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Standard Chartered of Kenya Drops on Profit Bets: Nairobi Mover
By Eric Ombok on March 12, 2012 Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd. (SCBL), the local unit of Standard Chartered Plc, (STAN) retreated to its lowest level in almost a week, slipping for a second day, on bets it will announce full-year profit dropped in ...

Two Cheers for Double Standards
By STANLEY FISH What is a double standard? It's a double standard when you condemn an opponent for doing or saying something you would approve or excuse if it were said or done by one of your buddies. The double standard that is in the news these days ...

Cooper Standard Reports Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2011 Financial Results
By Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc. NOVI, Mich., March 12, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: COSH), the parent company of Cooper Standard Automotive and a leading global supplier of automotive sealing, fluid and anti-vibration ...

California Probe Finds PG&E Pipeline Record-Keeping 'Sub-Standard'
One of the reports ranked the company's record-keeping a one, on a scale of one to five, in which one is "sub-standard" and five is "transformational," or exceptional. Earlier Monday, PG&E agreed to give $70 million to the city of San Bruno to ...

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What is the difference between standard and advanced studies diplomas in high school? by paul Q: Maybe it's only here in Northern Virginia, but as a high school senior i can graduate with 22 credits and get a standard diploma, or 24 credits and get an advanced studies diploma. Is there any real difference in the long run? Will colleges care which I have? I would have more than 22 credits but would take the standard because I would be one science credit short. Is it worth taking that one course simply to gain an advanced studies diploma? Has anyone faced a similar situation?

A: This is going to vary from state to state but variances could include the numbers of foreign, fine arts, or advanced courses you may need to graduate if on a recommended or advanced plan. Talk to your high school counselor about your plans for the future and if any of the above credits are necessary for your future plans.

When they stop selling standard light bulbs in the US, can I still buy them from Mexico or overseas? by jackbauer Q: I just figured with NAFTA and all, we will be able to buy them there. I've noticed the compact fluorescent bulbs don't last any longer than standard bulbs, and at $5 apiece & gas over $4/gal, I sure as hell am going to stick to standard as much as possible. Not even mentioning the mercury poisoning, to boot.

A: I too have not had great success with the new fluorescent bulbs. They do not last as long as they claim. As an industrial electrician I can tell you that I have personally put the new bulbs to the test with my amp probe and they do pull less current (a.k.a they are cheaper to run). I kept each of the old style bulbs as I swapped them out. I have them stored with newspaper wrapped around them. I also have 2 or 3 boxes of 60 watt and 100 watt bulbs saved back as well. For $20 or $25 bucks you can buy a 40 to 50 bulbs and stash them back. Its probably a super smart move. You won't regret it. Miketyson26

Whats the difference between standard trucks and reverse kingpin? by loopityloop Q: I have reverse kingpin trucks on my longboard and does it make a difference if its standard? I have never ridden a standard.

A: Reverse kingpin trucks have the kingpin on the opposite of the axle than standard trucks. Reverse kingpin trucks can turn tighter than standard trucks, but are taller.

What definition is a standard movie in a theater projected at? by devgru Q: What pixle definition is a standard movie in a theater projected in? Not an IMAX or a 3D film, but a standard cinema projection.

A: If it's film it's the equivalent of several thousand digital pixels. If it's digital it is probably what is called "2K" (2048×1080) at 24 or 48 frames per second, or "4K" (4096×2160) at 24 frames per second.

What is the population standard deviation of the difference between sample means? by Croatian ♃ Angel Q: Show all calculations please. The sample mean for group 1 is 75.5136 The sample mean for group 2 is 67.0361. The population standard deviation of the sample mean for group 1 is 0.42933 The population standard deviation of the sample mean for group 2 is 0.59831. It says: Hint: The variance of the sum or difference between two normally distributed variables is the sum of their variances

A: E[X - Y] = E[X] - E[Y] = 75.5136 - 67.0361 = 8.4775 Var[X - Y] = Var[X] + Var[Y] ........ Note plus sign is not an error. = 0.42933^2 + 0.59831^2 = 0.542299105 Standard deviation of X - Y = sqrt(0.542299105) = 0.7364 (4 dec. pl.) The distribution of X - Y is normal with mean 8.4775 and s.d 0.7364 EDIT. You may be surprised that the standard deviation of the groups combined is larger than either on their own. This is because it is quite possible for a large member of the first to have a low member of the second subtracted and vice-versa causing more variability.

