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Steve mcclaren

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Dwoppenkamp RT @DaphneBroekie: welkom terug, Steve McClaren #FCT

spiderkidt @fctwente is het waar dat Co Adriaanse per direct weggaat en Steve Mclaren terugkomt en ook al meegaat op trainingskamp http://t.co/WB2x9XWK

RealRossi RT @MirrorFootball: Yesh! The besht bit of newsh sho far thish year involves Schteve McClaren! http://t.co/hMXeo7ew

lynnfct RT @Marcoz14: Lekker wakker worden... Welcome home Steve McClaren! Co bedankt!

SCFClive Yesh! Schteve returnsch to FC Twente as bossch - reportsch!: McClaren set for Dutch comeback after player... http://t.co/JcnDlaM6 #swans

SadGoalkeepers Congratulations to @LesRosbifs for breaking the Steve McClaren story so quickly, hope you get the credit you deserve for this one.

Nashers3 RT @MirrorFootball: Yesh! Schteve returnsch to FC Twente as bossch - reportsch! http://t.co/cjfeAy9e

DPTheTruth Great news that Steve McClaren is returning to FC Twente, his hometown club. http://t.co/1b64VoEB

SportingLife Steve McClaren is being linked with a return to FC Twente. Check out our Transfer Centre for the latest - http://t.co/TQUEME3q #football

muisje65 RT @twentefans: CO ADRIAANSE ONTSLAGEN. Volgens het AD is Adriaanse ontslagen en wordt hij per direct opgevolgd door Steve McClaren #fctwente #twentepraat

paddyd63 RT @MirrorFootball: Yesh! The besht bit of newsh sho far thish year involves Schteve McClaren! http://t.co/hMXeo7ew

DougieKeen Steve McClaren to return to FC Twente as manager

raymondfctwente welcome back steve mcClaren (L)

furls_everton Daily Mirror: Yesh! Schteve returnsch to FC Twente as bossch - reportsch! http://t.co/RV6yzXut

danPTwestsussex FC Twente sacks trainer Co Adriaanse, brings back Steve McClaren: Football club FC Twente has sacked its trainer... http://t.co/i9vjz8DN


who should england blame for their recent failure? by yak­ Q: is it steve mcclaren? he might be demoted or fired.

A: McClaren will probably get fired, but the bulk of the blame lies on the shoulders of the players. They have to execute, and they didn't do that well enough.

english football journalists disgust me!!! Headline reads 'McCLAREN LOSES AGAIN'? by GIGGS is OO7 © Q: to my dismay the mail on sunday(MARK RYAN) did a full page on the royal box at wimbledon, he pointed out that several celebrities, such as lenny henry and bruce forsyth enjoyed vip treatment, while lowly old steve McClaren enjoyed the tennis from the cheap seats. he lambasted him for this, and in my humble opinion he should be applauded for it, it proves he is one of the people. why do you english continually try to knock your manager, and do you support RYAN's views, and will you continue to buy the mail ?

A: I agree that McLaren should be applauded for this. Ryan is a conceipted idiot who should not be trying to jump on the Macca bashing band wagon. Why shouldn't he pay like everyone else? To answer about knocking the manager, Personally I think that McLaren was on a loser from the moment he took the job. Ok the team isn't playing great but we should be backing him not slating him and the boys for some indifferent form. I for one think we will qualify for the euro's and do quite well there. Then McLaren can stick two fingers up to all his detractors!

When will Steve McClaren realise....? by Kissed by a Prince ! Q: Robert Green is better than Paul Robinson? www.whufc.com


Sack Steve McClaren? by jo k Q: He was never the right for the england job, even if we qualify for Euro 2008 we would have found it hard to win aganist the big teams

A: You're right.England need someone with balls for manager.McClaren hasn't got them.

Back to Steve McClaren.? by gerard Q: Honestly mate you are probably a nice family man. You're clever too for earning all that dosh. Manager of England though! Who does your team selection, surely it can't be a person of your intelligence and could you please slow down, your rabid enthusiasm is too much for me to handle all at once!

A: I love Steve McLaren, specially when the Englanders get humped!!!

