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jackbevans Come on Spurs! Win 3-1 or I'm killing you all..

Chris_Tian_15 I always get nervous before watching Spurs, but never when I play. Strange.

Maria_RedLight cmon spurs

supersnoops Spurs should rape Fulham here, seeing as they apparently have a better midfield and attack than Barcelona. Ha ha

pluvoisecebi6 @JESSbnREAL_ http://t.co/giOwRseV

jennieefye RT @HotspurSam: Come on you Spurs

romaniebailey Come on you spurs #yids

46james46 RT @rosssarsenal: Spurs losing on a nice Sunday afternoon would be nice.

ini_nano Gallas Minta Spurs Menang Demi Redknapp http://t.co/XScqcuag

Sarto2_zilanFPF Gallas Minta Spurs Menang Demi Redknapp: LONDON--MICOM: Pemain belakang Tottenham Hotspur William Gallas meminta... http://t.co/u33W1TKf

SindoUpdate Gallas Minta Spurs Menang Demi Redknapp http://t.co/5TAoLeEI

NUFCtomw362 @NatashaNUFC might fetch a canny bit on ebay actually, especially since standing tickets are sold out. Might help pay for spurs too!

Reecejd RT @ABBY3gooNER: retweet if want spurs to loose..........

AndrewSym93 Spurs players look even more gay in that kit #FOYS

Bethany_LFC Looking forward to this game now. Spurs to win on form but football is a funny old game...Fulham have a chance today. Come on Fulham! #LFC


How get rid of sand spurs in your grass ? by it'sjustme Q: My yard has sand spurs everywhere any suggestions on how to get rid of them? The yard size is one acre, I have had a few people suggest dragging old blankets to pick them up. Just seems like they would grow right back?

A: I agree with Alicias and would vote for pre-emerge herbicide. I had a bad grass-burr problem. I no longer do where I applied pre-emerge as directed in early March. Still have to work on other areas though. Good luck. Those things are bad.

Can the Spurs manage to have a good season without Ginobili? by Business Man Q: If he doesn't recover well from his ankle surgery, how will the Spurs adjust and play w/o him? They can't rely too much on Duncan because he's not what he used to be. Before answering, could you please remove your hate from the Spurs for one second and give me an unbiased answer?

A: They should make the playoffs, and if healthy could overcome playing on the road in the first round. They know more about winning than any team in the league so anything could happen. Finley still has skills and could respond well to getting more shots. Tony Parker needs to be healthy and aggressive because with an aging Duncan and absent/recovering Manu he is the key and must show up every night and produce like he did in the finals a few years back if they are to look like serious challengers. Duncan still has skills and plenty in the tank he just is not what he once was.

What team has the capability of beating the San Antonio Spurs in a 7-game series? by SkillerMile13 Q: I shouldn't be this biased because I'm a Mavs fan but I think the Mavs are the only team right now that can beat the Spurs. They have proven it and in their last 13 meetings (including the playoffs), the Mavs have won 9. The average point differential of the last 4 losses of the Mavs is only 3.6 pts/game while some of the Mavs last 9 wins came from double-digit wins. In addition, the Mavs have also defeated the Spurs 3 straight and 5 out of 7 games IN SAN ANTONIO. Do you agree with this? I think the Suns, Pistons, Cavs, and the 25 other teams are not yet there when it comes to beating the Spurs consistently. The only problem with the Mavs right now is to overcome some of the teams that can't match-up with.

A: your probably right. its definately not the suns,jazz,pistons, or probably anybody from the east . the celtics will be the x factor this year. but it depends how they mesh as a team. the mavs and spurs are so good because they have a cohesive team chemestry that believes games are won on defense first and have the ability to up their tempo if they need to in order to defeat teams like the suns.the thing that might kill the celtics is lack of a decent pg. to run the team but then again kg ,ray,and pierce are playmakers so it will be interesting.

What are the best kinds of footwear to wear if you have heel spurs? by strawberriesilove Q: I have heel spurs in both feet. No matter what I wear my feet will ache throughout the day. Sometimes I've had to change shoes up to three times a day just to get some comfort. The pain in my heels is worse in the morning. Often times after driving 26 miles to work, by the time I get out the car I'm limping as the pain in my feet is that bad. Can anyone recommend or suggest a specific type or brand of footwear I can wear that will support my heel spur condition. Thank you.

A: Have you talked to your doctor about getting steroid injections? If that's not an option, try wearing Crocs. They are not the prettiest shoes, but they are the most comfortable that I have found. I feel your pain. I just had mine injected the other day and have had much improvement.

