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The View from St. Louis University: A Tough Matchup With the Spartans
The mountain gets steeper for St. Louis University, which scored its first NCAA tournament victory since 1998 with a 61-54 beating of Memphis in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday. The Billikens will face No. 1 seed Michigan State on Sunday at 2:45 pm ET.

St. Louis court administrator hired her brother without contract
ST. LOUIS • The chief administrator of the city's municipal courts, hired six years ago to clean up the department, paid her brother $2250 to provide “financial services” without a contract or bid for the work, according to city records.

Top Seeds North Carolina, Michigan State Reach NCAA Final 16
1 seed in the West, withstood a late rally to beat Saint Louis University 65-61. Ohio University will face North Carolina after becoming the first No. 13 seed to reach the round of 16 since 2006 with a 62-56 win over South Florida.

Unselfish Green leads Michigan State
"He's unselfish," said St. Louis University coach Rick Majerus of the player who figures to be SLU's biggest challenge in their third-round game today. "He's a play-through-me, high scorer, volume points, excellent rebounder (who) defends.

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TopNewsZumrah The View from St Louis University A Tough Matchup w/ the Spartans http://t.co/ZWCXtxkR

TopNewsZumrah The View from St Louis University A Tough Matchup w/ the Spartans http://t.co/JMRDw9ST

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What is tuition plus room and board at Washington university in st Louis? by Q:

A: Tuition for the 2011-12 academic year is $20,475 per semester for full-time study. Full-time study is considered to be 12 to 18 units. If you enroll in more than 21 units per semester, you will pay additional tuition of $1,706 for each credit unit beyond the 21. There are also others fees such as Student Activities, Student Health, late registration, enrollment deposit, etc. On-Campus Room and Board $12,465

Washington University (Olin) Vs. St. Louis University (Cook) MBA programs? by Q: I am looking to get my MBA in St. Louis and I was wondering if there is really that large of a difference between SLU and WashU's Part Time MBA programs. I'm currently doing some research on them I just did not know if anyone was in the know. Im not familiar with a MSTM degree. What makes it more respected than a MBA? I just wanted to see if it is worth the extra financial risk to go to Wash U. compared to SLU

A: Olin's MBA is ranked far higher than Cook's — USN&WR #10 vs #73. Are you sure an MBA is what you want? Other degrees get more respect these days. MSTM?

What does it take to get into Washington University in St. Louis? by Bob J Q: GPA, SAT/ACT, class rank, everything of the sort. Also, how is the university? I know it is ranked very high, but is it a nice school?

A: Yes, it's a nice school you should check out college board to check out the stats or princeton review. and check out their website: http://www.wustl.edu/

What is the name of the new Italian restaurant in downtown St. Louis? by forrl Q: It is supposedly near St. Louis University, and it's only like 4 or 5 months old. Its got like an authentic italian oven and everything..?

A: The ones I know of close to SLU are Vito's on Lindell and a bit more upscale Bar Italia on Maryland in the CWE. Both have been open longer than a few months though.

Washington University St. Louis (Forest park in St. Louis???)? by trevor tui Q: Is forest park a "bad" area? I've heard some horror stories that Forest Park is a place to avoid (it is very close to the Washington University in St. Louis). More generally, is safety an isue at Washington University in St. Louis? Once again, I've heard some horror stories and would liked to know from someone who has lived in the St. Louis Area.

A: Washington University is like any college campus. There's security but there is also going to be some crime It isnt in a bad area and Forest Park is wonderful. Washington University is surrounded by homes that run into the millions and private streets. As in any town, if you are going to be wandering around after dark, take normal precautions and dont go walking down dark streets by yourself.

What do you feel....Washington University in St. Louis? by Jason Q: What do you feel if someone tells you that he or she goes to Washington University in St. Louis? Just be honest...If you don't know where Washington University is, please don't give me any answers...

A: Wash U is a very good school! Students at Wash U are academically talented, enjoy excellent professors and campus, and have a terrific library. The campus also happens to be in a very nice neighborhood.

how much money would it take to get accepted into st. louis university? by Q:

A: You mean, how smart do you have to be? Colleges don't let you in based on how much money you have. They accept you on how intelligent/diligent you are. In the end you pay them for attempting to make you smarter but you don't pay them to get in.

