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Spike lee

Spike Lee latest celeb to practice reckless tweeting
Director Spike Lee watches warmups before the game between the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers. Spike Lee wasn't the first to retweet the erroneous address on Twitter blindly accepted by many as that of George Zimmerman, the man who fatally shot ...

Report: Spike Lee's tweet of wrong George Zimmerman address puts innocent ...
The message, tweeted by Californian Marcus Higgins and re-tweeted by celebrity and director Spike Lee to his 240000 followers, included an address and said “feel free to reach out and touch him [Zimmerman],” according to a Smoking Gun report.

Trayvon Who? – Spike Lee Fails to 'Do the Right Thing' at William & Mary
Spike Lee comes to Va.and misses an opportunity to offer his point-of-view on the biggest racial controversy of the year. Maybe it's my fault. Perhaps I watch too much TV, listen to too much talk radio or spend too much time on nytimes.com.

Spike Lee Disseminates the Wrong Thing
Greatly complicating matters is the fact that the information, which was re-tweeted by filmmaker Spike Lee last Friday, has now been shown to be completely incorrect. Per Picket and TSG, the address is that of a namesake man who has not lived there ...

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HRHAngelique Would @SpikeLee be inclined to apologize to the couple if they're black for irresponsible tweet of their home address? http://t.co/kFobePYC

Jeff_Breitbart RT @weaselzippers: Spike Lee Won't Apologize For Sending Elderly Florida Couple Fleeing For Their Lives After He Tweeted http://t.co/2aDFPvTv

JoeKonopa RT @jamespyles: From MSNBC: @SpikeLee latest celeb to practice reckless tweeting http://t.co/8p0X1baq #TrayvonMartin

JohnC1908 I see Spike Lee doesn't "Do The Right Thing."

colestreeper Spike Lee is scum. First for RTing what he though was Zimmerman's address, then for not checking &endangering innocents & not apologizing

MidnightCaller Spike Lee is a moron.

SusanDuclos RT @betseyross: Vigilante Spike Lee Causes Elderly Couple to Abandon Home http://t.co/Y2iAicnT #truthteam @darrellissa @ericbolling #thefive

AndrewBerkshire @Supesbiggestfan The hope is Zimmerman will still be charged. But him not being charged doesn't excuse Spike Lee.

jantel11 [email protected]_Report: Spike refuses to apologize... http://t.co/h5s3UjB4” #IamAndrewBreitbart @rushlimbaugh

TheHeadJerk Liberal Slime @SpikeLee doubles down on his asshattery, Lawyers for Zimmerman seen licking their chops ... http://t.co/giSXAMNg

PieGuevara @DLoesch @SpikeLee It is time to face facts. Spike Lee isn't man enough to apologize.

jeaniebgd #tcot RT @B4INTeaParty Evidence: Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Spike Lee,The Black Panthers And Hate Crimes http://t.co/JLF2j6M6

shizukobmacneil RT @VieuxBourru: Spike Lee Wont Apologize Has No Comment On Terror Tweet - Spike Lee - Fox Nation http:tcokgQBZfFK

arodomus Spike Lee Tweeted Wrong George Zimmerman Address; Forces Elderly Couple Out Of Their Home! http://t.co/ffti4T1x

DerekStepp RT @Drudge_Report: Spike refuses to apologize... http://t.co/PlgGQXq6


How do you think Spike Lee's "School Daze" emphasizes Stereotypes on African Americans? by Tizzy Boo Q:

A: I think it must be mentioned that it's not done in a disrespectful manner...it's more satire than buffoonery. the whole dance sequence with the Wannabees and the Jiggaboos (which is my fave part in the whole thing btw) can be seen as emphasizing stereotypes.

Q: What Indiana Pacer did Knicks fan Spike Lee anger during the 1994 playoffs by calling him "Cheryl"? by Kelsey Q: this is a trivia question first person to answer thiscorrectly gets 10 pts.

A: Reggie miller.

