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Sopa blackout

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Kuromigirl78 Web Goes On Strike: Jan 18th! All-out blackout 2 stop #SOPA #PIPA. Petition @twitter and other sites to join us. http://t.co/lO6EzC6X

leunamlc RT @drouq_: Le blackout sur le vieux #Lille lundi soir était une répétition du #blackout contre #SOPA d'aujourd'hui #truestory

campbell_lisa86 RT @kehtea41: Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mozilla&Imgur to name a few (out of MANY) are all participating in the blackout against #SOPA & #PIPA

Puertasmagicas RT @ZeJuaninho: El mejor blackout contra SOPA http://t.co/nwos3MkH

saatiee se até site de hacker entrou no blackout contra o SOPA é porque o negócio tá feio.

BaxVolta RT @ZeJuaninho: El mejor blackout contra SOPA http://t.co/nwos3MkH

GazCeidiog RT @BBCBusiness: Wikipedia in anti-Sopa 'blackout' http://t.co/2nmGU4J5

naoxink RT @FGrau: El #blackout de @wordpress ahora.. #apagón #sopa http://t.co/Jpa1oJN7

shefik_info Web Goes On Strike: Jan 18th! All-out blackout 2 stop #SOPA #PIPA. Petition @twitter and other sites to join us. http://t.co/EFeSLLno

Cameron_Marks SOPA blackout will make people become aware of #SOPA.

stuartayeates RT @elpie: This is one seriously cool anti-SOPA/PIPA blackout: RT @Oatmeal: I made an animated GIF about #SOPA http://t.co/yqtMNe2d

shebainpdx RT @stpauli: St. Pauli against #SOPA http://t.co/D15G8ceo http://t.co/2F2IOUBw

T3chB0t SOPA Blackout Day: The Early Twitter Reaction: Since Twitter is not participating in the SOPA Blackout ... http://t.co/OZjNDKEt (Plz RT)

adoello G+: I support the January 18th Wikipedia blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA. Show your support here … https://t.co/k2vaHW2b


Why is congress going to censor the web, and how? by Q: I see the Wikipedia blackout of 2012, and Google's logo is covered by a black bar. What is PIPA and SOPA?

Google is officially going to blackout to protest SOPA tomorrow?!? by Q: GO GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D That means YouTube will be down, too! Wikipedia is too! And I think Twitter is going to! Hopefully Facebook will also do it! STOP SOPA!!!!!!!!! Save the Internet and the First Amendment!! Yes, "for realz"! :) This is going to be the biggest Internet blackout history! We might actually be able to stop SOPA!!!!!! Go to my page for links about it! Write to your Congressman! And kids, get your homework done before tomorrow. ;) http://sopastrike.com/ @Jackie - It is going to be international. This bill will affect the whole world! @Isabel - I'm not panicking. This is awesome! We must stop SOPA!

What will it take for a candidate besides Ron Paul to speak about the NDAA bill? by Q: There has been a media blackout on this and the only candidate against the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial happens to be Ron Paul. I seriously cannot understand why anybody would support giving their freedoms away and not supporting Ron Paul. I sincerely have no amount of respect whatsoever for anybody who does not support Ron Paul because this means they stand for endless wars, bailouts for the banksters, SOPA, the NDAA bill, the Patriot act, the strip searches and child molestation by TSA agents, the enemy expatriazation act, FEMA camps, a failing war on drugs, the NWO etc. An enemy of Ron Paul is an enemy of liberty and you sure as hell ain't no friend of mine-PERIOD!!

Is gmail down tonight? Google works fine, but my mail doesn't.? by Q: I know that there have been a bunch of blackouts on websites due to the new SOPA thing that might be passed, but I thought that google's blackout ended at midnight today (earlier).

Poll: Did you know Wikipedia is going to shut down tomorrow and Google is..? by Q: Wikipedia is shutting down tomorrow for a blackout and Google is putting up an anti-SOPA message to show opposition for SOPA

how to temporarily take down my blog? by Q: I have a halo blog on Blogger.com. I wanted to join the blackout against SOPA tomorrow. Is there any way I can take my blog down temporarily, and then put it back up without losing information? Better than you CD But yeah, about 6 months ago, I just started trying harder with my answers, and its been on a steady rise since then Meant to put XD

So what's the deal with this? by Q: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/English_Wikipedia_anti-SOPA_blackout Would these laws, if passed, affect P2P programs like eMule or uTorrents or other P2P websites and programs? I actually live in the United States.

