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Spring Forward

Spring Forward Tonight
That's right, Spring Forward tonight, it's Daylight Saving Time. Although it doesn't really save us anything, and can actually cause our electric and heating bills to go up for the first few weeks. According to a 2008 study that examined billing data ...

Spring forward with these gadgets
By Alice Truong, Special for USA TODAY It's time to spring forward an hour. Sunday marks daylight savings time, which means those of us who don't live in Hawaii or Arizona lose an hour. We round up five sleep products to help you adjust to your new ...

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Spring Forward, Check Your Smoke Detectors
by Cory Howard, KHQ.com Producer - email When you move your clocks ahead one hour to begin Daylight Savings Time this Sunday, March 11, please remember to also check on the condition of your smoke detectors. Two out of three home fire deaths happen in ...

"Spring Forward" for Amphibians
Take advantage of Daylight Savings Time and “Spring Forward” for Amphibians at an AZA-accredited zoo or aquarium near you. “You, your family and your neighbors can help save these species by becoming citizen scientists.” said Dr. Paul Boyle, ...

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Wegmans It's time to SPRING forward at 2am on Sunday! What foods remind you of spring time? #wnews

127Wing Remember to Spring Forward tonight!

drugsareforkids @AyyYoDayy the fall back, spring forward. .__.

laciruppel Spring forward is the worst! Hate losing that hour of sleep!

LisaHThomas62 Don't forget to "spring forward!" Daylight Savings begins Sunday at 2am, move your clock ahead one hour before... http://t.co/xoaUvf3t

Hoez_R_Ppl_2 RT @MiamiBeachEvent: Who's ready to spring forward?! Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am Sunday morning!

bowers_stephen Daylight Saving Time begins tonight! Don't forget to spring forward one hour at 2am.

ConnectCBK Dearest Connect Friends, Here are some directions for tonight's "spring forward." 1. wear proper foot ware. 2.... http://t.co/bdKLaIdH

StormTracker31 RT @RedCrossDenver: When you "spring forward" tonite, don't forget to change your fire alarm batteries, too #daylightsavings

L_Historienne RT @NCMattJ: Don't forget to "Spring" forward tonight. We will all skip 2:00 AM and jump straight to 3:00 AM.

FotosFred Today only!!! 20% off all products. Spring forward into a special deal. Use code DAYLIGHTDEAL http://t.co/n4SHRnxu*

learner4eva Don't forget to spring forward one hour tonight. We will lose one hour of sleep but gain an hour of sunlight! #daylightsavingstime

LindaLights RT @brooklynevent: Who's ready to spring forward?! Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am Sunday morning!

smilder Did you know that it was originally Ben Franklin that suggested the concept of Daylight Saving Time? So you have... http://t.co/IP0VPJmj

KendrickLeBlanc WHAT????? Time go forward tonight?? RT @AiYoNick I'm keep forgetting we spring forward tonight. I'm glad though...lol


Will they ever stop the spring forward process? by Q:

A: only if brave politicians get into office who want to get rid of the nonsense

Why are they making the spring forward time change 3 weeks earlier this year? by katalina Q: Usually it is the first sunday in april and they are doing it tonite, the second sunday in march??

A: back in 2005 congress pass a law saying daylight savings time will be extended by about a month, to conserve energy and for productivity.

We are forced to spring forward this weekend? by שÄLîßÙ® Q: Daylight Savings Time 2010 begins this Sunday, March 14th. Set your clocks ahead one hour! At 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March, we set our clocks forward one hour ahead of Standard Time ("Spring forward") I HOPE I HELPED YOU REMEMBER Do you hate/like Spring Forward - Fall Back? why are people mad at me telling me to give it up already and blah blah what did I do I am just reminding you cause I would hate to forget and be late for work!

A: thankyou! i was trying to find out when it was.

Is it this Saturday night at 12 midnight, we have to "spring forward" one hour, instead it being 1 am? by raewil48 Q: I always had a problem with that one :)

A: We "spring forward" ... so if it's 12:00AM - you'd set your clock to 1:00AM... if it's 11:00PM you push it ahead to 12:00AM... etc., etc., etc. ...spring forward - fall back...

