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Sport Relief

The Queen gives royal start to Sport Relief Mile
The Queen starts the Sport Relief Mile charity race during a visit to the BBC's Media City in Salford as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour of the United Kingdom. The Queen was accompanied by Prince Philip as she waved the starting flag for the race in ...

Sport Relief fever is taking over the North East
by Ruth Lawson, Evening Chronicle SPORT Relief fever is taking over the region as a weekend full of fundraising events gets underway today. Tynesiders have already been warming up for the array of events that will see thousands of people getting active ...

for Sport Relief
Having a laugh ... celebs will provide a little light Relief to raise money for charity tonight SPORT Relief is taking over BBC1 tonight and it promises to be to a televisual treat for all. From 7pm many of the biggest names in sport and comedy will ...

Gary Lineker and his wife Danielle are reduced to tears as they take a trip to ...
By Kirsty Mccormack She pledged her continued support for Comic Relief late last year, so it was no surprise to see Danielle Lineker grace the screen on tonight's Sport Relief. The brunette featured on the show as she took a trip to Bangladesh with her ...

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kellyslade1 Sport relief :)

niamhalletson Awww mrs hollis should be well proud of our school, did some many miles for sport relief

DocWhoMad Love James Corden on Sport Relief 2012! <3

Sway1beats @Laura_YY I just ordered takeaway #HadToBeDone How was sport relief?

0rangelic The Sport Relief footage is actually unbearable. Have spent half of the evening in tears. :(

Munski59 @Sheyiadebayor so have you donated to sport relief as they are your African brothers

RAF_Gib Getting ready for Sport Relief tomorrow. http://t.co/x67Xf59E

TerriLouiseDay Still can't stop listening to @emelisande 's album.. It's never gonna get old! Staying up to watch the sport relief performance :) #awesome!

bathcat67 "@Fearnecotton: Also later a @CelebJuice sport relief special! It gets pretty naughty!" Sky+ set! #bangtidy

AmzieTheGeek Sport Relief is heart breaking </3

amberfranxesca Ab Fab sport relief special was pretty disappointing.

Kimberley_Kitty Watching 10 minuets of Sport Relief has reminded me why I don't like James Corden!

julieelainam RT @DuncanBannatyne: Watching Sport Relief. Never gets easier

shawasaurus knowing that @RonJichardson is going to be on sport relief has woke my right up :D teehee..

siwalker Just turned over to Sport Relief. Looks very much like Comic Relief to me. What's the difference?


Is wife beating a sport or a profession? by Q: In some ways, I think it could be a sport, because it's physical, and requires strength. It's also a form of stress-relief for the man, much like excercise/sport. However, in other ways I feel that it's more like a profession because most men beat their wives in order to save money - for example, to scare their wife into submission so that she won't divorce him and take his money through alimony, or sometimes to make his wife have a miscarriage so that he doesn't have to financially support a child.

A: I think it's a sport, since most abusers do it in their spare time. It's just like being in a bowling league. (just kidding to anyone that is offended - abuse is horrible).

Sports Relief costume ideas!? by Q: Our school are having a sports relief non-uniform day on 23rd March, there is also a 3 mile run which we have to do. I need some good ideas for a costume, I was thinking of maybe being a beaver, or me and my friends could come as fairy's?! I usually hate being looked at, but because its for sport relief and charity, I'm willing to put myself through a few houra of embarrassment! Any ideas please! XD

A: Costume ideas: http://www.costumesupercenter.com/ http://www.spirithalloween.com/womens-costumes_teen-costumes/ http://www.costumeshopper.com/ http://www.halloweencostumesale.com/ https://www.halloween31.com/ http://www.anytimecostumes.com/costumes/ctn.html http://www.costumekingdom.com/ Homemade costume ideas: http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/ http://www.robinsfyi.com/holidays/halloween/costumes.htm http://www.costumepage.org/hallocst.html Check out Ebay for great costume deals and professional quality homemade costumes.

