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Storm in alaska

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11AliveNews RT @MikeFrancisWX: Incredible video from the MAJOR storm in Alaska today. Had winds the strength of a cat 2... http://t.co/L1vDrFFH

WIZometer RT @MikeFrancisWX: Incredible video from the MAJOR storm in Alaska today. Had winds the strength of a cat 2... http://t.co/dSJJqqHa

Marie_Ramos8 Alaska Braces for Epic Storm http://t.co/frtbzuhN

andylibrande Wow...crazy video of Alaska hurricane storm 11.9 mid-day. That must be crazy in real life: http://t.co/6crPCwgt

examanchtest THIS IS A TEST Bering Sea Storm Rocks Western Alaska: Anchorage, Alaska (Nov.9, 2011)--The worst of ... http://t.co/7aoWOIta ONLY A TEST

MikeFrancisWX Incredible video from the MAJOR storm in Alaska today. Had winds the strength of a cat 2 hurricane http://t.co/eTnB7o0B #wx #news

dailyexpressuk [DAILY EXPRESS]: 'Record' storm slams into Alaska: One of the most powerful storms to hit western Alaska in near... http://t.co/X6A4MQxt

work1ders commented: OMG!! In Alaska, of all places? Geez-oh-man, I pray they shall be able to bare it well. Thinking o... http://t.co/wVQMO3J9

TomLindner RT @PerkatPlay: Hope @TomLindner is hunkering down in his igloo RT @NBCNews: A massive storm has come ashore in Alaska, tearing off roofs...

EFGBNUPDATESITE Alaska Hit By Massive Storm Surge - Watch the Footage of Possibly the Largest Storm in History, 11-9-11: Alaska ... http://t.co/m5oXy8vE

CelebrityNews69 Storm In Alaska Gossip | You may have heard about a p... | http://t.co/tHh0VLJ4

Curry_April Alaska Coast Guard said no vessels had sought help in Bering Sea storm http://t.co/Sb0o8rU6

NewRepublicPres Flash: ...strongest storm in 40 years - Western Alaska remains in the path of a storm that resembles a hurricane wit... http://t.co/cPL1gW9N

paulvalach In tech news: Alaska Storm: Why the Extreme Weather? (ABC News) http://t.co/2A7RzytH

AlaskanSand Beautiful evening in Juneau. Such a contrast to Western Alaska. Hope people are safe from the expected storm surge this evening #AkStorm


Where did the storm waves that hit the California coast in December originate from? by carbonates Q: I have heard reports of 18 foot waves at Rincon Beach from observers I trust. I also heard that these waves came from the Gulf of Alaska. These waves were hitting the south facing part of the California coastline in the channel between the mainland and the Channel Islands. Was this an example of wave refraction?

A: most southern facing beaches receive their high surf from storm off of Baja. I doubt there would have been enough bounce from the Alaska storms.

Did anyone see the bright red, blue and green light show in the storm tonight in toledo? by Jax Q: we had a storm tonight in toledo, ohio. it came through between 8 and 9 pm. the sky lite up red, blue and green in several areas for about 15-20 minutes. it reminded me of the aurora borealis that i had seen while living in alaska. does anyone know what it was tonight. my children and friend saw it and so did my neighbors. any info would be appreciated.

A: The Aurora can be seen sometimes even all the way down to Mexico depending on atmospheric conditions. "Perhaps it is just a coincidence but I have noticed that if there is a good geomagnetic storm brewing, the lenticular clouds over mountains take on some really unusual shapes and the sunsets and sunrises are supercharged with brilliant pinks and purples." - http://www.spacew.com/gallery/image000650.html Photo: http://www.spacew.com/gallery/image000104.html something like that?

how long do they keep the roads closed in alaska? by ALASKA 2009 Q: i am moving to alaska and for what i heard starting somewhere in septemeber they close some of the roads down in alaska because of there bad winter storms i was just wondering how long do they keep them closed for. i live in virginia and we are driveing there and i guess the road you have to get on in alaska i guess that road would be closed so how long do they keep the roads closed.

A: It really depends on what part of AK you are coming into at. Most of the Highway you are speaking of does close down at times. But Alaska has one of the most Aggressive Road crews out there. Day and night those huge plows are running. Usually after any snow drop of 3 inches and more they are out there plowing within an hour and dusting the roads. I was in upstate NY for 4 years and saw more snow there than I have at any point here in AK the previous 26 years of my life. If you are worried bout driving in, save yourself some road time and get on the Alaska Marine Hwy. They have a pick up in Bellingham Washington, and stops along the way at places like Ketchican,Sitka, Juneau, Cordova. If you are goin farther inland, jump off at Cordova and get on the Seward highway. lol drive strait if you are heading north, take a left at the "Y" if you are heading to anywhere on the Kenai peninsula. http://www.dot.state.ak.us/amhs/

What would be considered high seas on a typical cruise to Alaska originating from Vancouver? by skyalive Q: If we happened to hit a storm, what would the typical wave height be in the summer months cruising to Alaska?

A: Went to Alaska on a cruise in August. The trip was pretty calm, although on two evenings, the ship rocked quite a bit. It was funny trying to get to dinner with high heels on holding onto the sides of the walls. Do not know what the height of the seas were on these occasions, but I was not anxious. Obviously, the weather will determine the height of the waves. The cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers (sort of like shock absorbers) and they help smooth the ride. If for any reason there was a intense storm, your ship would head for the closest port able to handle their ship. Most alaskan storms happen during the winter months. Oops.. forgot to tell you... I recalled the cruise ship had a huge brandy sniffer full of Dramamine available free for anyone who needed a pill. I get easily sea sick but did not need anything on my trip.