What are some Spring 2012 fashion trends to look forward to? by Q: I cannot wait for winter to be over! Spring/summer are my favorites for fashion!

A: Spring 2012 Trends: 1. Pastels - staying along the lines of a soft and feminine look (lace&ruffles) 2. Basket Weave Clutches - sleek and trim, the fresh new look of wicker 3. Pleated Skirts-lady like and easy to go to piece 4. Peplum -(short over skirt or ruffle attached to piece of clothing) embrace hourglass shape. 5. Colors: Tangerine and Purple

when do we spring forward? by airee bear Q: do we spring forward this sunday the 8th or monday the 9th??? i'm in california if this make a difference. thanks

A: tonight do it before you go to bed

Spring forward early tradition? by the_zec Q: Has anyone heard of anyone putting spring forward a few months early? Someone from California mentioned it to me, as if it was a casual thing to do. Thanks Yes I am referring to daylight saving, but this person seemed to think it was a tradition to put one hour forward on their clocks early...has anyone heard of that?

A: The "spirng forward" that I know of is the rule for daylight savings: spring forward, fall back. In the spring, we set clocks forward an hour, and in the fall, we set them back. Could the person have been referrint to dayligh savings?

What movie are looking forward too see this Spring and Summer? by I'lltrytoansweryour? Q: I can't wait too see G.I. Joe, X-Men wolverine , and so far that's it.

A: Obsessed and The Orphan.

What is one thing you are looking forward to during spring break? by Q:

A: Going on a cruise to the Bahamas And riding thru Miami, feeling the win, hearing all the clubs.

Are you gonna Spring Forward or does it stay the same? by Q: Saturday we need too move our clocks forward! Now if you live in Arizona you never have to fall back or spring forward! how lucky!!:)

A: spring forward. which is stupid as hell because the reason for it no longer exists. wish congress (or whoever) would just pick one and stick with it. dumb, dumb, dumb!

Senior Citizens: What do you look forward to, with spring, this year? by Q: I'm seeing sunshine and warmer temps today, that are above normal. So it's given me a taste of 'spring fever'. Even a rare drive somewhere. It's too early to plant any- thing for now. I'm just glad that the snow season is behind us, and we'll be warming up now.

A: The absolutely exhilarating, leaping emotions of the first breath of spring....the sunshine, warm breeze, open the doors, windows, watch the daffodils and my purple velvet irises in full bloom. I get a natural high in the spring. Bring it on, please.

When do we spring forward for Daylight Savings Time? by Jamie P Q:

A: April 2nd 2006 check it out ! move your clock forward 1 hour at midnight !

How many of you have already "Spring" forward your clocks? by Ladyitch Q: BQ: can you say "lighter later", really fast, three times in a row ~? lol~ always, Ladyitch

A: I AIN"T Sprung TIL i feel like Springing .lol OH ... Say WRIST WATCH , 3 times fast ...LMAO Love YA GF D :)


A: Well, technically I didn't remember: the news at 11 reminded me. Then we changed some of the clocks. I hope I remember how to change the clock in the car.

What is the purpose of changing our clocks back? and then moving them forward in the Spring? by Justin S Q: I heard it used to be for farmers so they could get the most out of daylight, yet in this day and age is it really neccessary? It seems more like a nuisance than anything. who cares if the mornings are darker, id rather have more sunlight in the evening.

A: It still essentially has the same purpose - to make the most out of daylight, to take advantage of as much light as possible.

Are you looking forward to Spring Training? by Q: As of the morning of december 4th, it is only 72 days away.

A: It's my only reason for living ! ! ! ! ! ! !

What movie are you looking forward to this spring and summer? by SaraRubyGem Q: I want to see the watchman, angels and daemons and 2012

A: watcheman sounds good to me

Do you like to fall back, or spring forward with the time? Which is better for you, and why? by Q:

A: Generally the fall back is better, because that gives one an extra hour on Sunday morning to sleep in, as opposed to spring forward, where one is robbed of an hour. and also it is easier to on the Monday following to get up for work an hour later than it is to get up an hour earlier.