After digital transition, will standard analog cable will work the same? by aaron_esq Q: I have a TV with only the standard analog cable package (CNN, ESPN, etc.). I am worried about digital transition. After February 17, 2009 (when it takes place), will standard analog cable work just as fine. What about buying an HD tuner with that? Is anyone worried about similar situations as well? Do I need digital cable after that date? Do I need to buy a digital converter box or buy a TV with digital signals just in case?

A: You don't have to do anything. The cable companies are under federal orders to continue broadcasting the local Over The Air TV in analog until at least 2012. The FCC will be reviewing their order when 2012 approaches, and might extend the date further. The cable companies do have the option of providing converter boxes instead of the analog transmissions. What they will do regarding their other existing analog TV is up to them. I expect that they will convert some or all to digital as time goes by. If you are not satisfied with their analog offerings, you will have to rent a digital cable box from the cable company. If you do buy a digital TV, then you should buy one with a QAM tuner, in addition to the usual ATSC and NTSC tuners. With these, you can receive digital TV, via antenna, and analog and digital TV via cable (excluding encrypted channels), without a cable box.

What is standard or basic issue for an infantryman in the US army? by Ian C Q: My drama major is requiring me and some others in the class to write a play and we are doing in on a group of american soldiers. I need to know what standard issue is, what are some basic things that soldiers carry?

A: Ruck sack Sleeping bag helmet body armor boots pancho pancho liner shelter half gas mask some very basic stuff

Painting the standard white hull of an Enterprise dinghy a different colour. Where do I start? by Q: I'm restoring a wooden enterprise dinghy and thinking of painting the standard white hull a different colour. Where would I start? Sanding? I assume you would need to create a 'key' for a layer of paint....

A: the first thing to do is to decide what brand of paint you want to use and then follow their prep. instructions. we recently fiberglass and painted a 14' plywood skiff and used interlux paint products (petit also makes easy to use paint) we had had good results using one or two part polyurethane paints. these paints give a hard, very durable high gloss finish. normal steps in prepping a painted boat is to first chemically wash the boat with their solvent (to remove any wax) then sand the paint. wash the boat with soap/water. dry the boat, apply one or two undercoats of paint, sanding between coats, and the two coats of polyurethane high gloss paint. using a foam roller and tipping out the paint with a dry sable brush will give you great results. interlux paint has a good painting guide that you can find on line by searching for "interlux painting guide" http://www.yachtpaint.com/usa/ hope this helps

How do you convert standard video to high definition video? by darrkslinky Q: I am recording some gameplay from my xbox and running it through a Dazzle to my computer. Unfortunately I can only record while playing in standard mode and not HD. The quality is then not as good and it can be hard to see some of the detail (text). So what is the best way to convert this standard video into HD and still have the file size relatively small?

A: E.M. HD Video Converter can help you convert standard video to high definition video, very easy to use. http://www.effectmatrix.com/hd-video-converter/index.htm

How do I add standard error bars to line graphs? by Candice S Q: I made my line graphs (on Excel) using my averages and I have calculated both standard deviation and standard error. I've read that you're supposed to click on the graph and select format>Selected data series. I can only see "format data series" when I click on my graph and when that opens, there isn't anything about Y Error Bars. There's only stuff on how to alter the color and shape of the lines. What am I doing wrong?

A: Hi, It sounds like you want to change the data series to a bar graph and it is currently a line graph. You don't state which version of Excel you are using. This works on 2007/2010. Right click on the data series for your standard error and select Change Series Chart Type. You can now choose another chart type for that series. Note that you can't have combine chart types when using 3D charts.

What is the significance of mean and standard deviation? by eleuth Q: In an experiment, we weighed 10 coin samples and separated the data into two data sets. We have computed for the ff: *mean *standard Deviation *Relative Standard Deviation *Range *Relative range *Confidence Limit (95% confidence level) Now, THE QUESTIONS............ 1. What is the significance of computing for the mean, Standard Deviation, Confidence Limits and the Q-Test? 2. Which is the most useful parameter for illustrating measures of precision?

A: / mean shows the average value of the sample and s.d. shows the spread of the data around the mean,i.e. whether the data is extreme or not.

