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Staten Island clown

Creepy Clown Is Creeping Out Staten Island (PHOTOS)
Staten Islanders have been posting pictures and videos on social media of a person dressed up like a clown wearing a yellow outfit, red shoes and a mask while holding balloons and waving to the cameras, the Staten Island Advance reported. The clown has ...

We Think We Know Why There Is a Creepy Clown Walking Around Staten Island
Images of a creepy clown carrying balloons around New York City's Staten Island have surfaced on social media in the past week — but new evidence suggests it maybe part of a viral stunt for a film company. A mysterious clown has been terrifying New ...

Lurking Staten Island clown creeps out local residents
STATEN ISLAND — Bring on the nightmares. A man dressed in a clown suit is apparently hanging around Staten Island, holding balloons and not doing much else, the Staten Island Advance reports. Is it a crime to hold balloons and just stand there? Well, no.

Clown conspiracy? Four men with Staten Island ties may have trolled borough ...
A series of images posted to social media showing a creepy, mysterious clown roving the borough was shared to Instagram and Facebook by four Staten Island men who have ties to each other and a New York City production company. Three of the men ...

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A: Boo, you suck

would you say this was rape? by Barking Lunchbox Q: getting sensible answers to this (for once) serious question, requires I provide more than a bit of background information. Back in 2004, for reasons I guess I'm not too proud of, my family had me thrown in a loony bin. They opted for that instead of a budget brainhaul in the form of an ECT or an icepick lobotomy, I guess. Anyway, it was, as nuthouses go, quite ritzy and attracted only the cream of the cracked crowd, Meaning either wealthy or well insured. The co-ed residence was a fancy old Corinthian columned three story Gone With the Gale-Type mansion, and during the day we went by bus to the daytime facility, where we sat through endless lectures and classes design to learn and unloon us (as in how to deal with our anger without committing arson or AWDW), painted, played music and volleyball, worked in the garden, and sat around outside smoking like stoves and looking at perhaps the greatest collection of ornamental swiss chard and day lilies on the planet. Anyway, one of the other clients was a female who had been through a nearly indescribably afwul trauma (word was she saw her husband and kid murdered in front of her). Her behavior was wildly erratic. She showed signs of textbook paranoid schizophrenia (among other things) and near terminal confusion. She was also very, very pretty, and attracted a lot of attention from the male inmates (many of whom were there to, quite deliberately, be diagnosed and certified as suffering from as many three and four letter acronymed designer mental afflictions as possible, to aid in their ongoing effort to be supported in the lap of relative loon-luxury by the government). But, as I said, her behavior was erratic. Sometimes tossing a cheerful "good morning" in her direction would elicit a flood of vile and scatalogical epithets that would make a Staten Island dockworker blush, delivered wildly and angrily, and often accompanied by acts of physical punctuation, like having a cup of coffee or a can of Coke being thrown...bounce, splatter, drip down the wall...at the platitudiner that precipitated the outburst. Other times she was withdrawn and surly. Still others she was snivelly, weak, frightened, clingy, and very, very vulnerable. A few of the guys that were willing to wait for THOSE periods took advantage of them, in the predictable way. I never did - I wanted to. Hell, I'm human, and I was pretty tired of painting landscapes to sell at the bi-monthly bughouse art show and peeling the psychotic black girl (there's ALWAYS a psychotic black girl) off of a female client she had attacked because she was absolutely sure she had been sending mind controlled roaches into her handbag to make off with her whitening strips or something - and I would have loved to have a bit in the way of horizontal WOOOF.....snort, slobber, root, root root, BOY HOWDY, yowsuh, yowsuh yowsuh, instead of trying to pry the pages of last month's Maxim apart and take it to the can. And what not. But I digress. Anyway, I never did. Take advanatge of her, I mean. But at least two other clowns did. So, anyway, I guess that's the question. Did taking advantage of her compromised condition constitute rape ( the would be or should be legally actionable sort), or just the articulation of basic human amoral opportunism? She never complained to anyone, and nothing ever came of it (and if you are wondering why I did nothing about it, well, let's just say that people in places like that just want to get out, and are loathe to make waves. Bringing up ANYTHING to the fat boys with the white scrubs and the collapsible batons and tasers is typically not included in that effort. I DO feel that for what people had to shell out to be subjected to clumsy attempted brainwashing at that five star bug bin, they could have done a better job of safeguarding people like her. But they didn't, so that's all moot. But anyway, whadda you people think?

A: There are two ways ( maybe more ) to look at your question: legally and ethically. If I hold anyone responsible, it is the hospital staff. They are supposed to be monitoring mentally ill people. However, I am not sure if this was an acute or long term facility. I assume long term as these escapades are more acted out. So, if a staff had sex with her, even with her consent, it would be rape. But, another patient having sex? This gets cloudy as this patient has impaired judgement. Obviously,if someone, such as yourself, as the ability to discern right from wrong, then they should be held accountable. Again, if they are in a facility, the staff needs to own this one. I applaud you for not taking advantage of a mentally compromised woman.

