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Space shuttle nyc

Space shuttle Enterprise lands in New York atop jet |
By Thomas Zambito | NEW YORK (Reuters) - The space shuttle Enterprise flew to New York from Washington on Friday piggybacking atop a Boeing 747 and made a dramatic flight along the Hudson River past the Statue of Liberty to the delight of observers.

Space shuttle Enterprise arrives at NYC airport
20, 2003 file photo, workers pose in front of the Space Shuttle Enterprise prior to moving it into the new Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles Airport in Chantilly, Va. Enterprise is scheduled to arrive in New York on the back of a NASA jumbo jet on ...

Space shuttle Enterprise lands in NYC atop jet
The prototype space shuttle Enterprise begins its trip from Washington to New York atop a modified 747 carrier jet on Friday. By Robert Z. Pearlman NEW YORK — An unusual flying object was seen zooming around New York City's airspace Friday.

Space shuttle Enterprise flies again
By the CNN Wire Staff The space shuttle Enterprise sits on the tarmac in New York after its piggyback ride from Washington. New York (CNN) -- The space shuttle Enterprise, mounted atop a 747 jumbo jet, swooped across the New York City skyline on Friday ...

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chad_coleman Hey @paulbalcerak -> MT @rawfileblog: THE best photo of Space Shuttle Enterprise flyover of NYC on the back of a 747. http://t.co/GNFvD5Jc

CatherineQ RT @NewYorkPost: Space Shuttle Enterprise over NYC from the @NASA chase plane http://t.co/YWSljmVj http://t.co/ShCUFOSj

A8_7 RT @NewYorkPost: Space Shuttle Enterprise over NYC from the @NASA chase plane http://t.co/ZYAiMu6p http://t.co/SJwcltj2

jordanzotts RT @NewYorkPost: Space Shuttle Enterprise over NYC from the @NASA chase plane http://t.co/YWSljmVj http://t.co/ShCUFOSj

coherent1 RT @EverythingNYC: Space Shuttle Enterprise & Empire State Building #NYC http://t.co/Qd8HCPKY via @chenrisius

vpisteve This: Awesome Gif of Space Shuttle Flying Over NYC http://t.co/XVMFsdFJ

howardjsh RT @AP: Take a look at our pictures of space shuttle prototype Enterprise flying over NYC landmarks and skyline: http://t.co/4RjetKC7

whoisbobbparris RT @NewYorkPost: Space Shuttle Enterprise over NYC from the @NASA chase plane http://t.co/YWSljmVj http://t.co/ShCUFOSj

PhilippeChansel RT @NewYorkPost: Space Shuttle Enterprise over NYC from the @NASA chase plane http://t.co/YWSljmVj http://t.co/ShCUFOSj

iamflori Check out these amazing photos of the space shuttle enterprise going over NYC. http://t.co/SFsENDCK

NuyoRegio RT @NewYorkPost: Space Shuttle Enterprise over NYC from the @NASA chase plane http://t.co/YWSljmVj http://t.co/ShCUFOSj

AryehsSharings New York, NY – Space Shuttle Arrives In NYC; Crowds Watch In Awe http://t.co/fRK1vqJH via @Vos Iz Neias

nlj Space shuttle Enterprise rides piggy back on a 747 to New York http://t.co/060Pk62R (via @IanTruscott)

amylaceous RT @NewYorkPost: Space Shuttle Enterprise over NYC from the @NASA chase plane http://t.co/YWSljmVj http://t.co/ShCUFOSj

SpectreCollie RT @verge: NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise: the NYC fly-by in pictures http://t.co/0U9nQ34X


Poem about Eiffel Tower.? by aly Q: Did you ever write a poem or would like to that told a story where the setting is: Disney World Eiffel Tower World Trade Center – NYC A Tourist Site (pre-Sept. 11) A Tribute to the Victims Ocean City Gettysburg Battlefield Yellowstone National Park Space Shuttle if you have I would love to read it. Even if the site isn't one of those listed above.

