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Sopa and pipa

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memelabs PIPA and SOPA Co-Sponsors Abandon Bills http://t.co/zfRd7Xy2 via @mashable

StormGardens @bcgoyette check out this SOPA and PIPA Political Cartoon

farmencarp I'm glad to be an Oregonian, thank you @RonWyden! Stop #PIPA and #SOPA.

wakaponte17 #youknowdamnwell that if sopa or pipa go through my grades are gonna go up 50 percent and so are hate crimes

cristinafabi Question about SOPA and PIPA #FSDLaunch

RANKIS SOPA and PIPA Are Stalking Horses for Silencing the Powerful Voice of Democracy | http://t.co/YNoIVMyz http://t.co/S1uIk3k9

endesignstudio WordPress News: SOPA and PIPA Battle Far From Over - Huffington Post: SOPA and PIPA Battle Far From OverHuffingt... http://t.co/d68UCM8r

fullnovazero Penny-arcade and company to not attend E3 over SOPA/PIPA supporters http://t.co/YWJToPIz

jlazaro The Next Web opposes SOPA & PIPA and we’re speaking out. Here’s how you can too. http://t.co/08rZ8IgM vía @thenextweb

JustinCambria http://t.co/lLAcOEr9 more on #SOPA and #PIPA: jimmy wales debating a proponent of the bill from the copyright alliance

mizze_ @thekidLEGEND :) I'm done ranting. SOPA and PIPA are a mainstream issue now. #FreeOnSmash *wink*

mark4520 Photo: here sopa and pipa, this is for you. this is your girl, fuck this not the internet.. oh and no she’s... http://t.co/RFty9umY

johnmcjunkin SOPA and PIPA are bursting with the danger of censorship - and its sponsors are backpedaling . . . http://t.co/7YbWLJ31

Challengery RT @theblaze: VID-‘China-esq’: Beck Explains Why You Should Be Worried About SOPA and PIPA http://t.co/N98H7Ih4 via @theblaze js

CarefulyFalling @SenatorHarkin I implore you to oppose SOPA and PIPA. Protecting copyrights is one thing, but denying people their rights is bad news!


there was SOPA and PIPA now there is OPEN!? by shifty123 Q: im am in a place where i cant post anything on facebook or any social sites. please people spread the word about open. to me it seems like an attempt to put a new name on the same damn thing and get it passed without a revolt liek those against sopa and pipa. open is another bill thats going through congress check it out and get people to start a potetion against it. lets tell the government to leave the internet alone COMPLETLEY. if u have a petition against open (cause ive signed the one against pipa and sopa) send me it at [email protected] KEEP THE GOVT. AWAY FROM THE INTERNET sorry "sweatheart" but i dont care if they know who i am i want to spread information to stop what they are doing cause it is wrong. also i think what u do is wrong. hiding and being a scared little b**** is wat they want if u do that nothing will be done about the issue. stand up and don't be scared

What does sopa and pipa mean in Swedish? by Q:

Are SOPA and PIPA going to ruin and censor internet in whole world or just in America? by Q: I saw that Wikipedia is shut down cause of SOPA and PIPA and you cant enter english wikipedia, but you can visit wikipedia in your native language. Does that mean that because of SOPA and PIPA only Americans wont be able to use internet normally, or will that ruin Internet in whole world, I mean will I be able to visit american sites and download stuff or will I be able to visit only non american sites and download stuff on non american sites?

