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Speaker Of The House

House Speaker John Boehner warns Obama about exceeding authority
On the day of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, left, with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Va., talks with reporters at Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, Tuesday, Jan.

State Speaker of the House tells members of caucus he will run for Senate
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Oklahoma's Republican House Speaker T.W. Shannon is telling members of his caucus he will run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated early by U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn. In an email obtained on Tuesday by The Associated Press, ...

The 7 Strangest State of the Union Rituals
In keeping with tradition, the president will hand both Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner an envelope with a printed copy of his remarks before taking the podium to deliver his remarks. For the most part, the vice president and ...

House speaker criticizes governor in opening address to Utah Legislature
House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, waits for a press availability to begin in her office at the Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City, Monday, Jan. 27, 2014. Ravell Call, Deseret News. Summary. House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, kicked off the first ...

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Can the speaker of the House vote in a no-confidence motion against the government? by Anand Q: If there is a no confidence motion against the government, does the speaker of the house remain neutral or does he vote?

A: Certainly. BTW, has such a vote been proposed?

Can I run 4 speakers from a 2 speaker output? by Need Help With "?" & A Q: I have a 6-zone amplifier powering "12" speakers (whole house). Now I have added an additional "2" speakers on top of the "2" I already have outdoors on my deck. This brings the total to "14" speakers total. I do not want to buy another amplifier so I was thinking of using the zone for the deck speakers for 4 speakers. This way the zone controls ALL outdoor speakers. I do not mind about having less power so long as it is not a drastic difference being that for outdoors a high level would disturb my neighbors. Will this harm my amplifier, speakers? What other "safe" way is there without buying another amplifier?

A: As you add speakers in parallel (+ to +, - to -) the total resistance (also called impedance or Z) decreases. Most amplifiers are rated to drive a 4 or 8 ohm load. The closer the impedance gets to 0, the harder the amplifier has to work.Usually you don't want to go below 4 ohms with consumer amplifiers. Most speakers are 8 ohms. Two 8 ohm speakers in parallel = 4 ohms. The best way to wire four speakers to a zone and keep the impedance at 8 ohms is to use parallel/series wiring. Wire both of the pairs in series, then parallel them together at the amplifier. I'll try to explain this more clearly: From the amplifier, the red (+) goes to the + of the first speaker, the black (-) of the first speaker goes to the + of the second speaker, and the - of the second speaker goes back to the amplifier. You now have two speakers wired in series. Repeat for the other pair of speakers and you now have two pairs wired in series and paralleled at the amplifier. Your total Z will be about 8 ohms, which is ideal for most amplifiers. You can use this parallel/series wiring scheme to add as many speakers as you want, as long as you keep the total Z around 8 ohms. The formula for figuring total Z of parallel wired speakers is: Total Z = 1 ------------------- 1 1 1 --- + --- + --- + ... R1 R2 R3 That doesn't type out well here... it's 1 over (1 over R1 + 1 over R2 + 1 over R3, etc...) Also known as the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocols! R = the resistance of each speaker. The formula for total Z in series wired speakers is: R1 + R2 + R3....

Does music sound different coming from the back of a speaker? by Austin Q: I know that many speakers are housed inside of enclosed cases so that the sound coming from the back of the speaker will not mess with the sound coming out of the front. But since the speakers is moving in the opposite direction in the back than it is in the front, does the sound coming out of the back sound any different than the sound coming out of the front? Since rarefaction is happening in the back when compression is happening in the front, is the sound coming out of the back the same as that coming out of the front, but just out of phase? What's going on?

A: You are correct that that the primary sound (going directly from the speaker to your ear) will be out of phase, specifically by 180 degrees. It would be just the same as swapping the speaker wires at one end. Humans cannot distinguish the absolute phase of a sound. As long as all your speakers were outputting the same signal, the phase of that signal would be undetectable by the human ear.

Which speaker of the house has the lowest approval rating ever? by smarti pants Q: I have a stats project that needs me to track approval ratings of different government positions. I am only finding congressional approvals. I need the speaker of the house specifically. Anybody know? I am guessing it's Nancy Pelosi. Nobody likes her, democrat or republican, but I'm not sure. Do you know?

