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Stevie nicks

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belladonnadream RT @SoStevieNicks: Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews: Video: Stevie Nicks Voice Over ...: "This breaking news will no dou... http://t.co/jeExXhrj #StevieNicks

belladonnadream RT @SoStevieNicks: Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews: Stevie Nicks Confirmed for X ...: Stevie Nicks Confirmed for X Fact... http://t.co/cIElo8Pn #StevieNicks

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HollandSwiftie OMG just find out that Taylor loves Landslide by Stevie Nicks, YAY! love that song!

auntees @GailMetzner @TammyGooGoo oh and then there is my giant love for Stevie Nicks...

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schwiick RT @MusicOblivi0us: Stevie Nicks? WHO'S HE?

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SoStevieNicks Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews: Video: Stevie Nicks Voice Over ... http://t.co/P7YkfGkq

SoStevieNicks Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews: Video: Stevie Nicks Voice Over ... http://t.co/Th2X8dIr #StevieNicks

huarnette I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/ZZ5TkXLo Rod Stewart Passion (with Stevie Nicks) Montreal Centr

cb4112 I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/5vVjfpow Stevie Nicks - Leather And Lace [Live - Official Video]

JJawesome96 Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen http://t.co/CE8wtaC7

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anyone know where to get stevie nicks tickets? by hellomynameis Q: I'm in chicago and I want to get stevie nicks tickets. (im a kid so i would go with my mom) She is my idol and my dream is to sing with her. I want tickets for 2010 preferably good ones. and I dont know if there are any tour dates yet.

A: She if she has any concert dates. I use VertexTickets.com for all my ticket purchases and they have all kinds of concerts, sports, and theater events across the country and also in Europe.

Whats the Stevie Nicks song in School of Rock? by Music is my Life Q: When the dude and the chick are in the cafe and he plays a song on the jukebox and she said it was Stevie Nicks.....Whats the song?

A: Edge of Seventeen...I think.

Is Stevie Nicks right for attacking Britney Spears singing talent? by WHITE POWER rightwing Q: Stevie Nicks said that Britney Spears is the worst female singer ever and shes killing today's pop music by using sex to sell records. Stevie Nicks also said that in today's music sex sells more than singing talent that's why Britney Spears is killing today's music because real true great singers like Aretha Franklin and Pink are over looked for sex appeal lip singers like Britney Spears.

A: It is overwhelmingly obvious that Britney Spears' vocals are ghosted by uncredited professional singer(s), and she's not the only one.

What are Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac's Songs? by Coolgirlplay Q: I'm making a Cd for a friend who really love Stevie Nicks. The problem is I don't really know her at all ( Stevie Nicks). Does anybody know any songs she sings in?

A: Look up the album Rumours. That's when Stevie was with Fleetwood Mac, and she sings most if not all of the songs, I think. A great album.

Where would one find Stevie Nicks boots? by beyonces_husband21 Q: I have been searching forever and I am not able to find boots like the ones that Stevie Nicks wears... Does anyone know where one would find such boots?

A: www.madboots.com www.madhighheels.com

Why Would Stevie Nicks Do That To Herself? by martin Q: Why would she let Taylor Swift sing with her. Stevie Nicks has one of the greatest voices in music, and Taylor Swift has the worst. Taylor Swift can't even sing her own songs, why would she think she could sing a classic song like Rhiannon. Taylor Swift is the only artist who can butcher her own songs.

A: I agree, the whole thing made me SICK to my stomach! I can't stand the music industry. Now they're pairing up talentless people like Taylor Swift with long-time talented music veterans. What are they trying to accomplish? Taylor Swift is just showing up everywhere she can. She's going to burn herself out before long. People are really going to get sick of her, those who know what music is really supposed to sound like.

why am I so addicted to stevie nicks, and why is she so weird? by dtonnies3 Q: she sounds like, well, stevie nicks--really unusual I love her voice and cannot seem to pinpoint what is so unique about it, but I can not think of anyone even close to similiar. thoughts?

A: Her voice is raspy, sweet and especially her early recordings are really enchanting. I love her music since my teen years and i've kept it a secret from my friends for a long time since she isn't Britney and Fleetwood Mac isn't a really known Band in Europe. Her Lyrics are so sensitive and fragile. Some people like strong voices and power-lyrics.. I prefer the tender, sometimes mystic songs.. You feel like your in her story from the moment the song goes on! Another quality of her songs are that they keep getting better. Every time i hear something new in her songs and they are really enduring. I'm a real fan and i think she's fantastic. Word is out she's working on a new album. I hope she goes for a darker tone in this one.. Shangri-La and Say you will where a little over-produced in my opinion nonetheless fantastic. Let's see where Stevie will go next!

Do you think Adele sounds a little like Stevie Nicks in the song someone like you? by lisa Q: Adele has a beautiful voice, of course not many can compare to Stevie Nicks. Her voice is very distinct. But sometimes in that song not always but sometimes, I feel she sounds a little like Stevie Nicks, what do you think?

A: It's eerie that you would ask this question, because Stevie is my favorite vocalist of all time, and I am currently obsessed with Adele. Adele's "21" knocked my socks off, and every time I listen to "Someone Like You" I get chills, and feel so much, the same way I do when I hear "Landslide" or "Sara." I don't hear any immediate similarities in their voices -- all I know is that they both touch me profoundly, and both are very "outside of the box."

What album name has the song Leather and Lace From Stevie Nicks featuring Don Henley? by tctc Q: What album name has the song Leather and Lace From Stevie Nicks featuring Don Henley? Is there a greatest hits cd that features this song? Thanks in advance!

A: The song was on her Bella Donna album (released July 27, 1981), which is available on CD. You can also get the song on other CDs. I found them all at Amazon.com. Crystal Visions - The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks Timespace - The Best Of Stevie Nicks Enchanted - The Works Of Stevie Nicks (box set)

Stevie Nicks.....? by K Q: I recently saw Stevie Nicks at the Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario. She looks so good- she's maybe 60 or so? Does anyone know what her secret is? Did anyone on Answers see the concert there?

A: She has the best voice & she is very pretty.Loved her in Fleetwood Mac and still do today!

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