A: I went to the Eiffel Tower But the lights ran out of power So I sat in the dark Eating some carp Until I went to a bridal shower

7.4 degrees aboove horizon? by 24+11+2 <3 Q: Tonight the Space Shuttle Discover will pass over NYC at 7.5 degrees. How high is that? What are the chances for seeing it? well forget this since the shuttle launch was delayed again I am not located in the city, just close to it

A: your fist at arm's length is about 10 degrees.

What's your favorite NYC memory as a tourist? by m1i9k8e8 Q: 4 memories for me(not in order but in the way i remember), being on a party shuttle bus with a tour guide named luke. He was so knowledgeable about much of the city and he was very friendly and down to earth. 2nd was touring the nbc studios, seeing where they filmed saturday night live and the conan o'brien show, that was a very interesting experience and also being on the nbc observation deck seeing a very beautiful breathtaking view of the new york skyline and all the buildings. 4th was visiting the ripley's believe it or not museum, i enjoyed looking at all the bizarre and creepy people and the stories behind them, that was interesting and frightening at the same time. Last memory was seeing the movie evan almighty, i thought it was a really funny movie. Now its your turn. What were some of your favorite memories on your visit to NYC? Also, what annoyed you most about your visit? for me, having little space to walk around and stopping at every street corner to wait for the signal.

A: It's kinda fuzzy now, but I remember the first time I went up to the WTC observation deck. Didn't go all the way up to the outdoor deck the first time, but the indoor deck was still fun because there was this little step down from the main floor to the window so you could lean on the step and press your head directly on to the window and look straight down. I guess I was easily amused as a kid.

The investigation begins in plane's NYC splash landing...already? Why then, did it take over a year for 9/11? by End The Fed!!! Q: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090116/ap_on_re_us/plane_splashdown It seems like any incident, accident, or disaster is investigated immediately (space shuttle, Minnesota bridge collapse, airline crashes), so why did it take our government over a year to BEGIN the investigation into 9/11? The actual National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, also known as the 9/11 Commission, was not set up until November 27, 2002. By then we were deep in Afghanistan and were drawing up plans to go into Iraq...even before an investigation was launched. As expected, half of you missed the point entirely. How can there have been an "official" and proper investigation when all the material was loaded onto trucks, shipped to the 'fresh kills landfill', then onto the slow boat headed for China to have the metal melted down? The point IS, 9/11 was a crime, and since when do they clean up a crime scene prior to an investigation? Anyone have any overhead pics of ground zero on 11/27/02? My guess is, there wasn't much evidence left to investigate. ....funny how many of you can't seem to find this the least bit disturbing. @Gen Stiggo; ya, and FEMA was mobilized to ground zero the night of 9/10/01. They started 'investigating' immediately too. Look it up... What's more important: Finding out how planes where hijacked (which is NTSB's jurisdiction), or finding out how 3 steel-framed high rises collapsed due to fire alone for the first time in history?

A: This was a legitimate accident. In the case of 9/11, they had to destroy the crime scene first by getting rid of all the steel (evidence) and melting it down somewhere in Asia. That takes time.

Most economical way of taking a road trip from Orlando, Fl to NYC? by Steven W Q: My friend and I are flying down to watch the Space Shuttle launch in the middle of April and we want to drive back. What is our best bet for renting a car (hopefully with unlimited miles and the holy grail - gas included)? Best cities to stop in/motels? Things to bring?

A: may i suggest doing the auto train. don't hold your breath to an on time launch. the track record is always a delay due to weather or technical issues. the auto train your car is with you. it leaves from the washington DC area and lands in Sanford fl like 1 hour from the cape. the train includes meals as well.