I just got a letter from Washington University in St. Louis? by Q: I am only a Junior but I got a letter of WashingtonU of St. Louis. It says "Please consider this survey and checklist my way of givving you a head start on college success, and of introducing you to Washington University in St. Louis." Does this mean if I apply next year I will surely be admitted? Or is there still a lot of competition? This is a real good school, I need to know for sure. I had seen the admission rate 22% D:

A: No this doesn't guarantee your admittance. Pretty much every high school student gets that letter from Washington University. It is one of the most selective schools in the country in part because it spends a ton of money on recruitment. They send these letters out to pretty much everyone. So, more people apply there and then they end up declining most of them. It is a pretty good school, but go and visit and look at the admission's statistics before you decide to apply.

Johns Hopkins University or Washington University in St. Louis? by Q: I have been accepted to Washington University in St. Louis and Johns Hopkins University for a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering and have received award packages of roughly $40,000 to each. This leaves me to pay $20,000 a year to JHU and $14,000 a year to Washington. Which would you choose and why? Any ideas on making up the differences?

A: Congratulations. I would do everything reasonably possible to visit both campuses so that I could make an informed decision.

What are my chances of getting into Washington university in st. louis? by Ambie M Q: i have a 3.6 GPA. i take all honors classes and go to a very well known school. I am president of 2 clubs and vice president of 3. I'm not sure how many volunteer hours i have but i know it's around 200. Unfortunately i only have a 25 on the ACT but i was wondering would my background help in to get into the school.

A: Well most applicants applying there are going to be competitive and most likely more involved. ACT might be a tad low, most applicants that apply have scores in the high 20's low 30's. GPA of applicants tend to be 3.6+ which doesn't make you stand out very much. Also, most people applying are going to have a lot of EC"s so volunteering 200 hours which is good might not be enough compared to others who might of done volunteer work and more on top of that. It will be tough, being president of 2 clubs shows leadership quality and that is definitely good. But like i said, mostly every single applicant applying to that university is just like you and even more better. Cross your fingers. It could be possible, but I'm not sure. Good luck!

what are the chances of getting a scholarship at Washington University in St. Louis? by kuintra Q: have any of you gotten into the college or gotten a scholarship? can you tell me how perfect I would have to be to get a full or part-tuition scholarship? i have a 3.87 unwtg. GPA, 3.96 CSU/UC Wtg. and 4.08 Wtg. SAT composite score, 2300. I only volunteer three places a week though. sorry, correction not 2300, 2230 on the SAT.

A: Its hard enough getting accepted, you are going to need 3.8-3.9 with a 32+ act is my guess for a full ride, who knows probably higher.

What are some fun things to do at Washington University in St. Louis? by Molly S. Q: I'm attending Wash U this fall, and I'm wondering what are some of the things I can look forward to. I've visited, and have read all the brochures telling me some stuff that happens, but I'd like to hear from students (current and past). Thanks!

A: This isn't helpful, but I was just accepted into Wash U in St.Louis too. I don't know if I will be going there, but it is high on my list. Anyways, congratulations.

Both my parents are alumni from Washington University St. Louis. Will that help my chances of being accepted? by friendsgal626 Q: Both my parents are alumni from WashU undergrad, business, and law schools. Will this help my chances of being accepted at all?

A: yes, legacy is helpful. It's not going to ensure that you'll get in, but it will give you a little bit of an edge, esp. if your parents have donated money. It's a really good school so I wish you luck getting in there or wherever you want to go! :)

Is st.louis university a good place to go to? by greenjello93 Q: I'm looking at it as an option and I was wandering if it was a nice school with good academics and a fun social life

A: It really depends on what you intend on majoring in. SLU is a good school academically and there are things to do socially. However, its located in the heart of the city surrounded by some not so great neighborhoods with what we always refer to as a "concrete campus". The buildings are spread out and interspersed with other businesses so it doesn't really have the feel of a typical college campus. If you can specify your major, we could give you more specifics.

looking for bosnia flower like symbol for st.louis university. they pronounce it like leelya? by [email protected] Q:

A: Never mind before. SLU logo has fleur-de-lis flower http://www.plantguide.org/fleur-de-lis.html try this maybe this helps, I assumed you want actuall flowers to plant them. Vote for best if it helps!