How many standard hydrogen storage tanks do I need to fill a 26 cubic meter tank at 13 kg of pressure? by Metalman Q: The standard hydrogen tanks have capacity of 7.5 cubic meters at 2300 psi. I want to know how many of those I need to fill a big 26 cubic meter tank at 13 kg of pressure. The volume of the 26 cu mt tank is water volume. Lets say that the conditions are normal. Normal temperature and such.

A: kg is not an engineering unit of pressure. It needs to be kg per area unit.

How do you combine standard deviations from different classes? by Justin M Q: Suppose there are two classes- one with n1=24 students, the other with n2=44 students-have the same mean score, but with standard deviations s1=7.0 and s2=10.0, respectively. If these two classes are pooled together, what is their combined standard deviation on the exam?

A: Find the combined variance first: combined variance = s^2 = [n1 s1^2+n2 s2^2] / (n1+n2-1) s^2 = [ (24)(7)^2 + (44)(10)^2 ] / 68 = 82 Combined SD = sqrt(82) =9.055

What is the industry standard for concept idea for a feature film? by Ido H Q: Hi, A few months ago I had a brilliant idea for a movie. I wrote down the basic idea with some major plot turns on a 5 page documents and showed it to a production company. They loved it and said they want to push it forward. Now they want to develop the idea with professional writers and graphic designers, and we need to sign some kind of contract. They say that they don't have the money to pay me at the moment, but that if all goes well and they manage to sell the script and go into production with it then they will pay me according to industry standards which according to them are between 0.5% to 1.0%. Regrettably, I have no prior experience in selling concept ideas to production companies so I don't really know how much one is paid for such a concept idea. Does anybody know the industry standard for a concept idea? How much percentage does a one get for a concept idea? Any additional info will be appreciated. Thanks! Hi, In reply to froggy (I couldn't find a way to reply to his answer). I didn't have time or money to have a script or agent. My question is how to make the best of the situation now. The fact that the firm has suggested writing an agreement with me and paying me in the future shows that I haven't given it away. I think.

A: There is no "industry standard" for the situation your talking about, so any "deal" you can make that you feel is fair for you and your situation is what you should take... if you feel that it is fair and that you won't get cheated or ripped off later. Having said that, the percentages you gave do seem a bit low, though you don't indicate what those are percentages of. Is that a percentage of the production budget or of the gross profits or of net profits? Particularly when dealing with financial aspects in the film industry, there is no such thing as being too specific. Make sure you define precisely what the terms of the deal will be, what your credit will be, what your involvement will be, how much money you will be paid upfront, and what your cut will be of the profit. It's important to note that most Actors, Writers, Directors, and some Producers command very high rates upfront BECAUSE film distributors/studios have reputations for very creative accounting which can and has cheated people out of earned income. For instance, you could agree to take very little money upfront in exchange for a high percentage of the NET income (that's the money left over after expenses are deducted from the GROSS). So, what these companies do is to inflate their expenses on paper so that the effective NET dollars are less...which would reduce the money you receive if you've made a deal for a percentage of the NET. Those with the most power in Hollywood are able to command high upfront fees to help protect against being ripped off later AND they may be able to get a percentage of the GROSS. Technically speaking, you can't copyright or "protect" ideas themselves... but you can copyright the "expression of an idea." Given that you have your idea written out with some modicum of detail (it sounds as if you have written a "Treatment"), that could possibly be enough to protect you legally if that company tried to cheat you later on or steal your idea outright. Generally, though, it does take a full screenplay to ensure that kind of protection. If your script is good enough to attract the attention and production dollars of an investor, that alone should be enough to get the attention of an agent who will be more than willing to represent you and protect your creative and financial interests. He will take 10% of your earnings, which may seem like a lot, but remember that he/she is there to make sure you get what is fair and that no one cheats you at any point in the process. That 10% is more than worth it for this project and in the long term. So, since you have the attention of a production company, I would urge you to seek out the representation of a professional entertainment agent before you sign anything. I've included links to some resources that will prove invaluable for you as you continue with this project and others. Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC http://www.whatireallywanttodo.com

Find the standard equation of a parabola that has a vertical axis and satisfies the given conditions? by Q: Find the standard equation of a parabola that has a vertical axis and satisfies the given conditions. x-intercepts -4 and 12, highest point has y-coordinate 8 y=?