A: With a 14% approval rating, this congress with Nancy Pelosi as it's leader has the worst historical rating ever.

What are the duties of the speaker of the house? by mimi Q: So here is the actual question: Among the duties of the Speaker of the House is each of these, EXCEPT: a. presides over the House of Representatives b. appoints committee chairs by seniority c. whips up party votes d. refers bills to committees e. rules on points of order

A: The answer is C. The Whip (usually the third most powerful person in the house, after the speaker and majority leader) is tasked with being the whip and making sure the party is "towing the line" and voting for their legislation.

who is the First and Last speaker of house of representative? by Question box Q: who is the First and Last speaker of house of representative?

A: The first Speaker was Frederick Muhlenberg, who was elected when the House first assembled in 1789. The current Speaker is Nancy Pelosi.

Does the Speaker of the House need to have the same age and citizenship requirements as the president? by jeffmyoung1 Q: Since the Speaker of the House is third in line to the presidency, what happens if he isn't 35 or natural born or both.

A: The whole system is messed up so I dont think it matters or should I say it shouldn't matter

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house uses a govt plane to fly home to San Francisco? by mary Q: every trip costs 300,000 dollars.She could use a cheaper plane but insisted on the most expensive, she said for security reasons. When Newt Gingrich was speaker of the house he never used the plane once. What is your opinion of this? Boo, she was given a smaller plane that would have had to refuel in Denver. She said for security reasons she did not want to have to stop and wanted a straight thru flight. President Clinton left the PRESIDENCY in disgrace (to respond to the accusation against Newt) Oh yes, Hillary Clinton went to Europe on Air Force one and took a load of friends as a treat. She also used the governments plane when she was running for Senator of NY. My point is the government is for the people, by the people not for the politicians to abuse their power. I know she is third in line for the Presidency..She also along with the rest of Congress voted to go into Iraq so it wasn't President Bush's war. Congress has the lowest rating in History..even lower then President Bush.

A: She insists on a private plane because she is a spoiled, indulged and privileged individual who has said that she has "no time to waste" on commercial flights home each weekend. She works a four-day week. The taxpayers foot the bill for her extravagance. Then she sits up on her throne whining about "America's poor" and how corporate America should pay for them . . . .

How does the "house speaker" fit into the rank and file of govt? by WALK Q: How does the speaker of the house get elected or appointed and what exactly is their purpose??

A: The Speaker of the House is second in the United States presidential line of succession, after the Vice President and before the President pro tempore of the U.S. Senate. The office was established in 1789 by Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution where members of the House majority party elects the Speaker by their popular vote. The Speaker is a leadership position in the majority party and actively works to set that party's legislative agenda, therefore endowing the office with considerable power. The Speaker does not usually personally preside over debates, instead delegating the duty to other members of Congress of the same political party. Aside from duties relating to heading the House and the majority political party, the Speaker also performs administrative and procedural functions, and represents his or her congressional district. He or she also plays a large role in having the final say to committee chairperson appointments.

Which party in the United States House of Representatives meets in caucus to select the Speaker of the House? by Democritus Q: Which party in the United States House of Representatives meets in caucus to select the Speaker of the House of Representatives as well as the House majority leader and whip? AHH! I can find the answer in my govt book :( some one help me, please.

A: The party with the most members in congress picks one of their own for these positions.

Would the speaker of the house be president in this scenario and why? by Frank willer Q: The president and vice president have both been impeached. The speaker of the house would step up and he is 55 years old and lived in the U.S for 53 years but was born in Canada.

A: He could be. Depends whether or not his parent/parents were US citizens. If both parents were US citizens at the time of birth citizenship is conferred to the offspring and he would be a "Natural Born" citizen. If only one parent was a citizen that parent would have needed to be over 18 and have reside in the US for 10 years to confer citizenship. Plus the President and VP would actually need to be convicted and removed from office.

Can someone be Speaker of the House and Vice President at the same time? by drumbeat Q: In other words, can Obama nominate Pelosi to be his vice president, and if so, what happens to her role of Speaker of the House?

A: No. If Mrs. Pelosi got another job, her district would have to elect a replacement, and the House would have to elect another leader. What a godawful combination you came up with!!!!!!!