Do you think Washington University in St. Louis Is a good Medical School to go to ? by Master Q: I'm planning to go there i have a GPA of 4.0 but do you think that's a good medical school to go to, to be a Plastic Surgeon ????

A: Yes, that's one of the top medical schools in the country. However, to become a plastic surgeon you'll have to do a residency in plastic surgery after medical school, so the med school you go to doesn't matter as much. Also, I'm guessing you're still in high school if you didn't already know that, so keep in mind that you need a 4-year college degree to apply to med school - you can't apply straight out of high school. You can go to Washington U for your undergrad, but it's not required to do so to get into their med program after college.

Who are some famous/successful people that graduated from Washington University in St. Louis? by WU Q: I always hear about famous people who graduated from MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia etc. but almost never from WashU. Considering WashU is also one of the best schools in the country, I was curious who has come out of there. Thanks!

A: The first answerer's link takes you to a list of people from University of Washington in Seattle. Here is the correct list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Washington_University_alumni

Do you know if Washington University in St Louis would accept the Compass Test scores? by Kagome-chan Q: I have taken both the Compass and the ACT, but my compass scores are better than my ACT. do you think they would accpet that in place of the ACT? By the way, the Compass is very much like the ACT, but is used to get into some colleges here in Missouri.

What is the average ACT/SAT score for Washington University at St. Louis. MO? by sexychocolate91 Q: I was just wondering because I'm planning to apply for the university during the summer. I also plan on visiting the school around June. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks! ;)

A: this is my opinion, i do not think that the admissions committee places too much importance on one's SAT/ACT score. I am going there this fall as a freshman and i got a mere 1900 on the SAT's. I believe that you should place more emphasis on your grades, essay, extracurriculars, etc. anyway, good luck, a high SAT score would be good.

What happens if I get accepted early decision into Washington University in St. Louis, but can't pay? by Q: My parents aren't willing to pay more than 25,000$ a year for washington, and I would like to apply early decision, but I don't know If I'd receive enough financial aid (i need about half my tuition covered). If I was accepted, but not given enough financial aid, would I be able to turn down their offer?

A: In your scenario with the school not getting paid they will have little recourse but to not accept you. You should,however check with the school./

How difficult is it to play soccer at washington university in st. louis? by P.A.H. Q: i guess what i'm asking is how is their soccer team...i know their division 3 but how would you rank them?

A: The Washington University men’s soccer team was ranked No. 6 in the nation in the final National Soccer Coaches Association of America this past season

How is the International Relations major at Washington University in St. Louis? by coveterofdreams Q: I've been really interested in this school, but I'm unsure as to whether the area I want to major in is strong. I want to take a lot of language courses and major in International Relations? Good idea? Or should I look elsewhere?

A: definitely! wash u is one of the best school in america, and it has very good international status and relations. if you get in, you should go. they are very selective.

Will Washington University in St. Louis accept me if my application materials dont get their till Jan 17th? by Warren M Q: I was a prospective student of Washigton University in St. Louis, however I put it on the back burner (I got caught up in SATs, academics, etc.) and now i find myself sending my materials on Jan 15. Yah I know im a complete idiot, im on the verge of crying because this is my saftey school, and if I dont get in their then everything i did will be in vain and i wont be able to go to college :(

A: if wustl is your safety school, you must be very smart. but still that would not guarantee you admission if you applied this late. you might get deferred or worse. you should totally pick another safety school that has a more lenient deadline, maybe Feb. or March, and is not rolling admissions, and which suits your taste (has a good program in your major, location, size, etc...) good luck! i hope you will get into one of your reach schools and won't even have to worry about Wash U.

