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Sony Alpha

First Few Hours with Sony A77 DSLR
That has to be the best way to describe the Sony Alpha 77 DSLR. This high-end DSLR has great build quality and an orange branding that sets it apart from the all-black rivals. Even with a 16-105m lens, the camera does not feel all that heavy.

Sony Alpha NEX-F3
by Lori Grunin | 17 May 2012 6:34pm SGT Though it doesn't wow us for any particular aspect, the Sony Alpha NEX-F3 is a nice overall package for photographers looking for something with better photo quality and more flexibility than a point-and-shoot.

Sony Alpha NEX-F3: The hands-on round-up
Sony held an event this weekend to showcase its recently announced NEX-F3, so we're hearing a lot of how the device looks and feels and whether or not it's going to be a formidable continuation to Sony's high-end camera line.

Review: A77 camera is Sony's speed demon
Enter the Sony Alpha SLT-A77, a camera designed for those who aren't professionals, but want a little more than what stalwarts like the Canon T3i and Nikon D5100 can deliver. The Sony Alpha A77 has been around since last fall, but due to supply ...

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How to disable shutter sound on SOny Alpha 200 digital SLR? by Q: How do i disable the shutter sound on my Sony A200 digital SLR?

A: The shutter on a DSLR is actually very very quiet. As it is a mechanical device you cannot switch it off. Some pro models feature a silent shutter mode (reduced noise rather than totally silent -top end Nikons and Leicas have this) but in actual fact most of the noise is made by the mirror mechanism, this also causes vibration. The way round this is to switch to live view if you have it (as the mirror flips up and stays up although I don't think the a200 has this function) but this will slow down your autofocus or use mirror lock up (although again not certain your camera has this) If it is the electronic beep you want to cancel then this should be done through the settings menu.

How would you rate the Sony Alpha A200 vs the Nikon D40x or D60? by Justin H Q: I've been saving for a DSLR camera for a while now. I have been looking at the Nikon cameras, but I came across the Sony A200 in the same price category. The one review I read seemed to be very complementary, but it didn't compare it with any other brands. With the Nikon cameras, is there any significant difference between the D40x and D60?

A: The D60 is the updated version of the D40X. It has one or two minor extras - scroll about 2/3rds down this page for a list: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond60/ And here's the final verdict: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond60/page30.asp I'd prefer either one to the Sony A200. In this review for the A200 they practically warn against using higher ISO settings and they suggest that you shoot in RAW (instead of jpg) even at ISO 100 for decent image quality... this is simply retarded: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sonydslra200/page31.asp My other go-to review site is kinder towards the A200: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2008_reviews/sony_alpha200_pg6.html Also, Nikon's selection of lenses and their upgrade path would steer me towards the D60. Then again, I personally use a Nikon D200 so you know, I could be biased ;-) I'd consider the Nikon D60 vs. the Canon XSi, rather than the Sony A200. And between the D60 and the XSi, I'd simply get whichever one felt better in my hands - the specs and image quality are virtually identical. --- added: Thomas, wtf? At stores the D40X is roughly $150 cheaper (both come with an 18-55mm kit lens... factor into that, that the D60 comes with a newer & better version of the 18-55mm zoom) Also, I'm a great fan of Fhotoace myself but here his arguments don't make much sense: if you're a pro, you wouldn't be looking at EITHER of these cameras. And if you're an amateur, you wouldn't want to use about 95% of Nikon's lenses made since 1959 - most of them don't work properly on the entry level D60. For that (get a D80 or up to use the full range of AF lenses, or a D300 or up to meter with any of the older manual focus AI lenses.) With the D60 you do have a great selection of roughly 30 different AF-S and AF-I lenses. That should still be plenty for most amateurs.

Can I buy the Sony Alpha Nex-3 without purchasing other lenses for it and still have good results ? by Beckymarie Q: I'm someone who loves a good small camera and also loves good looking photos! Is this camera my answer? I currently use a canon powershot, and pics are very poor and takes forever to get a shot! I don't know much about tweaking and just want a camera that will take the best possible pics that someone like me could get. Thanks!

is the minolta maxxum and the sony alpha mount the same? by tom E bwoy Q: i just got a minolta maxxum 7000 and i know that sony took over minolta's camera branch. when i was reading about the maxxum, ppl seem to talk about them like they are the same thing.

