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Stock market crash

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cberrl Along with housing bubble and crash and stock market crack we also have technology getting more done with less people!!

JJMcElroy Many powerful people doing very stupid things. Government asleep at the switch as usual. Good chance of stock market #crash on Monday 11/7.

reddragonleo RE: Yes, it could be the 6th or the 9th?  Not sure which one?  But I'm leaning toward the 9th, as that makes for a be… http://t.co/TZadq2sk

RockyII @ghostofzigz @dougiepen @FConSMod In Stock Market, when everyone is giddy & thinking stocks will rise forever, that's when the crash comes!

thomretterbush Are You Prepared for a Possible Stock Market Crash, Depression, Civil Unrest, even War? http://t.co/nEkGR6u0

anarchytweet Are You Prepared for a Possible Stock Market Crash, Depression, Anarchy, even Civil War? http://t.co/8yRJl1zA RT @peedpiper

peedpiper Are You Prepared for a Possible Stock Market Crash, Depression, Anarchy, even Civil War? http://t.co/C3aiS5qh

authorsaramoore Will Germany crash Wall Street again to seize more global power? http://t.co/LZg2C8nO

Annamallgirl RE: @reddragonleo We all knew it was coming but most figured Greece lol hope we blow off at least 20% http://t.co/sVy2Ee6s

reddragonleo RE: Here it is... http://t.co/2vwivNAf Could mea… http://t.co/8vXFcEaF

marcusalberts0n 1929 Stock Market Crash (Part 5): The financial memory only lasts about 30 years then analysts, bankers and regu... http://t.co/PPWK8yuE

Chavarrianbl Stock Market Crash? Click here --> http://t.co/vbc5aO3q

Ellis_Shaw #IveAlwaysWantedTo drive a car into a stock trade centre and shout "STOCK MARKET CRASH"

MidClasWarrior RT @labaxter1: Pull Your Retirement Nest Egg From Stock Market Before The Next Crash - Seek Alt Investments http://t.co/5lq71jjK #ira #401k #retirement

labaxter1 Pull Your Retirement Nest Egg From Stock Market Before The Next Crash - Seek Alt Investments http://t.co/5lq71jjK #ira #401k #retirement


How is Great Gatsby related to the stock market crash? by Eddytheman Q: I already read the book. My topic is the cause of the stock market crash of 1929. But i don't how it is related to the book. Any helpful advices would be appreciated.

A: In the book, the rich end up surviving and thriving while the poorer ones who work hard end up being destroyed (Gatsby). Same with Stock Market.

How would you explain to someone that a recession or stock market crash is not the failure of capitalism? by water_skipper Q: How would you explain to someone that a recession or stock market crash is not the failure of capitalism? With the stock market crashing in the past couple of months, unemployment soaring, and the Big 3 automakers on the verge of bankruptcy I've heard more than one person comment that it's all proof that capitalism is outdated or never worked very well. How would you explain to them that capitalism does work?

A: Yeah, but when did the economy officially transition from recession to royal fustercluck

How did the stock market crash in the great depression ? by Carlos A Q: What does it mean when the stock market crash and why did it crash. how did they fix it.

A: It crashed because of what was called "buying on margin". The first thing that must be realized was that, before the crash, the market was on one fantastic upswing. So, people would invest with a broker "on margin", meaning that they would say, pay the broker $10 for a stock worth $100, and then, in a short time, sell the stock when it went to say $150, making a huge profit per share with an investment of only $10. But, when steel went bust, the market fell, and the margins were called in. But most could not pay up, so the market went down even more.

What was the relationship between the stock market crash and the great depression? by watuphomeskillet Q: A) The stock market crash caused the depression. B) Falling prices meant that the federal government had no choice but to raise taxes, which turned a temporary slump into a depression. C) Falling stock prices made investors overly confident and willing to make high risk investments. D) Falling stock prices forced investors to default on loans, which in turn forced banks to fail.