What are the Cultural values in the Spike Lee movie He Got Game? by Q:

A: Having sex and playing basketball. BOOM!

what do you think about spike lee's messages about race in his early films? by Rob T Q: all of spike lee's early films are surrounded by tricky racial conflict, is he commenting on racial conflicts between african americans specifically or all races in america. films to think about (Do The Right Thing, Jungle Fever, Bamoozled)

A: He's a floating turd that refuses to be flushed. All of his productions are junk and a waste of money. He's a "straight to VHS" guy.

what are your favorite Spike Lee joints? by Donny Q: underrated director maaaan BQ- expectations for Red Hook Summer (sequel? to Do the Right Thing) and the Oldboy remake? BQ2- where does Spike rank among your favorite directors? BQ3- Jonze vs Lee

A: Love Spike Lee's directing style. Dark. Gritty grimey movies but are so well done. My favorite movie of his is He Got Game and Clockers Bq- both very high im really interested to see what he's going to do with old boy. It don't seem to fit his style. Either was inside man but that was real good too. Bq2- top 15 i assume. Bq3- Lee

"School Daze" by Spike Lee; What are examples of conformity/fitting in/stereotype issues in the movie? by [me] Q: How do you think that the movie emphasizes these issues. What are examples, parts/technical features/camera angles/colors/ect that support these notions? Writing a paper and could use more inspiration, ideas, and insights :) Thanks!

A: One is certainly the song that challenges light skinned blacks with dark skinned blacks

Arrest spike lee and al sharpton for causing inocent people to be afraid for so? by Q: Something they didn't do

what all movies has spike lee made about racism? by dodo Q: I need this for my thesis statement. serious responses please.

A: School Daze (lite skin vs dark skin) and of course Do the Right Thing.

How do you think has more fan appeal, Tyler Perry or Spike Lee? by madcowbutcher Q: I know Lee isn't a fan of Perry's work

A: Perry

How much money would Jordan Bordeaux Spizikes sneakers be if the were signed by Spike Lee? by Q:

If you could have lunch with one person in the world, who would it be? Is Spike Lee a good answer? by Sammyboy Q: It's for college application. Would Spike Lee be good? It is a fill in the blank so I don't need an explanation

A: If you can explain a good legitatimate reason that colleges won't have a problem witha dn will actually admire you for then yeah it is. But if not, find someone else. It would be better if they were someone who was like a role model to you or inspiration or something

What do you think about the Spike Lee documentary on Hurricane Katrina? by Ms. Denton Lone Star ™ Q:

A: It seemed to show all sides of the story. So it was ok. I just don't like how they turned it from a poor people thing into a racist thing. There were poor white people involved too, and a lot of them, but they were stuck in St. Bernard parish, and the news media didn't bother showing them at all. Because seeing black people like that was more sensational.

What kind of hat does Spike Lee wear? by krnboixx93 Q: What kind of hats does Spike Lee wear, and how does he wear them? Does he just curve flat caps, or does he actually buy regular, round ones. Thanks! Here is an example: http://cm1.theinsider.com/media/0/110/90/spike_lee_3_wenn2126111_wenn2126111.0.0.0x0.604x912.jpeg

Should Spike Lee get his @$$ sued off for needlessly endangering a 72 year old couple? by Q: Who are now hiding in a hotel somewhere as Spike Lee has not retracted his tweet of their address?

How does this make you feel about Spike Lee? In a political sense? by Q: In a socio-political sense I always had a level of respect for the man. Now even more so. How does it make you feel about him? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090725/ap_on_en_mo/lt_venezuela_spike_lee

A: Hmmmm...lets see how this goes. I hope he has a room at the embassy.

Where can I find the glasses spike lee wears? by [email protected] Q: The glasses that he has on in the picture of him wearing the brookly cap with him holding the two jordan spizikes

A: I found a picture of him with your description and it's kinda hard to tell what glasses he wears. It looks kind round, so here are some very similar glasses: http://www.optical4less.com/plastic-eyeglasses/P140/ http://www.optical4less.com/plastic-eyeglasses/p113/ I think it's the first one, the Harry Potter-ish glasses. They offer prescription in them if you need it,it not just order as frames only. Have fun!

Anybody have any information on Spike Lee's documentaries of Kobe and MJ? by Todd Right Q: He is doing a separate documentaries on both Kobe and MJ. Anybody have any news. IMDB doesn't have much.