A: By "standard equation", I assume you mean the vertex form of the equation. Vertex = [(12-4)/2, 8] = (4,8) y = a(x-g)² + h y = a(x-4)² + 8 0 = a(-4-4)² + 8 0 = 64a + 8 a = -1/8 The equation of the parabola in vertex form is: y = -(x-4)²/8 + 8 In case you really did want it in standard form: y = -(x²-8x+16)/8 + 8 8y = -x² + 8x - 16 + 64 x² - 8x +8y - 48 = 0

How to drive standard in a car? by agold_12 Q: My parents are buying me a 2005 standard honda civic. I don;t know how to drive standard. I' m taking the car b/c a standard car is better than no car. Can tips or links or an explanation on how standard works and how to drive it? Tips on going driving on an hill b/c i know standard cars slide backwards alot.

A: if you know how to drive a car you;ll catch on. I learned in 1 hour. take the car to a parking lot to practice and when you feel secure find a small hill not to steep to practice on. once your get the feel for the clutch you;ll get the hang of it. it sounds alot harder than it really is. just remember always make a turn in second gear, always park it in first gear and learn to down shift.

How to find the mean and standard deviation of two normally distributed sets combined? by racecar Q: I've already taken stats, but I have to do a review for a class and I cannot remember how to do this! X1 is normally distributed with a mean of 5 and a standard deviation of 1. X2 is normally distributed with a mean of 7 and a standard deviation of 2. If y = x1 + x2, what is the mean and standard deviation of y?

A: mean(y) = mean(x1 + x2) = mean(x1) + mean(x2) = 5 + 7 = 12 variance(y) = [stddev(y)]^2 var(y) = var(x1) + var(x2) + 2covar(x1,x2) If X1 and X2 are independent (it should be mentioned in the problem somewhere), then covar(x1,x2) = 0 then var(y) = 1^2 + 2^2 = 5 then Stddev(y) = square root of 5

How do I calculate the average standard deviation of two data sets without knowing the specific data? by Q: Suppose when I go to the grocery store, I buy a mean of 5 apples with a standard deviation of 2. I also buy a mean of 10 oranges with a standard deviation of 4. Clearly, the mean of my total fruit purchases is 15. What, then, is the standard deviation of my total fruit purchases?

How do I start a new standard of beauty? by L L Q: How do I create my own personal standard of beauty? Audrey Hepburn did it. When she first became famous in the 1950's, she was the exact opposite of the typical hollywood starlet. And yet, she became phenomenally successful and well received. How did she pioneer a new look so well? What is the difference between catchy and alienating? Is it possible for me to start a new standard of beauty? It sounds ideal. If there were an entire standard of beauty specifically molded to me, I would be the most beautiful person on the planet!

A: step 1: get famous

What is wrong with the gold standard and how does the fiat system function? by Eric Cartman Q: What are the reasons behind the USA's, and many other nations', decision to move from the gold standard to the fiat system? Why was the gold standard bad; is there something inherently wrong with the gold standard? How does the fiat system function if the dollar is only backed by "trust"? How is the value of the dollar assessed in the fiat system?

A: There is nothing wrong with the gold standard. Government just went with fiat currency because it allowed them to manipulate currency such that they could get more money without raising taxes. Just print more currency and voila, the government has more purchasing power (while our savings has been indirectly depleted).

What is the difference between standard deviation and standard error? by iPinto Q: I am doing an experiment and i have the standard deviation but my teacher says i need standard error i dont know what the difference iscan somebody please give me a clear distinction between the two

A: Standard deviation refers to the amount you expect an individual measurement to vary from the average. Standard error of the mean is how much you expect a value averaged from several measurements to vary from the true mean. Standard error = Standard deviation / sqrt(n) Where n is the number of measurements you've taken and averaged into that value. The idea is that the more measurements you take the closer your average should be to the real average, even if the standard deviation in any particular measurement hasn't gone down.

What is the standard deviation of the weights of the boxes with 10 bars? by sweetlilac89 Q: The Attila Barbell Company makes bars for weight lifting. The weights of the bars are independent and are normally distributed with a mean of 720 oz (45 pounds) and a standard deviation of 4 oz. The bars are shipped 10 in a box to the retailers. The weights of the empty boxes are normally distributed with a mean of 320 oz. and a standard deviation of 8 oz. The mean of the boxes with 10 bars are expected to be normally distributed with a mean of 7,520 oz.

