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MatheusMarlley1 @GbbbeGraphic Estou Participando Do Concurso http://t.co/olurZJ6E os NCGs estão bons D+

MatheusMarlley1 @GbbbeGraphic Estou Participando Do Concurso http://t.co/olurZJ6E o primeiro passo é aparecer no SD-br e SD-truques

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How do you get a colored background in your album on stardoll? by ረმρἶຮ ツ Q: Ok I'm not very good at explaining things so sorry if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about xP. In your album on stardoll, on the pages inside how do you change it from white to a different colour or background?

A: You have to go to the suite shop and either buy the pink floor for four dollars or you can buy the Abyss or something like that. Or you can use clothes or items in your suite as a back round you just make it really big. Hope I Helped! :) P.S. Add me on Stardoll I am preciousangel33 & ..preciousangel & xoxopamelaxoxo please tell me how you met me in the request so I know its you. If you need more help ask my on there.

How can I be a stardoll employee without changing my email? by kayla Q: Please tell me how to be a stardoll employee. I only have 8 days of superstar left. Please help me!

A: you cant just become an employee, sorry! i wish.... :P add me! my name is evenlighter :)

How do you get pink highlights in stardoll? by Lindsea N Q: I have gone everywhere in the stardoll mall, i am a superstar but i cant find any cool color highlights. HELP!

A: when you get 600 starpoints there will be a new hairstyle that has pink highlights. Also DOREE in the starplaza has highlights but none are pink right now. It changes all the time though so dont worry, pink will come soon. To get to DOREE at the top got to starbeauty then DOREE then on the left click highlights! :D

How do you get free stardollars on stardoll and free starpoints? by sweetbunny147 Q: On stardoll my user is sweetbunny149. I will like to know how do i get free stardollars/starpoints because i need both of them really bad. I only have 32 stardollars on stardoll but i need more and i have 400 starpoints i need more so can someone please help me? If you give me a really good answer, then if you have a stardoll account i will send you a gift. But someone pls help the lonley !!

A: There is no way to get free stardollars by cheats.none do work and it just takes up your time.You could check the stardoll magazine and there is usually competition you can enter that will give you stardollars if you win.The more starpoints you get the more stardollars will be at each reward.I have 982 starpoints and only 19 stardollars! To get more starpoints make sure you sign in at least 4 times a week and send messages,create scneerys , save dolls in your album and sign guestbooks.Doing these will get you more starpoints! my username on stardoll is ssrh come and visit if you like!

StARDOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Danichkaa♥ Q: this sounds kinda weird, but i whoever has a stardoll, can you please, please, please check out my suite, and medoll!!!! IVE BEEN A MEMBER FOR 19 MONTHS, AND NOT EVEN ONCE, I EVER BECAME COVERGIRL =[ CAN YOU PLEASE VOTE ME CG IF U THINK I DESERVE IT... ALSO, ADD ME =] THANK YOU SO MUCH! lol, i forgot...my medoll name is Futurevet2022

A: mmkayy mine's oOxXAmberXxOo

STARDOLL!?!?!?!?!?!?!? by =] Q: On stardoll, if there are free things from other countries, sometimes you use a manual proxy to get it. When I do that, then click on the link, it just says Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage. I have internet explorer. I go on tools ---------> internet options ------------> Connections ------------> LAN Settings ----------> Click the use a proxy box and put in the correct proxy and port. Does anyone know why this is happening? Does anyone know how to fix it? Any help is useful?

A: Have you tried a web proxy? http://www.homecomputer.ro http://www.findyourdating.com They are located in Germany

StarDoll???????? by Melissa♥ Q: Does this work for any of you with a StarDoll? 1. copy this in 5 other people's guest books 2. go to medoll 3. press F9 and F2 at teh same time 4. log out 5. log back in and find 250,000 in your purse

A: No, sorry, I don't have a StarDoll, but I'll tell my sister to try it!

STardoll!! **? by Bethy Q: heya i have stardoll but i dont rly hav much friends, lol, i am a superstar and i am a manger of Buffy_Fans_123 wanna be friends or join my club? BxrockstarxB thx

A: hi im Tohrukun on stardoll, friend request me!

Stardoll !?? by Kaylen R Q: how long does it take for stardoll to send the confirming e-mail?? it's hasn't appeared in my inbox so i can't get my starting $25! i need HELP!

A: Sometimes it can be in your Bulk or Spam Mail, Make sure you dont delete it! or your going to have to ask stardoll for another one, my username is honeybee94 and ur supposed to get it as soon as u sign up!

stardoll?? by Nikole Y Q: okay i have a stardoll acconut and i am not a superstar how do i give my friends free gifts?

A: Nothing is free on www.stardoll.com but if u have 5 stardollars you can send ur friend a write me penguin those are for non memembers!! have funn

Milly and Becky on Stardoll Look like HANNAH MONTANA !! stardoll Stardoll - Celebrity Match Neat little trick on stardoll.com Stardoll Make-Up Tutorial- Katy Perry 'ET' Inspired Looks (#135) REAL STARDOLLS Stardoll Halloween Disney Princesses Make-up Tutorial (read description) #104 Stardoll TV Episode 9 (1 of 2) Stardoll Lady Gaga Make Up tutorial. Stardoll - How to make a HELLO KITTY design ♥ by lale12 Stardoll Make-up Blues (read description) #71 Stardoll - Starpoints Rewards Aly and AJ on stardoll Chat STARDOLL CHEAT FOR STARDOLLARS Stardoll Presentations Ice.Angels Suite on Stardoll.com Stardoll Makeup Tutorial- Disney Princess Cinderella Stardoll Makeover - Glam Look Stardoll Make-up [Quick/Easy Smoky Eyes] (read description) #80 Stardoll stardoll Stardoll Make-Up Tutorial/ Makeover- Kesha (#38) Stardoll Cheats Stardoll Katy Perry ET Make-up Tutorial [Collab w/ Sa...gataki] #114 Stardoll Non-Superstar Outfit/Make-up [Sparkling Party Outfit] (read description) #81 Stardoll Magazine Tutorial Stardoll Card Code Generator (Free Card Codes!) Stardoll Official Gameplay Trailer How to make a 'PUCCA' design on Stardoll. Barbie Transformation (stardoll) Free Stardoll Superstar cheat!! Stardoll Presentations- Scroll Box Tutorial Speechie Stardoll Stardoll - How to make a SPONGEBOB-Design! ♥ By lale12 STARDOLL HACK! HACK ACCOUNTS! SUPERSTAR CHEAT! Stardoll Make-Up Tutorial- Disney #1-Jasmine, Giselle and Alice in Wonderland (#98) Stardoll - How To Make an AMAZING presentation. Wonder Woman - Super-Star Doll Remix Stardoll Cheats Stardoll Makeover/ Make-Up Tutorial- Lady Gaga (#6) New Feature Coming Soon to Stardoll - Style By Room! Stardoll Make-up/Look [DKNY Autumn/Winter 09] (read description) #78 Stardoll Make-up Michelle Phan's Electric Zoo & Leopard Tutorial (read description)#106 Stardoll meets simply EVERYONE from X Factor ! Stardoll 2011 Hack | Let' Play a Stardollars Stardoll Media - About Us -HD.mov Stardoll Make-Up Tutorial- Kesha 'We R Who We R' Inspired Looks (2 in 1) (#117) Stardoll Kim Kardashian & Hayley Williams Inspired Make-up #111 Stardoll Make-Up Tutorial- Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper ' MAC Viva Glam' Inspired Look (#107) Stardoll Make-up Tutorial [Bejewelled-Simple and Cheap] (read description) #93
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