A: Every lens manufactured for the Minolta Maxxum series as well as lenses for the Konica-Minolta 5d & 7D DSLRs will be right at home on any Sony DSLR. The Sony web site lists over 100 compatible lenses. The March 2010 issue of SHUTTERBUG has an article on using older lenses on modern DSLRs. http://www.shutterbug.com

question to owners of Sony Alpha A330: could you upload some sample photos? by Q: i would appreciate if someone could upload sample fotos in the night portrait mode using Sony Alpha A330 photocamera. i'm thinking of buying it and i've seen sample photos in all modes except the night mode, which is quite important to me. i would also be glad if someone could give a general advice whether to buy this camera or not. i am a beginner amateur photographer, looking for easy-to-use semi-pro photocamera.

A: There's a flickr group (when isn't there?) dedicated to the A330. These are shots tagged "night". http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?q=night&w=1154637%40N23&m=pool These are all their pictures... http://www.flickr.com/groups/sony_a330/pool/ Many have left the exif data intact. Click on an image to get to the photo's page and scroll down. On the right, under where it says what camera was used, there's a link "More Properties" (if it's available). Click on that and you can see what settings were used.

How do I get my Sony Alpha 330 have an upgrade? by Ae Mac Q: I actually don't understand much on this upgrade thing. Is it like replacing parts of the slr? or buying a new one? I want an alpha 500 or 550 for a more professional camera. Since it has a cmos sensor, is it possible for the sensor of my 330 be replaced with the cmos sensor of the 500?

i have a sony alpha 350 dslr camera, will an older digital flash and a hot shoe adapter work? by Q: i have two older flashes. a vivitar automatic 2600, and a sakar automatic 27B; both only compatible with nikon and canon. if i buy a sony to nikon adapter, will these flashes work? i already have the camera, i just need to know if my older flash will work with the hot shoe adapter. that's it. please help

A: Yes; it would technically work while introducing all the potential dangers of using legacy flashes as well—more on that later. A standard shoe to Konica Minolta adapter like the FS-1100 will allow you to use standard shoe flashes on your Sony Alpha DSLR-A350. The genuine Minolta version and some reproductions with 4 pins couple available TTL features with older Minolta flashes. There are some cheaper 2-pin versions that only trigger the flash. While these are adequate for your needs (you don't have a Minolta flash), you should spend a few extra bucks for the more expensive 4-pin variants which typically include a safe sync feature. Most older flashes have trigger voltages that exceed the limits of a modern DSLR. If such a combination is used, a digital camera can be severely damaged. A <6 volt trigger is generally recommended, but a trigger voltage of up to 12 volts is considered safe by most manufacturers. Check with Sony to be absolutely certain of the limits of the A350. The Vivitar Automatic 2600 was reported at 148V. I couldn't find any information on the 27B so you'll have to either test it yourself with a multimeter or contact Sakar. The aforementioned safe sync feature lets you use flashes with high voltages safely with DSLRs. It's sort of like a surge protector for the hotshoe (in layman's terms). Because your flashes cannot TTL, they will only work in auto and manual modes. Here are two examples of 4-pin safe sync standard-to-Minolta shoe adapters: http://www.gadgetinfinity.com/product.php?productid=16892 http://www.safe-sync.com/fs-1100_fs1100_FA-ST1AM.htm

What kind of internal Infrared filter does the Sony Alpha A-330 have in it? by Too Cool For Me Q: I am looking to buy a IR filter and was wondering if the Sony has some internal IR filter on it. It would change what I get. I'm looking at the 720 filter.

A: It has a "hot mirror", IR cutoff filter, just like almost every camera on the market. Canon and Fuji have made cameras without the filter, but that's about it. That would be the Canon 20Da, and the Fuji S3Pro IR. A 720nm filter will make your exposure times very, very long, and a 900mm filter would be almost useless.

Which lens is best for my Sony Alpha A350 Dslr? by Aravind Q: I would like to know which lens would best suit my Sony Alpha 350. My budget for the lens would be 100pounds. I am so confused because there are lots of lenses like minolta, sigma and sony lenses. I am so confused,,,,,

A: It depends on what you are shooting and what your budget is. For general all around use the kit lens would be best. It is usually an 18-55mm lens. A lot of people are getting an 18-200mm zoom. It covers a very good focal range and is suited for most situations. For landscapes a wide angle lens in the 10-24mm range. For sports a telephoto lens in the 50-300 range. For portraits a prime lens like a 50mm F1.4 For macro or closeup work a 100mm F2.8 macro or something close to that.