Is Steve McClaren hopeless? by mp01 Q: some say he is the worst England manager in the last 25 years and only got the job for national team to avoid another foreigner

A: Hopeless. He should be replaced by Rick Allen.

why are england loosing to croatia is it because steve mcclaren is a tosser? by craig s Q: who is to blame mcclaren or is it gerard not wanting becks on coz he wants the limelight he never has had i agree with what getting answered 1/ no passion 2/not bothered win or loose 3/ mclaren is a tosser and i hate to say this but we need marinio the ex chelsea manager look whats happened to chelsea since he got sacked not that im bothered i support man u 4/ unrated players 5/HEADLINES for the paper tommorow pitch was wet hahaha thanks for the answers


Is Steve McClaren genius? by Q: From all his years of experiences (of getting sacked), he has learned and built a sucessful strategy on how to dodge the ultimate moment of reject and despair, to assess his position on the league after 10 games to avoid sacking after 12 to 15 games played and either restore or else not damage any more pride on his CV?

A: i do have a soft spot for McLaren. After all he was United assistant coach when we won the treble. However sometimes an excellent assistant coach does not not always mean you will be a excellent head coach. Just ask Brian Kidd

Steve McClaren ,what is this numpty doing? by M4rky d Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l9BFJYiPxA&feature=related LOL. what a crap accent.

A: It was hilarious!!! They showed it on 'Football focus' If i hadn't seen it on there I would of thought this was a fake-a joke-even at McClarens standards! He is clueless!!!!!!!! This just shows everyone what an idiot he is!! lmao could you imagine how hilarious it would be if he spoke English in a Chineese accent?!!!

I want to join the Steve McClaren fan club but the head office is in Croatia: Is this the official one? ? by Smarty Q:

A: You must speak FLUENT Dutch with a delectible English Accent to be a member im afraid..

Will Steve McClaren have the nerve to drop Lampard? I believe he should be dropped without question.? by COYS Q: But will Macca have the courage to do it???

A: He should. But I doubt that whether he has the gut. World Cup showed that Gerrard and Lampard can’t play together in the middle. With Lampard in the squad, Macca has to put Gerrard out to the right, while Lampard can’t do anything as a attacking mid-fielder for England. Gerrard still scores goals even he’s playing out of position. Why don’t simply put Gerrards in the middle, and Lennon on the right as a winger???

Will Steve McClaren make a diffrence? by satouqi Q:

A: I don't think so.

Steve McClaren is rubbish? by CFA Q: We lost to Croatia for Ducks sake!


What will happen to Steve McClaren now? Should he stay English teams coach or not? by R Q: What will happen? Will England qualify for Euro??

A: Bye,bye "Mrs.Robinson",Bye,bye S.McClaren!!! They didn't beat Macedonia,they lost from Croatia so Bye,bye quality for Euro!!!!

Is Steve McClaren Just Mike Basset? by Mustapher Crap Q: Who wants a bet he'll be managing Tranmere Rovers in a couple of years


Do you English really hate Steve McClaren this much? by Rafa! Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN_V38pUeS4&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ewhoateallthepies%2Etv%2F

A: Oh my God! That man was soooooooo horrible! Personally no i do not hate him. I do not believe that he is the right manager for the England job and would prefer Sam Allardyce or Steve Coppel over him any day. But at the end of the day, every coach is a qualified coach and would do better than me and the vast majority of the English public. He plays players out of position, bad move. I think its pretty obvious that Fatty Frank (Frank Lampard) and Stevie G can not play in the same midfield. Frank Lampard, though he had a decent game in midweek against Germany rarely ever plays good for England (only for Chav$ki!). He should be dropped. Paul Robinson should be dropped as well, David James form is better than him. David Beckham was playing great for Real Madrid and he wasn't picked by Steve Mclaren then, so why when he is unfit? He deserves a chance, but he better with the two euro qualifiers against Croatia and Israel , else the press and fans will go mad!

Do you think that new manager Steve McClaren can take England all the way? by beautifulgamer Q: > Click below to see what I wrote on this subject: http://beautifulgamer.blogspot.com/2006/08/can-mcclaren-take-england-all-way.html

A: No, too much effort to read that. All the way to another "we're threatening to win it all even though we have no skill and no creative attacking ideas" QF and out in 2010. Land of Eng once again prove how stupid they are when it comes to playing the game they co-invented with the Land of Scot.

Will Steve McClaren be a repeat of Graham Taylor? by pantocool Q: Things are looking this way so far.

A: 1 defeat and the whole collapsed? Italy drew with Lithuania and lost to France, something that England 'achieved'. I didn't hear Italians moaning too loudly. You don't get prizes for winning your group. There are 2 spots to Euro 2008, I am dead certain England will be in one of them.

Does last night's England win do anything to change Steve McClaren's position? by hello world Q:

A: no it would be ridiculous to change our mind about him after a match with andorra...not only was it a team that really had no chance but its not like we played all that great either

Where can i find a video clip of the incedent when a fan threw his season ticket at steve mcclaren at.....? by Becki Q: middlesbrough? Please i need this clip!!