Maryville University, Mizzou, and UMSL? (St. Louis)? by Harley Quinn. Q: When you hear about - Maryville University - University of Missouri - St. Louis - University of Missouri - Columbia Which when do you think is "better"? Which one is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. (I just want to see what people think, I'm not going to these colleges)! I would think Maryville is a better university then UMSL then Mizzou. You? I also think that SLU tops them all. I need actual, real, honest answers. You can explain why also. Also, if you went to any of these schools tell me what they were like! :) Thanks! I'M NOT GOING TO THESE SCHOOLS. I NEED YOU TO ACTUALLY ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: It all depends on you. Could you handle a larger school? Could you handle a smaller college? What is your major? Tour the schools first before deciding. One dorm may draw you in, but the cost may deter you. Plus relax by knowing that you can ALWAYS transfer if you aren't happy. Personally I enjoy larger colleges. I've been to both smaller and larger, but the larger ones seemed to offer more as far as classes, majors, and opportunities.

I got a letter from Washington University St.Louis and I'm a freshman in high school? by Voila it's moi Q: Does this mean I have a better chance of gettting in later on? They said that I was doing really well in school and that they were interested in me. They also sent me a guide as to what they consider in applicants and things I should do year by year to better my chances of getting in. I maintain a high GPA (4.0) and always do well on Star tests and finals....Would this letter help me get in later?

A: ok so first of all thats awesome your GPA is so high keep up the good work becuase it really comes in handy your junior and senior year with your SATS and choosing colleges ( thats where i am) so the fact colleges are sending you stuff right now is a good sign yes but dont get cocky about it and keep working hard in school. your going to get crap from colleges every single day once your a junior its all so they can get your $$ they dont really care if you go or not until you take your SATS. but good luck! and when your closer to graduation, look into thats college and maybe visit thier school but they are only after oyur money at this point in your high school career.

What high school basketball game will be played at the St. Louis University West Pine Gym? by sirken2366 Q: The game is to be played sometime in March

A: It is the City vs County All-Star Game. The date is March 18th... Ummm..I believe it starts at 3:30...

Georgetown vs Washington University in St Louis, which is better for a biology major? by Techerds. Q: Yes folks I did it, I heard from both universities. I have been accepted as a transfer student to both of them to finish my final two years there. I am transferring from a tier 4 University. Which would be the better university out of the two for a biology major? (currently waiting for Columbia and the Ivies to mail me)

A: Academically similar. Rich private schools in urban areas. I've been to both campuses. Georgetown would be more fun for sure. But if you're all about business and getting an MD, pHd, I'd probably go to St. Louis. Less distractions.

what are the current gas prices in st louis / university city? by Marcia K Q:

A: Find your best price here: Put your zip code in for the cheapest prices http://www.gaspricewatch.com/new/default.asp

Pre medical institute Wash U university st louis reply time? by mimi Q: i want to apply for the pre med junior summer institute at wash u. does anyone know when they would reply to you if you're accepted or not?

A: Perfectly okay to call the program and ask - calmly and politely.

St Louis University???? by Ben10 Q: Does anyone know anything about St. louis university in Madrid Spain? Is this a good school?

A: It is an accredited International University. Here's the website: http://spain.slu.edu/

How competitive is the pre-med undergraduate program at Washington University in St. Louis? by missybitsy Q: Also, how competitive is the one at Vanderbilt University in Tennesse ?

A: I don't know about WashU, but at Vanderbilt, all grades in the Biology dept. are curved so that the mean grade is a B. And I also heard that the Bio majors here have the lowest average GPAs in the CAS.

I am traveling to St. Louis by Greyhound bus. What is the best way for me to get to St. Louis University? by Epicness Q: I will be traveling alone as a young female but during the early afternoon on a Friday.

A: As another female, I would take a cab to SLU. The neighborhood of the downtown bus station is not the best and walking north on Tucker you will have to go by one of the city's largest homeless shelters. Also depending on which building you are going to at SLU it can be a long cold walk up Grand Ave from the Metro Station. That particular Metro Station has an elevator and often smells of urine so I would suggest that a cab is a much safer and pleasant experience. It's not a real long cab ride so will not break the bank.

what is my chance of transferring to Washington University in St. Louis? by Q: Im a St.Louis CC student, and i've got a year left before transferring. One of the schools here that i mostly wanted to get transferred to is WashU. Currently, i've maintained 4.0 GPA, held a vp in a club, and been a member of PTK. so i was wondering what is my chance of transferring to Washington University in St. Louis? Thank you for taking your time and answering my question!!!