Does SOPA and PIPA hold individuals more responsible for piracy? by kappa Q: So a friend of mine stated in a facebook status that SOPA and PIPA could potentially allow "the gov to slap you with a FELONY and a 5 year sentence for piracy if You recorded a video lip-singing to Rihanna & posted it on the internet." If I'm not mistaken hasnt it always piracy always been illegal? I think she is misinformed about the bills. From what I have read SOPA and PIPA are actually just used as a way to stop FOREIGN piracy, because technically the government cant do anything about other countries content. So basically it makes it illegal for websites to enable or facilitate piracy. Such as google not being allowed to show piracy websites in its search results. Do I have the basic understanding of SOPA and PIPA and am I right that by creating such a video you are just as responsible now as you would be if the bills passed? thank you for that video, after watching it i feel like I did have the general idea, obviously I wasnt aware of the loopholes that make the government overpowering in this case. But I understood the main goals of the bill. It said nothing about individual piracy either, so I think its safe to assume that it doesnt change anything with individual piracy in the US. Its illegal now itll be still illegal then...

What are the chances of the Senate actually voting Yes to PIPA and SOPA? by RONIRVANA Q: The Protect IP Act and The Stop Online Piracy Act? this is seriously depressing... whats wrong with free knowledge?! Their gonna ruin internet forever...

What's SOPA and PIPA about? by Q: On facebook people keep posting comments saying: ███ ████████ ██████ ██████████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██████████ ██ .███ ███ This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been removed. Then they keep saying facebook will just be censored. Google has that black thing over the logo. I'm confused and I don't really get what this is about. Is this SOPA and PIPA thing bad?

Where can I download free music, games, movies and books before the USA passes SOPA and PIPA? by Spaced Frehley Q:

What does the SOPA and PIPA thing do? by Q: What does it stand for and what do they actually do

What is the PIPA and SOPA bill or whatever going on? by Q: I'm only 14 so if you could just dumb it down... Haha! I know it's censoring the web, but WHAT are they censoring and what/how do they plan on doing it? Do you have to be 18 to call your senator or something because on some of my websites I go to it tells me that I should... And from what it sounds like, I kinda want to protest...

triplet abortion due to sopa and pipa!! please help! :(? by Q: My ex wife is 2 months preggo w triplets and she says she wants to bort all three!! OMG What can I tell her? She just keeps saying "I can't bring these babies into a world where my ***hole ex husband doesnt drink alcohol and supports SOPA and PIPA. WTF?? I think she's drinking now too. HALP wut do I do???

What Is SOPA and PIPA???‏? by Q: Hi What Is SOPA and PIPA???‏ Is It Bad For The Internet???? Can You Tell Me Everyone?

what is sopa and pipa? (must have 20 characters in the question)? by ieneco Q: I understand it's some kind of law to protect against piracy and so on... I researched it but they have a lot of complex terms i'm not sure i get, is it going to shut down websites like Youtube and Google and Facebook? Or will they somehow control Internet (how?) ? Why is it dangerous? Please try to keep it simple for me :P Thanks a lot!

What is Sopa and Pipa? by Lolz Q: Today, while i was on facebook my friends and everyone i know we're posting some kind of "Don't vote for Sofa and Pipa thing". So i wanna know what SOPA and Pipa is SOPA*

How exactly does Facebook plan to fight PIPA and SOPA if it is still active? by Q: Oh right Mark soooo wants to fight these two law proposals yet facebook is still active?

What are your thoughts on SOPA and PIPA? by Q: @bloatedtoad: Hanna nice.. I blacked out my blog ^ supposed to be hahaha

What does the SOPA and PIPA bills mean? by hockey fan Q: what does it mean. how will it effect me? does that mean i cant use wikipedia cause thats where i learned from it but don't really understand it fully? Can i still free live video online? :(

What are the SOPA and PIPA laws? by MCR! Q: It seems ive been living under a rock for i have not a clue what these laws pertain to. Does it have something to do with online censoring?

A: Okay, first of all MyChemicalRomance ROCKS and second, to make this short and simple, Yes. It does have something to do with online censoring. Basically, the government is going to shut down every website that has something to do with copyrighting. This is including Youtube and Facebook, probably even Google/Yahoo/Wikipedia. So, you better vote for NO. We need our freedom that we came to America for.

When will Congress vote on the Sopa and Pipa bill? by Q: I'm wondering when will they vote on this bill since today is the protest against it. ANY ONE KNOW?!?!