Sony Alpha series camera and Minolta lens? by lori_bel Q: Will Kalimar lens fit Sony Alpha 390 series cameras? Kalimar automatic 50 mm lens I have heard that certain Minolta lens would fit this kind of camera and that is the kind that I have in a box.

A: In 1985 Minolta introduced the first full-featured 35mm auto focus film camera - the Maxxum 7000. They also abandoned their legacy "SR" lens mount first introduced in 1958, replacing it with the new "A" lens mount. Konica and Minolta merged in 2003 to form Konica-Minolta and, in 2006, abandoned the camera business, selling their DSLR technology and manufacturing to Sony. All Sony DSLR cameras up to and including the new a33 and a55 still use the legacy Minolta Maxxum "A" lens mount. The new Sony micro cameras - the NEX-3 and NEX-5 - use the new "E" lens mount. Any Minolta Maxxum AF lens from 1985 forward can be used on any Sony DSLR. So if your Kalimar lens is an older manual focus model (look for either MC or MD on the mount-end of the lens) you'll need an adapter to use it on your Sony A390 DSLR. NOTE: There is much confusion about Minolta lens mounts - some people refer to an MC or MD mount when talking about Minolta lenses. That is nonsense. In 1958 Minolta introduced their SR bayonet lens mount with the SR-2 camera. In 1966 Minolta introduced their line of meter-coupled lenses designated as MC - as in MC ROKKOR-X 50mm f1.4 - along with their first camera to feature this - the SRT-101. All subsequent Minolta manual focus 35mm SLR cameras used the SR lens mount. The MD series of lenses was introduced with the Minolta X-700 which featured a Program Mode whereby the camera chose both aperture and shutter. The designation MD stood for Meter Dedicated and the minimum aperture was highlighted in bright green and had a locking switch to lock it in place. Minolta literature of the day led one to believe that only an MD series lens could be used with the camera in Program Mode. Supposedly just setting a lens at its minimum aperture wasn't sufficient - it had to be locked in place. I use my MD 70-210mm f4 zoom on all my Minolta cameras from the SRT-202 to the XG-9 to the XE-7 and use my MC Rokkor series lenses on my X-700.

Is Sony Alpha NEX-5 is the right choice in buying a new camera? by shoe_gal Q: I've been a Sony fan, had t100, t700, t900 and now I'm using tx5. I'm just wondering if this is a good buy. Been reading the pros and cons for the past week. I think NEX5 is OK. I'm planning to buy this coming Saturday. Thank you!

A: Yes its a good camera Sony Alpha NEX NEX5K/B Digital Camera The quality of a DSLR in about half the size, weight World's smallest, lightest interchangeable lens camera Same APS-C sensor size, same resolution as Alpha DSLRs 14.2 MP; up to 7 fps shooting; ISO 12800 sensitivity World's first in class1 with 1080/60i Full HD movies

Where can i buy a Sony Alpha NEX-5N preferably with 18-55mm lens and in white for a cheap price? by Q: I am picking this camera to be my beginning camera and it was the closest thing i could find to a really expensive dslr For its price. But my chances of getting it arent very high because its still pretty expensive. On the sony website it is $699 with just one lens. Do you know a reliable website that i can get this camera from?

A: Before you buy one of these EVIL cameras you should know that they are nothing but an over priced, glorified point and shoot pocket toy. Add that to no view finder - ugh! For that money you can get a Canon t1i (500D) I own one and it's an excellent camera. Far higher technical quality and will last you many years if you take care of it.

Does the Sony Alpha A580 support 64GB SDXC cards? by the_lemminguk Q: I have purchased the Sony Alpha A580 and the specs says it supports SDXC but I can only see 64GB cards on the market. I contacted Sony and they informed me that the limit is 32GB. How can this be?

A: While the standard supports 32GB for SDXC, the market only seems to support 64GB. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Digital Apparently the 32GB SDXC card is an orphan. No product supports it. http://www.dpreview.com/news/0903/09030601pretecsdxc.asp So, the answer is no, the Sony Alpha A580 (nor anything else) does not support the 32GB SDXC card, and according to you (Sony), it does not support the 64GB SDXC card. Stay with the SDHC cards.

How can I make Time Lapse with Sony Alpha DSLR A290? by Q: How can I make Time Lapse with Sony Alpha DSLR A290? I can't find intervalometer for it.

