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lynkathlyn Cihuy anak gahol xiang garden. RT @krystykss: I'm at Xiang Garden (Mangga Dua Square l.7 A5, Jakarta Capital Region) http://t.co/zCPebcyW

Kelitmr Stainless Steel - Square Tubing - Alloy - 304 - 2 1/2" x 11ga. x 6': Grade 304 is the standard "18/8" stainless;... http://t.co/8arKvUmZ

Shirleyhbz Uchida LV-MGCP69 Clever Lever Mega Craft Punch, Scalloped Square: Make your own party favors, greeting cards, co... http://t.co/3vdHfEnq

RaTTy_Devy Full option (@ Oishi Express Seacon Square) [pic]: http://t.co/nsJUrksZ

AdrianHendraone Numpang lewat yauw.... (@ Blok M Square) http://t.co/WKMhSetx

aaron_mck_ndubz The Ice-Skating at George Square better hurry up I want to go :L

Gloriabarus Ciee anak bcs :p RT @kaaartikaa: I'm at Batam City Square (BCS) Mall (Jalan Bunga Raya, Baloi, Batam) w/ 7 others http://t.co/gPVlJ6xH

gafalanass I'm at Gare SNCF de Marseille Saint-Charles (Square Narvik, Marseille) w/ 3 others http://t.co/Ws8OuYim

lm_sharkey Going to watch so much tv this afternoon my eyes will go square starting with an idiot abroad

catmusiccollege MINAMI WHEEL EDITION: 先日、『MINAMI WHEEL 2011』の連動イベントとして、 “MINAMI WHEEL EDITION”が 大阪キタの音楽発信基地「梅田Shangri-La」にて開催されま... http://t.co/fQhWVGnk


claraSD I'm at Giant Hypermarket (Maspion Square, Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 73, Surabaya) http://t.co/hp1pL4F4

lewisfree TGI Leicester Square, Spurs and then Alan Carr #perfectsunday

emmavgerhardt RT @JedwardHeroes: I'd love to be in Time Square right now and hold up a sign to the camera like "HI JEDWARD FANS"


How to calculate the price square feet to square yards? by Angelica F Q: If the price of carpet for square foot is $2.25, how much is it for square yard? I need to learn how to calculate this please if you can give me an answer with a detailed explanation of the process I will so much appreciate it. Thanks.

A: There are 9 square feet in a square yard. Therefore your answer is 9x2.25 or $20.25

How to complete the square when the lead coefficient is not 1? by D S Q: I'm trying to figure out how to complete the square when the lead coefficient is not 1 and negative Example -3x^2-5x+5 = 33. I know people say to use the Quadratic formula but I absolutely hate this formula and everytime I use it I end up with many different answers. I have a test on Monday and I'm trying to study and find completing the square to the be the absolutely fastest and easier method for me. What are the steps to solve the square for this?

A: -3x^2-5x+5 = 33. -x^2-5x/3+5/3 = 11 x^2+5x/3-5/3 = -11 x^2+5x/3+25/36-5/3 = -11+25/36 (x+5/6)^2 = 5/3-11+25/36 = -311/36 x+5/6 = ±i*sqrt(311)/6 x = -5/6 ±i*sqrt(311)/6

How many square feet is considered a good sized home in the USA? by Jumpin' Jack Flash Q: A better than average house in the USA will gain a realtors eye if it exceeds how many square feet? At waht level of square footage does a house start taking on a certain level of prestige?

A: Personally, for the average person anything over 3,000 square feet is considered fairly large. For the top tier people, a 5,000 or 6,000 square foot house could be considered small.

How to square and cube a number in pseudocode? by Scott J Q: Okay I have looked around here and I am in a fix... I have to create 2 methods, one for squaring a number and the other to cube a number. I have not gotten very far in math so I am dumbfounded right now... Can someone help me on explaining how to square and cube a number through pseudo code? I am using "Programming Logic and Design" Fifth Edition as a book for school.

A: This sounds like an exercise regarding functions rather than actually squaring and cubing.. you'd want something like: square(int x): return x*x cube(int x) return x*x*x .. Pseudocode, as you can see, is pretty easy to read. You could also use x^2 and x^3, but in many programming languages it's easier to just multiply, so I used that notation.

How many square centimeters are in the one sheet of paper? by Victoria G Q: If the paper is 26.6 x 20.3 cm long, how many square centimeters would that be? Whats the process of getting the square part of the equation?

A: 26.6 cm *20.3 cm, treat cm is like any other term, when you multiply it by another cm, it becomes cm*cm = cm^2. I don't have a calculator with me to do the number math. -_-

How many square inches of material were removed in the second trim job? by Rhea B Q: A large square carpet is initially x inches long and x inches wide. Randy decides to trim 2 inches off each edge of the carpet because the edges are worn. Later he goes back and trims 6 more inches off each edge. Question: How many square inches of material were removed in the second trim job? Express the area removed in the second trim job (T2) as a function of x?

A: x = Unknown area T2 = (x-8) * (x-8) or T2 = (x-8)^2 8 +/-sqrt(T2) = x - 8 <-Take the square roots of both sides 8 +/-sqrt(T2) = x <-Add 8 to both sides

How are the side lengths of a square connected/ related to the area of a square? by ¿ ? Q: How are the side lengths of a square connected/ related to the area of a square? In 5 sentences or less (preferably 5) explain how the length of a square connects/ relates to the area of a square.

A: the area of a square is equal to the square of any side.

How do I knit a square of one color inside a square of another color? by Janis Q: If I knit a square within a square, the sides of the square between the two colors are not connected. How do I knit it all in one piece without having to sew up the sides?

A: This is called Intarsia or Picture Knitting. When you change colors, make sure you have brought the yarn around the first color so that it doesn't leave a gap. There is a simple diagram at the bottom of this page under Intarsia that shows you how to do it: http://www.ethknits.co.uk/How-to-Knit/how_to_knit.htm good luck

How can any number be squared with a racial if its not a square number? by stevejobless Q: I don't understand how you can give a number a racial and square it if its not even a number that is square? Don't numbers need to be square in order to square them? I know that 49 has a square root of 7 because its a square number. I don't understand how you can square 42 for example?

A: 42² = 42 x 42 = 1764 The square root of 42 is irrational, so you can only give an approximate decimal representation. It has an infinite number of digits so you can get it as closse as you want √(42) ≈ 6.48074 6.08074 x 6.08074 = 41.9999999476. Close enough for any engineering work!

square?????????????????????????? by We are the world♥ Q: its base times height right????(just making sure)

A: Area of a square is one side squared, if that is your question. .

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