Are our opinions of SOPA and PIPA swayed too easily by Google and Wikipedia? by Q: Yes, many people have formed a legitimate opposition against them, but I have seen cases where people simply don't like it because of what they see online, and at this point the internet is the most biased source for this topic. I honestly don't know enough about either to commit to one side. Are we too quick to oppose out government? our*

Will SOPA and PIPA affect cosplayers? by Q: Do you think these laws will affect cosplayers? From my understanding, if we post a picture on the internet of our costumes, we can be censored regardless of all of our hard work and creativity that we put into making them ourselves.

How would SOPA and PIPA law (if established) affect us? by Evolving Is Not My Cup Of Tea Q: Especially, those who don't live in America.

What do you think of SOPA and PIPA? by Q: My thoughts are thought the constitution gives free speech. Although its wrong to pirate stuff, its gonna happen anyway.

Your government will strip the last of your freedom with SOPA and PIPA. What will you do? by Q: Will you let Big Gov take away your freedom to speech, knowing they already control what you watch on tv? Oh, look at the sheeple who get upset when you contradict what they heard on faux news. LOLz

Who actually likes SOPA and PIPA? by Q: I hate SOPA and PIPA and was wondering if anybody actually likes them.

Who is against Sopa and Pipa? by Q: Tell me if you are against the sopa and pipa bills and why?

Are loads of sites down because of the protest against SOPA and PIPA? by Q: A lot of sites are down, at first i thought it was the broadband, but if it was then every site would be down..

A: Many sites, most notably Wikipedia, have promised to shut down in protest to the new federal protection against piracy and intellectual property theft, so yes, many are shut down for that reason.

What is the SOPA and PIPA bills? by Q: I know they have something to do with internet, but what is it gonna effect if it passes?

A: I'm not well acquainted with PIPA yet, but SOPA has been shot down and will not pass. What it was meant to do was to protect online piracy - people offering movies, TV shows, songs, etc., on their websites - by closing down the website to American visitors. All it would take is a complaint from someone who owns copyrighted material on that website for the American government to shut it down. The problem arises in that the entire website is shut down and not just the page with the material. On top of that, even if a website offers a link to ANOTHER website that offers the materials can be shut down by the US Government. What does this mean? It means that complaints can shut down YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and any number of other websites which fall under the law. The US Government would literally rule the Internet and determine what can or cannot be there. It would be global censorship.

What are the chances that Sopa and Pipa will pass and what will it mean for other countries if it does? by cy1995 Q: Please explain

How do you feel about SOPA and PIPA? by Game Lover Q: I know this a VERY controversial subject and i know most of you will answer "I ****** HATE THIS" or somewhere along the lines and i agree but tell me how you first reacted when you heard this bill was thought to be passed. Please give your OWN PERSONAL reactions

Will Not SOPA and PIPA Actually Hurt The People It's Supposed To Protect? by Q: i am reminded of this analogy... if a store owner treats anyone who comes into his business like a thief? wont the people not want to shop there? since their experience is so unfriendly and uncomfortable. why would anyone want to return to a store where the owner points a sawed off shotgun at you while your trying to shop?

Who was it that proposed SOPA and PIPA? by Sara Q: So that I can firebomb their house. Just kidding, it's really only out of personal curiosity. I just don't really see how either of the two bills could ever be beneficial for anyone. Thanks.

Why are so many people fighting SOPA and PIPA? by WiseMan Q: I don't understand. They're only trying to prevent copyright infringement, which is stealing. So, what's the problem?? If that was your content being stolen, you wouldn't like it. So, why are people against this??? It's all for the best!! My father even agrees.

What is the SOPA and PIPA stuff all about? by Q: I keep seeing it all over the place, what is it. Could someone explain this in a way a 14 year old could understand. Haha Is it a bad or a good thing?? Wtf! Has the U.S. Voted on it yet or will they just put it into action

Why are internet companies complaining about SOPA and PIPA when they support anti-U.S.Constitution politicians? by Q: Why are internet companies complaining about SOPA and PIPA when they continue to support politicians that are partially or fully against the U.S. Constitution?