Would you like me as a friend or more? by Mr. Gumbo Q: Hi, im 13 years old. im a caucasin male. my question today is would girls find me attractive. dont post saying no they wouldnt cause your on yahoo answers. lol I alredde have had girlfriends. 1.) crazy sex freak 2.) TOO EMOTIONAL 3.) Ok those were my gf's. anyway i want to know if girls like me name: Ryan Decendest: Irish Live in: New York Grades: 90's to 100's ELA score: math-4 reading-4 Shsat: i got into staten island tech and stuyvessant weight: 118 Height: 5'8 eye color: Pool blue Hair: messy brown hair Hobbies: going to the movies, hanging out, playing video games, i dont like sports that much. Sensitive: Yes Good lover: i guess so Good in bed: ummmmm not that i know of yet lol Want to live in: Some coastal island with my wife, like puetro rico or the bahamas Rich: Yes im upper class but i dont brag about it Straght: yes Gay: no Freinds in #'s: all togeather maybe 23 dance: i can Future job: hmmm either an author or a lawyer Afraid of planes: no i love them Afraid of: multi-legged bugs, clowns, dolls Like beaches: yes they are peacful so that was a survey from online. just from that and this paragraph i would say im multi talented. i hate girls that try to fuc you every 5min. i love girls when they can be romantic and loving. i am a virgin if that helps lol i do well in school, i am in honors or scholars. i won the math bee. i dont have glasses. i am not racist. my fav shows are the twilight zone, rugrats, geaorge lopez, mythbusters. i dont like girls that go out with muscle jocks and then they cry when they get hurt by the jock. i dont believe every realantionship with a girl my age has to be sexual. so from that do you think i am: a nice guy a loser a good friend a good lover someone you would go out with i know this isnt a dating website and im not asking for a date, i just want to know if girls out there like me for who i am

A: you sound like a cutie but your only 13 remember but its okay

whos your favorite cast in jersey shore and why? by Fabian Q:

A: Well, I like Jenni for the 2 obvious reasons, but also because she seems like the realest one in the house. She looks like she's actually lived in the "real world" at some point, and is more grounded. The rest.......all need a serious beat down and need to get real. Mike, plays like he's all that.....but he's just a little puss and a trouble maker. He's two faced, and sneaky......but he gets off some of the best lines though, I'll give him that. Pauly is nice, and apparently very friendly........but he strikes me as a little out there, too. I don't know......too pampered, too spoiled growing up......but it's like he's got no sense of the real actual world. Snooki is fun and cute........but Lord, she's dumb as a post. Sammi......UGH.......No, just NO! What a freaking drama queen. And she's a LOUSY drunk. One of these types that just nasty and mean. Who the hell needs that ? Ron......needs to lay off the steroids. They are apparently effecting his brain if he thinks Sammi is all that. Deena.......again, just a flat out NO. Loud, obnoxious, a sloppy falling down drunk......and she's got some nerve calling anyone else a grenade. She should check herself in the mirror. Vinny......he's like the comic relief........trying to be all that, and be down with the hood.......but he comes off like a clown, If the camera's weren't there, he'd be LAUGHED out of the clubs with that act. White Staten Island momma's boy trying to prove he's DOWN in the clubs., What a JOKE. and Angelina.......well all that you can say about Angelina, is , thank God she's gone. what an annoying sorry sack of sh*t she was. Yeah, I gotta go with Jenni............she's cool.

Is Mittens avoiding the Northeast because it will be difficult for people to vote there? by Foghorn Q: How many people here are taking this bunghole seriously? You look up the word crooked Politician in the dictionary and you see Mittens face on it. If I was running for office I would at least visit the place that got hit by a massive hurricane. What does that tell you about this clown?

A: He doesn't want to get his little mittens dirty. Those horrific gas lines and the psycho Mayor Bloomberg running the NY Marathon anyway through Staten Island. Well, that's just too much like helping common people and taking responsibility of the 47% which he has sworn off and then flip flopped on

what would you do if a creepy clown was running through your city/neighborhood? by Archiecomicxfan215 Q: this is happening where I live, its creepy http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/24/clown-staten-island-creepy_n_5023450.html

New York, can you keep your Staten Islanders out of Jersey? by Red State Televangelist Q: I am tired of their roid rages and girls with fake tans and clown makeup Tell them to stay the hell off of our shore in the summer, we are reclaiming Belmar and Seaside!

A: Actually, I'm ready to just give the whole island to Jersey, considering it's much easier to get to NJ from SI than to get to the rest of NYC, but what do I know?

Who is a good children's entertainer for a birthday party on Staten Island? by Staten Island Mom Q: I'm looking for a Staten Island clown that does balloon twisting and games. Thank you for the information on Skats the Clown. It's funny because someone else on another forum suggested him, too. I'll go with my instincts and give him a call.

A: Skats the Clown. He makes balloon animals and characters, plays games with the kids and keeps them entertained. He's got a good reputation and he's been in the children's entertainment business for about 15 years.

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