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Steven seagal

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Thu_ways Wazini u Steven Seagal ne Poker face RT @slindelo: @Thu_ways break their bones my ninja like Steven Seagal.

RIPDMB @8canaljesus that shit was fire, even Steven Seagal made an appearance.

nfo_serien Steven.Seagal.Lawman.S01E09.DVDRip.XviD-WiDE #Serie http://t.co/47MFi092

ralange Você sabe que alcançou o cúmulo do nonsense onírico quando sonha com o Steven Seagal te dando conselhos de como organizar o seu congelador.

JuanAguilaA Señores de La Sexta, por favor, echen esta noche una película de Steven Seagal, que @JaviTopacio quiere irse a la cama contentico.

JaviTopacio @JuanAguilaA pufffff eso seria ya demasiao..... y si esta noche echaran una de steven seagal..........

ShiningPie Steven seagal has an album?

elnenepolanco Ya saben q #HDLGP empezó a trabajar cazando indocumentados? Steven Seagal, sigan viendo mas sus licas.

hqcelebspics Steven Seagal announces Diana Starkova as an actress in his new film, 4 HQs http://t.co/50Z9jxng HQcelebspics

Ideajuice Steven Seagal: Sawman - The multi talented Steven Seagal brings us on the road with his band, which features him playing the saw

sharonnetjeeeee Steven seagal kijken met papa

bluejoe71 Steven Seagal : Lawman... Shows What A Legend He Is.... Respect..... #rantover

aeroplanegirl @ScapegoatCC you seem to know a lot about this. Did you live next door? Did he kill your puppy too? Did Steven Seagal moon you last night?

_HoNeY_G_ So Steven Seagal is a cop in real life. Please come to S.A and do the magic that E-TV loves you for!

_HoNeY_G_ E-TV has a sick obsession with Jean-Claude Van Damme! And Steven Seagal!


what is the fighting style of steven seagal? by strike_eagle77 Q: what is the fighting style of steven seagal?

A: Aikido

Steven Seagal farted in my gym, so the whole place closed down. Can I sue? by Joan Kimble Q: So Steven Seagal laid a rotten egg in my local gym and as a result the whole place got shut done. Am I able to sue him for vandalizing property? This isn't the first time he's done it too. Many times he just drops a huge doodie on the bathroom floors and leaves a trail of hershey squirts. He's ruining my business!

A: Call animal control..

steven seagal? by Ann G Q: Why was SS fat in 2003 and what is he doing now?

A: Because the air from his big fat ego filled head finally leaked to the rest of his no talent body. living in obscurity. maybe making more straight to video, d rate movies, where he saves the day by single handidly boring everyone to death, or beating up the bad guys who are so overcome with laughter at his acting abilities that they can't defend themselves.

Should Steven Seagal Still Have His Cop Show If The Sex Abuse Claims Are True? by Jim Q: Don't know if anyone has heard but Steven Seagal, who is a volunteer deputy sheriff in Lousiana, has had sex abuse claims brought against him by an ex-assistant. She claims Seagal held her in his home and demanded sexual activities. People are now saying he should lose his sheriff status and his show in light of this.

A: he's famous... women have a habit of going after famous men... i doubt it's true but remember innocent until proven guilty. if guilty then jail time will take care of his show no?

Which book about a famous military man had a photo of a young Steven Seagal in the man's platoon? by steiner444 Q: The book was a bout some wild military man who did blakc ops missions. In the photo section of the book there is one of his platoon, and Steven Seagal is in it. Anybody see this before and does anybody know the name of the book?

A: I have no idea, but I think you've been mislead. Steven Seagal was never affiliated with the US military, he was a draft dodging coward that went to Japan during a time of war and renounced his American citizenship to avoid having to serve. That POS was never CIA Black Ops or any of that bs that is always affiliated with him. He studied aikido on his own money, he didn't learn it in "spy school" or anything like that. Why? Because he's a draft dodging coward that left his country during a war. Knowing that...how could he be in this guy's platoon? The only platoon he's been in is at the beginning of Above the Law(or one of his other gay@$$ movies, they're all the same) where, of course, he's playing a CIA black ops guy deep behind enemy lines. Because draft dodging cowards aren't in real platoons...because they're cowardly douchebags.