Have you seen the Space Shuttle in flight? by Cleared For Take-off Q: In the early 90's, some time during the middle of a clear night, I sat upon my roof with a radio and wrist watch. On the radio, I was listening to a live broadcast of a SS night launch. Before lift-off, it was reported to the public that the Shuttle's flight path would be east of the U.S. coastline heading north on it's way into space, and residents of NYC would be able to see it when it flew by. Knowing the distance from the Cape to NYC and the average speed of the SS, I estimated 10 minutes would pass before I saw it. After hearing "lift-off" on the radio, I looked at my watch and started my countdown for the sighting. Exactly 10 minutes later, I began scanning the eastern horizon. To my amazement, about 15 degrees above the horizon, I saw a glowing orange shockwave that looked like this < . The glow lasted for about 30 seconds, with the remaining seconds flickering on and off, until the shuttle entered the vacuum of space. What A sight! SS was still in the atmosphere 10 minutes after lift-off. C'mon, you very well know it doesn't fly straight up on it's way to space, it flies in a climb that curves, as it heads for it's orbital altitude. If I could see it's super heated shockwave from the ground, it was still in the atmosphere. Although technically it was in space, it was not in the total vacuum of space. We both, can go back and forth on this. I have seen meteors burn up as they entered the atmosphere, and I know what they look like. Super heated air molecules can be seen on the ground being caused by a hyper-sonic SS in the shape of a shockwave. I did see the shockwave, although near the edge of the super thin atmosphere. In addition, the glowing < , was in a climb, not in a descent or horizontal pass, as meteors sometimes do on their way back into space. If you were with me that night, with watch in hand, you too would have seen the SS. Besides, that was the planned flight path for Shuttle that evening. This was a widely publicized event for all, living in the NE coastal states. Yes, SS does cook!

A: yes, i have seen it a few times, all different missions. the last one i saw with my own eyes was STS-107, better known as Columbia. As it flew through the sky, I saw it break into pieces. I am still working my hardest to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut. :)

Space Shuttle Enterprise Circles New York Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies Over New York Space shuttle Enterprise catches ride on jumbo jet Seems God doesn't want a Space Shuttle in NYC either. Space Shuttle Enterprise over New York harbor, April 27, 2012 Space Shuttle in NYC Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies over New York City on April 27th 2012 Space Shuttle Enterprise Flyover over New York City (1 of 3) Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies Over New York Space Shuttle Enterprise Retires into Collectibility in Final NYC Fly Over SPACE SHUTTLE ENTERPRISE TAKE OFF Channel 5 News NYC part # 1 of 6 Space Shuttle Enterprise Landing JFK NYC - Runway Video! Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies Over New York City April 27, 2012 Space Shuttle Enterprise NYC - funny version. Space Shuttle Arriving in New York City: George Washington Bridge View Space Shuttle in NYC NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise Flyover New York City Space Shuttle Enterprise over New York City SPACE SHUTTLE lands at JFK in NYC space shuttle fly over in new york NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise piggyback fly over NYC NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise Arrives in NYC Part 2 of 2 Space Shuttle Enterprise Flyby: NYC 4/27/12 Space Shuttle NYC 3D Timelapse: Shuttle Discovery prepares for new home - New York Post space shuttle enterprise arrival at nyc Space Shuttle NYC Flyover 2012 1 of 2 Space Shuttle Flyby New York City SPACE SHUTTLE ENTERPRISE Buzzes Hudson on way to NYC's JFK & INTREPID Sea, Air & Space museum!!! Space Shuttle Enterprise Title Transferred Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies Over New York City !! Space Shuttle Enterprise New York City April 27, 2012 HD Space Shuttle Enterprise Arriving In NYC Space Shuttle Enterprise flies over New York Enterprise NASA Space Shuttle approaching New York City Harbor, flyover Jersey City Space Shuttle Enterprise flying over Hudson River NYC, New York 04/27/2012 Space Shuttle Enterprise Enters NYC Flying over the Intrepid Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies Over Hudson River New York City Shuttle Enterprise Towed out of hangar at Smithsonian Space Shuttle Enterprise passing NYC Space shuttle flyby over NYC and NJ 2 Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies over New York City. Space Shuttle Enterprise, Flight to NYC Closeup Runway Footage - Space Shuttle Enterprise Landing at JFK NYC Space Shuttle Discovery Makes Final Flight Space Shuttle Enterprise Makes NYC Flyby Space shuttle fly-by NYC 1 Space Shuttle Enterprise flyover NYC Space Shuttle Fly By NYC Harbor 04/27/12 Part 1 Space Shuttle Enterprise flies over the Hudson River in New York City
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