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ssstevieb RT @reddit: Stephen Colbert impersonates a nuclear explosion [videos] 740 points, submitted by Hawtt [http://t.co/hmKBrT7H] http://t.co/uvZ1uBeS

SoStephColbert Stephen Colbert Occupy Wall Street Video | Mediaite http://t.co/5hpbTjfX

xmasinfrisko ♬ Stephen Colbert & John Legend - Nutmeg ♬ http://t.co/oKDxjmBk #nowplaying

santoshlamb RT @elephantjournal: Stephen Colbert is: Nuclear Explosion. http://t.co/FlNSHS8H #nonukes

bbluuuee RT @reddit: Stephen Colbert impersonates a nuclear explosion [videos] 740 points, submitted by Hawtt [http://t.co/hmKBrT7H] http://t.co/uvZ1uBeS

elephantjournal Stephen Colbert is: Nuclear Explosion. http://t.co/FlNSHS8H #nonukes

SoStephColbert Stephen Colbert Ridicules The History Of Racial Stereotypes Made ... http://t.co/R8AW94GV

maitsmaits Via @elephantjournal Stephen Colbert is: Nuclear Explosion. http://t.co/DXAxxxAb

somekindaweirdo RT @reddit: Stephen Colbert impersonates a nuclear explosion [videos] 740 points, submitted by Hawtt [http://t.co/hmKBrT7H] http://t.co/uvZ1uBeS

CheChic #che RT @SoStephColbert2011Stephen Colbert Goes to Zuccoti Park Dressed as Che Guevara ... http://t.co/d9fXY6HD

CharlesKFoster Stephen Colbert impersonates a nuclear explosion http://t.co/nfJjW9CS

MFBATZ Stephen Colbert impersonates nuclear explosion. http://t.co/I29WKuds

SoStephColbert Stephen Colbert Goes to Zuccoti Park Dressed as Che Guevara ... http://t.co/FOaH6IOt

flipcritic Jon Stewart and @StephenAtHome visit @ConanOBrien on his last night in NYC http://t.co/wnXrtgtA


Who do Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert support in the presidential election? by Kirby Q: So I've heard a lot about celebrities and which candidate they support in this upcoming presidential election...but I haven't heard who Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are backing. If anybody knows, I'd be interested to know the opinions of these two.

A: Jon Stewart supports Obama; it says on the Obama website. Stephen Colbert has been pretty hush-hush about it, but he has an image to protect. There has been speculation that he supports Obama too. He made a joke about supporting him in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Where will Stephen Colbert be at the Olympics? by Trillian Q: Where will Stephen Colbert be during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? He says he is going but when will he be there, and will he be taping his show?

A: Stephen Colbert will be appearing live at Creekside Park next to Science World at 1455 Quebec Street in Vancouver, BC on February 17th and 18th at 9:15am. They'll gather material and then do one live taping from there.

What is the deal with Dr. House and Stephen Colbert? by Turd F Q: I noticed that Stephen Colbert has had a portrait of Dr House (Hugh Laurie) on his set for quite a while. Then on Monday's episode, Dr. House had a photo of Stephen Colbert on his desk in the background.

A: TV satirist Stephen Colbert has several pictures of 'enemies' on the mantle-piece of his show's set; one of these of is Hugh Laurie, due to both Laurie's show winning an Emmy over Colbert's, and because Laurie received an OBE while Colbert did not. In an episode in the middle of House's fifth season, a picture of Colbert can be seen on House's desk.

Where can I find some nifty posters of Stephen Colbert? by Melissa Q: I need a Colbert poster for my dorm. I can't seem to find much variety when I search on the internet. The same poster of the paining above his fireplace keeps coming up, and I don't particularly want that one. Anyone here with a Stephen Colbert poster want to give me a heads up where I can find one?

A: try amazon or search google images and print one u like and get it made into one at like staples for ex.

Are you watching the territorial debate between Stephen Colbert and John Edwards? by ArRo Q: They both claim to be the "favorite son" in South Carolina. Not only that, Barak Obama thinks he has the black vote in that state, and Hillary thinks she has the most votes there. I never thought thatSouthern Carolina would have become such a focal point in these campaigns, and I think we have to thank Stephen Colbert for running as both a Democrat and a Republican in that state. It's a strange development!

A: Indeed it is a strange development :) I like all the supposed facts you cite (I don't know offhand, but last I heard Colbert has 13%, unusually high, do not know anything else about the state), reinforces your point that we don't know what is going to happen. I hope Colbert wins and they color the state white (so we get red white and blue states on the giant map).

What street in Montclair does Stephen Colbert live on? by natbeast Q: I live in Montclair, NJ and I know Stephen Colbert does too. Does anybody know what street he lives on? There are lots of nice homes here!

A: Easy Street. LOL

What makes Stephen Colbert a great communicator? by Troy Q: I am preparing a speech for my class as to what makes Stephen Colbert a great communicator. I know he uses humor in an effective way, but I am drawing a blank on other examples. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A: His ability to relate to people, and his ability to articulate his message.

How can I send Stephen Colbert a Wedding Invitation? by Shawna Q: I've heard of sending the president and mickey mouse invitations, but the celebrity I really love is Stephen Colbert! I have no fantasies of him actually showing up at my wedding, but a congrats letter from him might be nice. How can I mail him an invite? Anyone have his address?

A: Colbert lives in Montclair, New Jersey .This board is reserved for discussions about: Stephen Colbert http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0170306/board ------- Colbert lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with his wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert, who appeared with him in an episode of Strangers with Candy as his mother.The couple have three children: Madeline, Peter, and John, all of whom have appeared on The Daily Show http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Colbert#Personal_life

Stephen colbert? by Frank Q: I need a link to a video of when stephen colbert says he gave katie couric a wrist strong bracelet and she promised to wear it on her show. Then they show the clip and shes not wearing it and he says "WHAT THE FU**"

A: Did u check his website? He is pretty liberal w/his video's.

Stephen Colbert? by Kween Bobby Q: I know this makes me sound stupid, but I watch the Colbert Report and I've seen Stephen's antics and I was wondering...is he really running for president?

A: He's definitely running, but I doubt he's "serious" about winning.

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