A: Information is below.

Should the St. Louis University Billikens leave the A-10 for the Missouri Valley? by David B Q: Since hiring Majerus as their coach, the discussion of leaving the A-10 for the Valley has arisen in order to raise the level of the Billikens program. The Billikens were previously Valley members for 36 years. Would returning to the Valley be a benefit to the Billikens basketball program? To the Valley? How about the A-10? And in other sports? And what the heck is a Billiken?

A: Don't know what the hell sports team you're referring too..I do know Majerus is one hell of a coach. here's info on the billiken: The Billiken was a charm doll created by an American art teacher and illustrator, Ms. Florence Pretz of Kansas City, Missouri, who is said to have seen the mysterious figure in a dream. In 1908 she patented the Billiken who was elf-like with pointed ears, a mischievous smile, and a tuft a hair on his pointed head. His arms were short and he was generally sitting with his legs stretched out in front of him.

how safe is st louis for a college student going to washington university in st louis? by David C Q: i really want to go there to washington university. but i just saw a documentary about the two major gangs there.

A: The school is quite safe.. My son graduated from Wash U and it is a very good school. If you have any doubts and if possible you should visit the school.

what are my chances of getting in to st louis university? by ataylorcardinalsfan Q: i have a 4 . 0 an my best subject is math an foods a sophmore in high school an a basketball player an cross country

A: Why do you say you're a sophomore here but in two other questions, you claim you got a scholarship to Iowa and Arkansas? Why are you lying all over the place? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=At6QGM8PG7yP0Va_ggWt9kjty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090107085016AAq3UNJ

What neighborhood in St. Louis (near Washington University) is good for kids? by kq Q: We are moving to St. Louis and are currently house hunting. Our 1st priority is that we would like to move into a street / block where our current child (1 year old) and (hopefully) future children will find friends to play with. We are very much inspired by this page http://playborhood.com/ Currently we are looking in University City, Richmond Heights and Clayton because we don't want to live too far from the University. Does anybody have any suggestions, recommendations? It would be greatly appreciated.

A: I would rank them in the order of Clayton, Richmond Hgts and U City. They are all nice neighborhoods but U City does have some parts that are a bit sketchy. The cost of living in these areas are the same as my ranking. The higher the rank the more it costs. Depending on how long you are planning on living in St.Louis, check with realtors about housing values. Look into the school districts and how they are rated.

Things to do within walking distance of St. Louis University? by Q: Is there anything at all to do that is within walking distance of SLU? Haven't seen anything besides restaurants.

A: Hi, guy! You know, Saint Louis University has several campuses in St. Louis. Which part of the university do you stay? Anyway, do matter which part you are in (including 3655 Vista Ave., 221 North Grand Blvd. and 3674 Lindell Blvd.), there are some attractions close to some of them. These attractions are: *Missouri Botanical Garden - 4344 Shaw Blvd. *Fabulous Fox Theater - 527 North Grand Blvd. *Complex - 3515 Chouteau Ave. *Samuel Cupples House of St. Louis - 3673 W pine mall *The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries - 3648 Washington Blvd. *Contemporary Art Museum - 3750 Washington Blvd., 1.3 miles away *Museum of Contemporary Religious Art - 3700 W Pine Blvd. *The Moto Museum - 3441 Olive St. *Gateway Arch - 401 Market St. Just check whether your area is close to some of these attractions. Are you an out-of-town student in St. Louis University? In fact, there are many great attractions and activities in St. Louis. If possible, you can make an exploration of the city. Here is a page just offers attractions and things to do in this city. http://www.saintlouishotelsguide.com/activities-st-louis

How well known [for its pre-med program] is Washington University @ St. Louis in the medical community? by keeidy2 Q: I'm asking because I requested information from them a few weeks ago, and they've been sending me brochures and packets non-stop that all say, "VISIT US!" and has other various information about their college. I thought Washu was a difficult school to get into, and that their medical program was one of the best in the nation. But now, it just seems like they're a little desperate for applicants.