A: If X and Y are independent random variables, then a linear combination will have a variance of: σ²(aX+bY) = a²σ²(X) + b²σ²(Y) Let X be the weight of the bars Let Y be the weight of the box Therefore the variance of the weights of the boxes with 10 bars is: σ²(10X+Y) = 100σ²(X) + σ²(Y) = 100×4² + 8² = 1664 Therefore the standard deviation is: σ = √1664 ≈ 41

What are the standard keyboard minor scale fingerings? by Pianist d'Aurellius Q: I need to know the STANDARD fingerings for both hands playing minor scales- it would be nice if answers could cite a method book or other reference. Please use '1' for the thumb, '2' for the index finger, '3' for the middle finger and so on. If you don't know all the scales, even just a few would be fine. Any 'rules' for certain scales or groups of scales (such as 'in the major scales A-flat through B-flat, the right hand fourth finger always lands on B-flat, and left hand fourth finger always lands on the fourth degree of the scale') would be greatly appreciated as well. Please do not note any fingerings other than the ones considered 'standard', as noted by any method book from the U.S., U.K. or France.

A: It depends on the key. The reason for the differences in fingering in different keys is because you generally do not want to play a black note with the thumb when playing scales. Here is a link to proper fingering for playing the scales in various keys. http://www.audiblefaith.com/artists/rharrell/music/pianoscales.html

What is the standard size of a acoustic guitar? by Diego Q: Hi everyone. I need to find out the dimensions of a standard acoustic guitar. Is it there any standard size or can they be different sizes?. I am going to appreciate your answers. Thank you!.

A: It depends on the type of "acoustic" guitar. Remember all guitars (except the "flat-board" electric guitar) are "acoustic" since their sound comes out of the body (box) . Classical guitars (nylon strings) have a bit smaller body than steel-strings acoustics. However, the standard size for the "scale size" of the guitar is determine by the distance from the nut (neck) to the bridge saddle. The longer the scale size the more likely you will need to "spread" your fingers to reach a given fret. Almost all guitars are made with 650mm scale length (about 25.6") . People with short fingers prefer a "short scale" and longer finger players prefer a "long scale" instruments. The total length of the guitar from the top of the head to the end of the soundboard (box) does not necessary reflect the scale length of the guitar. The steel-strings instruments players do consider the size of the sound board (box part of the guitar) as an indication of how much volume (loudness) it will bring out. The quality of construction and the wood used for the soundboard is the important factor in this matter. Remember that playability should be the criteria that you should consider first in getting YOUR guitar. I myself play a classical guitar with a 620mm scale that sounds as good as my guitar with a 650mm scale. When I stand them side to side the 620mm is less than 1/2 inch shorter than the 650mm. If you are planning in buying a guitar make sure you try many instruments within your price range before making a final decision. Then once you select one do try guitars at double the price of the one you choose to determine if the added price is worth the difference is sound and playability. Surprisingly, many times it will be hard to tell the difference. Good Luck

What are the standard financials on apartment applications? by Timmy G Q: I'm applying for a new apartment and while I have rented several in my lifetime (at least 6) I never knew the standard financials that companies look for. I am required to provide bank account info., proof of employment, and references. Are there any real estate professionals out there that can clue me in to what standards companies are looking for in terms of income before I rent?

A: paystubs. if you don't have those, tax returns. if not that, bank statements. income guidelines are usually 3x the rent.

What is the standard circuit design software in the Electrical Engineering industry? by Charlie Q: I would like to know if there was a standard program used for circuit design and simulation within the EE industry. I am currently learning on Quartus II Web (which is pretty nice). Also, is there a generally standard or popular FPGA dev kit that is used? Thanks in advanced!

A: For years, the standard was PSPICE, which grew out of a program called SPICE (from UC Berkeley, as I recall). It was available for free as a demo version capable of doing limited simulations with 20 or less components, which was great for schools. Now, many work environments have custom SPICE programs, but the two biggest suppliers for circuit simulation are CADENCE and SYNOPSYS. I believe CADENCE bought PSPICE awhile ago (don't know if they still have it or spun it off). SYNOPSYS supplies the software for something like > 90% of all commercial digital design work and has some very usable FPGA software. Pretty much, wherever you work, you'll end up using whatever they use there. Most simulators take a "standard SPICE netlist" and most have graphic interfaces now. There are also many free and/or open-source simulators available.

What is the standard deviation of the sample means? by Q: Take a population with mean 200 and standard deviation of say 20. Using simple random sample of n=4, what is the standard deviation of the sample means. Not quite sure how to work this this? I know the answer to the problem, I am just no sure how to work it.