POLL: Yes or No: Did you know Wikipedia is going to blackout on the 18th? by Q: as a form of protest to SOPA & PIPA

A: its a shame cause they never were able to build up any amount of credibility in the field of higher education

stop SOPA and PIPA on tumblr? by Q: I need an already made them for my tumblr page that will display a blackout page for January 18th. Tumblr for some reason won't let me edit my html, so I need an already-made them. Or can someone copy and paste the html from sopastrike.com make it into a tumblr theme, and send me the link, thank you.

Comments no longer allowed. Media blackout? by THE ANSWERER Q: I've noticed that yahoo news articles don't have comment sections any more. It seems like they just the other day and yahoo made no announcement to shut them down. In the "Most popular" section there are no articles about the west coast port shutdown, the keystone xl pipeline, the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) which would censor the internet or the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which would allow the government to jail US citizens indefinitely without charges or trial. There are a lot of important issues going on this week, and most are buried in the subsections of the news. If comments come back right after one of these issues is resolved is it safe to assume that yahoo was part of a media blackout? While the bill may not have passed, there is no law against websites such as this one voluntarily censoring themselves for political reasons or in cooperation with the government or other corporations.

Are you excited for the blackout? by Shyet of the !MC! Squad Q: Tomorrow, to protest SOPA, a bunch of sites are shutting down for the day, Yahoo included. I think this will really help to raise awareness about how SOPA is a load of crap. I'm pretty excited about it

Why is congress going to censor the web, and how? by Q: I see the Wikipedia blackout of 2012, and Google's logo is covered by a black bar. What is PIPA and SOPA?

POLL: What the heck? See this link and explain this to me please...? by Q: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/English_Wikipedia_anti-SOPA_blackout Does this mean we could lose the free Internet? o.O oh flip.

How do I take a screenshot of an image on my laptop? by Q: When Wikipedia blacks out in 5 hours to protest the rightly-guided-but-nonetheless-fascist SOPA & PIPA bills, I want to take a screenshot of the blackout image and make it my background. How do I do this? Thanks.

A: press the PRTSC button on the keyboard and paste it on MS Word or Paint accordingly.

SOPA protest black outs? by Q: So it's become apparent that Wikipedia is going through with the blackout protest in opposition to the new SOPA internet regulations. A decision I am in great support of. I was just curious if anybody knew of any other websites that will also be protesting in blackout fashion.

Wikipedia blackout abortion question? by Q: I can't bring a baby into a world where wikipedia will shutdown for a day to protest sopa. what if it works and my baby is in a world where people are downloading copyrighted content all willy nilly? I am going to abort. How much is cost. how long will it take before I can sex again?

Do you think the SOPA/PIPA Bills will be passed? by Q: With all the Wikipedia blackout and other sites doing the same I really hope it wont be passed. Even though I'm not in the US (Or is it for all countries?) I wouldn't want it to happen. Opinions?

I'm aware SOPA & PIPA protests are tonight? by Q: I'm aware SOPA & PIPA protests are tonight, but why not just protest by getting signatures or making a statement against SOPA & PIPA? Why the actual blackout? Does blacking out a website actually have some sort of effect?

Why do soo many people think Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc will blackout? by Q: I highly doubt they are going to do it. And even if they are, the blackout will have to be at least a week to prove how much they hate SOPA and PIPA. Uh......no one said they will blackout.

SOPA? What is it, and what will it do to the internet? by Q: There has been a lot of people talking about SOPA and now its gotten even worse. Websites like Wikipedia are doing what they call a "blackout". I was just wondering what the big deal was, and will it continue?

are you guys prepared for the internet blackout tomorrow? by Q: all thanks to congress to help stop SOPA and PIPA :( google it most of the sites like Reddit, Wikipedia, Boing Boing, Mozilla.org, Tucows, or dozens of other sites tomorrow, you may find nothing but a black screen.

What exactly is this SOPA and PIPA thing? by Q: why does the google logo have a black box over it. does it have to do with the wikipedia blackout?

Eschatologically, Is this overblown activism or is there a real threat concerning wiki and SOPA and PIPA? by Q: Today, the Wikipedia community announced its decision to black out the English-language Wikipedia for 24 hours, worldwide, beginning at 05:00 UTC on Wednesday, January 18 (you can read the statement from the Wikimedia Foundation here). The blackout is a protest against proposed legislation in the United States — the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate — that, if passed, would seriously damage the free and open Internet, including Wikipedia. http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/English_Wikipedia_anti-SOPA_blackout So, in your opinion, what's the deal with this? Between you and me, this is where it gets scarey, How PIPA and SOPA Violate White House Principles Supporting Free Speech and Innovation Obama doesn't have a good record for standing up for the people, in my ever so humble opinion. If he is against it, I'm thinking that he is either posing as against it because corporations are his real constituents, or there might actually be something good that he wants to prevent. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2012/01/how-pipa-and-sopa-violate-white-house-principles-supporting-free-speech

What will the internet blackout accomplish? by Q: On January 18th a bunch of sites are going down to protest SOPA and PIPA. What will this accomplish? Isn't this what the government wants?

