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Sound Editing

Oscars 2012: Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing winners announced
Tina Fey and Bradley Cooper stayed on the stage to present the award for Sound Editing, which saw Hugo win yet another award, as Eugene Gerty, and Phillip Stockton were given the Oscar for Sound Editing. The two men thanked Hugo director Martin ...

Dragon Tattoo wins Oscar for editing, Hugo for sound
By Duane Dudek of the Journal Sentinel "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" picked up the film editing. The same duo won for "The Social Network" also directed by David Fincher. The Oscar for sound editing went to "Hugo." It was the third award for the Martin ...

Hugo wins sound honours at Oscars
The 84th Academy Awards for best sound editing and best sound mixing went to "Hugo". The Martin Scorsese film beat other nominees like Drive, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and War Horse for the best sound editing ...

Oscars: Live Report
0226 GMT: The Oscars for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing went to "Hugo," which also won for Cinematography and Art Direction earlier in the night. Actress Octavia Spencer arrives on the red carpet for the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

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fernhilldammit RT @dgardner: Sound, editing, visual effects: Michael Sona. Directing: Michael Sona. Best actor *and* supporting actor: Michael Sona. Best actress, too.

billygoni "@IMDb: Winner, Best Achievement in Sound Editing: Hugo : Philip Stockton, Eugene Gearty http://t.co/0H2oZI9R #Oscars"

use3to5drops RT @TheAcademy: Hugo wins the Oscar for Best Sound Editing!

stephurrr @emillymiller hey hey hey nowww, as someone minoring in film i can say that film + sound editing is super important! despite no appeal

SteveEsq RT @normmacdonald: I would give Oprah a third Oscar for sound editing.

mmurph21 RT @NikkiFinke: Oscar Winner: Best Sound Editing - Philip Stockton and Eugene Gearty for Hugo http://t.co/l6vDubCA

ajibskr Film Hugo raih 5 penghargaan untuk Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Art Direction, Visual Effects, and Cinematography (Robert Richardson) #Oscar

mybrainonsports RT @normmacdonald: I would give Oprah a third Oscar for sound editing.

Tommy3wood RT @normmacdonald: I would give Oprah a third Oscar for sound editing.

CA_Rose RT @normmacdonald: I would give Oprah a third Oscar for sound editing.

Indovision_TV RT @TheAcademy: Hugo wins the Oscar for Best Sound Editing!

Snapperpacheco RT @normmacdonald: I would give Oprah a third Oscar for sound editing.

toddzuniga My Oscars: best film: Tree of Life. Best actor: Michael Fassbender. Best sound editing: Drive.

AntiSemanticShw RT @normmacdonald: I would give Oprah a third Oscar for sound editing.

PrezMadigascar RT @rdbrewer4: RT @normmacdonald: I would give Oprah a third Oscar for sound editing. | Oprah gets another Oscar for having the largest stack of money.


Does this sound good for a editing process? by Q: I did a complete edit myself after putting the book on ice for a month, found a lot of stuff and feel good about it. I'm having another person who isn't professional but good with grammar proof it too. Then I am going to proof it backwards so it forces me to break it down sentence for sentence and then maybe reread if forward again. Does this sound like sufficient editing or should I do more? Any other suggestions will be helpful, feel free to contribute.

A: It sounds like a good process to me. If it works for you, I don't see anything wrong with it. It's a lot like what I do, except I would never read through my books backwards. I know many teachers who recommend proof reading backwards, but I personally think it's the biggest waste of time. I'd rather see how the sentences flow together in paragraphs, rather than each individual sentence on it's own. But it's all a matter of preference, I'm sure it might work for some people. If you think it'll work for you, you ought to try it. I also recommend reading things out loud. To me, that's the easiest way to see if something doesn't flow right.

Where Can I Find A Free Sound Editing Program ? by chris.ternaux Q: That will let me put an instrumental to the backround of a recorded voice. Please Help!

