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Splunk IPO Leads Despite Trading Glitch; Tumi Also Fares Well
By Lynn Cowan Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES Shares of data-analysis software company Splunk Inc. (SPLK) delivered the best first-day IPO pop in nearly a year Thursday, more than doubling during its debut. The company's stock closed at $35.48 a share on the ...

San Francisco 'big data' company Splunk more than doubles in first...
By Jeremy C. Owens Shares in San Francisco-based Splunk nearly doubled when it reached the open market Thursday. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Big data brought big money to San Francisco on Thursday, as analytics company Splunk took in more than $200 million in its ...

Splunk shares double in debut
NEW YORK (AP) — Splunk shares more than doubled in their first hours of trading, boosted by investor optimism about the software company's rapid growth and focus on "big data." The shares were priced at $17 and opened at $32 on the Nasdaq.

Splunk IPO Leads Despite Trading Glitch; Tumi Also Fares Well
By Lynn Cowan Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES Shares of data analysis software company Splunk Inc. (SPLK) made strong gains on its first day of trading Thursday, despite encountering some technical difficulties on NYSE Arca in early trading.

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TedTobiasonDB Big data and a big price… overview of the Splunk IPO [http://t.co/rCVjRYMG] #IPO

hnautiyal RT @troutgirl: "When did Splunk go from a cloud-management company to a big-data company?" "Cloud is so 2011. It's 2012 now."

rags NYSE is cancelling some of trades on Splunk - I wonder if they found them by using Splunk

KaramelooNewsUS Splunk IPO Soars; Early Trades Bungled: Shares of software firm Splunk doubled in their first minutes of trading... http://t.co/DasJaDNN

Frank_Rothstein RT @WSJ: Shares of software firm Splunk soared in their first minutes of trading, but the NYSE is canceling some trades http://t.co/1BGRlN1K

Rainstor RT @CloudConnexion: Why Splunk is HOT & Worth Every Billion: Splunk had a blockbuster IPO http://t.co/EqXBjV8U < Congrats!

jthoben Splunk Surges After Pricing Above Range in Web Data IPO http://t.co/jQSEtuuV via @BloombergNews

splunk Splunk Blogs: Splunk for WebSphere Application Server 2.0 GA! http://t.co/AiDsRzaQ

fideliafieaves RT @itayneeman: Big data catering strikes again Pizza drinks and champagne for Seattle nodejs meetup courtesy of Splunk

UrsulaOtway Splunk IPO Soars; Early Trades Bungled: Shares of software firm Splunk doubled in their first minutes of trading... http://t.co/M9YYFGhm

MargieStrafford Splunk IPO Soars; Early Trades Bungled: Shares of software firm Splunk doubled in their first minutes of trading... http://t.co/JlqIDW8n

MargueriteStilw Splunk IPO Soars; Early Trades Bungled: Shares of software firm Splunk doubled in their first minutes of trading... http://t.co/YjEEYIts

EvelineKellogg Splunk IPO Soars; Early Trades Bungled: Shares of software firm Splunk doubled in their first minutes of trading... http://t.co/BG6fHQkx

AngelaEwell Splunk IPO Soars; Early Trades Bungled: Shares of software firm Splunk doubled in their first minutes of trading... http://t.co/3vqQy4D8

KeithFongMaker splunk http://t.co/Q8uEQgfd


Want To Give This Little Painting A Name? by Doc Watson Q: I finished this thing this afternoon. I was getting creatively stressed and wanted to take a break from a rather serious large portrait I've been working on. Taking a break artistically usually means playful experiments. This (and Splunk #1) was what I came up with by using grids and circles as templates to get these designs on canvas. The 'sprinkle' effect I got from lightly just wetting the tips of the hairs on each brush and skimming the surfaces bewteen the grids and templates. So much for wasting a weekend. But crap or not, this thing still deserves a name of it's own.What can you guys come up with? http://pics.livejournal.com/unmired/pic/0008pyx5/g119 Here is the other one of these that I finished late Friday night: http://pics.livejournal.com/unmired/pic/0008k6xp/g119 It's okay to not like these paintings. I don't even know if I like them or not. (But if you're interested you can keep clicking on the image to enlarge it. Phae, I'll explain how these were done in an e-mail. And they do seem to have kinetic energy, don't they? The second one (Splunk) was actually the first one, a practice painting. Confused, the larger of the two paintings, the untitled one, is 25 x 50 inches. All of my paintings are done with acrylic paint. I suppose I could tell you how I get the grid looking effects for these paintings but, like magic, the magic is more in the effect than in the process. I will only suggest that you play around with different effects and see what you personally come up with yourself.