Why did Wikipedia lie about blacking out for SOPA today? by Q: All you have to do is hit "stop" on your browser before the SOPA page loads and you can still access Wikipedia as normal. And they know that. Why are they having a fake blackout instead of a real one as advertised?

BlackOut against SOPA and PIPA? by Q: What is that for? what is happening please explain i want to get involved...

Google is officially going to blackout to protest SOPA tomorrow?!? by Q: GO GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D That means YouTube will be down, too! Wikipedia is too! And I think Twitter is going to! Hopefully Facebook will also do it! STOP SOPA!!!!!

What will be blocked from the Internet by SOPA and PIPA? by Q: Wikipedia is blacking out for 24 hours to protest SOPA and PIPA - http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/English_Wikipedia_anti-SOPA_blackout I want to know what things will be blocked from Internet if SOPA and PIPA are passed?

Which websites are joining anti-SOPA blackout? by Ducky Q: I think Google and Wikipedia are

Can someone explain the Congress, SOPA Blackout? by Q: I just want a little more info on it because i've heard about it, but just want to understand what they are doing exactly, and please not answers like " To take over the internet", actually some answers that will help, please. Why are the doing this ? Thank you

How will Atheists pretend to be smart during the Wikipedia blackout in protest of SOPA? by Q:

Is the blackout of Wikipedia in protest of SOPA and PIPA going to change much? by Q: I am fully against having the government be in control over the internet, and it violates the first ammendment. The blackout on Wikipedia gives the phone numbers of the congressmen in the state and other ways to contact them. However, Congress already know that people hate them, and they are being paid big money by lobbyists. Even if it does pass, which I hope it doesn't, I sure hope the Supreme Court takes it down.

What is the blackout and SOPA, what is the worst this can do to the internet? by Q: What's going on with the crackheads in control? Why are they doing this and what exactly is going on? What are they trying to get at?

Wikiout! English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout Reddit SOPA Blackout - Will Google, Facebook Join? A World Without Wikipedia: For SOPA, Websites Threaten a Midnight Blackout Loaded: Wikipedia to join Web blackout to protest SOPA Anti-SOPA Blackout January 18th and Google's Antitrust vs. Privacy (Personalization) Tech Blackout to Protest SOPA SOPA Blackout Protest Wednesday Janurary 18th, 2012 Crazy SOPA Blackout Across the Internet! PIPA/SOPA Blackout Join me in the SOPA Blackout January 18th 2012 WWJD about SOPA SOPA/PIPA Blackout 01/18/12 SOPA Blackout Wednesday Art House Media -- SOPA Reaches Frenzied Point with Wikipedia & Other Sites anti-SOPA blackout We Will be back tomorrow! (Sopa Blackout) Wikiout! English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout. WIKIPEDIA's SOPA BLACKOUT!! SOPA Blackout Stop SOPA Blame SOPA Blackout on walmart SOPA BLACKOUT SOPA BLACKOUT UNDERWAY Action News Jax interviews Nick Cicero on SOPA Blackout PROTECT IP PIPA / SOPA Breaks The Internet SOPA BLACKOUT on YNX NewMedia WTF?! Where is Wikipedia??- SOPA BLACKOUT Censoring the Internet! - Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) - Operation Blackout {NAME CONTEST}{Hybrid Sharks}{Farming Silk}{Apes Love iPads}{SOPA Blackout} Channel / Video Update - SOPA Blackout Day How to access Wikipedia during SOPA blackout Wikiout! English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout Wikiout! English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout jan 18th Blackout to Protest SOPA HireLyrics 1074 Citizens Docket Federal Crime Victim Voters Join Save Internet SOPA Blackout SOPA / PROTECT-IP Bills. What Does It Mean For You? SOPA Blackout Day SOPA BLACK OUT! Wikipedia and more blacking out!- Technophile SOPA BLACKOUT SOPA: Anonymous Launches Operation Blackout 'Most Important Operation in their History' The GUNN Shop - Internet Blackout | SOPA will be Approved Sopa Blackout - #StopSOPA Re: Boogie2988 First SOPA blackout video PIPA/SOPA black out Wikipedia, Reddit blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA 2MIN News Jan17: SOPA Web Blackout, M Flare & more The LTWR Sopa Blackout Trailer Google & Wikipedia Blackout for SOPA SOPA Blackout Wikipedia To Blackout Website For 24 Hours In Protest SOPA Will Reddit & Wikipedia Blackout Sites for SOPA? SOPA Blackout
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