A: Please help me and like the link. 700 dollars is in question here :) http://www.fashion.hr/galleries/photo/4474

Can anyone recommend a Macro lense for a Sony Alpha Digital Camera that will work on taking pics of jewelry? by Q: I would like to take close up pictures of jewelry made of glass or sterling silver. I want to know if I have to buy a Sony brand macro lense or would a Sigma or other offbrand work? Anyone have any experience with these lenses?

A: The Minolta Maxxum AF 100mm f2.8 macro would be perfect - if you can find one. Always remember that every Minolta Maxxum AF lens made since 1985 is fully compatible with any Sony DSLR.

What's the difference between the Sony Alpha 850 and the Alpha 900? by Q: I mean besides the viewfinder coverage (98% in Alpha 850, and 100% in Alpha 900) Because surely nobody will pay for an extra 2% on the viewfinder!

A: Many pro's will tell you differently about 100% frame coverage compared with <100% - 3 frame/second continuous mode, vs 5 fps for A900 - 98% viewfinder coverage, vs 100% - IR remote is optional, not included in the box - Slightly higher default color saturation - Slightly (microscopically) softer images? - List price of $2,000 vs $2,700 If it were my money, I'd get the A850 hands down.

What are the best cheap telephoto zooms lenses for sony alpha camera's? by bob Q: i've got a sony a350 with 18-70 kit lens. i'm looking to get a telephoto zoom lens, which is the best mix of quality and price? also is there a good place to get them second hand?

A: There is no such thing as a cheap telephoto lens or zoom. Most of the cheap generic lenses are made for Nikon and Canon cameras. You can look at the websites of Tokina (best of the generics), Sigma, Tamron and others to see if they make any lenses that will work on your Sony alpha ... they may. Good luck BTW Sony makes a nice new 70-400mm F4-5.6G SSM but it is NOT cheap at $1,500. Their 70-300 mm is about $230 if you can find one. Sony alpha cameras are too new to find any good used lenses unless you can find a compliant Minolta auto-focus lens. This link will show you that all the really cool Minolta lenses were manual focus ... http://www.geocities.com/mikkonis/teles.html You can try here for something that may work http://reviews.ebay.com/Maxxum-70-210mm-f-4-Telephoto-Lens-70-210-f4_W0QQugidZ10000000000751723

What is the difference between sony alpha models? by sean20xx2003 Q: What is the difference between the DSLR-A100, A100H, and the A100K? Which would you recommend as an alternative? Or is the alpha the best? Would you recommend the Rebel? I would like to keep the price in the Below 1000 range, WITH a lenses.

A: none

can any external flash works with sony alpha a390 dslr? by kaushu400 Q: I ordered "Quantaray QAF 6600 Zoom Bounce Camera Flash" Will it work with my sony alpha a390? Bcoz I realized that the flash holder on camera looks different than regular flash mount on camera.

A: The Bell & Howell Z680AF Digital Autofocus Power Zoom TTL Flash is an innovatively designed flash unit for both digital and traditional SLR cameras with a wide array of high-end features at an affordable price. This model features fully automatic TTL operation and helps photographers fill shadows, add depth, avoid red-eye and improve image resolution. e

is there a list of p&s cameras that take the same flash a sony alpha does? by Q: i'm looking for a gig camera i don't feel like i would go broke having to replace it if it gets broken at a concert or something, which cameras take the same external flash a sony alpha would? i saw a few minolta dimages that had um.. I found my camera, minolta dimage z1. thanks for nothing.

Question re Alpha Sony cameras. The A500 is simple to operate and pictures look lovely, are there cheaper? by royal Q: My friend just returned from a holiday with a A500 sony SLR. All her pictures close or far were just taken as point and shoot with excellent results. I would like to buy a second hand one as realistically I cannot afford a new one. However do the lower models in the Alpha range have the similiar function buttons and produce nice pictures.

A: The A2xx series is the lowest-cost of the Alpha line, the A3xx series adds live view to the 2xx bodies. Neither has quite the bells and whistles of the 5xx series, but both are quite capable of taking excellent photos.

Nikon D40 or Sony alpha 200K- which is better for a beginner? by dudafunk33 Q: Guys, I am about to buy my first DSLR. I know very little about DSLRs but I've narrowed down my options to The Nikon D40 and Sony alpha 200K. Which is better for a beginner like me? I know that the Sony alpha 200K has got image stablization, thats one point to consider. Wut about the lens upgrade factor?? Please help.