A: But I do like them, especially the first that is untitled. I wish I could see the original, the effect is the best I really have seen from your abstracts. How did you do it? I will have to get back with you on a name after I give it some thought. The second one is not quite as good, but I don't think I would call it cr*%! Blessings! EDIT: How about Quantum Worlds. Each individual section made me think of a type of physics. The top was particle physics, the middle was string theory, & the last just quantum mechanics. Yes, "Quantum Worlds". or even "Schrodinger's Cat" Blessings!

Does anybody know where I can find all of the Hardcore Toons (Like Jandora, Jandora 2, The Ghost, Jill, etc? by dragonzofvalor Q: I am just wondering if anybody know a site where I can find all of them???? Includes Jill Trinity Jandora Jandora 2 The Ghost Let's Splunk Over the desk etc....

A: Just use google to search for them

Kids game show from the 90s possibly 2000s? by chocol8_cheezit2010 Q: I want to say it came on Nickelodeon but I could be wrong. I really don't remember the plot of the game just that it had the same characters every week and they were on teams and they wore colored jumpsuits.... and one kid had HUGE curly hair. I really want to say it started with an s and was one syllable. Splunk? Sproing? Something like that!! Helppppppppppp

A: um "figure it out?" i mean the show haha it isnt directed to you or legends of the hidden temple? or guts? double dare? mmm i dont any other though

how do i create my own 1U (or 2U) extremly low cost computer/appliance? im interested in the hardware aspect? by eyas_taifour Q: I modified a linux distribution running splunk that I want to load at work. It's a requirement that the server running it is a 1U machine. Budget is not there to buy a new machine, so I thought I could build mine. All I want is a MBoard, a CPU, RAM slots, and a USB interface (internal) so I can connect a flashdrive containing my O/S and applications. I'll additionally need an NIC to connect to the network. To Clarify, I have the components, O/S applications, and Hardware. I am just wondering if anyone know a vendor of 1U chassis. or just a way to create a quick and dirty one.

A: Ubuntu has allready been put on a flash drive, its under 700mb totall install. So we now have a working distro that fits on a flash drive and can boot from any USB port. Your idea is great, just take a iPod like technology or lets not step ontheir toes, a GPS type technology would work for hardware. Its Citizen Owned. Contact OLPC, they have the setup for the handcrank wireless laptop. Go Solar Panel with a Wind or Motion actuater and you are set.

Anyone ever heard of splunk.com? by Q: I downloaded a free trial version and it is very hard to understand. I dont want to run reports.I just want to monitor passwords and IM usuage.

A: No l haven't.

What is the security rating for microsoft cloud, splunk, and nagios? by Q:

A: well i know ms is like a 4-5 outta 10 but i personialy think it sucks pand cloud is like a 7 outta 10 i dont realy like it and as fare as splunk and nagios go iv never heard of them so there problaly not very good or posiably fake i suggest the following Just get rid of it and get the following FREE programs and use as needed or as i suggest Superantispyware scan once a week or 2-3 times a month Malwarebytes scan once a week or 2-3 times a month Zone alarm firewall just make Shure its up-to-date Ccleaner 1 run a week or 2-3 times a month If you want the best and have some $ then get the following Zone alarm extreme security its 30-40 $ for 3 pc you can sell the extra copy’s if you want But it’s the best it’s fast easy to use and dose every thing and more Also still get ccleaner to remove errors and junk form the internet if you want to pay get zonealarm extreme security its 30-40$ for 3pc so you can use or sell the other copy’s but its the best it dose every thing fast and easily and its has lots of fetchers like anti very thing virus malware spyware ad ware worms Trojans rats dialers rootkits EVERY THING It has browser protection with auto download scans and antikeylogger it has a bank setup a safe where u can store your info password etc. safely it has 2 way double strength firewall parental controls and much more btwi rank them the following superantispyware 9outta 10 becuses no realtime protection malwarebytes 9 outta 10 becuses no realtime protection zonealarm exstram security 10 outta 10 it has everythinh you need and more ccelaner 10 outta 10 its FREE and does a better job then some simialry programs that you might pay for hope i helped

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