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TOPazVirtualO RT @Biztradeshows: Spring #Fair International is the biggest gift and home #trade #event in Britain - http://t.co/2aqaq4Ei

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rick551 @DjailanyPas_ inzuma eleven jij schiet de bal omhoog heeeel hoog en ik spring heel hoog en doe de red dragon!

feliperubia Photo: Madara Malmane by Polina Viljun for Atis Artemjevs Spring 2012 Collection http://t.co/yADU63Kk

nytimesfeeds #News Roger Cohen on Nov 05, 2011 at 10:37 AM: A debate on the #Arab spring http://t.co/ObRDbZzW http://t.co/HVlsQ4o9 http://t.co/PEH5YWd2

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peter_mulders @petergoedhart spring nu het nog kan.

tweety_bass Probably because Autumn/Winter aren't my months. I feel liveless as if I hibern until Spring comes

iam_love @1Omarion haha feel like spring here~ its mild today~

HomaNasab @Guardian has picked up MuseumViews' theme of the Arab (Cinematic) Spring ~ http://t.co/FgblAEmv @ArtInfo @AlFilmBerlin #Film #Festival

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FranVL Apunto de ver #MiuMiu Fashion Show Spring Summer 2012

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When does spring wardrobe start selling in stores? by thisissilly Q: I am getting married in June and one of my colors is that spring/grass green. I want the bridesmaids to wear it, but it is incredibly hard to find dresses under $100 in that color. I was thinking because it is a spring color that I will have more luck when the spring clothes come out. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A: soon, like the end of February.

What is the spring stiffness constant of the spring, and how do you calculate the formula? by Pat M Q: A 1200-kg car rolling on a horizontal surface has speed v = 65 km/h when it strikes a horiztonal coiled spring and is brought to rest in a distance of 2.2 m. What is the spring stiffness constant of the spring? How do you work out the formula?

A: the formula for energy in a spring is 1/2kx^2 using conservation of energy, calculate the kinetic energy of the car =1/2 m v^2 =1/2 *1200kg * (65km/hr*60min/hr *60sec/min*1000m/km)^2 the energy of the spring is equal to that =1/2 *k *2.2^2 k=1.36x10^19 that's a strong spring j

What is the spring constant of the spring and what is the period of the oscillation? by alex Q: A spring has an unstretched length of 12 cm. When an 80 g ball is hung from it, the length increases by 4.0 cm. Then the ball is pulled down another 4.0 cm and released. What is the spring constant of the spring and what is the period of the oscillation?

A: The equation for the force of a spring is: F = -k*(dx) k - spring constant dx - change in elongation of spring The force of gravity on the ball has to be the same as the force on the spring (when at rest), so mg = k*(dx) (you can drop the negative sign since you know the forces are in opposite directions) When you plug in all the numbers, you get k = 19.6 N/m (pay attention to units... the easiest thing to do is change everything to meters and kilograms) For the second part, the frequency of the motion is: T = 2*pi*(m/k)^0.5 You now have both m (mass) and k, so you can plug in and get T = 0.401 s

What is the spring stiffness constant of a horizontal spring struck by a 1200-kg car? by Marlee Fuentes Q: A 1200-kg car rolling on a horizontal surface has speed v = 50 km/hr when it strikes a horizontal coiled spring and is brought to rest in a distance of 2.4 m. What is the spring stiffness constant of the spring? (Expressed in N/m) Any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!

A: KE = SE ½m*V² = ½k*X² → k = m*V²/X² where V = (k/h)/3.6 = 13.89 m/s k = 1200*13.89²/2.4² = 40188 N/m

How do i determine the spring constant for this question about two springs? by Kristen K Q: Two springs are hanging from a pole. Spring A extends 9.5 cm when 510 g is hung from it. Spring B extends 0.95 m when 5.1 kg is hung from it. How would i begin to determine the spring constants for each of the springs?