What happens if the 2nd in line to the presidency, the speaker of the house is non-US born? by LJ Q: I've just been watching The West Wing, when Bartlet, gives up his seat and the VP can't take over the presidency and the speaker of the house assumes the presidency. Will it go to the 3rd in succession for the presidency or is there a loophole where a non-US citizen can become president.

A: No loophole. It will keep going down the line until someone fits the criteria of the Constitution.

Will Debbie Wasserman Schultz challenge Nancy Pelosi to become the next Speaker of the House? by Hillie Q: The Democrats are obviously going to win back all their seats in the house after the government shutdown and all-time disapproval ratings of the Republican Party. But, who will be the Speaker of the House? Will it be Nancy Pelosi, or will Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee become the 62nd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives?

A: given the opportunity, she might very well. I doubt she'll be the only Democrat thinking about it if they do take the House.

How did Speaker of the House Pelosi get her Job? by scott m Q: Who and how do they choose the speaker of the house? And why isn't it Obama so we can test him out? Thanks.

A: Pelosi has been in the House of Representatives since a special election in 1987. She became a member of the prestigious Appropriations Committee and the Select Intelligence Committee. She simply, over the years, earned the respect and trust of her fellow Democrats in the House. After about a dozen years in Congress, they elected her their party's whip (assistant leader). And when Dick Gephardt stepped down as leader, she then became the party's leader. Obama? No comparison. To begin with, he is not and never has been a member of the House (he tried to run for that office once, but lost). He was a state senator in Illinois during the 1990s and then got elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. He's a new Senator, still in his first term. Pelosi -- House Obama -- Senate.

Can a former president become the Speaker of the House even after serving two terms? by Peter Q: I know that a president cannot be a running mate as a Vice President because he has already served his two terms and they don't want him to take over if the new President should die. I know that the President can then run for Senate, House, and Supreme Court. But, since the Speaker of the House is the third in line for Presidential succession, can the President become the Speaker of the House?

A: Yes they can, while not yet tested in federal court no law prohibits a former two term president from seeking any office and the 22 amendment to the US constitution states. Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term. The key wording there is shall be elected to the office of President. It prevents election to no other office in US government and it does not prevent succession as outlined in the 25th as anyone filling the office through succession is appointed as president not elected. It is however very unlikely in the extreme that a former president would run for the House of Representatives and be elected speaker by that body.

Who becomes the Speaker of the house if the Speaker of the House has to be President? by I'm a Mac Q: After the President and the Vice president die, I know that the speaker of the house takes over, but who then becomes the speaker of the house?

A: The house elects a new speaker. The new President nominates a new VP who must be confirmed by both houses of congress.

Does the Speaker of the House have to be born in the United States? by A.B. Normal Q: The Speaker of the House is second in line for the presidency. If something happens to the president and vice president, can a Speaker of the House not born in the United States be president?

A: No. However, yo udon't quite have it right. To eligible to be President, you have to be a "natural born citizen". This does NOT mean you have to be born in the USA. You can either be born in the US or any territory of the USA. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. You are also eligible if you are born anywhere to a US citizen. That would make Obama eligible even if he was born in Kenya. He wasn't.

Who is next in line to be president after speaker of the house? by JMB1983 Q: I know it's President, Vice President, and then Speaker of the House, but who's next in line to be president after that?

A: . Vice President of the United States 2. Speaker of the House 3. President pro Tempore of the Senate Secretaries of the president's Cabinet now fill out the balance of list of succession: 4. Secretary of State 5. Secretary of the Treasury 6. Secretary of Defense 7. Attorney General 8. Secretary of the Interior 9. Secretary of Agriculture 10. Secretary of Commerce 11. Secretary of Labor 12. Secretary of Health & Human Services 13. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development 14. Secretary of Transportation 15. Secretary of Energy 16. Secretary of Education 17. Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs 18. Secretary of Homeland Security

What are the best speakers i can get for 400-500$? by Mike Q: I'm looking for speakers for house parties and chillin at my house. I'm looking especially for base and obviously sound quality in the speakers. I can work with them requiring a stereo system but i'd rather it be able to connect right to an iphone.itouch through a cord or dock... They have to get LOUD though, im considering the beatbox by dre because beats havent ever dissapointed me....