A: Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Is an Alienware M14x laptop good for sound recording/editing? by Q: I'm really looking into sound recording and editing, and right now i have a lenovo edge (worst investment I have EVER made -.-) and sometimes i like to game too. However, my current computer sucks so horribly that it can only run SOME games (i tried running KH2, only 8 F***ing frames per second -.-) and i saw that the M14x was agood GAMING laptop, but is it good for what i REALLY want?

A: What you want to do is look for a laptop with a dedicated sound card. You will have to specifically look for that. Not ones with ones built into to the motherboard. I think only 17 inch + Alienwares have that. I suggest looking at other custom manufacturers like http://www.origincpc.com <--- after alienware became owned by dell. The original owners made origin http://www.falcon-nw.com the advantage of these companies they make true custom pc's if they don' thave the part you can ask either one of them and they will put it in for you. Talk to a custom service rep during working hours, to find whats best for you. Or if you want something less costly try http://www.ibuypower.com http://www.cyberpowerpc.com Very few generic brands (Dell, Hp, Sony, Acer, Asus) Provide a dedicated sound cart in their laptops, a few Special models may contain, check the technical specifications to find out

video and sound editing, what is the best software? by russ l Q: I want to take different videos from the family and combine, cut and edit audio and sound but I want to add my own sound what is the best.

A: I would for your purpose look into the adobe premiere elements software.

Any good but easy to use sound editing software? by Uber Andrew Q: Doesn't matter if it's free or costs money (but preferably free). Can do stuff like speed up, slow down, change pitch... Stuff like that.

Where to buy or download for free video and sound editing software? by Jeremy Q: I would like to have a program or combination of programs that allows me to put together clips of different videos, while replacing the original audio with a different soundtrack, and possibly seperate out background music and enhance or modify various attributes of a soundtrack, such as pitch and tone. Note: Although I would prefer a free download, I would not be surprised if there wasn't one availible. Old program versions that can do this are good too.

A: obviously the previous 3 answers were full of information on how to do things that was not part of your question, try avidemux for your video, free and easy, i use it for making home videos out of various clips i have taken with my video camera, it has an option to remove audio and add audio in mp3, wav and ac3 (dolby), it also does format and container transcoding http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/ for your audio, you can't go wrong with audacity, also free, but not as easy, you can record your own sounds, change the format - in fact you will have to get the program, just to many to list http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ hope these were more in line with what you asked

Song during during Oscars for sound editing I believe? by canyon289 Q: There was a song playing over multiple clips of car chases (007, Indiana Jones etc.) It was a rock song and the clip was a few minutes long. It was during the sound awards. Does anyone know the name of it?

A: its called tick tick boom! by hives!!!!!!!!!! 10 points please!

Is there such a sound editing program that removes voices from songs? by WB56 Q: I know there is but which is best?

A: Be aware that you'll never find a software that can do it entirely. For the most part audacity works but a lot of the reverb and echos are still going to be there, but the main vocal track will be gone for sure.

Which sound editing software is the best? by nanizm Q: I am trying to create a short audio skit where I mix in voice, sound bytes, sound effect and music. I then need to save in .wav or .mp3 format. Also, would like to cut and loop my own songs from CD or iTunes. Any suggestions?

A: Audacity and it is free

Where can I find free software for sound editing? by J.D.S. Q: I'm working on a project and the recordings I wish to work with are much too quiet to be heard clearly. I wish to be able to amplify them before using them for Windows Movie Maker. I have no other such recordings which are louder.

A: You can use: -FL studio -Virtual DJ -Peak 4 -Sound Studio -Wave Pad -Audacity -Mixcraft 4 [ Recommend it! One of the best ] -Sound Forge Pro 10 -and even MORE! I have experience with this because I produce my own music Here's a link to a few programs you can find for free or download some demos: http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/ They are organized by category, choose the one you are looking for and boom! all the programs that works with what you are just looking for. The ones I mentioned are the one's I use .. (: Hope it helps you! Take Care Oh.. and if you can't find any in the link you can google for the ones I mentioned! Ok now I'm done xP

Why is sound editing so poorly done? by LF Q: We have noticed in the past year that the sound editing in movies is atrocious. For instance, we just tried to watch The Kids Are Alright, and could not understand a word in the opening scene cause they were eating! Same for Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married. I can name several others. Also we saw True Grit last week, and the sound was awesome. That is when we noticed how these other movies sucked. What is the deal with sound editing?