A: The Kobe one will be lame. It's a made for tv program not even a real film. The Jordan doc looks interesting though, I wonder how Spike Lee will approach that. The movie, "More than a Game" about the St. Vincent, St. Mary's run to a championship with LeBron James and his four best friends looks insanely great. People are saying it's the best basketball movie ever. Here are some reviews: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/The-Internets-are-alive-More-Than-A-Game-rave?urn=nba,106218

why do the italian americans has not a good director as spike lee that defeat his folks? by casotammaro Q: why every italian/american directors give money with morphia and stereotypes insulting his people without defeat us? why haven't we got a good director that speak about anti/italianism in the world and in the hollywood in particular since 1866??? why none speak about the massacres of new orleans made by white and black people against italians? or talluha

A: that question made absolutely no sense at all. try forming coherent sentences the next time you want to know something.

What were your thoughts on the Spike Lee documentary for the Levees? by Q: I was crying the WHOLE time! I was angry & frustrated, & even though I'm from N.O., I just got finished watching the ENTIRE documentary! & 4 yrs. later. Now, why is New Orleans so chaotic? Why do people keep killing & shooting each other now?

A: I haven't seen it, but from what I've heard, it's more a work of fiction than a documentary.

Why does Spike Lee only wear a Landry Fields jersey? by Q: As a fellow Knick fan, I've been wondering. Why not, Amar'e or Gallo? Or even Felton. What are you talking about. I go to tons and tons of NYK games, and Spike Lee has always been there. He ain't no bandwagoner. So, don't talk about things that you have no idea about.

A: I know. I've seen him with a Landry Fields jersey every single game at least this season. Well, I'm pretty sure he said Landry Fields was a great player and a rising star and everything. Hope the knicks don't trade Landry cuz he has a bright future. If they do, Spike will have to sell that jersey...

Name Three Genre Music Sounds that you would usually hear in Spike Lee movies? by Tyrone Nyema Q: Not Five, Not Four, Not One, and Not Two. THREE! 10 points if you the first to post it. GET DOWN ON IT OR GET DOWN OFF IT!

A: hip hop jazz r&b

Believe it or not leaving the new spike lee film sat. I saw a teenage couple having sex in the? by hungrychu Q: corner of the theater exit? t o say i was shocked is an understatement but i didnt say a thing just left in complete disbelief, what should i have done?

A: This is a very hard question! As a "responsible citizen" you can respond by telling the manager or (if you're brave) walking up to them yourself and asking them to take it to a private place. As a more awkward person, I probably would have hooted and yelled "Get a room! That's GRRRRoss!". I don't pretend to be proud of myself! :)

Who's the bigger fan Spike Lee for the Knicks or Jack Nickholson for the Lakers? by Apocalypto Q: I do think it's Jack but it's up for debate! To the first that guy that answered if you can't give me an answer then get the fuckk out. Just like the Kobe/Lebron think will not stop until one wins it all this won't stop...I see question that get asked all the time if I don't feel like answering them then I just don't. To King you right but how was I to know?

A: I agree with You Jack Nicholson is more of a Die Hard Laker fan then Spike is of the Knicks I think Lee is more of 'Basketball' enthusiest

When is the Spike Lee documentary of Kobe supposed to start? by Filipino Pride Q: When is it gonna start???? The Kobe Doin' Work Spike Lee joint???

A: May 16 at 8p.m.

Do you think movie director Spike Lee seems angry and arrogant? by Q: He made some comment about Clint Eastwood talking down to him like an old white man and argues with paparazzi about his accomplishments. Whats going on with him?

A: I think his movies are funny. Personally, I'd be angry if anyone, Clint Eastwood included, was talking down at me too if I was creating something and doing my best. Not that Eastwood isn't a fantastic director and actor, but don't you think it's petty and arrogant of someone of Clint Eastwood's status to be talking down to another director to begin with? As for the paparazzi - I'm pulling for anyone who wants to take them on. I always enjoy it when a movie star or singer or something just loses it and punches one of those idiots.

movies: how do you feel about Spike Lee as a director? by annyrutts Q: I asked this in a BQ before but I was wondering , he's rarely mentioned. you like his films why or why not? Bq- favorite spike lee film? Bq2- favorite film with an African American lead actor?

A: Honestly, I'm not a huge fan, but I do like some of his films. He is a talented director, no question. BQ: Clockers BQ2: Denzel Washington EDIT: Just realized I misread the second BQ. My bad, lol. Pulp Fiction, Training Day and Shawshank.

Where can I listen to the Spike Lee Bamboozled soundtrack for free? by booh_3600 Q: it has stevie wonder some years ago and misrepresented people. Mainly i want to hear those two songs?

