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Romney $10000 challenge to Perry would have been 'routine' in Las Vegas sportsbook
So Kornegay, the Las Vegas Hilton's vice president for race and sports book operations, wasn't particularly fazed when he heard Mitt Romney challenge Rick Perry to a $10000 bet during Saturday's Republican presidential debate in Iowa. ...

The Battle for the Best Mariners Reliever: Arthur Rhodes Vs. Jeff Nelson
If you're a MLB Mariners fan, then www.sodomojo.com/ is a blog for you, with a sponsor in SBGGlobal that is an internet sportsbook offering online sports betting and mlb betting lines on this Seattle team. The FanSided.com Sports Network dishes out ...

Melanie Amaro of 'X-Factor' a big favorite on gambling site
Sportsbook.com has made the 19-year-old from Sunrise a strong, odds-on favorite to win the grand prize on “The X Factor.” To win $100 wagering on Melanie, you would have to bet $175 ($275 return). For each of her three remaining rivals, the return is ...

Caption competition: Your chance to win £100 Sportsbook bet with Paddy Power
Sportsmail has a caption competition for you to battle it out each week for a brilliant prize of a £100 Sportsbook bet with our friends at Paddy Power. All you have to do is send in your witty caption (keep it clean, please!) for our choice of picture ...

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AlaskaGal1 Went to Southpoint to place bets in sportsbook. Got a copy of my players card. Guy in book tells me the book uses a different card. Cont....

MicsVegas I'm headed there wait up ! Lol // RT @_AshDFerguson: Bout to just hop on this sportsbook @ South Point

TracyElliott4 Sportsbook to Offer Live Betting on WSOP Final Table http://t.co/FRfRhtkm

WSOPADDICT Sportsbook to Offer Live Betting on WSOP Final Table http://t.co/FqZMW8jd

CasinoAB Мои твиты: Пт, 07:35: Мои твиты: Чт, 05:43: Chris Sieroty - Venetian unveils $30 million sportsbook renovation:... http://t.co/ENN84smj

stingclarcheun Players discuss decertification on call – Yahoo! Sports | Price Per ... http://t.co/6B1VJnQq

VegasCityPokerr Poker, Casino, Sportsbook-No Download Required, Awesome Graphics. http://t.co/OdbwMKAq

jaysonabbeysing http://t.co/ncmeeux1 Is very public manager search window-dressing? – Chicago Tribune ...

imBrittanyB1tch That's on my agenda for tomorrow! RT @_AshDFerguson: Bout to just hop on this sportsbook @ South Point

Xexilia42 Sportsbook to Offer Live Betting on WSOP Final Table: If the already wide range of betting options available for... http://t.co/0A9ktdXe

ModestoMorneau Unique Sportsbook Investing Program - 99 Win Rate Membership System!: Amazing System! $4.95 Trial Turns Into $49.99... http://t.co/Y1XEvFRu

jaiwehin Breeders' Cup: Uncle Mo gets another shot at Churchill Downs ... http://t.co/xMn9eEdh

yxidahor Hollywood sportsbook promotional code http://t.co/Uvz7HCrX

Lizzy_Harrison Must say, @Venetian did an awesome job w/ their sportsbook. Plus you can see it from the tourney area!

CathernAhlbergL NFL Las Vegas Odds, Betting Lines and Point Spreads at http://t.co/8YeJVyv4, the leader in Sportsbook an #7895


What are the best online sportsbook gambling sites? by Jaron Q: I'm familiar with sportsbook.com and betus.com but I'd like to find a new one with a nice signup bonus that doesnt have a ridiculous "rollover" reqt. Thanks.

A: If you are looking for a sportsbook that offers a nice bonus, but won't rip you off when you do meet the rollover, then I suggest using an independent reviews site such as http://GamblingReviewsSite.com rather than clicking a coded affiliate link without any additional information about the suggested site. Look for reviews sites that carry the GPWA seal, that way you know you are getting good information. Good luck!