When will the voting for SOPA and PIPA take place? by Aziz Q: I know that it is going to be on the 24th but do you know what time? If I'm not mistaken, C-Span covers these things so I'd like to follow it on TV if possible.

would anybody start a protest for sopa and pipa? by timmothy s Q: i am fully ready to protect our rights as americans, when these bills pass in congress, will anybody else join me?!? i think that you as americans should fight to protect yourselves from socialism!

How many million more votes will Ron Paul get due to the whole SOPA and PIPA thing? by k b Q: Has "the establisment" not just shot itself in the foot?

What Astrological transit is responsible for SOPA and PIPA? by Q: What are your personal views on this topic?

What websites are in danger of the SOPA and PIPA bills? by Q: What are the main websites that are going to be completely blocked or partially affected. What will happen to google?

What do you think about the SOPA and PIPA bill? by ? Q: What do you think? I think it's really absurd and violates our rights as citizens.

Where does President Obama stand on SOPA and PIPA? by Q: I prefer he oppose it, and I do think that's the case. He's very much friends with Google and Facebook, so I don't see why he would support it. Guess what, I think MPAA isn't as close friends to Obama as Google and Facebook.

What exactly is PIPA and SOPA trying to censor? by Jay D Q: I don't have a full understanding of what the internet censorship protests are all about. Some places say you'd have to say goodbye to sites like Google and Wikipedia, even Craigslist has banners to stop PIPA and SOPA. So what would happen if the web was censored? And most importantly, what would get censored?

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION IN SOPA and PIPA CENSORING THE INTERNET AND SLOWING ECONOMIC GROWTH IN THE U.S.A? by Monsta Man Q: Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION?

Is it safe to say that anyone who supports SOPA and PIPA committing Treason against the United States? by Q: This is a serious matter that will undermine the First Amendment, and all others based on the idea that we need to stop Internet Piracy. This is lame because the pirates will only figure out how to get around this latest form of censorship that will eventually be used against ordinary Americans.

If congress passes SOPA and PIPA, does that mean they betrayed their constituents? by torontoguy23 Q: It is evident eveywhere I go, my college campus , online, etc , that a majority of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA. If then, congress passes both, or one of the laws, doesn't that mean that congress failed to respond to the people of which they derive their power ? So then, will people finally wake up and vote for a new congress these elections that may repeal SOPA or PIPA? I wish I was american so i could vote :/

What exactly would happen if SOPA and PIPA pass and become laws? by Q: Will Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Google, and many other sites actually be destroyed or not? Like I really want to still be able to communicate with my friends and post videos of me singing. I live thousands of miles from my friends and cant call some because they don't have phones. Also what are the chances of these laws passing?

What exactly will SOPA and PIPA do? by struggles.never.last Q: Everyone is talking about SOPA and PIPA but what is the big deal. I know it is suppose to stop people from selling counterfeit things but why is it so bad?

What will the SOPA and PIPA bills do? by Q: I don't understand. SOPA and PIPA will end internet piracy of music and films. Isn't that good? Why is everyone protesting? What is this about "internet censorship"?

What do you think of SOPA ( stop online piracy act) and PIPA? by Q: What do you think of the SOPA and PIPA anti-piracy bills, and have you signed the google or wikipedia petitions?

Can the effects of SOPA and PIPA spread to other countries? by Q: - Will the media companies behind SOPA and PIPA move on to other countries? I've already heard of Motion Pictures Association talking to the governments of other countries, discussing PIPA/SOPA-like legislations. - Will these countries really follow the footsteps of America, if SOPA/PIPA actually manages to pass in the USA? - Is SOPA/PIPA gonna shut down websites originating from the USA completely, or are they just gonna block them in America? Such that people from other countries would still be able to access them.

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