A: What are they connected to? Check out Audioengine A2 and A5 speakers they can do what you expect better than Beatbox and Dr. Dre. I would also consider a refubished unit with full warranty of whatever the choice. A few other options well within your price range would be Kicker ik501 and Kicker's Amphitheater both have everything built in to give you loud quality music anywhere at anytime. Enjoy

Why is Speaker of the House John Boehner having such a hard time leading his Caucus? by Peter Purcell Q: The Tea Party Members do not even respect him as Speaker of the House. I have been following Politics for nearly 40 years, and I have never seen anything like this.

A: Boehner and the Tea Party can't agree, because the Tea Party has a more radical and unreasonable view of cutting spending and not raising Taxes. Obama is trying not to hurt the Middle Class, and yes we have never seen anything like it.

How have the powers of the Speaker of the House changed over time? by Q: How have the powers and responsibilities of the Speaker of the House of Representatives changed over time?

A: No, they're still the same.

Do you want to tell Nancy Pelosi what you think of her behavior today? by Yeah go ahead delete my q Q: Here is the link. I think she needs to know how angry people are at her and her partisan hatred. http://speaker.house.gov/contact Let her know-I did! Melting Media I would be careful at throwing stones your avatar is truly frightening. Wrinkle cream anyone? Leni you should have gone into brain surgery. You be smart!

A: Her speech was nothing short of just plain pathetic and "passing the buck". Sad how she blames Bush and crew but fails to address the ROOT cause which came under Clinton where banks were mandated by the government to give loans to those who couldn't afford to pay them. Then in 2004, there were hearings regarding Fannie Mac and Freddie Mack where the Republicans were asking to look into them and expressing their concerns about what could happen (which is what is happening today) only to be resisted and shut down by the Democrats who said there was nothing wrong and don't fix what isn't broken. Then you have McCain who in 2005 addressed this same issue and still nothing happened. So, who is truly to blame?? Well after greed and corruption by those running those financial institutions, it would be the Democrats. They acted just like they have for the last 2 years controlling Congress...by doing absolutely nothing and then blaming it on those across the aisle.

What are the duties for the Speaker of the House? When would he take over as President in the case of a death? by causticdrumz Q: I heard that the Speaker of the house will take over if something happens to the President. I have argued this, because I thought that was the duty of the Vice President? I am very confused.

A: Speaker of the House is third in line after the vice president. He is the head of the House of Representatives in the meantime. Here is the succession order, amended in 1947 * Vice President * Speaker of the House * President Pro Tempore of the Senate * Secretary of State * Secretary of the Treasury * Secretary of Defense * Attorney General * Secretary of the Interior * Secretary of Agriculture * Secretary of Commerce * Secretary of Labor * Secretary of Health and Human Services * Secretary of Housing and Urban Development * Secretary of Transportation * Secretary of Energy * Secretary of Education * Secretary of Veterans Affairs * Secretary of Homeland Security

How to make home cinema speakers to work on laptop? by Đorđe Q: TODAY I bought SPEAKER OF HOUSE KINA.In I thought I could switch to laptop.Problem is that the cable are for the home cinema and I do not know how to switch it.I need to buy something...i dnont know please help guys :(

A: Your options are: Return them. If they are brand new, you can probably get your money back. Get an adapter. You need a 3.5mm output...I have no idea what is currently their, so I cannot advise you on that front.

What changes is the new speaker of the house going to make? by luv2drinkcoffee Q: What changes is the new speaker of the house going to make?

A: for starters we will drain Pelosi's swamp

Who takes the presidency if the Speaker of the House is not 35? by Ariel M Q: So, hypothetically if the president and the vice president cannot perform their duties, it is the Speaker of the House who becomes president. That's how Gerald Ford got in. Now in this hypothetical scenario, what if the Speaker of the House was under the minimum age requirement for presidency which is 35 years old. Who takes the presidency then? In response to the statement that the question is illogical. You only have to be 25 to be in the House of Representatives. There is no age limit for speaker of the house.