A: Limewire

What do I ask Spike Lee? I have an Interview? by Evangelisti Q: I work for my university's newspaper and I have a brief interview with Spike Lee. He's giving a speech on mainly Black History Month. Anything you've ever wanted to ask him? More specifically to do with race than his movies I guess.... Please give me your feedback

A: First of all, congratulations that is amazing! Hmm, maybe something to do with Do the Right Thing/ "Fight the Power" and the election of Barack Obama? Like "Now that America's first African-American president is in office, do you see the discourse surrounding equality, particularly for African-Americans, heading in a new direction?" "If you remade Do the Right Thing today, what, if anything would be changed? Would "Fight the Power" still be used in the same way?

What kind of glasses does Spike Lee wear and where can I buy them? by RicoRelief Q: The large thick rimmed ones like in the Jordan commercials and when he used to wear his Brooklyn cycling cap.

A: how it is http://www.in-brands.com/showsort.asp?sort_id=82

What did Reggie miller say to spike lee in the playoffs? by joe d Q: In that one Knicks game he gave the choke sign then grabbed his nuts. Was he saying choke on my balls? Just wondering. It was in game 5 of one of their playoff series. Thanks!

A: "4th Quarter, Choke"

Where can I buy the Spike Lee Michael Jackson birthday tribute T-shirt? by LaCornista Q: I was at the birthday party Spike Lee threw in Prospect Park for Michael. He and the event staff had the official tribute T-shirt -- brown with MJ's image and the titles of some songs creating the outline of his afro. Has anyone found a place to buy one? I looked at Spike Lee's website but did not see a store on it. I don't see any on eBay, but I prefer a new one anyway. Thanks, Linda

A: try ebay

what jordan shoes did spike lee promote? by Q: i know spike lee prmoted the 3,4,5,6, and 20 but were there any others?

A: Spike promoted the Jordan Brand not just a particular shoe check out the movie "Do The Right Thing" there is a scene that is hella funny

DO you take Spike Lee's "dramas" ("Do the Right Thing," "Jungle Fever") seriously, or do you laugh at them? by Q: I honestly can't take them seriously. XD I just fucking laugh. And even more pathetic (hehehe LMFAO XD) is when he puts the supposedly serious music over the race bullshit scenes. XD Spike Lee is too much. I can't watch his movies, not so much because they're bad, but if I watch them, I'll laugh so hard at the stupidity of his movies that they'll need an ambulance. XD

A: I saw Do the Right Thing there was a lot of racial bias but that one part when every race was talking about another one was funny.

How to submit a novel to spike lee for movie conideration? by C Mc Q: How does a person submit a novel to spike lee for movie consideration?

A: I saw Spike at a speaking engagement years ago. People kept trying to submit things to him and he wouldn't accept them, for legal reasons. Sorry, but I'd give up on this one.

Is Spike Lee a little bytch for saying that the scientists are lying about the oil spill? by Reverend White Al Sharpton Q: He says that they are lying about the oil being 75% gone. How the fvck would he know, he is just a so called movie producer.

A: yea he is.

Somewhere, Spike Lee and David Stern are celebrating? by Beer Farts Q: Because it's only a matter of time before LeBron comes to New York! Let's face it, New York is the basketball mecca of the World and winning there is second to none! Spike Lee is celebrating for obvious reasons while David Stern is celebrating because LeBron in New York will make him, and the NBA, very rich! Having a winning team in New York will only mean good things for the NBA!

A: Now the Cavs-Celtics series is over, David Stern should be celebrating with his son and lover at the same time all night long. http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/9489/sternloverorson2.jpg ---------------------------------------------

Which Spike Lee movie has negro figurines pictured in the ending credits? Thank you.? by Q: This is for my parents, I have no idea why. I can't think of another way of searching for this information, short of renting and watching every Spike Lee movie. Any help would be appreciated.

A: "Bamboozled"..im pretty sure of it

Do you think Spike Lee is upset b/c Obama got called out as a fraud by a white woman at the RNC? by KJ Q: Shouldn't Spike Lee do the right thing and ADMIT IT! She made Obama look STUPID.... he got ROASTED by a woman clinging to her guns & religion. A bulldog with lipstick!

A: Hmmm....this reads kind of level 1-ish.

why don't americans watch miracle of st ann of spike lee?and some other movie of woody allen? by casotammaro Q: is it cause they critic America for his problems? or cause spike lee is anti white film maker?

