whole Bunch Of Bags And Purses That You Can Get Your Name Sewed Into, They Were Quilt Like. I Was Just Wondering Like What Was It Called, Like Is There A Store In The Area You Can Go To To Get Those Bags?

When do the strawberry festivals take place and where could I find it? by Spacious Q: Strawberry festival florida

A: plant city is 15 miles east of tampa and is the home of the annual florida strawberry festival usually held in march. http://www.flstrawberryfestival.com/

Strawberry Festival, Florida? by Dear Morgan, Count Me In. Q: What are the fairgrounds called, in Plant City? I know where it is, I just don't know what the venue or whatever is, ya know? :D

A: http://www.flstrawberryfestival.com/ check out this site...

When do the strawberry festivals start and where could I find it? by Spacious Q:

A: This site lists several strawberry festivals. You could look for the nearest ones to you and then enquire locally or look online for dates: http://www.jamm.com/strawberry/festivals.html

do you go to the strawberry festival? by emo gurl looking for her emo boy Q: what is the peach festival by any chance is it in gorgea who actualy knows what it is no louisiana

A: No, but I went to peach festival last year! =] Sorry, no, not is georgia. Mine was in Ontario, Canada

When is the Strawberry Festival this year? by bearsxlii Q: In Lebanon, OR....

A: PLAN FAST MY FRIEND!!! May 31-June 3 more info http://www.ohwy.com/or/s/strawfes.htm http://www.lebanon-chamber.org/

Travel 2.5 hours to get to Watsonville Strawberry Festival .. worth the drive? by chibearssuperfan Q: Very interested in attending but want to make sure there is enough activities to make it worth a 2.5 hour drive to get there. I see they have a carnival and some contests. Are there craft, music, etc?

A: Yeah it's worth the drive, you should go! It's better than sitting at home anyway. If you have the spare change, use it towards something fun.

What type of festival does your state have? by Princess of a King Q: In Florida, we have the Strawberry Festival.

A: In my town we have Harrison Rally Days, every thursday in the summer Farmers Market, Fulton County Fair, Strawberry Festival, Wood county Fair, Lucas County fair (there are 88 county fairs each year, these are the ones I actually go to), and this one festival thing that I cant remember what its called!

Does anyone know when the strawberry festival in Chadburn North Carolina is? by aero0345 Q:

A: http://www.ncstrawberryfestival.com/

At a strawberry festival, they are having a carnival. What can I expect to see at this "carnival"? by Deerylou Q: ?

A: strawberry- related?

Is the Strawberry Festival from Friday 5/22 to Monday 5/25? or From The 25th- 28th?? At Garden Grove? by eMyBaBy!! Q: Im kinda confused. Help me out please. :)

A: It's from Friday, May 22 to Monday, May 25. (: It's always Memorial Day weekend. ...And the parade is at 9am on Saturday morning, just in case you were wondering.

Strawberry festival in Galt, CA? by ♥Lanaz Mamma♥ Q: my and my sister were thinking about going to the strawberry festival tomorrow in galt but need some information on it how much does it cost to get in?

A: $5 a day

WILL BILLY RAY CYRUS have his daughter with him at THE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL in FLA.?? by themojoman_dj Q: We have a STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL in PLANT CITY,FLA(near TAMPA 15miles) every year. 10-15 days long. BIG NAME ENTERTAINERS "EVERYNITE" will he hav e HANNAH with him??

A: Probably, at the end of January Hannah will be down there finishing up her tour.

what are the dates for the Annual Strawberry Festival in Ventura, California? by KoolMama Q:

A: May 20-21, 2006

Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL? by tyller the great Q: I got Taylor Swift concert tickets for the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL for March 1. I am sitting in section 5C and I don't know where that is so if anyone knows, or could find out, that would be great!

A: 2009 Strawberry Festival Florida http://web-pedia.blogspot.com/2008/12/strawberry-festival-florida-2009.html 2009 Strawberry Festival Florida http://web-pedia.blogspot.com/2008/12/strawberry-festival-florida-2009.html

does anybody know how ride tickets cost at the strawberry festival in Plant City, FL? by (:kp&hearts:) Q:

A: Here is a good website. Looks like you can ride all day for $17. They have a couple of specials. Check it out: http://www.flstrawberryfestival.com/midway.html

Florida Strawberry Festival Parade Lineup? by Jessica Q: Does anyone know where I can get a list of the people that was in the Florida Strawberry Festival Parade?