A: standard deviation of the sample means = 20/sqrt(4) = 10

What is the standard tax deduction for a married couple with 2 kids and a home? by out2kast Q: I'm trying to see if I itemize if it will lower my taxes however I'm not sure what the standard deduction is. From what I understand it makes more sense for me to take the standard deduction if itemizing is not higher correct?

A: $10900

When did Standard Italian become a dominant language in Italy? by Bluemoon Q: Italy has many dialects but the main language is Standard Italian. 1) In which region/area was Standard Italian originally spoken? Where does the Standard Italian language originate from? 2) Is it true that most young Italians only speak Standard Italian rather than their local dialects? 3) When did "Standard Italian" become a predominant language in Italy?

A: 1. The local dialect that was closest to Standard Italian is Tuscan (which, as you can guess, comes from the Toscana region). Nevertheless, the language has changed a great deal from its humble origins 2. Yes, most (if not all) Young Italians (myself included) speak "Standard" Italian as opposed to our local dialects. You will find people in cities like Bergamo who may still speak their (incomprehensible) dialects, but they are becoming few and far between 3. Standard Italian was the language of the Upper Classes and the Government for hundreds of years before unification. Despite this, the masses still spoke in their dialects. It was only following the unification (which was completed in 1870) that the Italian spoken today begin to gain footing throughout all social classes. Hope this helped! JPJ

What was the standard gear ration in a cj5 jeep and what were the options? by Q: I want to get information on CJ5 Jeeps. What was the standard gear ratio in the differentials and options available plus what was the standard transmission and options on that? I am looking at 1960 to 1974

A: too many changes during that many years. the gears were, 354, 373, 410. you have to realize that willys/jeep/amc, used engines from other manufacturers. idk 100% but, pontiac 4cyl, chevy L6, buick v6, chevy v8. again idk 100% but I dont think too many if any had a.t. until the cj7, usually had 3 spd with hi/low transfer case.

What is the standard by which radio carbon dating is shown to be accurate? by gearls Q: In my work we use micrometers,and other measuring tools,that have to be calibrated to the National Bureau of Standards. Is there any such standard for calibrating this equipment?

A: As one might expect NIST (the modern name for NBS) also helps with standards for radio carbon dating. The main two callibration methods are to the so-called "1890 wood" and the oxalic acid samples, as described below, although the ANU sugar standard is also used. The original callibration materials used when the technique was developed was from wood found in an Egyptian tomb, and a sample of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I suspect you are asking this question because you do not believe radioactive dating, since it conflicts with Bishop Usher's derived age of the earth. I might point out that counting rings of coral, like counting tree rings, shows that we have had continuous growth of some corals that go back tens of millions of years.

What are the standard sizes of bathroom countertops? by Nobody you know Q: What are the standard sizes of bathroom countertops, two sink version(s)? If I am not doing a special order or trimming, what are the usual sizes to work with? Do you know any sites online that list this info? I am going crazy looking this up online, seems like it would be in the interest of online sellers to list standard sizes of countertops. Guess they earn more if they get more special order sizes. Thanks!

A: Hard to answer your question, in most homes there is no standard anything. If you mean depth, it is usually just a little deeper than your bathroom cupboards. The length is usually determined by how much room you have and how much free counter space you want. Most counter builders bill the lengths in even footage (if you want 9 ft. 5 in. they bill you for 10 ft.) in 6, 8, 10, and 12 foot lengths. This probably didn't help but go to a local hardware store that sells counters and counter tops and talk to them, they can give you a good idea.

What is the standard error of the mean if samples of size 40 are selected? by Q: If a population has a standard deviation of 25 units, what is the standard error of the mean if samples of size 40 are selected?

What is the standard deviation of the average contents? by xbar Q: A machine fills cans of soda which are labeled "12 ounces" according to a normal distribution with mean 12.1 ounces and standard deviation 0.1 ounces. If I buy a 12-pack of the soda, what is the standard deviation of the average contents?

A: Let be X: contents of cans of soda in ounces. Variance(k*X) = (k^2)*V(X) = (12^2)*0.01 = 1.44

What is the standard liquor pour spout measurement? by potus37 Q: I want to get some measured pour spouts for my liquor bottles, but I see the spouts come in different measurements. It appears 1 oz and 1.5 oz are the most common. Which amount is the standard amount most bars use? I want to ensure I get the amount that is most useful when making standard mixed drinks.