A: Your first example was poorly advertised and lightly promoted. Most Spike Lee movies are promoted six ways to Sunday; this one wasn't. Americans do not like Woody Allen--he's regarded in the US as a child molester who cheated on his partner, Mia Farrow, and poked her adopted teen daughter. He's viewed as a disgusting, reprehensible reprobate and pervert. As he should be.

Should the Knicks trade Spike Lee to the Lakers for Jack Nicholson? by Cobra Gooding Jr Q: How about the Celtics trade Donnie Wahlberg and Rondo for Jack Nicholson and then they trade Jack for Spike Lee?

A: The Knicks would have to throw in Robert Deniro and the winner of the next Survivor. To sweetin the deal LA sends the rights to Will and Jada Smith.

I would like to contact spike Lee is this possible? by vietnam vet Q: I would like to contact Spike Lee Concerning an incident of great importance that occur ed during WWII The magnititude and far reaching implications of this incident is unbebievable and very telling.

A: vietnam vet - Check out the websites below for contact information for Spike Lee: http://www.contactvip.com/celebrities/searchresult.php?q=spike+lee&submit=Search%21&name=Your+First+Name&submit=Search%21&email=Your+Email http://www.superiorpics.com/spike_lee/contact.html http://www.fanmail.biz/9461.html http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000490/contact

What do you think about Spike Lee telling Obama to get angry Obama says I going to kick ass.? by Q: Isnt it frightening when a moron like Spike Lee can influence the President of the US

A: Are you sure it was Spike Lee who said this? Because if it were, then he's on the outside looking in. There's no way anybody can know what's going on behind the scenes with President Obama and this oil leak. And btw, there's nothing moronic about Spike Lee.

Do you think Obama was offended when Spike Lee admitted Obama can't walk on water like most thought he could? by Obama's dividing Americans Q: Even Spike Lee seems disappointed in Obama, why is Hollywood coming out of the woodwork lately all the sudden acting weird and not so liberal after all?

A: You're misinterpreting what Spike Lee was saying. Some people had placed incredibly high expectations on President Obama, especially considering the disastrous mess that he met when he entered office. Most of that hyperbole was generated by the right wing, with its constant, sarcastic repetition of the "Messiah" reference. Spike Lee said, "He's not walking on water, but they're trying to nail him to the cross." He is correct in that reference and assessment.

how much can i get for some new spike lee jordans size 7 with a jordan suitcase? by ok Q: i got some new spike lee's size 7 jordans and i have the jordan shoe case (it's a suit case the size of a shoe box) that matches it to keep it clean and fresh. how much can i get for my jordan shoes seperate and how much for both

A: about 150 sperate and with both about 235

What is interesting about Spike Lee movies? by Sweets Q: my boyfriend goes, spike lee movies are all interesting.

A: most of the time Spike Lee movies are a hit or miss with me, but he creates some very unique, and truly interesting characters and puts them in situations that i also find interesting, like one of his really good ones was The 25th Hour

Why does Obama only seem to react to situations when celebrities like Spike Lee say something? by Del Rio Q: Its like Obama is in the white house sipping mai tais in the oval office in his hawaiian shirt and bermuda shorts with his pair of crocs on, then some political hack that works for him who watches too much MTV says, we have to respond to Snooki and Spike Lee and James Carvilles critical comments.

A: I'm conservative and even I think you're being a bit melodramatic.

Spike Lee says the Federal Government blew the levees? by The Reverend. Q: Spike Lee says Bush and the federal government blew the 9th ward levees during Katrina. But does not imply the local government, like Ray Nagin, had anything to do with it. Why?

A: The white man is always after the minorities.

Where can I find a Brooklyn Cycling hat like the cycling cap Chris Brown and Spike Lee wear? by Q: I'm looking for a Brooklyn cycling hat like Spike Lee (Mars Blackmon) in the Do the Right Thing Movie. Chris Brown also wore it in the Look at me Now video.

A: They're called Brooklyn vintage cycling caps. Brooklyncyclinghat.com has them. There's another website called spikeleebrooklynhats.com that has them too.

Can someone tell me the relation between Spike Lee and Michael Jordan? by Joel Q: I see Jordan products and they have this figure who everyone tells me is Mars Blackmon or Spike Lee. I just want to know the relationship between Spike and Jordan and why they have Mars on Jordan's products.