When do we change our clocks this year, from spring forward to fall back? by jackattack Q:

A: On November 1, 2009 at 2:00 AM Day Light Savings Time ends. (i.e we set our clocks back one hour: so you will set your clock to 1:00 AM) On March 14, 2010 at 2:00 AM Day Lights Savings Time starts. (i.e we set our clocks forward one hour: so you will set your clock to 3:00 AM) Note: This excludes Hawaii and Arizona.

can you tell me if on May 16th 1956 was a change of spring forward time? by Q: was that the day the time change occurred?

A: No it was not. It was Sunday, April 29 at 2:00 a.m..

Spring Forward, Fall Back? Why Do The Clocks Change at Certain Times Of The Year? by Green 2 Brown Q: I've never really understood why, in the UK, the clocks always change back/forward depending on the time of year. Can someone please explain, because I'm always just left feeling confused because I don't understand why it happens. Thanks for the help G2B

A: Well it is considered daylight savings in the summer, because the days are generally longer, they spring the time forward in the spring so when most people get home from work it is already light out and they don't have to turn many lights on. In North America this year we changed the clocks forward about a month early. The main benefit to this is in the spring and fall. In summer with daylight savings the sun doesn't set until like 11pm, but without day light savings it would be light out at 3 in the morning, so it's a trade off.

Do I spring forward tonight or tomorrow night? by juliettavirgo Q: It's daylight savings time. Everything says 2 a.m. Sunday. So, is that 2 a.m. tonight or 2 a.m. tomorrow night?

A: 2am tonight basically because tomorrow will be sunday. 2am the next night would be 2am monday. you don't have to stay up til 2am, just change them before you go to bed and it'll be all set. Are you really gonna need to know the time while you're sleeping?

Do you like the fact that we spring forward the clocks this weekend? by the cook Q: besides saying yes or no please tell me why I also wish they would leave it alone. I love it when it gets dark later

A: Love the free daylight time. longer days, don't need to use so much electricity.. Can get up by 5 am and walk in the daylight.

Who here is looking forward to spring and summer? by XxVampsRulesxX Q: I know I am! I'm sick of winter cause I can never do anything fun.

A: Me!!!!!!!!!!!! I get this wonderful feeling whenever I think of spring* and summer*!!!!!!

Seniors, what is your reason for looking forward to spring/summer? by handyman Q: I have two reasons, one is practical and one is silly. 1. I will be glad when the weather gets warmer because the electric and gas bills won't be so high. 2. I have a new chest freezer and will never run out of ice for my iced tea again. There are other reasons, but those are the two main ones this year. What are your reasons? YGG, there is NOTHING on earth as good as fresh tomatoes!

A: I just got all excited reading everyone's answer. I look forward to not having to pay the oil man $600 to fill my old tank. I get out more often when the weather is warmer and I love picking out my hanging flower baskets. I love the smell of grass clippings and look forward to sitting on my new enlarged deck.

Time Change: "Spring Forward" Anyone think it is unnecessary? by funkybass4ever! Q: I couldn't figure what category to put it under. A new study says that it doesn't save us money- it actually costs us because we are running our heaters more in the mornings and using our air conditioners in the evenings more (throughout the time period). How long does it take for you to get used to the time change?

A: Paranoid answer: it is because the man wants to keep us down by continually changing the time every 6 months, our circadian rhythms are jacked up, so we are too tired to better ourselves through eating better, exercising, and maybe going back to school to get better degrees and a better education. Non-paranoid answer: it is so that we have extra daylight time at the end of the day to spend outdoors with our families exercising so we can burn more calories and be healthier, fitter, and happier.

When the clocks go forward for spring is there an hour more in the day or an hour less? by xxBet I can help :)xx Q: Prob sounds a bit stupid but I can't visualise it.

A: instead of being 1am it will be 2am so an hour less in the day

Do you perfer to fall back or Spring forward? by Fonda Q: I mean Prefer.

