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Stop growing greyson

Learn about wines at tasting for PAWs
A wine tasting like this is a great opportunity for you to pick the varietal of your choice and see how the area in which it was grown, the age of the wine and the technique of the winemaker react with the volatile organ compounds in the grape to form ...

Sultry music for Summer Nights
In between, the series features B.C. retro (Trooper, Prism), U.S. country pop (Juice Newton, Emerson Drive), and boy-band singers all grown up (HANSON, Nick Carter). Different ends of the musical spectrum are taken by earnest Toronto alt rockers Our ...

Justin Bieber Speeding: Singer Pulled Over On LA Freeway After Paparazzi Chase
Zine estimated the chase exceeded 100 mph as paparazzi engaged in wild maneuvers to keep up with Bieber, including driving on the shoulder and cutting off other vehicles. Zine said Bieber was breaking the law by driving recklessly and speeding, and the ...

Farmland is the new hot investment
Calif. inventor says stick device stops hiccups. By DAVID RUIZ, Sacramento Bee. Facial recognition software's privacy concerns .... After all, he said, that doesn't affect the rent they're pocketing. Commodity markets dictate what farmers will grow, he ...

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iAnnebarboza Stop Growing Greyson ! Hha.

osnapitzkim12 Stop Growing Greyson. :>

BabyGreyChancer Do you want Greyson to stop growing? Then, command the earth to stop rotating. lol.

moveslikeGC Stop Growing Greyson! Stop Growing Greyson! Stop Growing Greyson! Stop Growing Greyson!

enazxx RT @GreysonicWord19: God i beg let Greyson !!!!Stop Growing Greyson


Need 4 names for story easy 10 points!? by Q: I'm writing a story about six characters and four don't have names yet and I can't pick! Here they are: 1. A girl with dark brown hair almost black with side bangs over her right eye and it goes down to her shoulders. She has dark brown eyes. Her main outfit (they'll be others but this is like the first one she's mentioned in) is an electric blue baby tee with black jeans and white ballet flats. She often wears a white headband. She's like a huge drama geek. Her passion is acting and she's been in over 50 drama productions. She's a little self centered and assumes people don't like her because of her over whelming talent. She moves schools every year from what she tells people is from her parents work but is actually from her being bullied. Her name options are : Rebecca, Kayla, Alice, and Jane (if you have other ideas feel free to say so) 2. A guy with sandy blond hair that's spiked upwards. He has sea green eyes. His main outfit is a dark green t-shirt and light blue ripped jeans. He wears black skate shoes with them and wears a chain necklace. He's the type of guy girls swoon over non stop yet he doesn't care. He's absolutely lazy and pays people to do his work for him. He's quite munipulative and uses his charming looks to get his way. He doesn't play sports and does poorly in school but girls still love him. His name options are: Greyson, Blake, Daniel, and Johnny. Feel free to name others 3.A girl with light blond hair that goes down to her hips though it's usually tied up with a yellow ribbon. She has icy blue eyes and wears a white ruffle shirt with another yellow ribbon tied around the middle and a denim pencil skirt with white wedges. This girl is the girl that everyone loves and wants to be around though she longs to be alone once in a while. She grew up in an abusive home and was always forced to pick sides between her parents. Because of this she is known to not take kindly to anybody who asks her personal questions or who just plain get on her nerves. Her name options are: Victoria, Heidi, Kennedy,and Genevieve again name others if you want. 4. An Italian guy with black-ish hair that flops over his face. He has stormy gray eyes and wears a gray shirt underneath of a black leather jacket and dark blue jeans and black high tops. He also has a dog tag necklace. He's always been an outcast since the day he transferred to the school in the story. But he likes it that way. He likes to be alone and he doesn't care that people think that he's a pot head, rebel, or player because he knows it's not true and that's all that really matters to him. Though he's built a wall around himself and doesn't let anyone get to know the real him. His name options are: Tristian, Keith, Noah and Jacob. For the last time you can suggest other names for him too. Okay thank you I really appreciate it :)

A: They all sound very interesting. Here are the names that come to mind with me: 1. Sophie. Despite her dark hair and eyes there is something quite soft and sensitive about her. Perhaps its because of the bullying and the fact she has to move because of it on a regular basis. I think this name fits quite well with her description. 2. Johnny. Since he's lazy, manipulative and doesn't care I think this name suits. I know a person in real life who fits your exact description to a T and his name is Johnny, so this suggestion is a little personal. 3. Sarah. This character sounds pretty. Again, I think given her past abuse, she can be quite sensitive under that tough facade and I get the impression she wears a mask to hide her real feelings. 4. Carlo. I think this is a bad boy name, yet conflicts with his personality, which could also add to people's misjudgment of him.