A: Spike Lee was one of the original dumb Jordan Jockers. His commercials (as Mars Blackman) were from back in the 80's, and were one of the earliest promoting Nike and getting the Jordan hype machine in full gear. He is just one of the people responsible for Jordan becoming the most overrated athlete ever. Hope this helps

How has spike lee changed(helped) the world? by chimely16 Q: I have to do a Research paper on, how have/a artists changed the world?I want to do spike lee but how have he changed the out look on the world, and is he a good topic to talk about.

A: He is given credit for making a difference in the world of professional basketball in 1994 when he was talking trash to Reggie Miller and Reggie stepped up his game and hit for 25 pts in the last quarter... Spike Lee is well-known for his devotion to the New York Knicks professional basketball team. Much of the blame for the Knicks' loss 93-86 to the Indiana Pacers in Game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, in which "Knick-killer" Reggie Miller scored 25 points in the 4th quarter, was given to Lee. Lee was apparently taunting Miller throughout the 4th quarter, and Miller responded by making shot after shot. Miller also gave the choke sign to Lee. The headline of the New York Daily News the next day sarcastically said, "Thanks A Lot Spike".

Spike Lee talks about Jeremy Lin Spike Lee On Tyler Perry's Movies Shows! Its Coonery Buffoonery Jeremy Lin Superfan: Spike Lee Spike Lee's full Q&A at Premiere of 'Red Hook Summer' (HD) @ Sundance Festival on 1-22-2012 Inside The Actors Studio - Spike Lee Spike Lee´s Conspiracy Theory Spike Lee & George Lucas discuss Red Tails NYC Premier Red Carpet Spike Lee Sundance Rant To Chris Rock On Hollywood Studios And Black Films Orange advert - Spike Lee Spike Lee's Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers A Spike Lee Joint: He Got Game[1998] Full Version Spike Lee Biography: Life and Career of the Director Malcolm X's Death (Spike Lee's Most Powerful Scene) Knicks intro and Jeremy Lin acknowledges Spike Lee in his High School Jersey Spike Lee Clears Air About Chris Rock Controversy Spike Lee Kidarazzi Interview for Sundance Off Duty: Oscars and Brad Pitt, Spike Lee and Jeremy Lin Retro Michael Jordan and Spike Lee Commercial Spike Lee On Michael Jackson The Chance Nike Sportswear: Share Your Story featuring Spike Lee A behind-the-scenes look at Spike Lee's ABSOLUT BROOKLYN collaboration Stockholm Fashion Week with Spike Lee, Noomi Rapace & Cheap Monday DO THE RIGHT THING - Trailer - HQ Spike Lee (1998 Nike Commercial - NBA Strike) 2012 NBA All-Star Game-Spike Lee : Jeremy Lin will be a super star!! Zone 6 Sinister - Spike Lee Ft. Yung C & Taye Teezy Prod By Metro (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Spike Lee signing his new NY Knicks Spi'Zikes!!! Michael Jordan Spike Lee Nike Spike Lee @ Chicago State University {No cameras allowed) Air Jordan Spizike NY Knicks - Spike Lee - Blue, Orange, Black & White at Street Gear, Hempstead NY Spike Lee Gives President Obama A Custom pair of Air Jordans -- News Story A Spike Lee Joint A Spike Lee Joint Bamboozled (Full Movie) Spike Lee on Good Morning America Tyler Perry Curses Spike Lee Spike Lee attends the PARIAH premiere with the rest of the Cast & Crew. Spike Lee Giants vs Packers Intro Rosie Perez & Spike Lee First Time 1992 - Nike - Spike Lee, Tim Hardaway 'Kobe Doin Work ' - Spike Lee Documentary/ESPN FILMS Spike Lee interviewed by Damon Weaver at The Root Inaugural Ball Spike Lee Thanks Mark Jackson for Jeremy Lin Tyler Perry Tells Spike Lee To 'Go To Hell!' - HipHollywood.com SB.TV - Spike Lee Interview Spike Lee talks about Jeremy Lin ! Jeremy Lin Thanks Spike Lee For Wearing High School Jersey Before Knicks-Hornets Game Tyler Perry tells Spike Lee and other critics to 'Go to Hell' at Madea's Big Happy Family Red Carpet Linsanity: Spike Lee tells Floyd Mayweather where to stick it Spike Lee hugs fan that wins car at Knicks game 1991 - Nike - Michael Jordan, Spike Lee - Genie Of The Lamp
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