A: am a nikon person and have had nikons since the 70's I personally think the nikon D40 give you more for the dollar than any DSLR today. There are some that do more but you pay a good bit more. Do not let the lower megapixels concern you if you do not do very very large prints you will never notice the lower DSLR. My brother recently needs a DSLR for a class and I recommended the D40 to him So I would also say get the D40 not the D40X. The Nikon D40 does not have limited functions compared with other entry DSLR. Yes it has fewer funtioncas than a 1500 dollar camera body would. It is not a a cut down version its equal or above most any entry level DSLR. I have a d300 and a d40 and when I am shooting for fun I grabe the d40. Its weightless, a joy to use and gives good results If you have a bit more money the D60 give you a number of things you want. It has newer firmware and image processors, designed for the 10 mp sensor. It has an "Active Dust Reduction System with Airflow Control ". Nikon not putting a system on the D40 to deal with dust is one of the biggest drawbacks I see to the D40 ( though I think its still a great camera for the money) If you change lenses dust will get in and the camera needs a system to deal with it. With the D60 you get a VR lens. That will help with low light situations ( they may offer that now with the D40 but originally it was not) . The D60 has Adaptive Dynamic Range. Nikon calls it "Active D-Lighting," it lets you save some highlights that my otherwise be lost. It has a newer better metering system than the D40. So you can get the D40 not the D40 x and spend the other money on lenses or a flash Some people will want to make a big issue out of the fact that there are some nikon lenses that will not autofocus on these cameras. Right now there are "only" about 39 lenses that autofocus on these cameras. They cover the range of focal lengths. I doubt any photographer would be seriously limited with "only" this many lenses to choose from. If you want to manually focus you can more than double this and do so at a low cost. Manual focusing is easy and how we did things for decades before the advent of autofocus. Cannon and Nikon chose to put the vibration reduction in the lens rather than the body. Somefolks put it in the camera and make of that. Yes that means you get stabilization only on lenses with that feature built in. In the body in theory it would work on every lens. But in fact image stbilization in the lens has proved to work faster and smoother with a lower impact on focus times than image stabilization in the body there really is no lens upgrade factor. you get no more magnification on a DX ( APS-c) camera using an FX lens its probably more correct to call it a crop factor. You get the field of view of lens about 1.5 times longer I hope this helps

How do I change picture settings on Sony Alpha 100? by Maddmax Q: When I download my pictures from my sony alpha 100. I notice they are only at 72 dpi. Is there a way to change the settings on the camera on the way my pictures are saved on the memory card to 300dpi?

A: You can not control the pixels per inch in your camera, as this is a function of the sensor. I have found the following ppi for SOME cameras by the following manufacturers. I wonder if this specification is available anywhere. I have four camera manuals in front of me and I can't find it in any of them. NIKON - 300 ppi CANON - 180 ppi PENTAX - 72 ppi We "discussed" this by way of question and answers a while back and decided that the ppi file produced by the camera really did not have any effect on the capability to produce a good print. If I take a photo with my wife's 6 MP Nikon and view the image on the screen, it will start out as 300 ppi. If it's a full frame image of 3008 pixels x 2000 pixels, the SCREEN image would be pretty big if I viewed it full sized, but it would print 10.0" x 6.6". If you crop a 5x7 out of this, keeping it as full-frame as possible, it becomes 400 dpi. With my brother's 6 MP Pentax, the image is 2816 px x 2112 px, but it's at 72 ppi. If you print this without cropping, it would be 39" x 29"!!! If you crop a 5x7 out of this, though, it becomes 402 dpi resolution, which is virtually identical for the Nikon 6 MP camera. With my son's 6 MP Canon Powershot A620, the image is 3072 px x 2304 px, but it's at 180 ppi. If you could possibly print this without cropping, it would be 17.1" x 12.8". If you crop a 5x7 out of this, though, it becomes 439 dpi resolution, which is a bit better than either of the other 6 MP cameras. In other words, regardless of the sensor's pixel-per-inch output, 6 MP cameras produced the same resolution when it came time to print comparable images. How about a camera with more pixels? If I take a photo with my 10 MP Nikon D200 and view the image on the screen, it will start out as 300 ppi. If it's a full frame image of 3872 pixels x 2592 pixels, the SCREEN image would be pretty big if I viewed it full sized, but it would print 12.9" x 8.6", if I had the right paper. If you crop a 5x7 out of this, keeping it as full-frame as possible, it becomes 516 dpi, or higher resolution than the 6 MP cameras. We knew that is would work out like this, though, didn't we? The REAL question is, what difference does this make in the real world? If we agree that 300 dpi is an excellent resolution for prints, as long as you end up with at least 300 ppi after you are done cropping on the screen, you will get an excellent print as far as resolution goes. All four cameras exceed that amount. I usually resize "down" to 300 dpi before printing, because you can't tell the difference above that resolution anyway. Most people would be quite happy with a 200 dpi print, so go ahead and crop a bit. If you get a print resolution too much below 200 dpi, you will start to see digital artifact in the print and it will be objectionable. ----- So, if your goal is an excellent print with dots that are small enough that they are no longer distinguishable as individual dots without magnification, you need to print at 300 dpi. You can go down in resolution to 200 dpi and still have satisfcatory results. The resolution of 200 or 300 dpi is NOT a function of the camera beyond the degree that I have discussed above. It is determined by the software you are editting your pictures with and you usually have enough size to work with using any camera at or above 6 MP to get decent pictures. Working this out is easy once you understand the concept of print resolution. If you want 300 dpi, just do the math. 4" x 6" 4 inches x 300 dots per inch = 1,200 dots 6 inches x 300 dots per inch = 1,800 dots 1,200 dots x 1,800 dots = 2,160,000 dots or 2.2 MP 5" x 7" 5 inches x 300 dots per inch = 1,500 dots 7 inches x 300 dots per inch = 2,100 dots 1,500 dots x 2,100 dots = 3,150,000 dots or 3.2 MP 8" x 10" 8 inches x 300 dots per inch = 2,400 dots 10 inches x 300 dots per inch = 3,000 dots 2,400 dots x 3,000 dots = 7,200,000 dots or 7.2 MP I will let you substitute 200 for 300 and do the math on these charts to see what the minimum acceptable resolutions for the various sizes would be. 4" x 6" - 960,000 5" x 7" - 1,400,000 8" x 10" - 3,200,00