A: hmm.. i suggest you look for in on YouTube.....or search it on "google" but with certain keywords, you know?

Is Steve McClaren the right man for Chelsea? by tOuz Q: ..or do they deserve worse/

A: ya old Stevie gonna make them move to L1.... =8~/

Does any1 think Steve McClaren choosing John Terry as the England captain was the wrong decision? by Nelly-Abi Q: I think Steven gerrard deserved it WAAAYY more he has took Liverpool to WAAYY higher heights than John Terry has or will ever do(thats my opinion)

A: John Terry's appointment as the new captain was the right decision although i favour Steven Gerrard for the captaincy. anyway, he has done a good job for ENGLAND & keep it up.

Do you agree with Coach Steve McClaren's discision on dropping Davin Beckham from the team? by Olivia Q:

A: no it was wrong,,he is the only one that trys ,,,they will regret it

How stupid is Steve McClaren? by aamir451079 Q: Can someone please tell me why Wes Brown, Wayne Bridge and Ledley King were all selected ahead of Jamie Carragher? There is no way any of them are better than Carra. Carragher is inconsistent? Are you out of your mind? Even the most ignorant Man U or Everton fan would admit that Carra is one of the world's most consistent defenders!

A: carragher is one of most consistent defenders in the WORLD!! im a gunners fan n i think that the scouser is a great fighter..n yes steve is STUPID!! i mean wes brown???? y doesnt he put freakin owen in defence then??

Steve McClaren; "One of the saddest days of my career" - after his dismissal. Oh aye? by nativexile Q: Perhaps so...but maybe the meaning of 'sadness' would have been truly magnified if F.A. decided not to forward any monies owed to him. Discuss.

A: i think you are so right. like ppl say things like mcClaren should of never took the job cause he didnt have the experience OR steve stanton the previous irish manager should i never said yes to the FAI when they asked him if he knew he couldnt do the job. but in fairness if you you where going to get such a high wage for doing your job and then just in the off chance that you couldnt do it they would give you a couple of million pounds pay off to stop working wouldnt you give it a shot? i blame the ppl in charge the FA in england and the FAI in ireland for giving ppl who obviously dont have the credintials and knowledge to do the job the job! what are THEY thinking??? Maybe its THEM who cant do there job!!!

Is it not time we forgave Steve McClaren? by Q: he has a family ffs.

A: i'm not sure will english nottingham forest fans will forgive him what he he did for their club and even worse, he also did bad for country

Is it true that Steve McClaren wants to recall Benny Hill to play as a goalkeeper ? by StéphanDeGlasgow Q: Go on, I'm not a Scot anyway. Just look at Robinson's og at high speed and with the Benny Hill tune, hilarious !

A: Let's face it mates - who scored that goal? It wasn't Paul Robinson; it is recorded against Gary Neville as an own goal. When we were taught how to play football, defenders were told not to pass the ball to their goalie between the posts but off it. However, the English don't seem to obey that rule; the defenders pass like that to the goalies at every premiership game. If Neville passed the ball off the goal posts, the ball could still have bubbled between Robinson's legs but it would've been a corner kick. You and I know that Robinson couldn't catch the ball because it was a back pass. And that bubble could beat any keeper - ask Lehman, Buffon, Dida. It is no use saying the pitch was bad. I have seen Chelsea's pitch in a worse state. You think Robinson is bad? Okay, bring on calamity James. The question is, is McClaren the man? 5-3-2 in 2006! Brazil will wallop the Three Lions 10-zero, with or without Benny Hill's ghost dashing from post to post.

What is Steve McClaren's excuse for 10 English Champions League finalists not playing in this summer's Euro's? by D Q: a) He is not a football manager. b) He is not a football manager. c) He is not a football manager. d) He is not a football manager and ......................

A: ......he was too composed with what he did to the team. He was not worrying about the consequences of playing random lineups and formations during qualifying, and then decided it was time to change keepers in the last game. Stupid timing and he is just a f***ing prick.

Is it a "JOKE" if Steve McClaren becomes the next Villa manager? by Q: I think every Villa fan including myself should already be going down Villa Park and protesting against this happening, i don't care if he done well with Wolfsburg and FC Twente. the guy is a bumbling buffoon who i can't stand. I'd be happy with Alan Curbishley if things came to the worst.