At the risk of being like a Republican and enjoying political gladiator sport over the welfare of my county,? by Q: Would it be more fun to see Obama send Sarah Palin back to Nome for good, to watch Bachmann be torn apart by Obama in a televised debate or to watch Obama thrash Perry? I know we should be more focused on what is good for the country rather than gladiator sport but this would provide some comic relief.

A: For what it is worth, Obama had pretty much a free-ride in the 2008 debates. No tough follow-up to his unanswered or semi-answered remarks. No real questions about his lack of experience. Expect this same approach to 2012 debates. Granted, Obama did not have a record in 2008 on which he had to support. But I would not expect the press to make much of an issue -- if any -- of his record as President. To the clown who continues to ID my posts as violations of community guidelines. Grow up already. You have to expect that there will be those who disagree with your opinions. Such does not mean that the posting is a violation of the guidelines. To censor those with whom you disagree with is beyond petty.

What the song that plays from this trailer 11 second onward bbc sports relief? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=? by Q: What the song that plays from this trailer 11 second onward bbc sports relief? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5FGOEq0Xsg it was on bbc sport relief 2012

Best pain-relief sports cream over the counter? by mayorad Q: Play quite a bit of tennis and recently was told by my doc that I have a slight tear in my triangular fibrocartilage disc/apparatus. Would like to continue playing and plan on wearing a wrist brace. But would also like to apply a sports cream to wrist area prior to playing (to prevent pain in that area). Any recommendations for sports cream? I've seen lotions such as Tiger Balm and Aspercreme at pharmacy but don't know about either. Please help. Thank you!

A: Athletes use another procedure with rubbing something on the injured area. Mineral Ice. It goes on cool then begins to heat. Does have an odor, so you would want to use it before playing and wash the area with warm soap and water before leaving home. Aspercreme Cream is odorless, and it works well, and you can put it on right before you play. At night you can soak your hand in hot water with some Epson Salts added to it. Follow the directions on the bag or box. If you are not allergic to Aspirin the Aspercreme is alright. You could also take a Motrin or Tylenol right before your game, but not for a long period. To many side effects with them over a long period of using them. Good luck to you.

what the song that plays from this trailer 11 second onward bbc sports relief? by Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5FGOEq0Xsg it was on bbc sport relief 2012

What is the spray used for immediate pain relief from sports injury? by K Q: - Would you please name specific brands if you know. - Is Elmetacin one of these brands or not? If yes, what else.

A: Whether you like it or not, chronic pain happens in due course. Indeed, it's a sad but true aspect of life. Even the healthiest of people have to fight back pains and muscle pains. Not everyone is a big fan of taking over the counter or prescribed pain medication. For them the use of body oils for chronic pain relief is the answers to chronic pain and fatigue. Some forms of chronic pain treatment are highly addictive and potentially damaging to the organs of the body. Some of the oils used in chronic pain therapy with their relieving properties are: eucalyptus oil, camphor oil, and wintergreen oil.

Anybody do anything exciting or the 1 mile run today for sports relief? by Q: I might of saw you on t.v :D I wish i went to do that, but i didnt know in time!

A: I went ice skating with friends. It was fun i guess. If your looking for something really fun to do give your friends a makeover, throw a party. Low on cash? give u chicas a call and go to their house. Im on the track team so yeah i ran the mile this weekend i had a blast!! you should try it.

What Is The Song Called For The Bbc 1 advert for 'lets's Dance For Sports Relief'? by Q: I can't get this song of my head but i think its goes like this 'We can party so hard that we reach the satellites ooowho owho party so hard and reach satellites................(A female sings this song) i will appreciate who answers my question.