A: I wouldn't get a pre-measured spout, because most mixed drinks call for differing amounts of liquor. What I would do is to go and get the standard free-pour spout and a Jigger/Pony measure. It looks like two silver cones attached at their ends. One side, the Jigger holds 1 oz, and the other side, the Pony, holds 1/2 oz. Much more versatile; just pour into the Jigger/Pony and transfer to the glass. Also, in response to the second part of your question, when you go to a bar and order a "shot" of something, it's usually 1 oz, which is a standard measure.

What is the standard size that jewelers sell for womens rings? by VeronicaLoveJoy Q: I bought a ring from Whitehall Jewelers but they went bankrupt so I cant call them. All the rings they sell are a standard size. Do you know what that standard size is?

A: size 7 is the standard for women. for sure!

How do you infer about the population standard deviation from a single sample? by CogitoErgoCogitoSum Q: We like to use the population standard deviation or even sometimes the sample standard deviation to compute the population mean and its margin for error with so much confidence. But what if you only had the sample standard deviation? How do you infer about the populations standard deviation and its margin with, say, 95% confidence?

A: If you're willing to assume a sample from a normally distributed population, then a confidence interval for the standard deviation can be constructed by squaring the sample standard deviation to find the sample variance. A 95% confidence interval for the population variance will be [ s^2/X(0.975, n-1), s^2/X(0.025, n-1) ], where s^2 is the sample variance and X(0.025, n-1) and X(0.975,n-1) are percentile points for the chi-square distribution with n-1 degrees of freedom, where n is your sample size. A confidence interval for the standard deviation can then be found by taking square roots of both endpoints of the confidence interval for the variance.

What double standard have you been a victim of? by Ava Michelle Q: We've all experienced it. At least once in our lives. There are tons of double standards out there. Some that may be of benefit to you and some that may have not. Which double standard(s) have you been a victim of? In other words, have found yourself at the wrong end?

A: Being a female (blond, thin and petite (5'2, 100 lbs) in criminal justice. People think its great to have women in law enforcement yet I get labeled as a "dyke" or a "whore"...both are wrong as I have been happily married for 20 years and was a virgin for my husband. Great question by the way....really made me think! WHat about yours???

What technology standard provides for up to four devices on a system? by Q: What technology standard provides for up to four devices on a system, including the hard drive as one of those devices? What are two common industry names loosely used to describe the standard?

A: Someone needs to be doing their own homework, instead of looking to others to answer the questions. It really does you no good if other people always answer your questions.

How to find total standard deviation is we have standard deviation of different parts of pool of data? by f4rh4d Q: I have three different data base, each of them has same number of samples. I know the average and standard deviation for each of these data bases. Now if I put all those sasmple points together and make a big data set, how can I figure out the average and standard devation for it using previous infrmation?

A: The average is just the average of the three samples: (mean1 + mean2 + mean3) / 3 The standard deviation is the standard deviation for each individual sample squared, added together, and square rooted: sqrt(SD1^2 + SD2^2 + SD3^2)

What are the standard dimensions of a college class room? by Geo Mark Q: What are the standard dimensions of a College class room; it's height, width and length? What is the standard number of chairs; and the chairs standard height, width and length?

A: Now this is a new dimension in laziness. Presumably you're at college, so when you go to class, measure the room and count the chairs, then average up all your classes for the week.,.

What does the standard deviation reveal about a particular data point? by amanda Q: If one data point has a standard deviation of 1.5 and another data point has a standard deviation of -1.5, explain how these two data points compare to each other. Doesn't the standard deviation of one data point equal zero though?

A: The standard deviation of a point provides a measure of how "far" the data point is from the mean of the complete set of data points for an experiment. So if a point has a standard deviation of 1.5 and another has a standard deviation of -1.5, then they are both equally "far," (i.e. deviated), from the mean. It's just that one point is greater than the mean, and the other is less than the mean. Regarding your last question, no. The standard deviation is a measure of how far a single data point is from the mean of the complete set of data points of the experiment.

What is the standard deviation of a stock and bond portfolio? by cbbeangirl Q: 16.A portfolio contains $30,000 in bonds and $70,000 in stocks. The expected return on bonds is 6% with standard deviation of 1%. The expected return on the stocks is 14% with standard deviation of 9%. Assuming that the bonds and stocks are uncorrelated, determine the standard deviation of the above bond and stock portfolio.