A: I don't think he would be a bad signing, at least compared to your favoured Alan Curbishley. Alan has done all his management in the last 3 years on TV rather than on the pitch. McClaren does have a boring yet functional style. If you ask me, I'd say NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Who thinx that Alan Smith has been getting up to no good with Michael Owen and Steve McClaren................. by Super-sexy xx Q: in the boys changing rooms??? For some strange reason he was getting picked to play for England alongside former batty boy, Micheal Owen....hhhmmm do you think that McClaren gives them both abit of overtime in the showers??


What do u think about steve McClaren picking John terry as the new England captain? by Gates Q:

A: Good choice. Terry should have been made captain ages ago.

England Team, What would you do if you were in Steve McClaren's place? by v3gas4ce Q: Wow a lot to ask here, now with the way the England team is performing it would be a hard choice for anyone who knows football to replace anyone in the current team (beating Israel 3-0 and Russia 3-0, also winning the last 4 Qualifying games and not conceding goals). With the likes of the players coming in the team back from injury or suspension or just not being included Eg: Gary Nevillie, Ledley King, Frank Lampard, Owen Hargeaves, Michael Carrick, David Beckham, Darren Bent and Wayne Rooney how could any manager leave out those kinds of players, you wouldn't find many league sides doing it but it seems to be working wonders for this English team and they are doing damn fine too. The most impressive thing i think is the amount of partnerships there are in this team now and how well they play together. but if you were in charge how would you handle this, break up this team add more experience leave it as it is and hope that it's a winning formula?? personally i think it's a case of "too many Chiefs not enough Indians" there is/are simply too many players who want to dictate the style of play and tempo of the game instead of leaving it down to one player like in the past couple of games "Steven Gerrard" start bringing back Lampard or Beckham they would try to play the game their way and have a negative effect on it. thats my two cents anyway let me know what you think. thx

A: Injuries to the 'regular' star players (Beckham, Lamps, Rooney, Hargreaves) resulted in positive results for McLaren, the players, and the country. Although Israel and Russia are not among the topflight soccer nations, still there were strong indications that this England team (without the tried&trusted) can excel further when facing opponents like Croatia, Germany or Brazil. It is a platform for McLaren to tweak further when the stars are injury-free and available. I'd need to be aware NOT to pare Lamps and Gerrard together in the same game; that the Heskey-Owen is a winning combination, works well enough and should be allowed to perform further before considering Crouch or Rooney to sub Owen or Heskey; that Gareth Barry must now be considered as a mainstay instead of Becks; that Lamps should be the automatic choice because of his winning goals (Liverpool has won big EPL games without Gerrard of late); McLaren will be enjoying tweaking for the remainder qualifier games - I hope he will curb his natural appetite for 'big names' who may bog down the game for the rest; and be courageous enough to field the likes of Barry, Richards, Heskey-Owen. Players such as Andy Johnson and Alan Smith, Stuart Downing are mediocre at best.

Breaking news: Steve McClaren and Sam Allardyce interviewed by Hicks and Gillet. Who will be appointed? by Gabriel Shear Q:


Will Steve McClaren be a good manager for Liverpool for the next season? by Gabriel Shear Q: McClaren claims his stint with the England national team made him better. What better place to prove his managerial acumen than Anfield. So what say you? http://football365.com/story/0,17033,8652_3057531,00.html

A: i don't think even mc claren would stoop that low.

Did you hear about Steve McClaren resigning from Nottingham Forest haha.? by Q: It is any surprise to you? The guy is a buffoon and it didn't surprise me one bit, Has anyone seen the video where he tries to speak Dutch and German lol sacked from Wolfsberg for being too dumb. Nottingham Forest are 21st in the Championship and their goal difference is -11 and have got 8 points from 10 games. Absolutely terrible.

A: no not a surprise, the thing is why did mcclaren even joined, he thinks his bigger than nottingham forest, moaning that he missed out on 2 PL players, regardless of the result, he still was gonna resign, nottingham forest shouldn't of sacked billy davies, like c'mon they were actually a team fighting for promotion when before that, they were fighting for relegation

which country is steve mcClaren managing football in? by chloe431420 Q: now?

A: the former Middlesborough and England manager is now managing fc twente from holland/netherlands for currently one season so far and recently played arsenal in a european match

what time do you think Steve McClaren will get the sack closest wins 10 point? by Simon H Q:

A: 9.00am today

I know he is a prolific goal-scorer, but does'nt Micheal Owen and Steve McClaren make you sick? by Super-sexy xx Q: Owen is such a pussy!! I can't play unless it's with Heskey, what a looser!!! Andy Johnson deserves the main strikers role alot more than he does, what has Owen done in the past year, scored two goals on the Saturday just gone, WOW, he is good is'nt he? McClaren is an idiot who could'nt manage a piss up in a brewery!! England are sh1te and have no chance in hell unless he is sacked and Owen stops getting all the attention!!