A: http://www.flstrawberryfestival.com/contests.asp

anyone go to the strawberry festival in oxnard yesterday? by bluwvrdr Q: it is worth the crowd/traffic/money? what shall i eat besides strawberry tamales? my boy is two..anything fun for him?

A: it is packed, i was going to go till i saw the thousands of people in line. its far far from quaint all i wanted was the strawberry beer wait till next weekend and come to the Cajin Festivel in Simi Valley

when is the strawberry festival? by t Q: when is the ponchatula fair

A: April 11-13th... http://www.lastrawberryfestival.com/

Florida Strawberry Festival concerts? by amylynn0002 Q: I got tickets to a concert at the Strawberry Festival but there is no seating chart so i don't know if they are good! haha. Does anyone that has been know where section 5A is?! Please and thank you!!

strawberry festival lebanon oregon? by theguyversh Q: if anyone lives in lebanon oregon, do you know how much the unlimited tickets for the strawberry festival carnival are? i already saw the lebanonstrawberryfestival.com website, they don't have the price for the unlimited wrist band thing.

A: Here is the link for this years festival. The different prices for the carnival are on there too. http://www.lebanonstrawberryfestival.com/

When does the strawberry festival begin/end? by Mickey M Q:

A: What does it have anything to do with Car & Transportation???

Anybody going to the California Strawberry Festival in Oxnard this weekend? by 2 LONGHORNS FAN Q: http://www.strawberry-fest.org/ Obviousman....No, I'm just curious.

A: No

Why did the Iroquois have the strawberry festival? by Q:

A: it is the first of the berries to appear in spring and we give thanks for its return.we know that all the other berries will also ripen in turn. the wild strawberry is symbolic of life and health. its considered by us to be a medicine plant.

is the strawberry festival in cambridge worth going to?or pinkpop in limburg? by Arika W Q: ..actually any suggestion for 2 18 yr olds going to the netherlands and englands? shopping?dining?partying? thanks :]

A: I was going to say that if you were somewhere in the US and had to travel a long time to get there, then no. But since it's in another country and we're not used to that or the way they do things, I think it would be fun. From my own experience, the way they do things in other countries tends to be a lot more interesting. There are a lot of times of just either laughing at yourself or other people for messing up what is supposed to be easy. Get drunk and it will be even more fun.

what color are the bracelets the second day of the strawberry festival? by Q:

A: strawberry festival??? then again your pic is of beiber..... wtf?

How much is it to get in the strawberry festival? by Q:

Any one get sick after attending the Strawberry Festival in Stouffville thus weekend? by amanda m Q:

A: no, but eating too much of anything is sure to make you sick.

Has anyone ever been to the florida Strawberry Festival? by amylynn0002 Q: If so, did you attend a concert because I am trying to find out if section 5A is good or close to the center at all! haha. Thanks!!

A: I've been and I would say seating isn't an issue. It's a small venue, so all the seats are pretty good. Great place to see a concert!

Strawberry Festival 2008? by Sexxssay? Q: what are the dates on the strawberry festival and where would it be held??? anyone LOVE going and what is the best about it...please give me ALL details of your experiences.

A: The 25Th Annual Pungo Strawberry Festival will be May 24Th & 25th 1776 Princess Anne Rd Virginia Beach Va. 1-757-721-6001 It is a lot of fun my favorite thing besides stawberry pies is the pig racing. I may go this year it is right near my sisters place in Va. Beach. www.pungostrawberryfestival.info Hope to see you there!

Why does Florida have a Strawberry festival instead of an Orange Festival? by Cuddly Lez Q: Oranges are the state fruit. Where does Strawberries get popular in the Sunshine state?

A: Well, you see, florida has the strawberry festival because its one of those states that can grow strawberries good, and other states like Louisiana and Tennessee have strawberry festivals to. The reason Florida doesn't have they orange festival is because the Florida state fair has a lot of oranges in it anyways. "sigh" look at the link

Who is playing in the 2012 strawberry festival? by Q: Who is playing in the concerts & on what days?