What websites would help me built my own Sportsbook website? by Czer Q: Im looking forward on having my own sportsbook website, If anyone could help me out? Thanks in advance guys


I'm looking for a sportsbook that has a contest like caribs classic challenge where players compete more? by Linda Q: I'm looking for a sportsbook that has a contest like caribs classic challenge where players compete against others players. Say selecting 5 teams each week with a running total and at the end the players with the highest scores win prizes.... Thanks

A: http://affiliate.intertops.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_1877b_373 has fantasy football where you compete against other players and the players with the most winning picks win. Hope that helps.

What information does sportsbook ask for? by Brandon Q: What personal information (drivers license, utility bill, etc.) does sportsbook ask for when depositing or withdrawing funds from their services?

A: They will ask for a copy of your identification (usually a driver's license) and a copy of the front/back of the credit card. This is to prevent any clown from stealing your info and placing wagers. However, if you pay/withdraw any other way (ewallet, MoneyGram, Western Union, etc), you will not need to show the sportsbook any ID. Whether you have to show the processor any ID is up to them.

are there robots and cheaters on poker sites like full tilt and sportsbook? by Charles B Q: People on sportsbook call bets that just arent possible to be profitable late in tournaments and of course catch the 1 or 2 cards that they need in the deck. I've heard that there are robots or programs that will show you the next cards to come. I've just seen it way too much. Is this true, and how frequently am i losing to someone that just cant be beat.

A: That is a myth spread by people that suck at poker, or don't understand the concept of variance. Major poker sites like Full Tilt or Poker Stars are about as safe as playing at your local casino. There have been a few problems here and there, but the fact we know about them means they got caught. Similarly, there have been many people thrown out of Vegas casinos for cheating as well. But I refuse to accept that any of the major sites is trying to cheat players with non-random occurrences and robots. Given just how rich they can become legitimately, it makes little sense to risk losing massive amounts of business by being caught outright cheating.

Where can I find sportsbook links and sports betting resources? by espinozacrc Q: By joining BetCRIS Affiliates, you’ll earn 25% of your players net losses, by all means, a first-class sales pitch. Earn money while taking advantage of the latest inbound links program…Three Way Affiliates! (3 way affiliates, links exchange program). Sportsbook Links, sports betting links, casino links, gambling resources, general sports links, sports handicappers.

A: Great, I have found all the information I have needed for my sportbook bets, sportsbook links are useful, http://www.betcris-links.com there are only the best links and sportsbook links and gambling links and general sports information

What is a reputable, honest, legitimate sportsbook? by Cody Q: I am thinking about gambling casually on NFL football online and would like to know if anyone has any experience with an honest and legitimate sportsbook. I do not want to have to worry about money being stolen from my bank account or not getting paid if i win. I would appreciate any intellegent answers. Thanks

A: There are a lot of sites, but only some are good to play on, you can find a list of the best USA friendly sites here http://www.gamblingsafe.net/usa-friendly-sites/usa-friendly-bookmakers.html If you are not from USA you will also find other sites. I would say probably bookmaker or intertops are the best to play now.

Now that they have imploded the Stardust what is the best sportsbook in Las Vegas? by paul s Q: Which is the biggest sportsbook, who usually has the best odds and which one is the most comfortable.

A: That's a tough as it was lefty Rosenthal at the Stardust who brought sports books to Casinos you Might try Vegas.com /Gaming and track down some good sports books as for comfort I like Cesar's and the Monte Carlo but when it came to odds Stardust was the best

How to make money in gambling or own a sportsbook casino? by Greg C Q: I have been trying to find out if anyone knows how to own an online casino, sportsbook or related business without spending too much money. Can someone help me? I heard something about price per head services but I am not sure I want to use the service without knowing exactly how it works.

A: this is a free fun way you ever hear of moola? a lot of people have head of it.. it has came more popular latley.. well its a fun site to make some extra money . WHILE PLAYING GAMES :P AND ITS SOOO ADDICITING LIKE YAHOO ANSWERS LOL :P here is an invite.. http://www.moola.com:80/moopubs/b2b/exc/join.jsp?sid=4d5449744d5441794d544132-2 but granted.. i only have 10.00 in my account hehehe.. but you can cash out at 10.00 and the site is free so it dont hurt to try it :)

Sportsbook...................................? by Yu Q: Has anyone played in Victor Chandler sportsbook site? And if you know how to deposit via visa electron card, just explain it to me.

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