A: Alright ... Stevie's head is up is #rse ... that I'll grant you ... But in three (four?) previous questions you've been on with Owen and Heskey and that all ... and now this ... Wasting these points does nae well. Stop all this rubbish. England will do fine.

Can anyone suggest a new career for Steve McClaren? by Simon H Q: Got an idea, but do you think he can master this simple phrase "do you want fries with that?"

A: Father Christmas, at least we only see him once a year

Steve McClaren to replace Fabio after the euro? by Q: agree everybody, we love our Steve don't we?

A: i would rather eat cats vomit!

Should Man CITEH appoint Steve McClaren as manager? by Taking the Wee Mickey Option™ Q: One of the papers reported that Man CITEH lacked English backbone. They can possibly start with an English manager who is doing not too bad in the Dutch league. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2009/may/17/steve-mcclaren-fctwente-cup-final

A: A mediocre manager for a mediocre club..........good match.

I reckon Rafael Benitez won't be sacked until Steve McClaren is available XOXO? by Brass Q: So reds continue its 1 point every 3 match pace XOXO Plus McClaren also has a rotation system no one understands, perfect fit for L'pool.

A: A perfect match Except Liverpool have won more than any other club in English football, and Mclaren......er.....hasn't.

Is Steve McClaren fan of Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool or Tottenham Hotspur? by macvanteh Q: 4 players out of the players on the pitch in last 2 matches from Chelsea 3 players out of the players on the pitch in last 2 matches from Manchester United 3 players out of the players on the pitch in last 2 matches from Tottenham Hotspur 3 players out of the players on the pitch in last 2 matches from Liverpool i believe there are other players play in other clubs can do better than the so call all-star.

A: Steve Parker plays for Newcastle, steward Downey plays for the smoggies

What do english fans think of Steve McClaren? by Boy Q: since i'm german fan and mcclaren will coach vfl wolfsburg next season in the bundesliga, what can english fans say about steve mcclaren??

A: wally with a brolly...

Steve McClaren for Liverpool manager next season? by England is Failureland Q: This rumor can't possibly be true. Why would McClaren step down to a lesser club? Twente will be in the UCL next season, while Loserpool will be back in the Eurine League.

A: Well I think that mature users like you are the reason us less intelectual people stay away now days. I am in awe of you

Is there anybody else following the fortunes of Steve McClaren with as much purpose as I ? by Smarty Q: For those who have not noticed, he is doing quite well in the Belgian League and is currently lying 8th with his new team Antwerp.

A: Is Antwerp even in the Belgian League?I'm pretty sure he's still in FC Twente,and yeah he's doing pretty well,they're 4th if I'm not wrong. Thanks for the sarcasm and joke though.

What do you think of Steve McClaren's decision to kick Beckham out of the England squad? by mimi Q: I think it was totally wrong, may be Beckham is not playing as good as he used to play but he is the only reason why the England team is popular. I come from France, and all my friends liked the England team because Beckham was in it. He is the most popular footballer of the England squad. I think he should get back in, unless Steve had a good reason to kick him out. (if England win the Euro cup, forget I said that...)


The BBC have got Steve McClaren in to do the radio commentary for Euro 2008; How big an insult is that? by D Q: Its not a joke. the guy who failed to get England to qualify is actually going to be employed by the BBC in order to enlighten us with his vast knowledge of football. Is there a petition I can sign?

A: Is it April the 1st today?If it wasn't embarrassing enough that England didn't qualify....the ex manager is now gonna give his "expert opinion on the games....the world must be laughing at us....

Who thinks Steve McClaren will get sacked as England Football Manager? by James W Q: England results in Euro 2008 qualifiers are poor, and not good enough! England might not qualify for Euro 2008!

A: He should have not been hired in the first place. Since he was hired, I doubt they will sack him anytime soon. Don't get your hopes up for Euro 08.

Will England have to pay Steve McClaren compensation now that he has been SACKED? by mAsteR Q: He had a 4-year contract and I want to know if they will have to pay him compensation because that will be quite a lot! I think the FA are BIG BIG FOOLS to have given a man like Steve McClaren a 4-year contract!!

A: Figures being tossed around between £2 million and £2.5 million. Divorce is an expensive business, after all.

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