Am I the only one thats looking forward to Spring Training? by Mitch D Q: It doesn't seem like too many people seem excited for baseball this year. I mean Pitchers and Catchers reported yesterday yet there doesn't seem to be much discussion related to MLB.

A: No, you are not the only one. I've been counting the days to Spring Training for weeks now. It's a great time for baseball fans, not only do we get to follow our teams again, but it's great to see the old faces in new places. After a long winter of snow and ice, it's great to see reports from Florida and to see major league players getting ready for the start of the 2011 season.

What percentage of people forget to Spring Forward? by c&h Q:

A: Hypothetically, at least 25-35 percent.

When we spring forward or fall back, what happens to that extra hour when there's still 24? by justcurious Q:

A: Al Gore puts it in a lock box and brings it out in the fall when we need a day with 25 hours.

When do day light saving time begin for spring 2010 when do we spring forward? by vernice d Q:

A: Next Sunday, March 14.

When did scientists discover we needed to spring forward and fall back 1 hour.? by jracer403 Q: i dont know if this is the right category. Should we have changed the clocks before this was discovered?

A: Nobody "discovered" you have to have daylight savings time. You simply decide you want to alter the clock so that you have more daylight in the evening and less in the morning. It was a legislative thing. But you are not getting anything from nature that isn;t already there. And farmers were not affected by it either. They've always got up with the sun and gone back in when it got dark. During WWII people started to realize that we could conserve electricity by altering the day to take advantage of daylight in the evening. The business community was great proponent also, since most people do shopping after work rather than in the morning and they do more shopping in daylight than in the dark. One year they experimented with staying on daylight savings time. But it was dark so late in the morning, when kids were going back to school, that it was considered too dangerous for kids with regard to traffic. So he we are.

Are you looking forward to spring? by The Real Deal Q: I am because spring is my favorite season well at least where i live because i live in texas and summers are very hot but spring is awesome here.I am looking forward to it because of 3 reasons 1.The temperature is back in the 70's and 80's 2.Even tho its hot there is no bees in spring where i live 3.Spring here in houston Texas is summer time in New york city. So why are you looking forward to spring.

A: Yes though it is still months away. I am looking forward to: - putting the snow shovel away - seeing my flowerbeds grow - seeing birds at the bird feeders - taking nice long walks with the dog

how bad are you looking forward to spring? by honey Q: i got real excited today when i noticed green grass popping up, leaves on trees and buds starting to form. i can't wait to see all the little baby animals in spring! today is a beautiful day and i wish i could take my desk outside to work.

A: I w-a-n-t it NOW! I am so sick an tired of all this cold and darkness...I really just can't take it anymore.

POLL: Which do you like more, Spring Forward, or Fall back? by Q: I love both, but I think I love fall back better. I love the dark outside. Spring forward - Bright at 6pm Fall Back - Dark around 5.30, 6pm How bout you?

A: spring forward- reminds me of a band I like

The time change - fall backward, spring forward - really worth it? by Q: So called "benefits" of time change, especially in spring do not outweigh the problems: adjustment, health problems (rise in heart attacks documented), lower productivity, students sleeping in school, more wrecks, etc. It is time to let the voters decide about this ill-conceived fiasco that was forced on us by the Federal government, which has no Constitutional authority to regulate time. Contact your state legislators and demand that your state says no.

A: Hi, I don't like the time change to be honest, but it's supposed to be for farmers I think, and working hours. It's a bit outdated though, and no one ever knows when the clocks are going to change! ~Mystic.

is there an equivalent phrase in those countries below the equator for "Spring forward, Fall back" ? by marigold Q: We change our clocks for daylight savings time. In the Northern hemisphere, we say "Fall back and Spring forward" to indicate how to adjust the clocks. Do countries below the equator (e.g. Brazil, Australia) have a similar saying since their seasons are reversed ? Yes other countries do have Daylight Savings time. Here is a link ----- http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/g.html

A: Fall forward and spring back? Re Mark: Oh yeah, huh.