A: This is actually very easy question! Correlation of bond and stock = 0 as it was given, so this means; Covariance of bond and stock = 0 Therefore, Sp^2 = Wb^2(Sb^2) + Ws^2(Ss^2) + 2WbWsCOVbs Sp^2 = 0.3^2(0.01^2) + 0.7^2(0.09)^2 + 0 Sp^2 = 0.003978 Sp = 0.0631 = 6.31% So the standard deviation of the portfolio is approximately 6.31%.

What is the difference between standard deviation and standard deviation of the mean? by John B Q: What is the difference between standard deviation and standard deviation of the mean. I know what standard deviation is, its the square root of the mean of the differences from the artihmetic mean.

A: both are the same things

What standard is used to transmit Digital cable in the US? by Q: I have digital cable. I need a set-top box to see the channel guide and menus as well as to watch some of the premium channels like HBO and the Science Channel. However, I do NOT need to have a cable box to watch the first sixty or so channels like History, NatGeo, and TruTV. So, what standard are the first sixty or so channels transmitted with (NTSC? ATSC? QAM?) And what about other channels such as the movie channels and other non-standard channels?

A: All channels are in QAM. The only difference is that some channels are encrypted and you need a Cablecard to decode them; that's where the set-top box is needed.

What are the standard dimensions of a college classroom? by Geo Mark Q: What are the standard dimensions of College classroom; it's height, width and length? What is the standard number of chairs; and the chairs standard height, width and length?

A: There is no standard

What is the standard size for a sheet of plywood in countries using the metric system? by Tom1951 Q: In the US, plywood comes in 4 feet wide by 8 feet wide sheets. This is a standard size that fits well with standard sizes used throughout building construction. In a metric country, where measurements are more commonly expressed in meters or centimeters, what is the standard size for a sheet of plywood? How does this carry through to such things as ceiling height, door frame sizes, or the spacing of studs within a wall?

A: Check out this web page for a rough idea. http://www.gunnersens.com.au/products/building-products/plywood.html There are many applications for plywood and different types for the different applications. By the way, in metric system of building, most measurements are in mm. In Australia, timber stud walls are usually made of 90x35 or 90x45mm sizes. You can also get 70x35 & 70x45mm thicknesses too but aren't used usually for structural purposes. Studs are usually spaced at 450mm centres for structural walls, and 600mm for some structural and also non-structural walls. Ceiling heights standards are 2400mm, 2550mm and 3000mm high.

How to use Standard Deviation and Beta to determine a stocks volatility? by devindavis42 Q: I understand how to get the standard deviation for a stock by going through the variance. What I'm curious about is how to convert the stocks standard deviation into the stocks beta value. Also what is considered a low volatile stock as far as standard deviation goes? I know with the beta anything higher than 1.0 is considered highly volatile. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

A: This is an excellent tutorial that someone else posted on how to calculate beta using Excel. A beta higher than one doesnt necessarily mean a stock is highly volatile. It just means the returns are more volatile than the market. Beta is the risk that is added to a diversified portfolio.

How can standard enthalpy of combustion be under standard conditions? by T T Q: If standard conditions are 25⁰C, then how can you burn something? Surely it's too hot to be standard conditions anymore? Thanks! Is it hypothetical?

A: No, its not hypothetical. lets say you are burning a hydrocarbon, then, yes, it'll get hot. Let's say for sake of arguement, it all reaches 250C. If you measured everything just like that, you'd be including the energy to take your products, CO2 and H2O to 250C, so you must let it return to standard conditions so this energy is evolved and measured. This is so, so important with a product like water. at 250C it is H2O(g) .. ie steam. You know from your basic science that a lot of heat is evolved when steam at 100C condenses to water at 100C. This is why we have not only standard temperature but also standard state.

Standard????? by gg Q: Determine the standard form of the equation of a circle with a center at (4,-1) and passing through (0,2). So I have (x-4)^2 + (y+1)^2 = ? I don't know what to put for the ? or how to figure it out.

A: What you put there is the square of the radius of the circle. The radius is simply the distance between the center and any point on the circle - i.e. the distance between (4, -1) and (0, 2). By the pythagorean theorem, this is √((4-0)²+(-1-2)²), and so the square of the radius is (4-0)²+(-1-2)², which is 25. So the standard form is (x-4)² + (y+1)² = 25.

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