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Spider man

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bmurillo714 Haha so this lady brought the jumper,spider man and my lil cousin saids me no want spider man. i want iron man and lady didnt kno wat to say

DarKblogOficial Baixaria: Adam Roberts, que está no elenco de “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” da Broadway Pelado na internet... http://t.co/rDi3tvPE

Amaterasu_sama @cbjrleo_ yo spider man \õ/

NatashaLopez RT @ComicMovieTrap: <cite>X-Men</cite>, <cite>Spider-Man</cite> Less-Than Super on Nintendo DS http://t.co/OFjaH0hI #comics #movies

vrilbertdark Baixaria: Adam Roberts, que está no elenco de “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” da Broadway Pelado na internet... http://t.co/zfZg3HLH

raaizalara a coisa maaais gotooosa chego aqui agora, com gelzinho no cabeelo e com o spider man dele *--* hiuehuiehuiehuie

MarvelMistress Marvel on #eBay: 1976 Superman vs Spider-man-giant-DC/Marvel collectible http://t.co/yfV4b23f

SalmaSolisD Pues yo aqui viendo Spider Man en italiano wtf con subtitulos claro. Yo no parlo ese idioma.

Comiccrow Spider-man in Athens, Paris, and Amsterdam. http://t.co/3bsmueXT

joaomarbrunel ó a marry jane do spider-man na novela da globo

TheTraceC [email protected]: Spider-man all "coked" out in Italy. http://t.co/13J6NrMe” RT #LMAO!

jlaube77 iPad + todos los comics de The amazing Spider-Man = #happiness

Diego_Av Reiniciar spider man es la peor estupidez que pudo haber hecho Columbia pictures... Estoy emputado

pprstar 'Spider-Man' to 'The Simpsons' -- Thanks for the Halloween Pot Shot! - http://t.co/NnxUEKQN

_HeyTwatchCOLEY watching spider - man with my lil cousin


What's the difference between the new "The Amazing Spider-Man" reboot and 2002's "Spider-Man"? by Ari Q: Both movies seem to cover teenage Peter Parker getting bitten by the spider and Uncle Ben getting shot and the whole turning into spider-man theme. How are they different, it seems more like they're going to overlap and contradict each other rather than add to the series.

A: Essentially the reboot will be closer to the comics. 1. The reboot will have mechanical web shooters like in the comics. 2002's had organic webshooters. 2. Mary Jane won't be in the reboot. Instead Peter's love interest will be Gwen Stacy, his first love interest, and who after Uncle Ben probably had the biggest effect on his crime fighting career. 3. It doesn't appear to have Harry Osborn in it either 4. Villain will be The Lizard. His alter ego appeared in Spider-man 2. 5. J Jonah Jameson isn't in the film either. Jonathan the remake will not be made by Disney, it will be made by Sony like the others. While Marvel may be owned by Disney these days, they do not have the film rights to Spider-man. On top of that Disney does not make the movies themselves, Marvel Studios does.

What do you think of Spider-Man 4 being indefinitely halted? by Shaun S Q: As of January 5, plans for the 4th Spider-Man movie have been halted indefinitely. What are your thoughts? Do you think we will ever see Spider-Man 4?

A: As of January 11, 2010 Spider-Man 4 will still be on hold. The Spider-Man movie franchise will be rebooted because Tobey Maguire is not playing Peter Parker anymore and Sam Raimi won't be returning as the director for Spider-Man when it comes out in late 2012. After Spiderman 3 came out Kirsten Dunst said that if Raimi and Maguire did not come back then she would not come back so Kirsten Dunst is not coming back aswell I think.

When Spider-man swings way high through the city what exactly are the webs sticking to? by Courtney Q: It's just something to think about. Also what happens to all the webbing, where does it all go? New York should be covered with Spider-man's webs! But no, they just disappear. Think about it.

A: There are a lot of tall buildings in big cities.

What is the easiest way to read all the amazing spider-man comics? by Anderson Q: I recently started getting the Amazing spider-man again, as well as a book that contains the first 10 spider-man comics in it. But the problem is that mean I am missing the 615 issues in between. I'm not a collector I'm just interested in reading them. So what is the easiest way? Whether it is online or through cd's it doesn't matter.

A: You could go to wikipedia if you just want to know the big parts of a characters history and attributes; however, wiki can sometimes have wrong information because anyone can add to it. It would also be a bad idea if you actually want to read the stories. Given this, I would suggest getting an online subscription that would allow you to read whatever you want for a decent fee; though, I'm not sure where you would find that. Also keep in mind that graphic novels often put together compilations of the more important issues for a specific character or story line. Try the Essential Spider-Man volumes if you go this route. It's every issue from start to finish.

Spider- Man? by musicnoteboy088 Q: In Your opinion, is there going to be a spider man 4?

A: I think yes. I saw spiderman 3 and it was really disappointing. It made A LOT of money though. I think they will because I was watching TV guides "Big Premiere" and they asked everyone and they all said that they'll do it if Sam Reilly Directs or if Toby's in. they all said they same thing. Plus they left it wide open. Venom isn't dead. There is still a piece of him left with Professor Connors. And guess who Pro. Connors becomes...The Lizard. And that's not all folks...Sandman comes back but now a good guy trying to stop the returning Venom but gets bitten and dies from falling apart(the bite makes him not control his sand). And I wouldn't be surprised if they put venom in jail he breaks out and gives off a spawn that goes on Kletus Kasady who becomes Carnage. Sooooo....ya I think they left the door open for one.

Spider-Man? by Broken Angel Q: Who was your favorite character? Who was your favorite actor/actress? Which character do you feel is most like you? This is biased off of all 3 the movies. If you haven't seen the 3rd yet just do off the first two movies. Mine is Spider-man (especially when he's wearing the black suit. That was funny), James Franco is the best actor, and I'm most like Gwen Stacy

A: James Franco is hot, but I think Kirsten Dunst is the best actor. I think her character may be the most like me too, not knowing what she should do with her life, not doing well at the career she has chosen, and feeling sad because of it. I have seen all 3 movies, and I liked "Spiderman 3" the best.

Spider man??? by momof3 Q: My six year old has recently discovered Spider man. His friends have told him all about the characters, and now he wants to watch the movie. I think he's too young to watch it, but I've never seen it before. Can anyone tell me whether or not you think it's appropriate for him to watch? Also, are there any alternatives, like cartoons/etc., that he could watch instead? I will definitely not show him the movie without watching it first. I'm just not a big spider man fan :( , and I didn't want to have to watch the movie myself if it was absolutely inappropriate for kids.

A: well the movies have violence and blood. U should rent the TV series from the 60's, almost no violence and a catchy theme song that WILL get stuck in yuor head.

spider man? by Keaton C Q: if spider man said he would save his girl friend and he didn't what kind of spider would he be ______?


spider-man? by hc2320 Q: i am making a video with a spider-man theme, and i can't think of a good title, i do NOT want it to be just spider-man, be creative

A: i love spider-man.....ummmm, lets try a few: and mind you, this all depends on the video content, cause its hard to randomly come up with a snazzy title on the fly. 1. "Eight Legged Freak" (lol, already taken jk) 2. "Spidey" 3. "Web of Justice" 4. "Along came a...." 5. "The hero, the bug, the spiderman" ....hope i helped!

Spider-man? by Akavair Q: where can i buy amazing spider man comics (volumes) the ones by stan lee? i love collecting comics mostly spiderman i just wanted to know where to get them

A: www.midtowncomics.com Good Site 4 Comics


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