A: Schedule isn't up yet and the lineup isn't complete. Here's a partial list: Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas Robert Earl Keen Imelda May Trampled by Turtles Ruthie Foster 18 South The California Honeydrops Yarn Fishtank Ensemble I See Hawks In LA Angel Snow Brown Bird Wheeler Brothers Sarah and the Tall Boys

does anyone know how to make the strawberry smoothies from the strawberry festival? PLEASE HELP!? by dirtbiker1331 Q: strawberry smoothies from the strawberry festival?

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how do you get tickets to the florida strawberry festival w/taylor swift? by daystararabian Q: do u have to buy them there? my dad said I could go ,but I cant find tickets anywhere!

A: at the site linked by the last comment but the first day they went on sale was today

what year did the strawberry festival start in? by Q:

A: It depends which strawberry festival you mean. There are dozens in the UK alone.

do you have a strawberry festival in your state? by Q: i have a strawberry festival and the florida state fair............. its all good baby!

A: Nope...I wish we did,that would be awesome! Here in Louisiana, we have: Rice Festival(this is my favorite out of all of them.) Duck Festival Frog Festival the fair and a ton of other festivals I don't go to...lol I think they make all these festivals so people have an excuse to get wasted...lol

Whats good food to eat before going to strawberry festival? by Q: I don't wanna get sick and barf so thanks :)

A: just water

when will the strawberry festival in greenwich village nyc be this year? by servingseniorcitizens Q: i think its usually mid-june- does any one know the dates its scheduled for in 2008? does it cost money to go?

A: I believe the dates this year are June 18th and 19th.

i am going to the strawberry festival in florida...i would really like to know what to expect? by sweetpea Q: ok so i will be taking a trip to florida in 2 weeks and while we are down there something called the strawberry festival will be going on. i have looked on the website but i couldn't really find out much other than bands that are playing and something about a pageant or something. i really just want to know what the strawberry festival is all about. anyone who has been have any info to offer??? thank you!!!

A: its about getting drunk on Strawberry Daiquiris

Do i need to order tickets to the FL strawberry festival? by Q: do i need to order them, or can i get them when i get there?? I know that concerts and the midway are additional, but to i have to order admission tickets? i'm planning on going tomorrow.

A: yes, you do.

I need to know the exact directions for the Strawberry Festival in garden grove! Can someone help me please!? by why? Q: i need every detail of the derection. Where to find the Strawberry Festival in Garden grove?

A: The Strawberry Festival is held May 25-28, 2007 on the "Village Green" in Garden Grove. It is at the intersection of Euclid Street and Main Street. Euclid has on/off ramps on both the I-5 & Ca-22, but the Ca-22 is closer. Hours are: Sat-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm, Mon 10:00am-8:30Pm. Enjoy the festival.

What is the entrance price of the Florida strawberry festival? How much do the armbands for riding rides cost? by Sylvana Q: how much does it cost to get into the festival and how much does an armband for riding rides cost?

A: adults are $10-$15 entrance. not sure about armbands. $20 maybe.

Help with catchy Phrase for strawberry festival? by H M Q: I am assigned to design a shirt for a strawberry festival my school puts together and there are t-shirts every year. I have been assigned to enter a contest for a cool t-shirt design, but i want to build the design around a catchy phrase. The one before was "I've been berried at the strawberry festival" and i think i want to change it, but i'm at a loss. Do you have any ideas! Thanks a bundle!

A: Take a line from Scarborough Fair. Replace the words "Scarborough Fair" with the words Strawberry Fest.

Do you have to buy concert tickets for the FL strawberry festival? by Q: Do you have to buy concert tickets for the FL strawberry festival, or can you just go for the rides instead? Also, does anyone know how much the admission fee is at the gate? Thanks!

A: You can buy FL strawberry festival tickets online at TicketFront.com .They have best seats at the most reasonable price.

Strawberry Festival? by ridder Q: Is anyone else going to Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg Wisconsin this weekend? I AM!

A: Crazy... I am from Grafton. Unfortunately, I don't live there anymore, and won't make it to Strawberry Fest. Have fun, though, and get something from the Cream and Crepe. And if you are a morning person, DEFINITELY go for breakfast... they have strawberry pancakes.

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