A: The Act says that if the person who is in line does not qualify, then the next person in line who does qualify takes over. After the Speaker it is the President Pro Tempore. BTW, Ford became President because he was VP when Nixon resigned, not because he was Speaker of the House. Nixon named him to replace Agnew, who had resigned earlier. Ford was approved by Congress to become VP.

What would happen if the Speaker of the House was granted the office of President and other powers? by Sanjay Q: What could we expect in America if the US Speaker of the House, also controlled the President's office, cabinet and had the ability to appoint Senators? In this scenario there would be no more elections for President, Senators or Federal/Supreme court Judges. All would be appointed, over the course of time, by whoever the Speaker of the House is. Some countries operate like this.

A: That basically could lead to a tyranny running the country. The Constitution would be gone since it does not allow this (it does allow the Speaker to become President, but not hold both offices, and it says Senators are elected by the People of the States they represent). And with the current Constitution gone, who knows what would replace it. If this one person had this much power, he/she could essentially have a Constitution drawn up that would keep things like this, and he would have virtually absolute control. He would control the Senate since he would be appointing only Senators that were faithful to him, and since other appointments need confirmation of the Senate, his hand picked cronies would just push his nominations for cabinet and judges right through. *EDIT* - The House selecting a Speaker that meets the requirements of being President is not a requirement they have to consider. The Constitution only states that the Vice President must be eligible to be President. If the President and Vice President were both incapacitated, and the Speaker does not mean the eligibility requirements to be President, then it would pass to the Senate President pro tempore. If he doesn't meet the eligibility requirements, it continues to go down the line of succession until one meets the eligibility requirements.

where is a good location to drill through fire wall in a 06' Wrangler? by Rick Q: i need to get a 4 ga. wire from the battery to under the back seat for a audio system, I plan to do all the work myself, but the part that makes me most nervous is drilling through something unintentionally, is there a specific location on the firewall that is safe that would come out say near the right front speaker housing somewhere? specific dimensions would be the cats meow. I am not mechanically inclinded, but i know stereos. battery is on passenger side.

A: battery side (hmmm, was that the drivers side, i sold my wrangler) up near the master cylinder, then run it down and along the edge of the floor pan. remember to run the RCAs on the other side to avoid noise. use a "unibit" and you cant go wrong regarding size, just stop when its large enough to fit the cable and the grommet. dont forget the grommet. especially important in a jeep which gets a lot more jarring. just be careful around brake lines, ok? no matter where you drill it, just use common sense and you'll be ok. use a punch first for a pilot hole so the bit doesnt "walk".

What are skills and qualities the speaker o the house needs? by Allie Q: Also, will the speaker of the house need to travel? What's their work environment ? OH and please site ur information like where ever you got it from

How can the Speaker of the House prevent laws? by Kat Q: Also, is the Speaker of the House also able to vote on the subjects? Those are my two main questions. Im just confused as to what exactly the Speaker of the House does. Thanks for any help :3

A: The speaker is a MP same as the rest, however he/she only votes in the event of a tie, then by tradition has to vote for the status quo.

Why does the speaker of the house have authority to prevent congress from passing votes ? by bonzaibb Q: This morning Republican congressman went on CNN demanding to have a vote over the energy crisis and for drilling exploration. They said that the speaker of the house is whats stopping congress from voting over vital issues. I am not for drilling but I never realized that the speaker of the house has more authority than the president . If congress determines how this country is run but 1 person has full power to prevent it from running how is that possible... so confused ....

A: the speaker of the house sets the 'agenda'. the agenda is the schedule of what bills get presented to the House of Representatives and when. Nancy Pelosi is refusing to put pertinent bills in the schedule, or to allow debate or amendments to be offered when she does put bills on the schedule - therefore blocking any action on them. she is supposed to be the organizer instead of blocker. the energy bill proposed by the Dems was not open to discussion/debate or amendments. the energy bill proposed by the Reps was not allowed to be presented at all.

Why is the Speaker of the House second in line of succession? by JessicaL Q: I find that weird, why is it the speaker of the house second in line of succession after the Vice President? And not someone like Secretary of State?

A: There is no mention of the President's Cabinet in the Constitution... because no one had ever thought of one before! So that's why the Cabinet is skipped, the Speaker of the House is considered the next highest elected official.