A: In Rachel Getting Married, director Jonathan Demme opts for a very naturalistic style, from the hand-held cinematography to the overlapping, "real"-sounding dialogue. It's similar to classic Robert Altman films, or the way Michael Mann (Heat, Public Enemies) mixes dialogue softly so it will strongly contrast with the thunderous gunfire. I saw The Kids Are All Right in theatres and on Blu-ray, and I had no problem understanding any of the dialogue. Very cleanly recorded and well-prioritized in the mix, in my opinion. Don't know where you're coming from there. You should always consider how -you- are watching the movie, too. Could it be a problem with the sound system? A lot of modern multiplexes have very lackluster projection and sound standards.

Is there a good open source sound editing program? by Q: I make stop-motion animation videos and I have to edit the voices a lot. I use Audacity but there's always laughing in the background or something like that. Is there a program I can use to take that out and keep the main voices?

What's the difference between sound mixing and sound editing in movies? by Robert H Q:

A: Sound editing is cutting the clips together in a way that you need to make the story or song or whatever work. It's putting them in an order in which they make sense or sound good. Sound mixing is making sure the audio is equalized and even volumes throughout, adding effects, etc. This is the stuff you need to go back in and do yourself to make the audio sound better than it does after you edit it.

Who will win the Academy Award 4 Sound Editing? by The Glorious S.O.B. Q: Here are the nominees: "The Dark Knight" "Iron Man" "Slumdog Millionaire" "Wall-E" "Wanted" Thumbs-up for those who are familiar w/ the concept of sound editin' & can recognize the award-nomin8d quality of such in their choice of film. The 81st Oscars take place 2/22 on ABC.

A: i think Ironman can win

What the difference between sound and sound editing? by Griffin M Q: Im talking about the catagories in the academy awards

A: I coud be wrong but I would say Sound -means the recording of it when the acters are speaking and sound editing is post prodution work after filming has ended

could this be a way to try out Sound Editing? by Scott k Q: i would love to work on film after high school and college. i dont really think i want to do the most common part of film making like directing, writing, producing.... Sound Editing has always appealed to me for some reason. i dont know why, but it sounds interesting. but i have no experience and would like to have some. so should i just record me playing my drumset on Audacity and just tweak it and make it sound better?

A: HEI SCOTT...... I always believe You're a very Smart guy, OK..... Coz I can tell from yr Q's..... NOW~WAKE UP.....Look at yr (this) Q' again...... What yr mind says....DO IT.... Then~Put it up on YouTube..... LET US SEE IT....even if it's just a 'sound of a fart' Get every1 to rate it....comment or whatever.... * Thank god, we can't smell it tho.... LOL CHEERS BRU.... * I know U won't give me 10 for this coz...I was TOO Honest But~At least U saw me here.....

What is the difference between the oscars for sound editing and sound mixing? by gobucky23 Q: What sounds are being mixed?

A: WALL-E is an excellent example of sound mixing, as that movie is nothing but sounds. We are also talking about those ambient sound sin the background to add a sense of "depth" Sound editing is making sure that the sounds follow from scene to scene and are true to what we think the sounds should be

I need a great sound editing program? by Marc Q: I need a great sound editing program to recommend for a class I'm taking, Can somebody help? Sound only would be the best because I use Adobe Premiere for the video.

A: Okoker Audio Recorder&Editor is a powerful audio editor for home studio recording and for people who are just getting started with audio editing. You can open, create, save, play, and record from any available source. Apply various effects (amplify, compress, delay, equalize, fade in, fade out, flange, invert, normalize, reverse, silence, stretch, and vibrato). More info and download free to try at: http://www.soft2download.com/Free-Trial-Download/Audio/Players-Recorders/Okoker-Audio-RecorderEditor-861.php ALO Audio Editor is a perfect audio editor tool for your music production that supports many popular audio formats. ALO Audio Editor provides cool and easy-to-use interface that allow you to edit an audio file visually (cut, copy, delete select, delete silence, paste, paste from file, mix, and mix from file); apply different effects (amplify, compressor, delay, envelope, equalizer, expander, fade, flanger, invert, normalize, phaser, reverb, reverse, silence, stretch, trim, vibrato, pitch shift, and chorus). More info and download free to try at: http://www.soft2download.com/Free-Trial-Download/Audio/Makers-Editors/ALO-Audio-Editor-133.php EMX Movie Converter It enables you to easily extract audio from video for audio editing. http://www.soft2download.com/Free-Trial-Download/Video/Rippers-Converters/EMX-Movie-Converter-485.php