A: Try looking here: http://www.electricbluesclub.co.uk/tv_ads.html

Need a fun way to raise money with my friends for sport relief, any ideas? by NeilYeah Q: i want to raise at least £100 and about £500 with my friends, i can get the money, but we need to do something that will make people give us the money. Something fun which i can have a good time and laugh with my friends, but we also don't mind something challenging, for example people are doing 24hr football matches or cycling 10 miles or going on a scooter for a whole day. BUT doesn't have to be physically challenging, it could be something else. IM UP FOR ANYTHING BASICALLY, no stupid answers though lol

A: i Think you should hold a sports competition in your local community. Go to your nearest public school recreational center and book the gym for a couple of hours, for about $35. Lets say your holding a basketball competition. You could make posters and but them on the street, make a facebook fan page, set a $10 fee if people want to be in the competition and have a cash prize of about $100 and a trophy for second and third place! this would be fun! you can also add more stuff to this like a BBQ

have you donated or did anything for Sport Relief? by me Q: http://www.sportrelief.com/#ncoda_1 its really good, celebs do all mad sporty challenges to rise money

A: I've never even heard of them before.

Can my puppy enter the sports relief mile? by 123456 Q: He is a german shepherd puppy and he is small,, he is good,,,listens, not harsh, Can he come?

A: From the event website: Can my dog do the Mile? Please check the individual Mile page for the event that you would like to attend for more information about whether or not dogs are allowed. If you attend a Mile event with your dog, please be responsible and clear up after it. Find a mile: http://www.sportrelief.com/the-mile/find-a-mile

True or false; You watching sport relief? by Q: - 4 the people who don't know what it is. http://www.sportrelief.com/ http://www.sportrelief.com/about-us BQ: Have you ever donated money that would help kids?

what is the difference between sports relief and children in need? by Q: you dress up for children in need so you dress up for sports relief? thanks

A: Children in need a charity for kids in the UK. The money contributed to Children in Need is distributed to organisations supporting children in the UK aged 18 and under who have mental, physical or sensory disabilities; behavioural or psychological disorders; are living in poverty or situations of deprivation; or suffering through distress, sex abuse or neglect. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children_in_Need Sport relief is a charity for kids outside of the UK - like in third world countries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_Relief

Idea's to raise money for sport relief? by Q:

A: you could hold a fundraiser at your school?

what do you do for sport relief? by Q: like how do you raise money for it in school or college? thanks

A: with my ATC i do a mile run. people sponsor me from cadets for running. at school we also do a run. or if were part of a sports club of threes we get sponsored for that. hope i helped.

what do i get in a sports relief fund raising kit? by Q: ive ordered a fund raising kit from the sports relief charity, and i was just wondering what do i actually get in it?

A: usually fund raising tips and some collexion tools

is it sport relief or comic relief this year 2012? by Q: i have no ideas what you to re talking about i am taking about the early charity events in the uk

A: I agree with Pooh Bear. If this is the best the GOP has to offer, then G-D help us. The party of NO is just a bunch of quibbling children wanting to posses the most important job of our county? To be the most powerful leader of the free world? HELP!

Will you sponsor me for Sport Relief? by Dan Q: If so please donate whatever amount you wish here: http://www.mysportrelief.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=274369 Many Thanks!

A: no

Please tell me The Vaccines are doing this year's Sport Relief single and not some X Factor artist? by Q:

A: That is some kind of name, The Vaccines! I never heard their music, and somehow I don't think I want to.

Does anyone know when James Corden's sketch is on Sport Relief Tonight? by COM ITL Q:

A: http://www.sportrelief.com/whats-on not sure but heres some info on what will be shown hope it helps

im doing a sport relief 3 mile run and they said i am wave 3A any ideas what that means? by Sarah Q:

A: The waves effect where on the start line you are placed. They will have the elite runners at the front and then the other waves will usually be determined by your estimated finish time, if you gave that when registering. Or if the race registration did not ask for that information they may have the waves grouped according to when you registered. On race day they will have the waves clearly marked as to where your group is. Good luck!