What are the jobs of the Speaker of the House and what are the important aspects of those jobs? by Brown chicken Q: What are the jobs of the Speaker of the House and what are the important aspects of those jobs?

A: Speaker is the authority and leader to guide the parliaments, sessions etc., He is the full authority of house. He is helping the session to go smoothly. He has right even making the minister to sit. He is vested with limited power outside. To say with example.. He is the crocodile in the water when he is at the parliament session.. having huge powers.. and when he is outside the parliament and at non-sessions.. he is out of water.. Speakers sometimes..telling the members. ''please...please..please..'' and sometimes may threaten to quite the post .. anyhow, the speaker are respected always..i am saying about the parliament speaker only.. very educated, famous personalities are selected to the post, since they know the rules and regulations.. sometimes intellectuals..a hard job to control the house from the moods of members of the parliaments....to say about the state govt speakers...''they don't know about their position and favours the party who elected them''

How was Gingrich as speaker of the house? by what the? 515 Q: I don't wanna hear about his baggage and all of that. I just wanna hear about how he actually performed as speaker of the house. He's clearly a brilliant mind for what he did in the early 90's but I just want opinions of people who really remember him as speaker of the house. And don't be biased from whatever party in which you vote for. I just want honesty here. Thank you.

A: Newt Gingrich was a travesty...an abomination and a crook, who violated ethics standards on more than one occasion based on his connection to lobbyists and special interests. In terms of the everyday workings of the Senate, he learned procedures quickly and presided as is required for a Speaker, following protocol on the Senate floor. The takeover of Congress relied on voter fraud (none of the voting results matched the major news channels' exit polls (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC), and the movement was funded and backed by the Heritage Foundation (founded by "Moral Majority"'s Paul Weyrich) in cooperative/collusion with Australian Rupert Murdoch (owner of FOX News; TV Guide, which was used as a tool in the takeover; and several ultra-conservative radio talk shows/newspapers... On the Senate hearings I watched on C-SPAN2, Gingrich would maliciously exclude Democrats, would abuse his position as Chair in favor of his own party, and set up rules to block constructive debate on lobbyist-driven bills brought to the floor. Gingrich "led a partial government shutdown (due to a budgetary stalemate) at the end of 1995, after feeling slighted over which door he got to use while traveling on Air Force One" during Bill Clinton's presidency (Flynt, 2005, pp. 101-107). His personality (which he often expressed as Speaker) would trash everyone else's projects if he was not the first place winner. Is this the quality one seeks in a Speaker of the House? It was a Gingrich who designed and implemented the "Cold War of Annihilation" against the Democratic Party that continued and even grew while he was Speaker---these are fellow Americans, elected representatives and millions of Americans that Gingrich was obligated to serve in his capacity as Speaker, yet he chose to (and taught new recruits to his neocon party how to) villify---shades of Hitler. Even David Brock (former conservative insider) is quoted as saying he is "a opportunist, a nihilist even" with a vast "hypocrisy" (p. 102). Gingrich's assault on the Clintons (propaganda of the worst sort) was done because the House Ethics Committee found that he had violated tax laws and misled the committee in sworn testimony, which cost him the Speaker position as well as $300,000. I hope this adequately answers your question. I recommend the following books:

What role does the Speaker of the House play in law making? by Ryan Q: What role does the Speaker of the House play in law making? I know the role the President plays is he can convince congress to pass a bill, and the president can then sign the bill into a law but I don't know what a Speaker of the House has to do with it... The sooner I can get a response the better.

A: The Speaker decides which bills will get voted on and when, it is a VERY powerful position. One reason the Democrats keep saying that Republicans were the party of "NO" and did not put forth any ideas for health care or banking reform is that the Speaker did not allow them to bring them to the floor for debate or a vote. whale

Why is the speaker of the House of Reps considered third in line for the presidency? by batman253 Q: Why is the speaker of the House of Reps considered third in line for the presidency? How come it is not the majority leader in the Senate?

A: Because that's they way they set it up. The House of Reps is bigger than the Senate. And the tiebreaking vote in the Senate belongs to the Vice President. I am sure that has something to do with it too.