Can someone tell me a movie or a scene in which Steven Seagal gets shot, or knocked down? by Jason D Q: I need an image of what looks like Steven Seagal getting killed (or wounded) for a short film I'm making. I know he dies in executive decision, but I need something a little more visual.

Why do Steven Seagal always wear a trench coat in his movies? Is he hiding something? by dmist24 Q: Did you notice that Steven Seagal always wears trench coats on his films? I hardly see him wear other outfits, its always the long coats. I can't hardly remember a movie where he doesn't wear one. Any idea?

A: He is a fat slob. But I love his movies too. He's probably hiding a 48 year old beer gut. (like mine). All his Martial Arts routines are done with his arms and hands. He never lifts his leg up high, to kick a guy in the face, right? I LOVE "Out For Justice", where hie breaks a guy's arm (in the pool hall fight) and you hear the bone crunccccccch.

How did Steven Seagal travel to Japan and at what Age exactly? by jr Q: I looked all over the internet for days and could not find the answer to these questions. I am wondering how Steven Seagal travelled to Japan and how long he stayed there learning aikido before he came back to the United States. I am attempting to write a biography on him for college but cant seem to find this information anywhere and don't believe its possible to write him an email or letter.

A: He came to Japan in 1969 when he was 17 years old. In 1975, he married a Japanese woman who was a daughter of the Aikido Dojo he was attending. They had two children: a daughter (Ayako) and a son (Kentaro) before he went back to the US in 1983. A couple years ago, I saw a TV documentary about him when he came back to Japan to see his daughter. She was very pretty. They seemed to be in good relationship (don't know about his relationship with his ex-wife, though). I believe his daughter is now in Japanese entertainment business.

How would Steven Seagal fare in a street fight today? by Davie T Q: Steven Seagal has a black belt in aikido, and I watched some of his sparring videos. I know some people have issues with the street effectiveness of aikido, and I know Seagal is "just a movie actor". And yes, it also depends on who Seagal fights. However, I think this is a fun question to pose.

A: Steven Segal is no joke. Just because he's been in movies it doesn't mean he can't fight. Segal got his start learning Aikido in Japan, where it originated. Martial arts are taught differently overseas. They're much harder-hitting and more intense than in the States. On top of that he got into a ton of street fights because everyone wanted to test the American. He became so skilled so quickly the he taught Aikido in Japan. You can find some of his black and white clips from his time teaching in Japan on YouTube. So what if he hires security? Mike Tyson hired security personnel. Jesse "the Body" Venture hires security and he was a Navy SEAL. Hiring security doesn't mean the person can't fight. They are there so that the star won't get attacked and then most likely sued by the attacker.

Steven Seagal? by Snake Q: What type of fighting does Steven Seagal use? Was he ever trained by any military or who was he trained by? Also how good of a fighter do you think he really is?

A: Seagal learned Aikido in Japan and is considered a decent Aikido fighter. Is he as good as the films make out to be, NO, none of them are as good as the films make them to be, that is why it is Hollywood. He was never trained by the Military in MA and to my knowledge did not serve in any CIA ops or such. i heard about ten years ago he had a the proffesional wrestler Mr. Perfect manhandle him at an LA airport when they had an altercation. Sure the wrestler was in peak shape and conditon and Seagal older and over weight with success. Had he been in his peak he might have faired better. The same happened to Van Damme when Mickey Rourke had to save his butt in a bar fight with a bouncer. Van Damme got his butt whooped and Rourke saved him and Rourke was a Pro Boxer too. So as you can see not all Hollywood MA heroes are as good as they appear.

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