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djkstylz This chick needs a new. She works the printers at staples, but cant work the printers #suchashame

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Music_Maniac Reluctantly leaving my warm house for Staples.

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How do I file complaint against staples about rude service? by goofyjr2004 Q: I would like to file complaint against staples manager about rude service. What should I do? I could not talk to his manager since he is the manager. I filed complaint thru BBB but didnt receive any confirmation email , is it normal?

A: Go postal in the store, then file for insanity in the courtroom.

How do I open my staple gun to insert staples - lost instructions? by planetmairi Q: Haven't used my staple gun for years and I forget how to open it to replace staples ....... doh!

A: on the bottom of the gun it will have a release that you pinch or push up on the opposite end from the stapler head, release it and slide it away from the head or front of the gun then load your staples and push it back towards the head until it latches shut. If you havent used it in awhile you might wanta to use some 3 in 1 oil machine oil or wd40 on it and work it all b4 you load the staples back to help it work easier.

What kind of staple gun and staples do I need? by triston b Q: I want to attach coaxial cable and run it all over the house. There is a special type of nail that is U shaped. What kind of gun and staples do I need for this?

A: I assume you are talking about those standard coax staples. If you are doing it only once in your house, then all you need is just a hammer. Hammer down the staples every few feet and be careful not to crimp the coax. Crimps or kinks tend to severely degrade your signal! Regards.

Where can I buy the short black staples and stapler to repair a bike seat? by Stump Bumper Q: I've searched every hardware store and craft store in town and no one sells anything smaller than 6mm staples which are much too long. I've searched online but found absolutely no products. I can either buy staples and a stapler or two new bike seats. I'd prefer the former. So no one has ever tried to repair a bicycle seat by re-stapling it? I find it hard to believe.

A: Shoe Goo and clothes pins works much better.

How can you tell when staples from an invasive surgery are ready to be removed? by Amber M Q: Other than a general time line, is there any other way to tell if it's okay to remove the staples? Or are you just supposed to remove them a week later? Is there something your supposed to do to be sure it's healing properly BEFORE you remove them? The reason I ask is because my doctor was on vacation and his RN removed them. She did nothing to look at or test it, she just ripped them out. Now my stomach has opened and I will be bedridden for 3 months. I want to know if she did something wrong.

A: Ask the doctor who put them in. I would expect the same doctor would plan to remove them. Did the doctor give you instructions how to keep them clean? If so, I would follow those directions. Unless the doctor specifically told you to remove them, I would absolutely not touch them.

Repairing fabric on chair cushions, how do you get staples out of wood? by smb Q: I'm trying to get the old fabric off my chair cushions and there are hundreds of staples in the wood on the the bottom of the chair. How do you get the staples out of the wood? Some of the staples are flush tight and it's hard to pry anything under them. After much blood and many cuss words, I need some advice. Is there a tool for this?

A: You could try an awl which is just a sharp pointy tool with a handle on it. You may have to tap it lightly with a hammer to drive it under the staple and pry. If you don't have an awl, a good size nail might work. Try to drive it under the staple at an angle. I would suggest wearing some safety goggles as you may end up with staples flying in the air and wouldn't want to get one in your eye.

I pick staples out of my feet the other night and hurted really bad. What should i do? by Angelina Carr Q: I picked staples out of my feet and it hurted really bad. I've been limping for 2 days now, and nonthing stops the pain. Any home remedies?

A: soak your feet in epsome salt.

How many staples would it take to cover the body? by Imagination Station Q: I don't intend to do it, I was just wondering how many staples it would take. I understand the figures would vary depending on how tall and fat you are, but if you used the average person to figure it out, how many would it take?

A: Just one, VERY big staple. But applying it might prove to be fatal to the body in question.

What staples to use for an old stapler without size requirements? by Sammy D Q: I found a really old stapler in my attic but don't know what staples it uses. It says "use only A-910, A-912 or A-914 staples". I doesn't say anything about the size. I think the brand is Apsco. Any ideas on what to use? Thanks

A: A-910?sounds like a very small piece of paper to me.Maybe it's a small stapler used for a small paper.

staples??? by Anna Jo Q: is it painful to have your staples removed after a cesarean? i'm getting mine out tomorrow afternoon, and i'm scared. also...i'm worried about my incision opening back up with nothing left there to hold it closed...is it possible for the incision to reopen?

A: When they removed mine they didnt hurt, I had a couple that had turned so they were a little uncomfortable when they pulled them out, but not really painful. they wouldnt take them out unless they are sure its healed enough to stay closed. Just dont lift anything over heavy.

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