How is the Speaker of the House chosen and must the speaker be a member? by Erica Q: How is the Speaker of the House chosen? And must the speaker be a member? please also include where in the constitution this is stated. thanks! :)

A: No where in the Constitution does it state that the Speaker of the House must be an elected member of the House. However every Speaker had been a member of the House and from the majority party. She/he is elected on the first day of Congress after the national elections(Every congressmen must run for office every 2 years and unlike the Senate the terms are not staggered). The Speaker must win by a simple majority.

What exactly does the Speaker of the House do? by Night Girl Q: The Speaker of the House sits in the big chair all day? That is all?

A: The Speaker of the House is the leader of the third branch of the Executive branch of the U.S Government. He/She is third to the President and the Vice President (who leads the Senate) the duties in which they have vary greatly depending on committees they sit on, delegations they lead and of course casting their vote in the matter of laws.

What's the difference between speaker of the house and majority leader? by Brian Q: Exactly what role does current speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, have as compared to Democratic majority leader Steny Hoyer? What's the difference between the two positions? What are each responsible for?

A: Speaker is ranking leader, 3rd in line (Pres, VP, Speaker), and sets the legislative agenda. Pelosi is Speaker, which is why our legislative agenda is so freaking radical... House Majority leader is 2nd ranking House member (after Speaker). This was created to assist the duties of the Speaker (because there's lots to do, when you're trying to buy votes, and shove a load of crap down the gullets of the American public).

How is the Speaker of the House elected and when will Nancy Pelosi be up for ousting? by Lovely Lady Q: What is the actual process of appointing the Speaker of the House? When will the next one be up for election?

A: Next Jan when the Republicans take the majority.after this November's slaughter , John Boehner will be the new Speaker http://republicanleader.house.gov/

What happens if the speaker of the house dies? by J Q: If the President and the Vice President don't die, but the Speaker of the House does. Is the order of succession still the same so everyone just kind of moves up the line or would they do something different because the line of presidential succession doesn't really apply because the president is still alive?

A: If the speaker of the house dies, the house just elects a new majority party member to be the speaker, and the line of secession stays the same.

How is the new Speaker of the House a Republican when Obama is a democrat? by luv2drinkcoffee Q: How is the new Speaker of the House a Republican when Obama is a democrat? Can someone explain this to me to please. Politics confuse me

A: The Speaker of the House is elected by the members of the House of Representatives every two years. Obama is a Democrat and for the past 8 years the Democrats had a majority in the House. Obama showed the American voters that he kinda lied about being a "centrist" Democrat when he ran for the Presidency. The American voters got mad about the lie, and even madder about all the horrible and destructive laws and regulations that Obama and the Democrats passed over the past two years. So... half way through Obama's 4 year term (all the House Representatives are up for reelection every TWO years) the American voters repudiated Obama by kicking out a whole pile of Democrats and electing a majority of Republican Representatives... (They would have kicked out Obama too except he has another two years on his term of office.) Which allowed the Republicans to vote in a Republican Speaker! So.. there it is.

What is the Best Durable Pair of Earbuds for Sleeping? by Colton Q: I listen to music when I sleep but the regular ol' apple earbuds are ripping and all. So I was wondering what the best durable pair, as in speaker housing strength and wire strength, of earbuds as well as comfortable while sleeping would be. I would also like to keep the price bellow $25. *sorry for a badly written sentence*

