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martijnadema Lekker ochtendje in de tuin en schuur bezig geweest. Alles weer spik en span :D

Lambawan_Zero maybe just a little bit?? ;) RT @BikerChiq89: Hell to the N-O! RT @Lambawan_Zero: she prolly needs a good span… (cont) http://t.co/ofi0mHum

joannedelica Kakaumpisa ko lang mag encode at ngayon tinatamad na ko. Sobrang konti lang ng attention span ko. How sad.

daeraemon ... In a short span of a minute 4 families have asked me if anyone was sitting with me. OTL wait make that 5.

dixAlice RT @kaworu111: 「少女幻想」会期2011年11月23日(水)~12月10日(土)於 銀座、スパンアートギャラリー 東京都中央区銀座2-2-18  http://t.co/G2VUC5Nq 11月26日(土)18:00より黒色すみれのライブ。ワンドリンク付き2,000円(要予約)

LittleFlos RT @UdayanMallik: All the Newt Gingrich Faithful. Get ready for another Stellar Performance from Newt Gingrich. Tomorrow at 8PM ET on C-SPAN. Details Tomorrow

firstheartz Ok my attention span super short. I'm switching movie! Don't like this kind of show tho there's husky. :x

Mrs_Lovett_Bot My, my, my. Always work to be done. Spic and span, that's my motto.

tumolvs18 This means there is, theoretically, no limit to its life span,

DaRealConch904 @RuthAshley everybody doesn't have a 7ft song span like you. Lol. And mine reach too.

FrezzFK Wow! So Many News in a Little Span of Time! What Happened? Who the Hell is Jessi... http://t.co/L3l422pR

deejpc @Kush_Beatz lol tough they have a life span then when its up it goes

MarioholicsAnon Wow! So Many News in a Little Span of Time! What Happened? Who the Hell is Jessica?? Kwentuhan Niyo ko... http://t.co/2yIv6O5z

MarioholicsAnon Wow! So Many New in a Little Span of Time! What Happened? Who the Hell is Jessica?? Kwentuhan Niyo ko Marioholics... http://t.co/eYiMLiLP

Cicelyozn Trimax® Receiver / Coupler Lock Set 7/8" Span: Trimax Receiver / Coupler Lock Sets. Trimax provides maximum secu... http://t.co/xLojbzup


What is the average life span of a washing machine? by DanS Q: Is it worth taking out extended warranty on a washing machine? What is the typical life span?

A: Companies make their money on extended warranties. Washing machines should last 10 - 20 years without problems.

How long is the life span of a Blatta Lateralis roach? by Mill Boon Q: I have blatta lateralis roaches as pets. How long do you think is their life span?

A: Not sure but this roach site may be of help. http://www.roachforum.com/

What is the average life span of a fighting fish? by blah'♥ Q: I want to get a fighting fish, but I dont know how long they usually live, we have had one before, but he jumped out of the tank, so I still dont know the average life span of a fighting fish. I want one but not if they dont live long, and not if its going to be a waste of money. Are fighting fish even a good fish to get?

A: Siamese fighting fish are great! They usually live about three years, but with very good care-taking they could live up to five. They need a 5 or 10 gallon tank. They are a great fish to get not a waste of money. I also have 4 pygmy puffer fish also tropical fish. They are even better living for 5 years feeding them on blood worms, brine shrimp, krill, water flea and snails to keep their teeth down. They are even more fun in pairs but they live alone fine! They aaren'tas pretty as a siamese fighter but they are much better; Normally Siamese fighters are 1 or 2 years old in the fish shop so you normally don't have it much longer. But the ddwarfpygmy puffers are only 3 months old or less. They will live for longer. Pygmy puffers need 3 or 5 gallons per fish. So in a 5 gallon tank you could maybe keep two of them. In a 10 gallon tank, 2 or 3. I have a 20 gallon tank with 4 pygmy puffers ( They can't live with Siamese fighting fish ) They should really be kept by themselves or with 4-6 oOtto's Hope this helped!