Would a Sony Alpha A230 be a good beginner camera? by Q: also if you could help me find out what the difference is between an Sony Alpha A230 and a Sonly Alpha A230L they are both exactly the same but one says 18-55mm lens and one says body only. so does the L just mean it comes with a lens?

A: I would suggest to have a look at Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera * 10.2megapixel CCD sensor * 11-point autofocus system, * Fast response,Guide mode, * 3-inch TFT, * 3 fps continuous shooting allows you to capture fast-moving action at 3 frames per second http://www.amazon.com/Nikon-D3000-Digital-18-55mm-3-5-5-6G/dp/B002JCSV5I/?tag=ya-ans-camera-20 http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574865779&toolid=10001&campid=5336440665&customid=nktprk&mpre=http%3a%2f%2fshop.ebay.com%2fi.html%3f_nkw%3dNikon%2bD3000%2b10.2MP%2bDigital%2bSLR%2bCamera%26_sacat%3d0%26_dmpt%3dDigital_Cameras%26_odkw%3dNikon%2bD3000%2b10.2MP%2bDigital%2bSLR%2bCamera%26_osacat%3d0%26bkBtn%3d%26_trksid%3dp3286.m270.l1313

Can I take glamour pictures with a Sony Alpha Nex? by Q: Does a Sony alpha nex have a clear wide image? Can I take Glamour pictures with a sony alpha nex?

A: The lens you need for shooting glamour photos is NOT a "clear wide angle" lens While one of the favorite lenses used by glamour photographers is a 24-70 mm lens, used on a APS-C sensored camera it is similar to a 36-105 mm, perfect at the higher focal lengths for shooting glamour shots By the time you start buying dSLR cameras, ALL the lenses are of high enough quality that you don't have to worry about how "clear" they are. If they were not clear, no one would buy them

How I Cant Increased The Shutter Speed In My Sony Alpha 350? by Jose A. Q: I want to increased the shutter speed in my camera sony alpha 350 how i cant increased?

A: You need to take the training wheels off and get out of the auto mode. In the manual or shutter priority mode you turn the wheel near the shutter release. Keep in mind that if you increase the shutter speed you will need to open up the aperture or raise the ISO to compensate.

Converter for Sony Alpha DSLR that allows it to use Canon Lenses? by Q: Is it possible to get an attachment for a Sony Alpha DSLR that allows it to use a lens designed for a cannon mount?