What is a sound editing program? by Karim Q: Like how movie maker edits movies, is there a sound editing program?

A: Yes, a sound editing program can edit a (usually stereo) sound file, and add different effects to it Here's some free ones Audacity (free, Win and Mac): http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ AnalogX (free, Win only): http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/audio/vremover.htm Or commercial programs like Adobe Audition, Bias Peak, and others.

Best sound editing software for video? by kwong_chang Q: I shot some video on my Sony MiniDV video camera and the sound came out with an underlying static, which I'm thinking is a result of a damaged mic. The static is not consistent, it wavers a lot. I've transferred the video onto my laptop as an AVI file. What I'm looking for is software (paid or free) that I can use to edit out the static that is in the audio part of the video. Any suggestions?

Is there a job that consists of using Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro... and other video/sound..editing softwares? by Q: im wondering if theres a job that consists of using Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro... and other video/sound..editing softwares but not photoshop as in fixing images or its quality and the faces of people.. just like sony vegas and final cut pro thxx

A: I'd prefer using Sony Vegas, it's easy to use. Or you may try this video editor. I always use it to make and edit video for uploading to youtube. it's cool. And here is a guide regarding how to use it http://www.avs4you.com/Guides/How-to-edit-DVD-video-with-AVS-Video-ReMaker.aspx?sct=aff&ct=regnow&cid=175028 Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.

A sound editing program for mac that lets you edit sound from a movie clip.? by Seth Q: I am looking for a sound editing program for mac. I know that the new photoshop can do video clips but can it do sound clips too? probably not.

A: I use QuickTime Pro to extract audio from movie files but there are some shareware options also, links below. The first one claims to work with any file that QuickTime can play. The second one says it works with "QuickTime movies" so that could be the same thing or it could be only .mov files. Try it and see.

What's a good starter sound/music editing software? by NeedHelp Q: Okay. So I've lately started to have this thing for music and sound editing, like making remixes or recording your own voice and editing it, and such. However, I remember trying this before a year or two ago, and it was so hard, I just bailed on the whole idea. What's a good starter program you would recommend that I can DL online? And are there any starter tutorials? or is more like diving in, and just playing with it? ex: garageband, wavepad, audacity

A: Garage Band - Mac only - multi-track - uses pre-recorded music clips (loops) to create tracks.. Audacity - Mac or Windows - multi-track audio recording and editing program - does not use loops. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Lame if needed to encode to mp3: http://lame.sourceforge.net/ How to install Lame: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/help/faq?s=install&i=lame-mp3 Basic tutorials: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/manual-1.2/tutorials.html http://www.recipester.org/Software/Audacity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rQr5YVNqI0&feature=related There's plenty of help around for Audacity - audio engineering is not a one click does all operation. There's a learning curve even with the simplest apps. The YouTube link's a good one - can't say the same for some of the others from a presentation point of view. Still - that's my opinion. Couple of free GB type Windows apps: http://www.acidplanet.com/downloads/xpress/ http://download.famouswhy.com/magix_music_maker_basic_edition/free_download.html More free, compatible loops: http://www.macloops.com/

What are those Sound Editing Programs Singers Use? by joshposhkosh Q: Well, you know how all those singers out there usually like edit their voices using programs so they sound better? Does anyone know of any of these programs? And which ones are the best? ***** I would also like them to be freeee, If it's like a 30 day free trial, thats fine too******

What's the difference between sound mixing and sound editing? by Q: How can you mix it without editing it ?!!