What is the average life span of a parson russel terrior? by Kimmy Q: I'm looking to adopt one and not sure what the average life span of this type of dog is. Thanks

A: 15+ years.

What is the average life span of a transmission? by AliciaG Q: I have a 2006 Nissan Altima and I was curious as to the average life span of the transmission on the car. It is an automatic 2.5 L with 118,000 miles.

A: Most cars go to the wrecking yard with the original automatic transmission. That is what made transmission debacles like the older Ford AXOD transmissions and the Honda V6 transmissions from around 2003 so outrageous - nearly every car with one of those benighted things needed transmission replacement or overhaul.

What is the life span of a hypertensive stroke victim? by lostchick Q: My grandmother had a hypertensive stroke with bleeding in the brain. Does anyone know the life span she's expected to have?

A: Does anyone know the life span she's expected to have? Depending on how long the brain suffers a lack of blood flow, a stroke can sometimes cause temporary or permanent disabilities. Stroke complications differ depending what part of the brain was affected and may include:Paralysis or loss of muscle movement,Difficulty talking or swallowing,Memory loss or troubles with understanding.Pain. Some people who have a stroke may have pain, numbness, or other strange sensations in parts of their body affected by stroke. People who have a stroke may also become withdrawn and less social. They may lose the ability to care for themselves and may need a caretaker to help them with their grooming needs and daily chores after a stroke. As with any brain injury, the success of treating these complications will vary from person to person.Although stroke-related disabilities can be permanent, many people lead active lives after a stroke. Many are able to resume everyday life and responsibilities. Depression often occurs in people who have had a Stroke. They mourn the loss of their previous self. They may have many fears, uncertainties and altered feelings about themselves, as well as experience losses in social activity, ponder questions about future prospects, financial security and returning to work. The person may see little purpose in living and express thoughts of death. take care as laways

What is the life span of a common house spider? by ROSIIExx Q: What is the life span of a common house spider? theres one inmy room and i tried to be brace with the glass and the paper then it dropped in my washing basket and i just need to know when i can put on my next wash.

A: BBC Wild facts advises that the common house spider has a lifespan of several years. Reference BBC Wild facts http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/wildfacts/factfiles/348.shtml Good Luck ~~~

How to determine whether the Span belongs to a subspace? by luverza Q: How can we know whether span{(1,5),(5,-2)} is a subspace of R2? The only way that I can think of is by proving that all the vectors in R2 is a linear combination of the spanning set. But this way is really tedious when we have more than one vectors in the spanning set. Is there any other way to determine whether the span belongs to the subspace?

A: Since every element of span{(1,5),(5,-2)} is a linear combination of (1,5) and (5,-2). To show that the span belong to a subspace then it is enough to show that (1,5) and (5,-2) are in the subspace. In your problem since (1,5) and (5,-2) are clearly in R^2 then the conclusion follows. More help? Visit http://www.watchmath.com ----------> Math Help

How do you work out estimated life span of something? by Mike Q: I know that there are L10 calculations for working out the life span of roller bearings based on all the factors which affect its life. What sort of calculations should I be doing to work out a life span of a steel structure such as a pressure vessel which may have gradual corrosion and may have fatigue considerations?

A: For starters, if the item in question has no corrosion allowance, then it can't tolerate any reduction in thickness or it will technically be outside of its safe working parameters. If you know the corrosion rate and the corrosion allowance then the calculaltion is pretty simple. For fatigue you need to know or make a good estimate of the number of cycles and stress limits for fatigue failure. Below are two of many sites that address this question.

How to send the contents of a to a Javascript variable? by Jeremy H Q: Basically, I have the following which is filled with a PHP function, but I need to grab the contents with Javascript. Here is the SPAN: 1442 I need to feed that value to a Javascript variable which I can use later in the script. Any help appreciated.

A: Use document.getElementById() to find the span, then get the content of that span from its innerHTML property. Like this:   var spanContent = document.getElementById("maxenergy").innerHTML;

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