When does the winter season start up in Alaska? by Caroline_Driscoll Q: I'm writing a story about an Alaskan winter storm for my creative writing class, but the problem is I don't know when blizzard season usually starts up in Alaska. When is the earliest Alaskans could expect a winter storm?

A: The most Northerly place in the United States (Barrow) gets snow during every single month. Barrow Alaska only averages 45 for a high in July. However, with the exception of the high mountains, which are always capped with snow, cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks have months of snow free weather. Generally speaking for Anchorage, the first snowfall is sometime in mid October, but in Fairbanks, the first snowfall is usually around late September. Keep in mind that Alaska has a totally different idea of winter than you would have, and as such, would probally say that is starts to get real cold in November. The first day of winter is the same everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere regardless of location.

My husband and I are going to Alaska in a week and a half, it will be our first time in an airplane,, help???? by ♥Ąĺęxíã Ÿ's мσммy Đūĕ Dec 7♥ Q: we are afraid of the plane, whats the probability of it crashing?? is it rare??? especially since we are flying to alaska, is there snow storms close to it, that could cause the plane to have problems??? what can I expect flying there?? I also have no idea how to deal with luggage, what if it gets lost??????? thanks people, now I am more confident on flying, you all are making me get excited to actually enjoy this great ridE!!!

A: you won't crash. relax.

Movie title of movie about family that gets stranded in storm? by T.J. Wolfe Q: Movie title of movie about family that gets stranded in snow storm I think it was in Alaska but not sure but dad tries to rescue the mom and children some of them loose some toes to frostbite. I think it was from early 90's or the 80's.

A: Anything to Survive (1990) -- a made-for-TV movie starring Robert Conrad as the father.

Is the perfect storm approaching? The Alaska pipeline is down and turmoil in the Mid East threatens to affect? by gyorzxk Q: oil production there. Iran may just sit on its oil out of spite. Venzuela's leader controls a sizeable amount of the world's oil, and he is a definite loose cannon. How much will oil prices go up at the pump by the end of the year, and how will this manifest itself politically?

A: I fixed the Alaskan pipeline yesterday. Everything's cool.

minutes ago you had an article re a large iceburg in Antarctica affeceted by a storm in Alaska, lpese advise.d by dan p Q: headline news on Yahoo regarding iceburg breakup in Antarctioca, please e mail me same thenks Dan

A: holy snickes is it commin this way?!

Epic storm in Alaska? by KiKi Q: Does anyone know if it's supposed to hit Southeast Alaska? Just wondering as I live there.

The Early Show - Alaska being hit by rare super storm Alaska's Epic Storm November 2011 Powerful Storm Heads Toward Coastal Alaska Nome Alaska Storm 11/09/2011 Alaska Super Storm - Arctic Vortex Collaspe Alaska Super Storm Getting Worse EPIC MONSTER STORM HITS ALASKA NOVEMBER 2011 Alaska Super Storm Update 11-9-11 Alaska 'Perfect Storm' Epic 100 MPH Winds Heavy Snow Floods Breaking: Alaska Super Storm Comes Ashore in Nome, AK Alaska Storm Preparations Epic Storm Bearing Down on Western Alaska Hurricane-force Winds 9FT Storm Surge 11-08-2011 Alaska braces for epic storm! Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm Xbox 360 Review 'ALERT ON LIFE THREATINING 'SUPER STORM OF A LIFETIME' IN BERING SEA & ALASKA!! Observation on Storm in Alaska & Tsunami Early Warning System Drill Alaska Superstorm Storm, Vortexes, Fema EAS Test, and The Movie Knowing Powerful Storm Heads Toward Coastal Alaska Historical Storm Hits Alaska Alaska being hit by rare super storm Flying Wild Alaska- Racing The Storm An Historic Alaska Storm Continues Arctic Bering Storm Batters Alaska EPIC Alaskan Storm Incoming! Occupy Global Warming! - Neb's Current Events 11/09/11 BERING SEA STORM ALASKA EPIC STORM WORST EVER? Seal taking a break from the Bering sea storm November 2011 in Nome, Alaska Snow Storm In Alaska Nome Alaska Storm 11/09/2011 The most DEADLY snow storm in alaska! dangerous snow storm in alaska crazy storm in alaska 80+ MPH winds Nome Alaska Storm 11/09/2011 BERING SEA STORM PART TWO Bizarre and Extreme Alaska Storm !!!! Amateur footage HD WATCH IT HERE !!!! Damages from storm in Nome Alaska Epic Storm in Alaska Nome, Alaska Hit With Bering Sea Storm As Unusual Weather Slams State Bizarre and Extreme Alaska Storm !!!! Amateur footage HD WATCH IT HERE !!!! Spring Snow Storm in Talkeetna, Alaska Here is the BAD for 11/9/11-US Government orchestrated ALASKA HURRICANE! Snowicane Pounds NW Alaska Alaska Bear Hunt Preparation Video - OpticsPlanet Inc. It's too cold in alaska we have gnarly storms Nome Alaska Storm Snow Storm 70 MPH - Alaska 25 Feb 2011 Part 2 OMG!! Monster storm bears down on Alaska [VIDEO REPORT] Perfect Storm Rescues: The ALASKAN MONARCH Bizarre and Extreme Alaska Storm !!!! Amateur footage HD WATCH IT HERE !!!! 85 mph gusts, 'sideways snow' test Alaska's west coast
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