What is the difference between sports relief and children in need? by Q: children in need you dress up but for sports relief what do you do is it just the run you do? thanks like we dressed up in college for children in need do you dress up for sports relief

A: You really shouldn't advertise your questions on other people's questions.

what day do you run the sport Relief mile in nottingham? by Q:

A: Its on the 21st of March 2010 1 mile events start at: 12.00pm, 12.30pm 3 mile events starts at: 11.30am 6 mile events starts at: 10.30am

what can i get people in my office to do to raise money for sport relief? by Bebelicious Q:

A: You can do food fundraisers, such as 1 dollar a krispy creme donut. You could go around to different stores and get 5 or 10 or 20 dollar gift cards if you promise to use them as sponsors, and then you have raffle drawings in the office, and all of the raffle money goes to sport relief. It all depends on what you do! There needs to be some type of extrinsic motivation for others in your office to help. Then when you're finished, make sure you thank everyone for helping out and personally appreciate people so they're willing to do it next time. Heck, you could even get your boss on, and get some kind of huge office sponsored event going on so the word is spread better and it seems more in line with the organization's purpose.

sport relief - not another charity begging for money? by Q: does anyone else think there are too many televised charity days on the telly begging for peoples money, first it was telethon, next it was red nose day, then children in need, and on Friday its sport relief, its too much and I never watch the programs as its full of overpaid celebrities who "give their time for free" why don’t those celebrities give a few weeks of their salaries instead if they care so much then we wouldn’t have to bother, I don’t bother giving anything too them because I like to know exactly where my donations are going and I like to make sure that my donations are going to stay in my country to help poor and needy people in this country - its up to the governments and people in other countries to help their poor and needy people not us - we have enough needy and homeless people here without worrying about other countries - am I just being heartless or do you agree with me

A: No, I agree completely. They beg for money from well-deserving citizens when they have money that they're too greedy to give away. Nice points :)

The BBC Sport Relief & Comic Relief cons? by Destiny .x Q: This disgusts me. Why on earth did they con viewers on a CHARITY EVENT? That's the lowest of the low. http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/news/2008/03/16/53653.shtml Thoughts? [its just been read out at the end of bbc sport relief]

A: All telephone competitions are cons.

Sport Relief T Shirts? 2008? by Charles C Q: Where can i get the Sport relief T Shirt from like the one modelled by the celebrities? I received my pack thinking there would be one in it but no and ive looked in sainsburys where they said they dont stock them! Do i get it before i start the race or what?

A: You have to buy them from the sprort relief web site. www.shop.sportrelief.com but they are sold out of the male adult one which is what I wanted! sorry

Sport relief fancy dress help!? by Q: Me and my 2 friends are doing the sport relief mile in a 4 legged race and dressing up as babies! But with the baby costume we want to add like our personality type! I am going to lazy with a robe and a blanket but my 2 friends are stuck for ideas!!! We would be very greatful for any suggestions! Xxx

its sport relief in school tmo n were alowed to wear somthing different as long as its sporty!? by Q: were not alowed to wear jeans things like shorts, sports kits but i wanted to wear three quaters would they be counted as sporty? i asked some teachers but they didnt know

whats the difference between comic relief and sport relief? by Q:

Sport relief Game ideas ( Indoors )? by Q: I work in a college. I need help coming up with ideas to raise money for the sport relief charity that's indoors. Some of the people i work with have learning difficulties so we are trying to run games and stalls that they can run themselves with some help from staff. I currently have an idea for an indoor orienteering event that other students can get involved with also some type of sports quiz. Because every things indoor we cant really do anything that sporty e.g football because there is no room . Any idea's would be greatly appreciated.

what can i do for sport relief? by Sam N Q: ive got a sponsor form but don't know what to do I don't what to do something lame like a sponsored silence though. X thanks

A: bowling - flat donation or a certain amount per pin knocked down walking - flat donation or a certain amount per mile/km walked bike riding - flat donation or a certain amount per mile/km ridden home run derby - flat donation or a certain amount per home run hit jump rope - flat donation or a certain amount per minute jumping dancing - flat donation or a certain amount per song danced to basketball - flat donation or a certain amount per basket made

Running The Sport Relief Mile? by Q: So, I'm running the sport relief mile on Friday at school. To be honest, I'm not a great runner, and I never will be. But because it's for charity, I really want to do this. How can I get better at running before Friday and ways to prepare for it around the house, like exercises, or just normal running, like how much should I do a day? Please give me advice.

