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Steve jobs and bill gates

Pining for Bill Gates
There's a rumor flying around – started on Fortune's website and now all over the internet – that Bill Gates is thinking about stepping back into the CEO role at Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) β€” 'pulling a Steve Jobs,' in the words of one online journalist. ...

Microsoft's Gates Returning as CEO Would Prove a Bad Move
NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates could be considering a return as Microsoft CEO, according to a Fortune report. There are many reasons that won't happen. Is Bill Gates about to pull a Steve Jobs? That seems to be the inference of a new ...

Steve Jobs' biographer is hometown son Walter Isaacson
It wasn't public if he did, said Isaacson, although Jobs' wife, Laurene Powell, is dedicated to supporting educational causes. β€œHe was contemptuous of (Microsoft founder) Bill Gates, saying he was now into philanthropy because he couldn't make good ...

European dilemma like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
So here the European Union stands, one foot in one strategy, one foot in the other, not sure whether to go back or go forward. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates may not have agreed on much, but they would concur on this - in the end, you have to choose.

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DorogasCousin Genius (noun) - A person who drops out of college, rips off his partner, and becomes rich. See: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerburg

grimlockbacon Friend's idea on how the Internet was invented: "Steve Jobs and Bill Gates teamed together to form the Internet." Sounds like a comic book.

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DissidiaDF It still shocks me how many people don't know who Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are.


bill gates and steve jobs battle of wealth? by Nick Q: Bill gates has 50 billion dollars because made an operating system called windows which everyone buys but steve jobs invented the mac AND his own operating system but only has 5 billion dollars.I know that steve jobs's salary is only $1 but he surley should have more money then that.

A: Bill Gates owns 8% of Microsoft stock and is its single largest shareholder...(most of this wealth is locked up in the stock but his cost basis must be negligible as compared to Microsoft's stock price after 8 splits). Steve Jobs does not hold so much of Apple's stock.

How do u think computers would be today if bill gates and steve jobs still worked? by Andreu Q: How do u think computers would be today if bill gates and steve jobs still worked with each other like they did back in the early 80's Im talking about when micosoft made most of the software for apple

A: I'm not too sure they really "worked" together. It was more like Steve Jobs stealing technology from Xerox, which was in turn stolen by Bill Gates. Then Bill Gates beat Jobs to the PC market with Windows. Now if those two great minds did in fact work together throughout recent computer history, then I don't think we would have come as far as we have. Them going in separate directions paved the way for a much more diverse industry, instead of building on the same technology and ideas, which would have kept computer technology more streamlined.

Questions about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? by vampiree Q: I was wondering why Steve Job's net worth was only $8.3 billion, while his company is currently richer than the US Treasury. Also, what is up with the ordeal of him only making $1 per year? How is that even possible for someone who owns one of the world's most prosperous and lucrative businesses? Furthermore, why is Bill Gate's net worth a whopping $59 billion, when Microsoft is currently not as rich as Apple?

A: Doesn't matter now how much money,what good would it be to him now ?

Who would make a better president Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, who would you vote for? by kaykay Q: and please don't bring up Jobs health as an issue, think about the Jobs you knew people Mondays WWDC , MAYBE Bill Gates and Steve Jobs from a year ago.

A: At least Bill is a philanthropist. He and his wife have set up the Bill Gates foundation for malaria research. Steve Jobs hasn't really done much for society and he prefers to keep to himself. I'd vote for Gates anyday.

What if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were not born? by Richard B Q: Can you imagine what will be the world today if these two, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were not born? I will treat you baked chicken in our home if chosen as the best answer.