A: Mixing is something producers do to achieve a certain "sound" or "tone" depending on what the musical piece is being used for. Sound editing is done to add and omit samples, sounds, instrumentation etc. If something needs to be added or taken out to make the track correct it is done so.

Can you tell me a good sound editing program on the market for classical music? by Gonzalo Q: I'm not looking for a program with a lot of stunts and sound effects... just a program to help me edit some classical music recordings that I've done. Like take that passage from there and this other from take 4... etc... having, at the end, a single thing out of the different takes, hearing no cuts in between... Thanks for your help!

A: I use an Open Source program called Audacity http://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/ Hope this helps

what is good starter program for sound editing I know someone that uses nuendo on a pc? that uses? by gokarterkid Q: I wana know cause I really like sound editing. I already have audacity

A: a freeware called audacity is available.... try it....

how can i see if i like sound editing in movies? by Scott k Q: hi. im 16 and i love movies. i feel that may want to work on movies when im older. so ive been looking at a lot of different areas of work in film. i want to look at sound editing but dont know where to start. any suggestions?

A: about sound editing i don't know, but I also love movies and I want to be a movie director. you could look up to that too.

Any good, free sound editing programs for beginners? by Some Fuck Named Rob Q: Anybody know any simple sound editing programs for free? Please don't give me any of those free trial programs, I need the good stuff here. Please help =)

A: wavepad audacity ( can be a little tough but one of tha best)

Can you tell me a free sound editing program that meets this requirements? by RvN Q: Hi, Can you please help me find a sound editing program that can do this Trim 1 sec. audio to 25% of a second audio Be saved in Mp3 or Wav files That is completely free and can be downloaded in the Internet That is easy to use And that I can put one sound in top of the other without having to save it several times.

A: there are many free tools at mp3machine.com i use soundforge and cooledit pro

What is a good sound editing software to record and cancel dialogue? by edmezamex Q: I am looking for a free software that could record, edit, and most importantly remove background sounds (like speaking, running, walking, wind, etc.). If anyone knows a great program for this please let me know if it's free or if they charge. I just want a good program for these needs.

A: If the background noise/sounds are between the content you want to keep they can be edited out. If they occur at the same time then nothing can be done. A constant low level noise such as from a fan or air conditioner can be removed or reduced but not without some effect on the required content. An often asked question on this site is how to remove a particular instrument from a music recording and the only answer is - you can't unless you have the original multi-track studio recording where each instrument is recorded on a separate track. The same applies to your scenario - once mixed to a single recording the individual instruments/noises cannot be separated. You don't say and it makes no difference what you are recording it can't be done regardless of the program or how much you pay for it. Virtually all the dialog on a location movie shoot is re-recorded in the studio and dubbed in for this reason. Any other noise at the location cannot be removed.

What software can a 3d artist use for video-sound editing? by silver b Q: is there any software to edit sound and video for a 3d artist?something like final cut for mac? in college i was told of one but i can remember it..i use windows so final cut cant work for me.thanks!!

A: I'd like to recommend AVS Video Editor to you, I always use it to edit video and make funny video for uploading to Youtube, it's easy to use and the quality is awesome, you can crop, cut, join, edit video with it easily. It also embeds many special effects, you can even add text to video or add background music, that's pretty cool. It worth a try http://www.avs-video-editor.org/ Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question

Is there a decent free sound editing program like acid pro for pc that works well? by Q: I'm not looking to do anything special, just a little student film documentary. I need to be able to edit sound and music transitions then use them with windows movie maker.

I have no sound when playing midi in audio editing software? by Don Manolo Q: I can play midi sounds on Windows Media Player and other programs like that, but when I open midi files on Cakewalk Sonar or other sound editing programs, I have nothing. I try to find devices from those programs, but the list is empty. Any ideas? I'm having this problem in both my PC with XP and in the one with Vista. That sounds good. How do I do that?