A: The Internet is the largest conglomerate in communications networks worldwide [1] and has millions of computers interconnected by communication protocol TCP / IP that allows access to all kinds of information and data transfer. It carries a wide variety of resources and services, including documents connected via hyperlinks of the World Wide Web (Network Worldwide Reach), and the infrastructure to support services such as email and instant communication and file sharing. According to Internet World Stats, 1.96 billion people had access to the Internet in June 2010, representing 28.7% of the world population. According to the survey, Europe had nearly 420 million users, more than half of the population. Over 60% of the population of Oceania have Internet access, but this percentage is reduced to 6.8% in Africa. In Latin America and the Caribbean, a little over 200 million people have access to the Internet (according to June 2010 data), with almost 76 million Brazilians are The word Internet is traditionally written with the first letter capitalized as a proper name. Internet Society, the Internet Engineering Task Force, ICANN, World Wide Web Consortium and several other related organizations use this convention in their publications. Likewise, several newspapers, magazines and journals use the same term, including The New York Times, Associated Press and Time. Other organizations claim that the first letter should be lowercase (internet), and the "internet" is sufficient to distinguish between an "internet" used in other instances. Publications using this form are absent in academia, but in these averages as The Economist and The Guardian. Internet and internet have different meanings. While internet means a set of interconnected computer networks, the Internet refers to the global public internet, provided by the Internet Protocol. Thus, there are numerous scattered internets private networks, is connecting businesses, universities or residences. However, there is only a single global network, the set of all networks, the Internet. [Edit] History Main article: History of the Internet The origin of the global communications network, as it is also known, was in the military. The Soviet launch of Sputnik caused as a result of the creation of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Advanced Research Projects), known as ARPA, in February 1955, aiming to regain technological leadership lost to the Soviets during the Cold War. [4] [5] ARPA created the Information Processing Techniques Office (Office of Technology Information Processing - IPTO) to promote research program of the Semi Automatic Ground Environment, which had called several radar systems throughout the American soil for the first time. Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider was chosen to head the IPTO. [6] Licklider moved from the Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory at Harvard University to MIT in 1950, after being interested in information technology. At MIT, he was part of a committee that established Lincoln Laboratory and worked on the SAGE project. In 1957, he became the vice president of BBN, when he bought the first production PDP-1 computer and conducted the first demonstration of time-sharing. http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet

How do you hook up speaker volume controls for in-ceiling speakers? by Lou Q: I've read where wiring for speakers and volume controls is from receiver to selector to voume control to speaker. The house I moved into was not wired this way. There are speaker wires and volume control wires coming out of the wall. I've hooked the speakers to a Niles speaker selector and they play fine. Where do I hook the volume control wires to?

A: that depends Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers? Model numbers?

Where does the speaker of the house live? by OJ Q: Do they live in the White House or some house of their own? I'm writing a story with a made up speaker of house, and right now they live in their own home.

A: They live in their own house. "speaker of the house" is just their job title.

Who is more important Speaker of the House or President Pro Tempore? by Express Q: Ok I keep seeing things about that the Speaker of House is Third in Line for presidency after VP, and others saying its President Pro Tempore third in line after VP. So which one is it?

A: The President Pro Tempore is mostly a symbolic position. It doesn't matter much unless the President, VP and House Speaker all die at the same time. A far more influential figure in the Senate would be the Senate Majority Leader. While the Senate majority leader is not treated differently in terms of presidential succession, he does control hold considerable sway over legislative agenda for the senate. The Speaker of the House is one of the most powerful people in Washington because he/she controls much of the legislative agenda for the House.

How do I open the housing for the speakers on skullcandy Skullcrushers? by Matt Teague Q: Okay, so I need to repair my skullcandy Skullcrushers, but I can't find a way to open the speaker housing. Is there an easy way to do this, like a hidden screw or something? Or am I going to have to pry it open? I've heard of people doing manual repairs, but the short in the wire on my set is inside the left-side speaker housing, and I can't get to it.

A: first, you need to remove the foam type cover. second, examine the holes in the plastic. there should be four circular holes that are around the speaker. inside these holes are four screws (one each). you may need something like a jewelry screwdriver, phillips head. once that is removed you can see three more small screws that you may or may not need to access. removing that allows you to reach the two bottom wires. also, i seem to be having the exact same problem as you but i do not have a clue how to fix them. could you possibly email me or something on how to make the speaker play again! [email protected] thanks

Does speaker housing to make indoor speakers weather-proof exist? by Curt Q: Does anyone know where I could get some type of speaker housing to make my indoor speakers weather-proof for outdoor use? I'm having a hard time finding anything that shows that it is even possible. Thanks.

A: Try doing an internet search, and perhaps you may be able to find what you're looking for...

How can John Boehner get fired? What does it take to find new speaker house of representative? by Luigi Q: How can John Boehner get fired? What does it take to find new speaker of house of representative? I don't what anyone thinks we need new speaker this one is too weak. We need tea party as speaker, what does it take? Who would you want as speaker of house?

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