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Steve Jobs Legacy Continues, Biography Tops Amazon's 2011 Best-Sellers List
By Manikandan Raman | December 13, 2011 8:59 AM EST There are only a few persons who are still remembered after their death as they have left their remarkable legacy behind them, and Steve Jobs is one of those personalities who will be remembered for ...

Steve Jobs' Last Big Failure: iAds
In recent years, it seemed that Steve Jobs could do no wrong. Whether it was the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad–you name it–the late Apple cofounder and chairman had the golden touch. The mobile advertising service, introduced almost a year and a half ago, ...

Robert Noyce: Why Steve Jobs idolized Noyce
But Robert Noyce was more than just a great engineer, he was also a mentor to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs at Apple, Inc. By David Clark Scott, Staff / December 12, 2011 Robert Noyce was the co-inventor of the microchip, ...

E-Books, Shmee-Books: Readers Return to the Stores
Restocking the new Steve Jobs biography in Coral Gables, Fla., in a brisk holiday season. In a year of gains for the e-book market, customers are still lured to brick-and-mortar bookstores, like this one in San Francisco. ...

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adan_ruiz "Consumir LSD fue una experiencia muy profunda, una de las cosas más importantes en mi vida" #SteveJobs

hmcrae RT @kenkleiner: How does #OccupyWallStreet feel about the 1% of #SteveJobs, @BillGates & @MarkZuckerburg that enabled this social platform for revolution?

3Rfun Rasullah, Masih Mau'ud, My parents, My brothers, Hitler, Bill Gate, Stevejobs, and My Mind RT @BeribuILMU: Siapakah http://t.co/bPRCIu0i

kenkleiner How does #OccupyWallStreet feel about the 1% of #SteveJobs, @BillGates & @MarkZuckerburg that enabled this social platform for revolution?

MaLourdesDumol RT @ANCALERTS: Steve Jobs book jumps to top of bestseller lists http://t.co/QPcsQPhy | via @Reuters

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SnakersSecurity Las trampas mas comunes que se topan las pymesen cuestiones de seguridad como en el caso de #SteveJobs

tmacc "The job of art is to chase ugliness away.” - Bono of U2 in #stevejobs http://t.co/8HtAMuu9

tmacc "The job of art is to chase ugliness away.” - Bono of U2 in #stevejobs http://t.co/DwhmOLEF

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Steve Jobs? by bluelakelane Q: Ok so for the past couple of years I've been using yahoo as sort of a not so convenient flash drive. I write a paper for a class, I send an email to some made up email address with the paper attached to i, and then I go to school and download the attachment. so about a year ago I sent it to [email protected], you know just for fun, and its a real email. I've been sending my attachments their ever since. Does anybody know if this is his real email?

A: Why don't you send him an e-mail and ask him? :D

MacBook keyboard help? by Sharlie Rae Q: My macbook has always worked fine, until recently. Nothing has been spilled and it's never been dropped. Aside from the chipped plastic on the edge (common problem, apparantly) she's in perfect condition. A few days ago I turned my MB on, and the keyboard didn't work. Literally unresponsive, to the extent even the light on the caps lock key didn't come on, and not one key worked whatsoever (except the power key). I've never had this problem before, I've tried the Genius Bar, and SteveJobs & got ZERO SUPPORT. It's a macbook not a pro, and just turned two years old. Can anyone think of anything at all I can do? Or it's a super expensive trot to the Apple store, along with my iPad which has broken!! Thanks in advance. :)

Where did Steve Jobs die? by Val9 Q: Its true, Steve has passed, (http://apple.com/stevejobs) But WHERE? In a hospital......... Am I an idiot?

A: He could have died at a hospital, or, he could have known that he was dying and passed away at home like my sister did. He probably died in Palo Alto at his home or at UCSF in San Francisco or Stanford Medical in Palo Alto. Just depends.

Christians, why did God take him back? by L'aigrette Sur le Toit Q: http://media.npr.org/assets/img/2011/10/06/fitz_10_06_stevejobs-copy_custom.jpg?t=1317905662&s=4 Does the Lord and the Christ need an innovative visionary to help them prepare heaven for hour mortal souls in 2012? Is that why they took Steve Jobs from us?

How is Steve Jobs death going to affect Apple? by Jessie Rc Q: http://www.apple.com/stevejobs/ I wonder if this will help or not help their company RIP STEVE

A: this will shake Apple to its core

What kind of glasses does Steve Jobs wear? by civic94 Q: I really like Steve Jobs' rimless eyeglasses. (Picture at eyeglasseswarehouse.com/stevejobs.html) Does anyone know what specific brand or manufacturer his glasses are? Or is there any other good manufacturer of rimless eyeglasses?

A: I have no idea about this glasses but it really looks good, maybe you can search on the internet about its brand. Look for out for this link.

How long will it take cnn to cover other news than SteveJobs death? by ♥Gorgeous George♥ Q:

A: Do you mean to start... or to finish? They are still on Michael Jackson.

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