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Storm Tracker Weather Update - December 9
Your LEX 18 Storm Tracker Forecast: We are in for a cold night and a cold weekend...but the sun will be shining! Tonight we're looking at lows to drop to about 20 under a mostly clear sky. There is the outside chance of a flurry as well. ...

Sunday Morning Storm Tracker Update - Clear/Cold
Beautiful start this morning, Full Moon is setting and it's bitterly cold. Temps have fallen down into the teen/20's...Slightly warmer today then yesterday, sunny w/ high reaching U30's/L40's. Monday 25/48, Tuesday 36/50, Clouds/Rain return with our ...

Storm Tracker Weather Update - December 8
Your LEX 18 Storm Tracker Forecast: We have another cold night tonight on tap with mostly clear skies and lows dipping into the mid 20s. Tomorrow, highs will only make it into the upper 30s, with partly cloudy skies and the chance of a stray flurry. ...

Warming Trend On The Horizon
Your LEX 18 Storm Tracker Forecast: Clouds will increase as we work through the afternoon hours, but temperatures will be above average getting into the upper 40s for the high. Tonight we're in for a partly-mostly cloudy night with lows staying in the ...

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drivngmecrazee @StormTracker31 I still say there is gonna be a "storm" monday into Tuesday Don't know but miss storm tracker #2 says trust your gut....

Maurice_Bear The Yuma/Tori Tracker: Day 66 "Yuma: "Now what, do we storm in Corde?" Corde: "We gotta wait to see from Stone himself first?"

nwoweather RT @JedCastles: #News9 Storm Tracker Mary Logan reporting a low of 17.4 F NW of Woodward! OKC dropped to 29 degrees this AM. #okwx

asullivan85 RT @JedCastles: #News9 Storm Tracker Mary Logan reporting a low of 17.4 F NW of Woodward! OKC dropped to 29 degrees this AM. #okwx

JedCastles #News9 Storm Tracker Mary Logan reporting a low of 17.4 F NW of Woodward! OKC dropped to 29 degrees this AM. #okwx

JaayKerr @SassyAm82 this is ridiculous !!! It's all over the news!! It's an inch of rain people!! Storm tracker 7000 will be going strong tomorrow

SassyAm82 @JaayKerr lmao storm tracker 7000

shorsley Dear Isle of Wight storm tracker, I'm more interested in the Solent, than Germany, so if you'd kindly show that, thanks.

CoCoaQueeNBeauT What the hell does this weather lady on Storm Tracker on CBS have on? She look like a black Snow White on crack...

Billmccul1926 KTRE storm tracker

Thunder102 Storm Tracker Note: CACHE Food Pantry that originally scheduled for Friday 11/4 has been rescheduled for Tuesday 11/15 at the same time.

SamwiseV Last ride before inc storm rende... #Mountain Biking 6.7 km in 00:27:32, 148bpm: http://t.co/P5PiciE5 tracked with #sportstracker

peterson2323 @samargier ok storm tracker just clicked! I am slow to get. Great. :-)

KLFY Here's a look at Live Doppler 10 Storm Tracker Radar. http://t.co/wI7L7NyT

SRyanBoB Mang boleh pake helmet ky gt?besok pk dart vader ah :)) RT @kickasschoppers: Storm trooper helmet with flat tracker bike? You bet!


Does anybody know were there is a site were you can watch storm trackers? by btsvllb Q: A web site that is for wacthing not where you see a weather map i know that i would like to wath the storms closer

A: http://hurricane.terrapin.com/ http://www.stormtracker.noaa.gov/

What do magnetic fields have to do with tornadoes? by Kirby Q: I watched this show where this professional storm tracker tested a tornado's magnetic field. Why did he do that I though tornadoes only had to do with air pressure?

A: The magnetic field sort of pushes the tornado to all directions, north, west, east, and south. The magnetic field will also keep the tornado from falling apart at all.

Ideas for homecoming decorations..our theme is Tiger Storm Trackers: PAWSE THE HURRICANES? by Angela Q: Each class has to decorate a section on the fence at the football field and a section in the gym for the pep rally...any ideas?

Tracker on the Blackberry Storm? by Nick Q: Does anybody know if the Blackberry Storm have a tracking thingy like the iPhone does?

Why is "Global Storm Tracker" broken? Hurricane Alex shows up in Asia.? by ricsterzilla Q: here's the link: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/files/specials/interactives/hurricanetracker07/trackerindex.html?SITE=YAHOO&SECTION=SPECIAL

A: I just checked the link and yes the "Global Storm Tracker" is totally wrong. It has Hurricane Alex over near India & Myanmar and nothing in the Gulf of Mexico. That is obviously wrong so ignore it. Just try another website. I found WeatherWunderground to be very good as well as the National Weather Service

Is there anyway i can access "shot tracker" using my blackberry storm? by Patrick Q:

A: no, not compatible

Where can I find a video of "John-John Mackey Storm Tracker Accu-Cast" from Saturday Night Live? by Kevin Q:

A: NBC is very careful what they do and don't put online, unfortunately. But the episode with that sketch was on December 16, 1995 with host Madeline Khan. Here's a transcript: http://snltranscripts.jt.org/95/95imackey.phtml

where can i download movie ''Storm Tracker'' for free? ? by markob_rock Q: movie Storm Tracker with Luke Perry is about secret guoverment project where they control the huricane...thanks

A: markob rob, watch-movies.net. That is the coolest website you will ever see and you will never be bored again. I live on there. No downloading, no spam, no membership. All the movies you want...completely free. Also: www.hulu.com www.tv-links.cc www.dailymotion.com www.flickpeek.com www.quicksilverscreen.com www.movieforumz.com www.episodenetwork.com www.showstash.com www.ssupload.com www.free-tv-video-online.info/internet... www.movies.nabolister.com www.alluc.org www.tubezoom.com www.bangvideobang.com www.onlinecinema.org www.peekvid.com www.cinemaspot.com/watchonline/ www.newshowtime.com/ www.internetmovies.com I hope this answers your question!

Do you think this storm tracker would be able to tell me where a tornado is? by Certified Storm Spotter SKYWARN Q: and be able to give me directions on how to get to the tornado like a GPS? http://www.anythingweatherstore.com/mobilethreatnet.aspx I want to get up close to a tornado and film one like those storm chasers on the weather channel.

A: I guess it will work, but it would be cheaper and work almost as well to get a laptop (which you'll need anyway), a broadband access card (maybe $40/month) and the software SwiftWX or Weathertap. We used that while chasing last year. Even with that information, it's still quite difficult to safely approach where a tornado is going to be. There are often no roads in the direction you'd like to be going and you may need to drive through heavy rain and large hail (I won't do that) to get to the right spot. You need to learn the basics of storm structure first.

Any website that offers a long term weather/storm tracker? by Sam G. Q: I'm not satisfied with the basic news networks or websites weather satellite imagery. They typically show only a few hours of time lapsed imagery, but I always want to see more. I'm looking for a website which offers long longer durations. Say, maybe a week, or month of animation for storms and weather. Is there such a site?

A: i like the weather network http://www.theweathernetwork.com/

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