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Spelling bee

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Katherine_291 @Harry_Styles wow you should now enter a spelling bee;)

giselle_tilley @Harry_Styles you should enter a spelling bee

alagatydev Spelling bee lesson plans http://t.co/WOnA7VVU

VaVeros I'm so proud of him! Spelling bee must have had a weird word cause he has always been good at spelling :)

VaVeros My 10yr old is beating me at Words with Friends. He's beating my friends too. This is a kid who didn't get through 1st round of spelling bee

TaraBluth Study tips for a spelling bee http://t.co/thH9gxSu

Chereph66 Spelling Bee Brainiac: 600 Spelling Challenges for Word Amateurs and Experts Ages 10 and Up: Includes: 600 c... http://t.co/BqqDMqtU

BahamaBelle88 @SirSaula this boy said u not no spelling bee professor to @simply_chichi

BrendaThania122 semoga besok testnya itu SCRABBLE! krna gue gabisa SPELLING BEE,pasti gak fokus. u,u

DefiningSmooth I spelled it wrong. Oops. This aint the spelling bee, homie lol

KennnnnyJ I should be the spelling bee champ*

SamRobertFraser RT @chuck_facts: Chuck Norris once beat the dictionary in a spelling bee. He then killed the judges merely by flexing his p***s.

cuzzin_queens ...& im still the reigning spelling bee champion of ps 151...

vmobb lmaooooo, I'm hollin at these ghetto spelling bee quotes


How do I prepare for a spelling bee? by Princess13 Q: I am going for a league spelling that will eventually lead up to the Scripps National Spelling Bee if I do well enough. I need some help studying. They gave us a booklet, that has ove 1000 words, that are split into different origins. I only know a couple from each origin. How can I study these. Please don't suggest use origin tips, cause they don't help me really well.

A: Write as many as you can onto individual flash cards. Read through the flashcards when you're on the bus, in the car, before bed, whenever you can. After a week or so, have someone randomly quiz you by pulling a random flash card.

How can I study for my school spelling bee in very fun ways? by rockon13 Q: I was chosen to represent my class only problem is i don't know any of the words and the spelling bee is tomorrow. My class is counting on me! Thanks for your help........ and i would also like to ask someone if they have ever been in a spelling bee and how they studied. Thank u twice!

A: It's probably too late now, but I split up my 300 word list to 15 words a day, and I wrote each word 15 times on paper, and verbally spelled each worth reading from the list. Maybe you could try cheating, put the hardest words on paper that matches your shoes, and put it on the side of yer shoe, and look down if you need the spelling.

How do you win the spelling bee? by Q: I recently pulled my kid out of school to homeschool him so he would have a better chance of winning the spelling bee. Plus his teacher was a total tard. Since homeschooled kids win more often I thought that would help. Is it better to read the dictionary or just make lists of all the words you know you can spell?

A: http://www.tonyaharding.com/ You know what you have to do.

What are some school and county spelling bee words? by Q: This is pretty self-explanatory. I am competing in the school spelling bee next Friday, and I want to do some last-minute studying. I know that if I lose, it will ruin my weekend and school year. From experience, what are some words that were in a school or county spelling bee? I want some of the harder words asked and some winning words. Thank you to all who help me.

A: rendezvous acquiescence autochthonous succedaneum chiaroscuro stromuhr Do a web search for more words

How should I prepare for a spelling bee? by Brianna Tang Q: There is going to be a spelling bee at my school in about six months, and if I win that one, I can go on the the regional one, and then the Scripps National Spelling Bee. What should I do to prepare for this?

How many spelling bees are there until the National Bee? by kaorusango Q: I am going for the ACSI (Association of Chrisian Schools International) spelling bee... After the district and regional bee, is it directly the national or is there a state bee after that?

A: There is a state bee first.

How can I study efficiently for a spelling bee? by weirdo719 Q: I need help studying for a spelling bee. I am good at these events, but I need some pointers or studying tips. I have only made it to the county spelling bee.

A: Go here: http://www.myspellit.com/ There are the official study words. Try to write the words and have someone else quiz you on them. Also, when someone is quizzing you, make sure they have a dictionary in front of them so they are pronouncing it correctly and give you an appropriate definition should you need one. Also, try to get familiar with different language of origins. If you can memorize certain rules and exceptions and whatnot, then you can really gain an edge. If you memorize all of those words on that website, you shouldn't have any trouble at all!

spelling bee? by Justin D Q: I'm going to the national spelling bee for private Cristian schools(ACSI National Spelling Bee). I want to know which would be the best books to help me study(foreign root words, definitions, etc.)?

A: Well, what book are they asking the words from? Isn't it the Merriam Webster dictionary? Well, i think you should you study from that, but the words that you don't like REALLY have down, you should look, up online. I bet there are a lot of great websites! Good luck! :-) PS Next Saturday I'm going to the St. Louis Regional Finals for the Spelling Bee!

Spelling bee? by Lily Sawyer Q: I've been accepted to my school's spelling bee. I know this is really stupid and all but im scared of getting out first? Any nerve calmers? (lol) Or tips to study? Thanks everyone <3 lily

A: Read a book like 1984 (by George Orwell) that uses big words and is complicated in thought. Get a dictionary and go to a letter and randomly open a page in that section - list all words you don't recognize in a piece of paper. Google spelling techniques...I'm sure you'll find something.

Spelling Bee? by Copper Cowboy Q: How many steps are there between a local spelling Bee to the National Spelling Bee Finals? Or, what is the process?

A: school,county,regionals,national

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