A: Why don't you just by a Canon dSLR? Adapters usually require the user to shoot in the manual mode and some cannot use the on-board light metering system Here is a link that discusses the Sony Alpha system and its capabilities and drawbacks http://photo.net/equipment/sony/ Have you attempted to look for an adapter for EF/EF-S lenses to a Sony Alpha camera on Yahoo Search? There seems to be such an adapter for EF/EF-S lens to the Sony NEX cameras here http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_sq_top?ie=UTF8&keywords=adapter%20for%20ef/ef%20s%20lenses%20to%20sony%20alpha&index=blended&pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B003Y302CQ&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1G3T8MPPGTYCSS17TRF3

Do the Sony Alpha lenses have a metal or plastic mount? by Jenna G Q: I am looking to buy the Alpha 350 and I was wondering if the mount on the lenses have a plactic or metal mount on the lenses. I have a Minolta thats about 10 or so years old and it had a Sigma lens that broke because the prongs on the lens were plastic. Any other information on the Sony Alpha series would be a huge help as well. also, if anyone could tell me how the Alpha 350 is compared to the Canon Rebel XSi that would be a lot of help as well.

A: Last first. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/compare_post.asp?method=sidebyside&cameras=canon_eos450d,sony_dslra350&show=all Next: If your Minolta lenses are autofocus, they will all work with the Sony Alpha series DSLR's Finally: Here is a link to all the current Sony lenses: http://www.sony.net/Products/dslr/lenses.html Call the Sony help line 800.222.SONY and ask them which of the lenses you are interested in, have plastic lens mounts

Would a Sony Alpha lense work on a Minolta body? by L M Q: I know a Minolta lense works on a Sony Alpha SLR body, but does it work vice-versa?

A: Yes and no. Any Minolta AF lens has the same mount as all Sony lenses. Often called an A-Mount. However new Sony lenses come in two categories. Standard and DT. DT short for Digital Technology are made specifically for APS-C sensor cameras. When you put a DT lens on a full frame digital camera it only works if the camera is designed to adjust for this variant lens. Clearly and old 35mm camera will not make this adjustment to accommodate a DT lens. It will fit... and should have the same focus point because a sensor and film are the same distance from the mount, but I would test any lens before you buy it because if it's a DT it will most likely produce an image only using about half of the frame. If your camera is a DSLR then don't sweat it... but if its a 35mm film SLR then I'd test before I buy. Full frame Sony's like the A850 and A900 have to go into DT "mode" for the DT lenses to work... clearly any old Minolta 35mm camera has not DT mode.

How do I change the shutter speed on my Sony Alpha 55? by Q: I have a Sony Alpha 55 and I am trying to change the shutter speed but I can't find it on the menu. I am doing this for a project for my photo class for ghosting and painting with light. Please help soon!! thanks!!

A: Change the mode dial to either S for shutter priority or M for manual. If you choose M you will have to set both shutter speed and aperture, but if you choose S you will set the shutter speed and the camera will choose an appropriate aperture. Then you should see the shutter and aperture settings at the bottom of the LCD and at the bottom of the viewfinder. If you don't see this, press the "disp" button until you do. Then you turn the control wheel on the front of the camera underneath the shutter button and on/off switch to set the right shutter speed. If you're in M mode and want to set the aperture, you need to hold down the a/v button (on back of camera near the top) while turning the control wheel.

what is a good flash for a sony alpha? by Kkate Q: I have a sony alpha a200. I would like to spend under $300 if possible. Do the some of the older minolta ones work well?

A: You can check here: http://www.photoclubalpha.com/2007/06/12/flash-choices-for-the-alpha-dslrs/ Some of the later model flash units for the Konica-Minolta 5D & 7D should work with your A200.

Is there a T2i lens adapter for Sony alpha lenses? by Q: I just got a T2i and was hoping to still use my old Sony Alpha lenses. Is there an adapter I can get for the T2i? How much is it? Where can I get it? Thank you!

A: You should go with Opteka T-Mount Adapter for Canon EOS Rebel T2i Screw the T-mount for your camera to the T-mount threading and attach your camera to the T-mount similar to uniting the camera with a lens as normal

Where can i find the cheapest Sony alpha (body only) used or refurbished? by Q: Im just looking for the cheapest place to get any kind of Sony Alpha besides the A100, if ya'll could help me out that would be great. Thanks =P Im looking to buy any type BUT the a100

A: B&H and Adorama have the best prices you are likely to find from a reputable dealer and they sell used equipment. If you are interested in a refurb you could check out sonystyle.com and see what they have. And of course, ebay is a good option as long as you read all the fine print and know what you're looking at. KEH is another good place to get used gear. You might even find something on craigslist. Just check any seller at resellerratings.com to see if they are legitimate. That includes sellers on amazon. Sometimes the seller is amazon but often it is a third party and you should check them out before you make a purchase.

is a sony alpha 350 dslr camera worth buying for a beginner? by SlickRick Q: I am getting into photography and I have been looking at the sony alpha 350. I really like it but want to know what others say, so that i won't make a mistake buying it

A: You probably don't need the extra mpix, do you really need liveview? The Sony A200 is a bargain and produces a slightly better image due to it being less mpix. It also has a faster continuous drive mode. You will be very pleased with the A350, but you could save cash by getting the A200. You'd have money left to go towards another lens or accessories. Either way, have a look at eBay for Minolta AF lenses, also Sigma and Tamron. There are plenty that use the Minolta "A" mount.