Which indie rock band is doing the Sport Relief Single 2012? by Q:

A: I don't know

What Is The Name Of The Song What Was Sung By Wayne Rooney & James Corden In The Sport Relief Sketch ? by RaineyyBoyyz :) Q:

What Will Rangers Be Doing For Sport Relief? by Allan Q: Or do you think they have they given us enough to laugh at this year? nkp20 - No, Taxus Rangers

A: By the looks of them the only thing left to them..hand jobs..Think on it...you know and I know that the gers supporters would pay entire giro to get a hand job from their favourite player and they can use mcshaggers bird as the bucket...

What was the songs Matt Dawson and Elaine Page danced to on Sport Relief night? by bowden_green Q: What was the song/tune Matt and Elaine danced to in Strictly Come Dancing Sport Relief?

A: Hi, The song used was the very very end of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain". There's a video on this youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaELgMUB3wg Trust me it's there right at the end of the song.

what was the song they kept playing during sport relief? by adam J Q: during sport reilef after they used a song that went something like 'your the best around no one gonna ever keep you down' after a total was revealed.

A: Joe Esposito - You're the best around :)

how long dos it take for sport relief mile pack to come? by Tia Q: im doing the sport relief mile anyone know how long it takes for the pack to come thanks x

A: 7-10 days from date of order,.

Who would you like to see on 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief/Sport Relief'? by Q: About two weeks ago the new series of 'Let's dance for Sport Relief' started. They've had lots of big names on there and I've been really enjoying it. I find it really funny and it's for a good charity. So, I was wondering, what celebrity (or group of celebrities) would you like to see on 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief/Sport Relief' and what song would you like to see them dance to and and why?

What are things like 24-hour-famine, operation christmas child, sport relief mile that I can do? by Q: I'm in South-East England I want to do something like those but obviously not them cause they're not for ages.

A: Contact Volunteering England http://www.volunteering.org.uk/ Do-it - Volunteering made easy http://www.do-it.org.uk/

Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background when the BBC advertise Sport Relief? by Stephen C Q: this is the link on the sport relief site..... www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00pd221 Got it......it's Kids by MGMT

What is the song playing in the current BBC sport relief advert? by Q: It's showing now and has a clip of James Corden in it. The song is a guy singing, it's quite slow and he seems to be humming. It is annoying me so much as i can't find it anywhere! Please help!!

A: The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition :)

Why does the United Kingdom have chairtys like sport relief when our own freaking country is in turmoil? by Q: Seriously i don't get it , why does the UK continue to help 3rd world country's when we ourselves are struggling to keep our own country out of another recession.

Who would you like to see on 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief/Sport Relief' and what would they dance to? by Q: About two weeks ago the new series of 'Let's dance for Sport Relief' started. They've had lots of big names on there and I've been really enjoying it. I find it really funny and it's for a good charity. So, I was wondering, what celebrity (or group of celebrities) would you like to see on 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief/Sport Relief' and what song would you like to see them dance to and and why?

What is the total amount of money raised from Comic/Sport Relief that has been given to Africa? by Q: It seems a lot of money has been donated and not a lot has been done with it?

A: The truth is many people are wasting their money because Africa isn't as poor as most Americans believe, many African cities are beautiful even by American standards. Many "Relief Missions" are just international scams that take advantage of American ignorance.

For sport relief we're only allowed to dress sporty at school, help? by Q: On sport relief day, we have to dress in something sporty, however i have no sport clothes as i am far from a sporty person, what should i wear?

Where can i find pictures from the 2006 sport relief mile run southampton? by Laurawrr Q: Where can i find pictures from the sainsburys sport relief mile 2006 in southampton, which includes pictures that we're published in newspapers? not of celebrities, of actual people. me and my cousin we're one and we typed our name into 123people.com and it came up with 3 pictures of us, so that picture is somewhere on the net 3 different times and we would like to see it.... thanks in advance :)

A: Contact Sainsburys by phone or the net..

Someone help with Sport Relief Fundraising Idea? by Daniel S Q: I am a 15 year old boy in Bristol, England. I am looking for something to do outside of school for Sport Relief.. Any ideas?

A: Sell candy bars

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