College Students: Are you looking forward to Spring Semester starting? by Frank J Q: My univeristy has a month long break inbetween Fall and Spring semester. I like having more time to have fun, but it's mostly been BORING. I hang out with my friends, I go to the gym, and I read. The rest of the time I am bored out of my mind. I'm looking forward to having stuff to do again haha.

A: My university does quarters instead of semesters...so I already started the Winter session. Enjoy your time or possibly prepare for the next courses...

WILL YOU BE CHANGING YOUR CLOCKS TO SPRING FORWARD? by dragon Q: WHAT 2 places in the usa don't abide by the spring forward or fall back???

A: Yes, what a waste of TIME. Pun intended. Is it not time to quit this idiotic ritual? It was put in in WW ll. So that there would still be daylight left to work our Victory Gardens when we got home from work. Since very few people can even grow gardens any more let alone can the vegies for winter use, let us stop always moving time around. There is no time for this nonsense. It seems worse to lose an hours sleep in the Spring than to gain an hour in the Fall. STOP MOVING TIME AROUND ALL THE TIME.!!!!!

when we spring forward due daylight savings time do we lose sleep or do we gain sleep? by Jeremy F Q: I would like to know this so me and my wife can stop fighting over this its such a stupid argument

A: You lose sleep. Worst day of the year.

What are you looking forward to this Spring? by Hello Q: I'm looking forward to camping, bbq's up the canyon, fires, four wheeling, drive in theater. A WHOLE lot. I love the winter but there is just so much more to do in the Spring/Summer. What are some fun things you do with family and friends?

A: No snow, going outside more often, mowing, clothes on the line, going out more often, going to more movies, the smell of fresh summer air.

What is the anime with the sword fighting school where the students train there muscles to spring forward.? by Anthony C Q: I recently saw an anime and can't remember the name of it. It was two fighters, one blind and one armless , who had been fighting their entire lives. The blind one looks like a woman and the one armed one is ripped. They are ordered to fight for some reason I can't remember, but they willing do it, because they hate each other. I think the blind one killed the one armed ones teacher and the one armed one blinded the blind one.....yeah anyone please help.

A: look here. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php -

What is the point of spring forward fall back besides saving energy? by Q:

A: There are more hours of daylight. Falling back allows the sun to rise earlier and darkness to fall sooner, so there are more "day" hours. Hope this helps!

When does this whole spring forward time change actually occur? by Q: When do we lose an hour? I know its like today, but like what hour do they skip?

A: Sunday March 14 at 2:00 AM. Set your clock ahead an hour before you go to bed.

How to translate "Spring Forward", Spanish translation would be? by Jordi R Q: I am translating "Spring Forward" into Spanish. I am talking about the time change that occurs in Spring. Thanks! example sentence: Remember to "Spring Forward" your clocks tomorrow.

Fall Back, Spring Forward is dumb because they're interchangeable? by Rose Arizona Q: You could easily fall forward just as easily as you could spring back. This has caused a lot of confusion in my life. Just tell me what time it is, please.

A: For the confused on the fall back, spring forward... there's always the option of looking at the following procedure. Later in the year, go back (to summer), early in the year, go forward (to summer). Reverse (to winter) for the southern hemisphere. If you are a global type of a person... then go towards the middle of the year when its either summer or winter.

Do you like Spring Forward or Fall Back? by Z Q: I like Spring Forward, because the day seems to go quicker. How about you? But, Sunday will go faster ,then it will be monday!

A: Spring Forward. The days are longer. But the only problem is you lose an hour of sleep on Sunday which is no big deal. I'll just go to bed an hour earlier.

Do you gain an hour or lose an hour when you spring forward? by Zamlil Q: With daylight savings right around the corner, here's a quick question. Do you lose or gain sleep when you spring forward?

A: go forward means you lose one hour

Spring Forward .................? by G Q: and Fall Backwards . Have you PUT YOUR CLOCK FORWARD. GB

A: Yes, I put them all forward before I went to bed. Lets hope that we have a nice summer this year weatherwise ;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvalRr7iGt8 - I love this song ;-))

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