Why doesn't anyone care about lyrics anymore? (Justin Bieber related question)? by Q: I'm a 19 year old girl in college. One of the few girls under 20 it seems that are able to see Justin Bieber for what he is. A mediocre talent. I've seen him sing acapella before on youtube and honestly he is simply above average. He's a good singer, not great by any means. He can play the piano and guitar as well as most people who play every day can...there is a reason he doesn't play too often live. He also acts like he is from the ghetto when he grew up in a rich white neighborhood. He is only popular for his looks. (Proven when he lost a few thousand followers on twitter after cutting his hair.) But what I can't stand most of all is how some girls actually try comparing him to Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, or the Beatles.....Really? He is not even in the same GALAXY as they are. That is so disrespectful to those phenominal artists. Biebers lyrics are SO pathetic. They are simplistic, unoriginal, all about the same thing, and have no depth to them whatsoever. Do you "Beliebers" even care about lyrics? His songs seem like they were written by a 4 year old in the car on his way to a recording studio after being asked to write a love song about a girl. It is disrespectful, disgusting, and just plain horrible to even consider using Justin Bieber's name in the same sentence as any of the great talents unless you are saying how far away he is from them. And you know what, I get it. You have a crush on him because he's attractive. But he is a terrible musician. Have any teenage boy grow out their hair like Biebers used to be and have him sing songs about love and he will be famous. It is pathetic. Don't think it's true? It happens all the time. Aaron Carter, Jesse Mccartney, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance...it never ends. The thing is, this Justin Bieber kid would never date most of you. Why? He is phenominally shallow. Don't believe me? Look up the song Omaha Mall by Justin Bieber. Read the Lyrics...he is shallow "Yo, there some girls They look good from afar, far But you never know at the Omaha mall." That is from one of his songs. He is a shallow, spoiled, fake, slightly above average singer. STOP WORSHIPPING HIM! I just can't stand how so many great artists today get very little recognition because so many people are shallow and only like artists for looks. And what is worse is all the awards he's winning. I know many "Beliebers" will say "That proves he is the best singer! He has so many awards..." Yeah, those awards were all voted on by YOU. In every musical award show where judges and fellow musicians vote on each other, he wasn't even nominated for a single award. These shows just aren't as watched or sometimes even televised. Not becuase they are cheap or less important. Because all the "Popular" artists that are popular because they sing about love, or they are attractive, are the only ones most of America wants to watch. It is because of all the "Clones" in america, that actually talented artists can never have as much success. CLONES = Someone who wears what is popular, listens to what is popular or "hot" singers, acts the way that is supposed to be popular...you get it, they have no personality. If you managed to read my entire post, congradulations, you are either a "Belieber" who didn't get mad after the first paragraph (who then attempted to defend the shallow kid,), or you actually agree with me to some extent and have taste in music. Basically if you think Justin Bieber is one of the greatest musicians today, you have no right to participate in any conversations about talent when it comes ot music, and you have no taste or knowledge whatsoever when it comes to music. (By the way, I grew up in a family of music, I have played piano, guitar, cello, and flute my entire life and both my parents are conductors/teachers) My question is...WHY do so few people in America actually care about lyrics anymore? Is our country really that shallow? Oh MAYA...come on girl. You just proved my point. You have a crush on him. The reason all you "Beliebers" go so crazy is because he is attractive and sings songs about love. Yes, he is incredibly succesful, but why? It is because of how little talent is needed to become popular. All you need is looks and a decent voice...sometimes you don't even need a voice. And he is not even CLOSE to being the most "real" celebrity out there, lol. Did you read my entire post? He is fake. And as for the whole "He is talented on these instruments," here's the thing, I've seen him playing on youtube different songs. There are 7 year olds here in my parents music class WAY more talented than him. I've heard them play songs he plays on piano, guitar, drums, and they play SO much better. And my parents don't even have that big of a music class. I"M SO MAD, because I've seen so many phenominally talented singers and piano players in my parents classes who actually have talent, but they can't get a reco

A: You spoke the truth! Finally someone other than me sees that he has absolutely no variety in his music or style!

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