What can the doctors do about bone spurs in a person's hips? by rebel_dog Q: The doctor's told my mom they think she has bone spurs in her hips but they are not sure. She is in a lot of pain. What can they do for spurs in the hips? Is there anything else it could be?

A: Unless she can afford a very expensive surgery to have them fixed, she will have to get cortizone shots in her hips every 3-6 months to numb the pain.

What is the easiest way to get spur straps on to spurs? by Luvmypets Q: My spur straps are so stiff I can't get them on the spurs. Please help!

A: i used a lot of leather cleaner on mine...my were sooo stiff i kept breaking my nails on the straps :) also i just started to bend them at the hole a lot i just kept pulling it apart and wiggling the ball of the spur into it and eventually it got loose enough to get on there...i would only use this one pair of spurs though because if you switch spurs it will be extremely hard to loosen the leather up again :) hope this helps!!!

Do live chickens aggravate asthma? Are there ways to remove spurs from young and growing roosters? by Sidewinder Q: My mother-in-law is a teacher in an elementary school and has a chick as a classroom pet. She is wondering if live chickens are likely to aggravate asthma in children. Also, the chick appears to be growing spurs and she is concerned that when the chick becomes older that he will use them against the classroom children. Is there way to remove the spurs that grow on roosters (in a humane manner)? If so, what would something like that cost? Thank you for your assistance.

A: yes they carry pet dander (DOWN) like any other bird... about the spurs I can't tell you, because I know nothing about this sorry.

What are the chances of Spurs making it to 2nd round of the Play Offs again? by Babur-Pileser Q: Last season Spurs stunned the Mavericks in the 1st round of the Western Conference Play Offs. Can we expect the same from Spurs or are they the team in Decline? Oh! How the Mighty have fallen? Will Spurs ever rise again?

A: The Spurs have gotten a lot younger and are actually younger than Dallas (oldest team in NBA last season), Boston (oldest team in NBA this season), LA, & PHX. They dropped Mason and Bogans and got younger by keeping Blair,Hill, Temple, & Gee and adding NCAA college sensation James Anderson and finally getting international star standout Tiago Splitter to finally come and play @ the NBA level after a couple of years passed since they drafted him. Duncan is still a 20/10 player in this league despite the fact he will be turning 35 he made Amar'e look foolish during some of those games in the semis and I'm a Knicks fan saying this. Manu along with Amar'e were the best players in the NBA after the All-Star break and TP had an off year as did RJ but TP was injured and RJ never was still trying to fit in. Since this is a contract year for Parker who's only 28 he would try to stay healthy and have a strong year. RJ could bounce back as well.

SPURs?????????? by Lilly :) Q: do you want them to win the championship???? (be nice or i will report you) jk

A: Yeah... i love the spurs! they are my favorite NBA team aside from the hawks and the 76ers... and yes i definitely think they will once again win the NBA championship. if boston heads up to the finals i would definitely watch every single minute of the game... the present san antonio spurs have more playoff/finals experience than the present celtics team... i mean in the past boston was the team to beat in the finals as they one many with larry bird, bob cousy, etc... but here the spurs dynasty is still alive all from the drafting of duncan to the nba in 1998... i mean as a sophmore he was the NBA finals MVP in 1999!, not david robinson... following in 2003 and 2005 too... i am a huge fan of the spurs and i hate these other people who think the spurs are overrated... the spurs aren't... they have awesome veterans with loads of talents like robert horry and kurt thomas who now only get limited minutes... well i may not be a 100% but the spurs are the team to beat this 2008 season!

Spurs???????????????????? by tgarcia16 Q: Where are all the Spurs haters who said the Spurs are to old to beat the young Hornets? Like Derik Fisher said "The road to the title goes thru San Antonio" I think the Spurs have proved that it doesn't matter if your old or young but how you play the game. The best team in the playoffs are the Spurs cause they preach team basketball and that has gotten them 4 titles in 9yrs, wait it'll be 5 in 10yrs. GO SPURS GO

A: a title for a western team won't be sweet if they hadn't gone through the spurs. in the last 6 or seven years, the team that beats the spurs goes on to represent the west in the finals. that's how the spurs set the standards for every western team. they simply are the best team in the west right now, regardless of their team standings, or their age. i certainly doubt that kobe would score 30+ points against this team every single game. this will be the real test for the lakers in the playoffs. eveyone in the world knows how easy the road was for the lakers to get into the west finals ( denver, the poor defensive team, and the jazz, the poor road team).

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