A: MIDI by itself is just information and not sound. Windows Media Player essentially has a built-in software instrument that plays the sounds from your MIDI file. When you load it into one of the higher-end programs, you will normally have to load an instrument to make sound. The instrument will read the MIDI information and turn it into sound, but just importing a MIDI file into most recording software won't do anything aside from place the notes on a MIDI grid or piano roll. Additional: Go up to Insert>Soft Synths> (pick an instrument). If the Soft Synth Options opens, select "simple instrument track" and click OK. The Instrument track will open. From the Input bar, click it and select your MIDI Keyboard. (This will just make sure that your MIDI keyboard, if you are using one, controls the instrument too) Now you can import your MIDI file into the instrument and the notes that are laid out will trigger the instrument to play. If you don't like the instrument, change the settings in the instrument or change it to a different instrument. Definitely take time to peruse the manual. Don't bother sitting down and reading the whole thing in one shot, in my opinion that rarely works. Instead, make music and when you come to a roadblock or a menu that you can't find, check out that specific area in the manual. Cheers

Which is better in terms of sound editing sony vegas pro 9 or Adobe premiere cs4? by kyler Q: I would like to know for someone who has a knowledge and experience using these programs. I want to edit sound from my camera and add some effects like reverb, bass, normalization, chorus etc. I heard cs4 is more powerful in audio effects, but really don't which one to choose. Thanks.

A: I use Sony Vegas a lot. Its not great in the sound area. You can add in other sounds, change volume. slow down the sound. Simple stuff. I wouldn't recommended it for sound editing. I haven't used Premier much so I don't know to much about it. I would look into Adobe Soundbooth: http://www.adobe.com/products/soundbooth/ or if you have a Mac Soundtrack is the way to go: http://www.apple.com/finalcutstudio/soundtrackpro/ I have used both of these programs and they both are great for sound editing.

What is a good sound editing software that is free? by Poppiggy Q: I think I've seen this one software that edits sound (you know, like taking songs and reversing them or something) and i think it was by Sony but i don't know. Any free software is fine.

A: Audacity. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

What to do first, sound editing or special effects? by neryromero19 Q: I use Adobe CS 5.5 and I dynamic link everything. I always thought sound editing came last but now I'm not so sure as Premiere Pro is taking it's time to get the video ready for Audition and I think it's doing that because of the special effects I used. So should I do the effects last or do what I think is right and do the sound editing last? Thank you

A: Do the sound editing (apart from cleaning, which you should do before you import the sound track) and the special effects as you progress along the timeline. Make sure the build bar (top of the timeline) extends only from the start to the point where you have edited. Hit "Enter" (the big one to the right of the " and } keys) to build. Do this several times as you progress along the timeline and save after each build. The final export to mpeg or avi format will take much less time. Also, if the program crashes for any reason, you won't have to create the effects all over again. All the best!

how do you make a start in your career with stuff like sound editing or visual effects in movies? by Q: i always thought it would be cool to work behind the scenes in movies working on sound editing or visual effects. but i wanna no is how to make a career off of that and how do you get hired to work in big name films?

A: You do what everyone else does. You go to school. A school for the performing arts, and specialise in the technical behind the scenes stuff.

What is the neber one sound/music editing software? by deerslayerech Q: So, what I'm looking for is the best sound editing software available. Price doesn't matter. I need something that can separate the lyrics of a song from the music and vise versa. Also something that allows me to put awesome affects on songs/sounds. Can anybody recommend anything?

A: DJ MIXER DFX AUDIO ENHANCER Latest DJ DECKS You Can Download them Free Full Version At www.coolmobileandpc.blogspot.com

What is the most cost effective sound editing program? by Q: I need a program that let's me create and edit sound effects, but I need them to be all my own, not just some programed sound effects that you can change up. I also need it to let me export the sound effects. But which one is the cheapest?

A: RecordForAll is a great audio recording and editing application. You can overlay tracks and add effects. A free evaluation version is available for download from - http://www.recordforall.com

what is the best way to see if i like Sound Editing? by Scott k Q: i want to work on film when im older (im 16). but i dont want to be a director or producer. i want to try sound editing but dont know how to try it. any suggestions?

