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weblady1 My nephew takes 2 wks off b4 Thanksgiving 2 put lights on his house; sits high on hill. Can be seen from Bristol Motor Speedway. #chevychase

DavidKentFWST Shot this last night at Texas Motor Speedway: http://t.co/Ohal7W0T

JosKaLyn @MyrNutButter it's on speedway

NitroStitch RT @jim_utter: Interesting the Mars family is at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. This could get interesting. #NASCAR

xovuvywopu Lowe's motor speedway group ticket discount http://t.co/nLbQVD1r

catchfence Toyota NASCAR Nationwide Series Texas Motor Speedway Post Race Notes & Quotes http://t.co/qtb1O6ai #nascar #NNS

bainerjason RT @ESPNMotorsports: Kyle Busch not allowed to race in Sprint Cup, Nationwide weekend at Texas Motor Speedway - http://t.co/20dSrwFV

Chinyere20108 NASCAR pulls Kyle Busch from Sprint Cup, Nationwide races in Texas http://t.co/bNrz5rmn via @latimessports

eazyA38 you know shits straight when momma dukes goes and gets you a white owl from speedway...

genieinfinity NASCAR benches Kyle Busch for Nationwide, Sprint Cup races http://t.co/6Hkkt0XV #losangeles #LA

ncjks Back at Charlotte Motor Speedway where @Kevets429 will get to drive the real deal http://t.co/prm6qaKD

minisprint88 @Yvonne388 @Tbayne21 @TXMotorSpeedway Good speedway and a good kid. Proud he won here today.

mattmartin21 @GQquintero ya and I was suppose to go to Texas motor speedway and now I cant

CUfireflychaser RT @spdctr: Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne took his first career Nationwide Series victory today at Texas Motor Speedway.

TwackleNASCAR NASCAR Fans Know How to Tailgate: For NASCAR fans, the infield of Texas Motor Speedway is home for about a week.  http://t.co/qBlvJODD


What is Speedway doing with their gas prices? by paul b Q: I live in Ohio and the major gas retailer is Speedway/Super America. 8A.M gas was $1.29 and different amounts in other cities across the State. At around 11am all the speedways and I mean everyone of them in Ohio had a prices of $1.63 and of course all the other gas stations followed suit. Now I'm looking at Speedways website and every station in Ohio is now at $1.79 a gallon not even three hours later. Can someone please help me understand whats going on here?

A: Emro,the owners of speedway is bad about raising prices at a whim. The whim this time is either the snow being called for or the weekend.

How far is Daytona USA Speedway from Orlando? What is the best and cheapest way to get to Daytona from Disney? by javinascar1 Q: Im going to Disney and I want to go to Daytona Speedway to get to the Richard Pettys Driving Experience and Im a little short on cash and have no idea how much time is the trip from place to the other. Thanks in advance for your answers!

A: The Driving Experience is right in Orlando. If you still want to see daytona it's an hour up I-4 to I-95.

How old do you have to be to go into the pits at Luxemburg Speedway in Wisconsin? by Debbie Q: I really want to go into the pits at Luxemburg Speedway with my daddy, but i don't know how old you have to be.

A: Your best option would be to call the track. Most tracks for insurance purposes you have to be at least sixteen. Your parents probably will have to sign a waiver. Here is a link for the track so you can call and get the correct answer.

What time should I get to Texas Motor Speedway? by iheartBALE Q: This is my first Nascar race and I am going to Texas Motor Speedway. The race starts at 2 pm and the pre race show starts at 12 pm. What time would be a good time to get to the seats or to get to the parking lot?

A: 3 hour before it starts

How would I go about opening up a speedway in Las Vegas Nv? by Genocide Q: I was wondering how I would open my own speedway and what I need to do to make this happen. We do have a couple investors and are currently waiting for an approval from the bank. What else can I do? I should go to City Hall?

A: Planning and zoning board. Obtain the land. They will review your process and hopefully approve the concept. Then you can begin the construction and development. I hope you have lots of success.

How much is radio rental at Kentucky Speedway? by viruslqc Q: How much is it to rent a radio/headset combo at Kentucky Speedway for a race? Also, where do i go to rent one once I'm there?

A: you can rent them from any Raceing electronics hauler.. and for one day i think its like $30

who was the master at the Rockingham Speedway when Nascar raced there? by It's Slime Time Q: who in Nascar was the best at getting the job done to go to victory lane at the Rockingham Speedway track? do you think Nascar will ever return there again. Maybe the Nationwide, or the Truck Series can go there.

A: The King, Richard Petty had the most Cup wins at the track with 11. Cale Yarborough was behind him with 7 wins. In the Nationwide (was Busch at the time) series, Mark Martin was definitely the dominant driver with 10 Busch series wins. I would LOVE to see cup go back racing there, but I don't think it will happen. Not enought seats to make it worth their while, but I definitely see either Nationwide or Craftsman Trucks going there, and the sooner the better. It was great to see the ARCA series racing there this past Sunday.

Where and when did Motorcycle speedway start? by Rod W Q: I am Interested to know where amd when was the first Motorcycle speedway meeting held?

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorcycle_speedway read all about it here.....

Where can I get parts for Speedway portable air compressors? by pooroldivan Q: I need pressure adjusting assembly for dual gauge unit. All that is on it is Speedway Series, made in China.

A: speedway series air compressor freesearcharticles.com/.../speedway_series_air_compressor.html put your pointer on the link above to read the full address

What is a good way to get to Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park? by Paigeybear Q: We're going to Power to the Peaceful on Saturday. Last year we took the N Judah to a certain spot and walked twenty minutes or less to where the fest is. We're staying with our friend in the Mission/Excelsior area [Mission and Persia to be exact] tomorrow night, so is there any bus/metro in that area that could take us close to Speedway Meadows? Thanks.

A: Easy peasy. Catch the 29 at Mission & Persia, get off at 36th and Lincoln. It's about a five minute walk to the Meadows.

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