A: Their degree will be an asset in application to any medical school. They are trying to attract students who might otherwise go to the Ivies, Stanford, Chicago, Duke, Northwestern, etc. They have beem rising in academic reputation over the past several years and are now tied for twelfth on the US News list. They want to continue to rise.

Which is safer? Washington University in St. Louis or University of Washington in Seattle? by Sampaguita_Angel Q: I'm trying to figure out what college I want to go to and I'm planning on going as far away from my home state(Maryland) as possible. Because of this, I want to make sure the university I go to has a safe campus and area. These two are some of my top ten and I know they are very credible and high ranked schools, but I'm wondering about the safety? Also, if u could tell me about Seattle and St. Louis as a whole that would be cool too! ^^

A: Don't worry about the difference. College crimes are exceedingly random, and every school strives very hard to keep its campus safe. There is a Federal registry of campus crimes that every school has to belong to, and a Web search ought to uncover it, but I'm not sure that the numbers are particularly reliable or pertinent: Virginia Tech was and is a perfectly safe campus, except for that one incident. Note that Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NYU, and Penn are located in inner-city areas, and they're exceedingly good places. Similarly, there are really punk schools located in peaceful little towns.

Does anyone have suggestions about free parking near St. Louis University? by cpaulcolbert Q: I've heard North Grand has free on-street parking, but after what time? Does Lindell have the same thing? I'm attending night classes and don't want to pay daytime rates if possible. Thanks in advance!

A: The streets have parking meters which you have to feed from 8 AM to 7 PM. This goes for Grand and Lindell. SLU has pretty much forced you to pay for parking in the garage unless you take the Metro to the Grand stop or may be willing to park down some side street and hike to class which I dont know that I'd recommend late in the evening. Busses run along Lindell and Grand so that's always an option or you could try to carpool with someone. Wish I had better news but most of the colleges have things worked out so you are pretty much obligated to purchase student parking.

What is the website for the St.Louis Jesuits at St.Louis University in St.Louis MO? by jroachbug Q: They are an order of Catholic Priests that reside in St. Louis MO and teach at St.Louis University in St.Louis, MO

A: Is this what you are looking for? http://liturgy.slu.edu/

how much is the tuition at st. louis university college of nursing? by problematicboy Q: i'm 17, 2nd yr college and planning to transfer at SLU. i juz wanna know the tuition and requirements. thank you

A: http://www.slu.edu/x5508.xml

What happened to St. Louis University hockey team? by gprabbit85 Q: I checked the university's website and I don't see it on the list of their sport teams. I grew up watching the Bilikens in the 70's during my childhood and they were good.

A: St. Louis U is a division 2 ACHA club team. They are still playing, albeit not very well apparently. They have an 0-6 record to this point. http://www.achahockey.org/schedule_team.php?team_id=12879&schedule_id=19485&league_id=1061

Does University of Missouri--St. Louis a good university? Does it have a good reputation? by school student Q: I am junior in high school and i will be applying to both UMSL (university of Missouri in St. Louis) and SLU (Saint Louis University), which school is better for nursing? ( I will be majoring in nursing ) What are the reputations for each school? Thanks

A: UMSL is a decent school. SLU is definately better and it would look better if you went there.

Do the Washington University in St. Louis under grad letters get sent to everybody? by Q: ive been getting a few letters from Washington University in St. Louis telling me to check out their school and under grad program. Now ive been wondering, does this school send this letter to everybody? Or do they selectively send these letters to student.?

A: When you take any College Board exam, e.g. the PSAT or whatever, there's a box you probably checked on your answer sheet before actually taking the test, called "Student Search Service." Checking this box means that any college can obtain your personal information (e.g. address, email address, etc.) and send you their materials. So, yes, those Wash. U. in St. Louis letters are sent to just about any high school student. I took the PSAT in 10th grade and started getting letters and invitations from random colleges I'd never heard of. Colleges send those letters out to everybody. Some colleges only send their information out to students who got a certain score on the PSAT/whatever test, but most just send them to everyone who checked that Student Search Service box. For more info, google "college board Student Search Service."