A: sound editing? like a recording engineer? idk, i have been play guitar since i was 16 im almost 19.......and i like to edit my own solos...its pretty fun, but more like a hobby than a real job. i also edit a lot of music which is pretty cool, but again more like a hobby. if you havent tried audacity, it is a free audio editor and pretty basic. try that, edit some music or sounds.

Best laptop for making flash animation and working with sound editing? by Q: I need a laptop thats under $900-$1000 that would be able to handle software for making/editing flash animation (macromedia flash) and sound editing (any suggestions for good software?). Are there any certain specs in particular i should look out for?

A: You should try this software ultraslideshow, it is a nice photo flash maker. And you can also add video clips in you flash together with your photos. You have many template to choose from and music could be added. You can download the free version to experience it first. Good luck !

What's a good consumer sound editing/production program to start with? by jack f Q: I'd like to get into sound editing and production what could be a good program to familiarize myself with?

A: If you're looking at going into that field professionally I would suggest Ardour. It's probably the closest to any of the typical pro audio packages used (ProTools, etc.) while being available at a fraction of the price - it's free open source software. Thing is, it's only available for Linux and Mac. To quote from their website: "...Windows continues to be a rather unsuitable platform for pro-audio work despite the improvements that have been made to it in the last few years." Another possible choice is Audacity, which is a multitrack record/edit program suitable for general audio work but last I checked did not include certain things necessary for pro work.

What is a good freeware sound editing program? by Kosh Q: I use Sound Forge but a friend wants to make some quick audio files, preferably MP3 format. I told her to check out freeware sound editing programs without a lot of fancy features but basic editing features and the ability, hopefully, to save in various bitrates of MP3. What might you suggest as a good free program for sound recording and basic editing? (Obviously Microsoft's Sound Edit is not worth spit)

A: GoldWave GoldWave is sort of intimidating at first but is very easy to learn. http://www.goldwave.com DBPowerAmp Very simple and easy to use. My recommendation goes to this one out of the two. http://www.dbpoweramp.com/

Are there any good free sound editing programs for windows? by Drag0n42 Q: I would like to find a free sound editing program for windows. One that does not have an expiration date. I want it to be free of viruses.

A: The best free audio recording / editing program is Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Where can I find FREE sound editing software? by Q: I would like a really good sound editing software that I can download for free. Does anyone have any experience with sound editors? I have tried WavePad and Audacity, and find them both painfully simple and way too basic.

A: You could try Goldwave which is free or FL Studio but after that if you want the decent stuff like Cubase or Adobe Sound Booth you need some cash.

What other sound editing software is there? by bigrex12 Q: I used to have Sony Acid Pro 6 when I had Windows XP. Now I use Vista and Acid Pro isn't compatible with Vista. What's the most versatile sound editing software available for a Vista user. Money isn't an issue.

A: If money isn't an issue, you can use Adobe Audition. http://www.adobe.com/products/audition/ (US$ 349,00)!!! http://www.videomaker.com/article/13251/ (revision) But, if you want a good free software, you must know Audacity. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

What is the best sound editing program out there? by SpeedAce D Q: What is the best free sound editing program out there? Besides Audacity are there any other ones free, and as good or better than Audacity, and are there any tutorials on how to do stuff with Audacity, thanks.

A: Reaper! With the support of lots of people in their community. I linked you in my sources. :)

What sound editing programs would you recommend? by DJ Hell's Raider Q: The kind of programs I need: Mixing (such as Virtual DJ) Sound Editing (such as Sound Forge Pro) I am a beginner so I would prefer a program for beginners.Thank you!

A: For editing and recording - Audacity. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ For DJ mixing - Zulu and MixSense: http://www.nch.com.au/dj/ http://www.kramware.com/mixsense/ These are all free. There are no programs for beginners as such just those with less functions.

Sound editing? by minimoo Q: Does any one know where I can download free good audio editing software that can change speed and pitch and also let me save the file as MP3? But please not Audocity, wave lab, sound booth, sound forge and karafun because these didnt work for me. Thank you

A: RecordForAll - http://www.recordforall.com was voted the best audio software for 2007 Give RecordForAll a try you can overlay tracks and add effects. It is not free but it does have a free trial.

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