A: well there is the spring equation F=kx, right? in this case the force will be the force due to gravity so F=mg

What is the potential energy stored in the spring when the spring is compressed by 20 cm? by ether Q: A block of mass 500 grams is attached to a spring with a spring constant k=100 N/m. What is the potential energy stored in the spring when the spring is compressed in the spring when the spring is compressed by 20 cm? If the spring is released after it is compressed, with what velocity will the block leave the spring?

A: The potential energy stored in a spring is given by this formula: U = 1/2 • k • x^2 Where U is the potential energy, k is the spring constant, and x is the distance that the spring is compressed or stretched. Thus, in this case: U = 1/2 • k • x^2 U = 1/2 • 100 N/m • (0.2 m)^2 U = 50 N/m • 0.04 m^2 U = 2 Joules The kinetic energy of the block will be equal to the potential energy of the spring. This happens because all of the energy stored as elastic potential energy in the spring is converted into kinetic energy when the spring is released. Since KE = 1/2 • m • v^2, we know that: 1/2 • m • v^2 = U m • v^2 = 2U v^2 = 2U/m v = SQRT (2U/m) By substituting m = 0.5 kg and U = 2 Joules, you get: v = SQRT (4 J / 0.5 kg) v = SQRT (8 m^2/s^2) v = 2.828 m/s So, our final answer is that the potential energy in the spring is 2 Joules, and the velocity of the block is 2.828 m/s. Hope this helps!

What is the spring constant and the maximum compression? by Jeff Q: Two massless springs with spring constants k1=4.0N/m and k2 = 6.0 N/m are welded together at point A. A mass m = 1.0 kg that slides along the frictionless surface is incident on the springs with a velocity of V0 = .5 m/s. It hits a massless plate with velcro on the end of spring 2 and sticks. a) In terms of k1 and k2 what is the effective spring constant keff characterizing the system, i.e. what is the spring constant of the single spring that could replace these two and give the same motion of the mass? b)What is the maximum compression Xmax that the mass reaches from the initial equilibrium length of the springs? The diagram has the mass sliding towards the springs where it would hit spring 2 which is joined to spring 1 at point A, with spring 1 attached to the wall.

A: a) k(avg)= (k1 + k2)/2 k(avg)= (4+ 6)/2=5 N/m b) Ps=.5k(avg)X^2 (potential energy of the spring) Ke=.5mV^2 (kinetic energy of the mass) Pe=Ke then X(max)=sqrt(mV^2/k(avg)) X(max)=sqrt(1.0 (0.5)^2 / 5) X(max)=0.316 m or 31.6 cm

When does spring start informally in your hometown? by questioner Q: It is the last week of February and I see some signs of spring in my hometown in Virginia. I see a few early buds on the trees and a few early spring flowers are starting to bud out of the ground. We are 6 weeks from leaves on the trees and one month from calendar Spring. But maybe a few weeks from Spring fever with real signs of Spring. When does Spring start unoffically in your hometown? Where is that?

A: I'd say in Missouri Spring starts around mid-March, but Missouri weather is really unpredictable. It could be snowing or 80 degrees....or both in a day.

A spring is suspended from the ceiling. What is the spring constant and maximum velocity of the object? by kaynaptx Q: A spring is suspended from the ceiling. When a 10 kg object is attached to the spring and then lowered until the system is in static equilibrium, the spring is observed to have stretched 40 cm. The 10 kg object is then raised 20 cm above the point where it was in static equilibrium. The object is released and it begins to move vertically in simple harmonic motion. (a) What is the spring constant of the spring? (b) What is the maximum velocity of the 10 kg object?

A: a) k = F/∆ = mg/∆ = 10*9.8/.4 = 245 N/m b) ω = √(k/m) = √(245/10) = 1.565 rad/s; Vmax = .20*ω = .313 m/s

Spring????? by Forever Left Eye Q: Who's gonna be spring blinging this year? I am!

A: i'll bling up the day i have money

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