A: D

What does a stock-market crash mean to the average person on the street? by patrick d Q: I am in the military and have a pretty secure job, I have a little put into a retirement fund. I'm really not being affected by any investments so what does a stock-market crash mean to me?

A: It can affect a few things... if you are wanting to sell your home you might have a hard time finding a buyer who will be approved for a loan. If you are trying to buy a home you might experience difficulty obtaining a loan. In a nutshell, getting credit will be increasingly difficult. Everything from a car to a credit card. Some companies get part of their operating money from investment companies. For instance, the place your friends or family work for might use lending as a means to pay them a salary. These companies can start to be denied these types of services and thus will not be able to pay their employees. Layoffs, increased unemployment, etc. On the flip side, it can be a great time to invest in the stock market since everything is "on sale" at a discounted price. Historically the market eventually goes back up and those that bought lots of shares at a low price come out wealthy when those cheap stocks become valuable again. Hope some of this info helps. By the way, thank you for serving our country!

How did the stock market crash affect lawyers? by eli Q: Please be as detailed as possible. I have an impossible Amerian History project coming up and it has to do with choosing a character point of view to write about during the Stock Market Crash and I chose Lawyers. Help?

A: The stock market crash or rise or decline has nothing to do with lawyers, as it does more with economics. Certain lawyers often sue when stocks drop sharply whether they have a legit claim or not. This was rapid following the .com bust of 2000. They sue all deep pockets from brokerage firms (complaining about compliance/ lack of supervision reasons) and brokers (complaining unsuitable trades), to companies (failure to warn, disclose or providing misleading information about a company's prospects, etc). The lawyers in these class action suits are the only ones who really make the money doing this. The recovery from individuals is usually very small, if any, requires a lot of proof and paper work from individuals ("class members") who don't have that paperwork anymore, nor can they easily obtain it.

How the stock market crash of 1929 could have been prevented? by roseann Q: could the 1929 crash of the stock market been prevented? How? Did the government do anything that could have caused the stock market to crash during 1929?

A: This would be a book or an extensive thesis or dissertation. No one is going to do that homework here. I can tell you that the gov screwed up the economy and the market and kept the US in Depression for raising taxes on individuals, and on business and created socialist programs that if not addressed properly could create sever financial issues for the the USA in the future. Frontline: $10 Trillion and Counting http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/tentrillion/ Note: the first part (of the above program) is Bush bashing with some good arguments. The last part where they show the graphs and address actual projections of entitlements and not argue solely on politics is what I would pay attention to. In addition during the late 1920's, the FED made a series of pre-Depression interest rate (increase) blunders just like it did in 1998-2000, and 2004-2006.

Corporations during the stock market crash of 1929 and later depression? by B Q: Question for history class: Many corporations survived the stock market crash of 1929 but failed during the ensuing depression. Explain how this could happen. I realize how they failed during the depression, but not exactly how they survived the stock market crash. Thanks for any help!

A: The biggest reason companies didn’t fail when the market crashed is that stock price has nothing to do with company success. So just because a stock price falls by 70% does not mean that sales fell by 70%. During every market downturn some companies have falling stock prices in the face of rising sales. The depression is particularly acute because the lofty stock prices seen prior to the crash were due to speculation and low margin requirements, not due to economic performance.

What was the PE of the stock market before and after the stock market crash of 1929? by water_skipper Q: What was the PE of the stock market before and after the stock market crash of 1929? What I'm really wondering, was that stock market really a "bubble" crashing?

A: No, the P/E ratio didn't really collapse - but profits collapsed as well. See http://www.econ.yale.edu/~shiller/data/stock%20data%20annual%201871-2003.htm for historical data.

When did the last stock market crash heppen? by Danny Q: I want to know how many stock market crashes happened they don't have to be big crashes but someone give the all the years of the stock market crashes from 1929 to today (2010). I want all the years or as many as you can give me. Remember they don't have to be big crashes Just give a stock market crash year such like for example a small stock market crash happened early 2001.

A: It started in 2008 with a low point in March 9, 2009.

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