What do you think about Washington University in St Louis? by Mary219 Q: Hey, I'm a French student from Paris and I'm going to Washington University in St Louis (MO) for one year starting this summer. I need to hear everything about WashU: is it good academically? are the students friendly? Is St Louis a nice city to live in? How would you describe campus life at WashU? What are the dorms like? Anything that comes to mind when thinking of WashU is more than welcome! Thanks a lot (and sorry about my English).

A: I have lived in St. Louis all my life and worked for Wash U for a while. It is an excellent school with a strong reputation. It also has a strong international leadership program, so you definitely won't be the only European on campus. The campus is beautiful. Since it is one of the older schools in St. Louis, it has a very "classical look" to it's builidings. In this country, we would say it has almost a European style. They just built some new housing which looks very nice, but I don't know where you will be staying. They usually have plenty of facilities for living including game rooms, kitchens, etc. I've given you a link to the housing web page. I've also added a link to the campus web cams. So you can take a bit of a look around---just remember the time change---the cams don't show much in the dark! The main campus is close to University City which has cafes, nightlife and things college age students enjoy. Blueberry Hill is a popular spot for classic rock & roll. On the other side is Forest Park which is a jewel. If you like to ride a bike or walk, it has great trails. It also has an excellent zoo (free daily) and an amazing art museum (also free). Not to mention the Muny Opera which is an outdoor theater that has musicals and other Broadway shows like Cats, Les Miserable, etc. (There are several hundred seats that are free on a 1st come basis). And don't forget the tennis courts, golf course and boat house where you can ride gondolas or rent a paddle boat--pretty cool. If you are interested in sports, we have a great baseball team the Cardinals and a professional American football team, the Rams. Soccer (what you call football) is probably on campus. Gee, there's a lot of great things in St. Lous. While we have a French history, we aren't Paris. We are a nice mid-American city.... what we like to think of as the "real America", not the Hollywood version. And Wash U is a strong part of that. Keep an open mind, we aren't "just like home" but you can have a great experience. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me. Nina

How hard is it to get into the 7 year medical program at St. Louis University? by brownsuga2492 Q: my gpa is around a 3.8 and my ACT score is around a 30...does anyone what the requirements are??

A: do some research. Talk to the university. Check out the website.

What is a billiken, the team mascot for St. Louis University? by doctorJ Q: A basketball player from our high school may go to St. Louis University. The team mascot is a Billiken.

A: Ah SLU's basketball team is awesome! Often called one of the coolest or most unusual campus mascots in the country, the Billiken's history -- and how it became affiliated with Saint Louis University-- remains debatable to this day. Several details seem to be certain. Everyone agrees that the Billiken is a good-luck figure who represents "things as they ought to be." The designer of the Billiken also seems to be fact. Florence Pretz, a Missouri art teacher and illustrator, patented her "design for an image" of the jovial creature in 1908. Each story of the Billiken connection with Saint Louis University stems from SLU law student and football coach John Bender and his remarkable likeness to the image of the Billiken. One story reports that a St. Louis sports writer decided that Bender resembled the Billiken. Later, a cartoonist drew a caricature of the coach in the form of a Billiken and posted it in the window of a drugstore. The football team soon became known as "Bender's Billikens." However the story is told, Billikens always possess cheery personalities, broad smiles and rotund bellies. They bring luck to Saint Louis University's sports teams and smiles to the faces of SLU fans. One last point on Billiken luck: To buy a Billiken gives the purchaser luck, but to have one given to you is better luck.

Have you ever heard of St. Louis University or is it pretty unpopular and just a regular school? by Twilight Is Love Q: Saint Louis University I've decided to go there after I graduate because I'll be a commuter so I can't travel very far and also because their science/medicine majors are pretty decent. But is it prestigious or popular at all? Or am I going to somewhere stupid?

A: SLU is pretty popular, especially in Missouri. I think it is one of the more prestigious schools in the state. Mizzou is pretty good too. You should be excited to go. I heard it was a hard school though. Best of luck!

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