A: There are 2 types of inventions/breakthroughs in science and human knowledge. The first is an inevitable breakthrough. For example - The telephone, the patent for which was given in practically at the same time by 2 different people while others were working on developing it and fell behind. It was just a matter of time until it'd get to that. Same goes for practically all inventions throughout human history - The human knowledge keeps advancing and builds one atop of the other - A person has a breakthrough, then many others follow it and develop something better or something completely unrelated based on the previous technology, idea or thought. For most inventions - It's just a matter of time. The other type is unique extraordinary breakthroughs which have nothing to do with any previous knowledge or theory. An example would Einstein's theory of relativity which redefined the whole human knowledge of physics and the universe. To come up with something so extraordinary as the theory of relativity, it would certainly take a true strike of genius and completely unorthodox thought to achieve - Not to mention going against everything humanity knows as fact. The inventions which Bill Gates and Steve Jobs introduced were inevitable. Computers were getting smaller and smaller, as well as more sophisticated. Same goes for software. As for Bill and windows - Linux is based on Unix which was invented decades before Windows came to be so in the long run, without Bill - There might have even been a better operating system used by the masses. Also, Windows is based on Dos and Dos had nothing to do with Bill Gates - Except him buying it and reselling it for a higher price. As for personal computers - There were many competitors to Steve Jobs' apple and Macintosh - Such as the TRS-80 or the Commodore PET. Many other PCs came even long before that. Also, most of the technologies of Microsoft's products were actually bought from existing external companies, where as Steve simply takes a certain product market that already exists and designs a product to dominate that market. All in all - Those 2 contributed A LOT to the world, but had they never existed, it would just be a matter of time until whatever their companies created would be created by others instead. As a mild believer in the butterfly theory, there's no doubt the world would look very different nowadays without Bill and Steve. The question is.. would it be worse?

How would a cage match between steve jobs and bill gates go down? by Mazinator Q: i think steve would just throw money, while bill beats the shit out of steve.

A: oh u should make it a special referee match with special referee Sergey Bin or Larry Page

Who is a better orator Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? by Bob Q: I need to do a large essay (8-10 pages) on a good orator. I am not very interested in politics and so I decided to do either Bill Gates or Steve Jobs (if you know anyone else interesting who is not a politician I'll take it into consideration). Which of these people is more interesting to write about, in your opinion and which is a better speaker that can best be analyzed on rhetoric? Please link some of their famous speeches or any useful information as well. Thanks in advance.

A: I really don't know. Why am I posting this then? Well it's because i think you'd do better picking a politician. Like Nixon and him buying dogs for children with campaign money. It's a lot easier (I think) to pick apart a politician's speech than another's speech. And you need to write 8-10 pages. There are plenty of good political orators out there. Thinking a person is a good orator does not mean that you necessarily have to agree with their politics. I've heard people talk about Hitler's good oratory skills as an explanation on how he was able to woo such an intelligent country and have it follow an evil agenda. Just some advice. Good luck with whatever you end up doing.

Why do so many people hate Bill Gates, but not Steve Jobs? by JK Q: Some people hate Bill Gates because he's greedy. We must pay for his softwares. But, Steve Jobs do that, too. Steve Jobs' stuff is even more expensive than Bill Gates'. Is that happening because Bill Gates is the richest guy or something else? The last question and do not have the relation with the question above. Are these people nerds and introverts: Bill Gates Steve Jobs Steve wozniak Linus Torvald Lawrence Ellison Michael Dell Larry Page and so many more..

A: Many people are jealous of Bill Gates because he is the richest man in the world. The people that supposedly hate him probably have never even met him or even really know anything about him. Actually Bill Gates is a very generous man. The people that you have listed are leaders of the computer business and I doubt that they got where they are by being nerds or introverts.

Would you like to watch Bill Gates & Steve Jobs contending at Dancing with the stars? by Mr Jack Q: Steve Wozniak appears tonight at the show, and he said people could be more interested in the show if they see Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the show dancing as he did. As a spectator would you really like to see that? What dances would you like to see them perform? I imagine old fashioned Bill Gates dancing an english waltz; however, I Imagine Steve Jobs dancing high energy music, break dance or even latin rhythms. What do you think?

A: yes i would love to watch them..

How much $$$ does Steve Jobs and Bill Gates make a minute? by Joey Q: Please answer like this Steve Jobs: Bill Gates:

A: more then one of my pay checks

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