How do you replace the LCD on Sony Alpha 300 (a300) digital SLR camera? by jpetraliax Q: Normally I'm pretty good at finding stuff online, but I cannot find any instruction on how to replace the LCD on a Sony Alpha 300 (a300) digital SLR camera. This is the version with the "pop out" LCD, so I don't think you would need to open the camera body. Can anyone link me to a guide (pictures or video would be great), or at least give me some pointers? Thanks!

A: Even though the LCD tilts out some disassembly will most likely be required. My pointer is let a pro do this.

Will lenses for a Minolta Maxxum 330 rz work with Sony Alpha Digital SLR camera? by AL M Q: Looking for a digital SLR. Since I have a Minolta SLR and a few lenses. I was wondering if I could use these lenses on a new digital SLR. Minolta is now owned by Sony Corp. I found that minolta lenses with the A-mount will work with the digital SLR alpha series. I just dont know if my Maxxum 330 is an A-mount.

A: Your Maxxum 330 is an A-mount. The Maxxum 7000 of 1985 introduced the world to the first full-featured auto focus 35mm SLR and Minolta abandoned the SR mount for the A-mount on the Maxxum camera line. Your 330 is a descendant of the 7000. Enjoy using your lenses on your new Sony DSLR.

Does the sony alpha battery actually last as long as they say it does? by Jake Q: Is the sony alpha all together a good camera...I have a sony cybershot dsc p-73 and it rocks but i need something a lil better. Compared to a nikon is it a good camera

A: no, theyr just lying =P but seriously, it just depends on how you are using the camera - are you filming stuff on it, taking a lot of pictures using flash/effects? also do you leave your camera on when you are walking about between photos? these things will run the battery out faster obviously =P in my opinion, nothing can easily beat a nikon for quality, so i would aim to buy a nikon if it is within your price range. if its out of your price range, cna you stretch to it? =P sony are good but ive never seen a bad nikon. will

Can i use Sony Alpha SLT- A33 for professional Fashion Photography? Which lens is best for such shoots? by K K Q: Can i use Sony Alpha SLT- A33 for professional Fashion Photography? Which lens is best for such shoots?

A: first point: it is more about the photography skill rather than the camera. second: the camera ought to be enough, some useful equipment... some fast lenses http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=32335&N=4294966266 http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&productId=11033557 a flash gun will be usefull too. I would also see if you can get it off the camera via an assistant. (unless you are doing a fashion walk) third: I can't help with skill, talent or ability. Good luck.

How Do You Change the Shutter Speed on a Sony Alpha 330? by Mo-Jo Q: My friend has a Sony Alpha 330 and is trying to work out how to change the shutter speed but can't work out how, can you help?

A: Set the top dial to S ( shutter priority) and turn the thumbwheel to display the shutter speed. The camera will automatically set an appropriate aperture for a correct exposure. Or you can set it to manual, then you have the option to set the shutter speed AND aperture yourself.

Can you buy other lenses for the Sony Alpha a290 apart from the 18-55mm lens included? by Q: I am interested in getting the Sony Alpha a290, but I am wondering if you can buy other lenses for this camera and if you can, whereabouts I can purchase these from. Thank you! ♥

A: Any of the Sony Alpha mounts and Minolta AF mounts will work. You can purchase these online from bhphoto.com. (one of the world's largest resellers of professional photography and video production equipment) http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?atclk=Camera+Mount+Type_Sony+Alpha%2c+Minolta+AF&ci=274&N=4288584247+4294185274 You can also find some Sony DSLR lenses at biz box stores like Best Buy.

need help to buy a sony alpha dslr camera intermediate lenses? by mohan s Q: i got a sony alpha camera with 2 zoom lenses , 18-55mm and 70-300mm zoom lenses. now im planning to go further for the next lense. there are a lot of options, like telephoto, wide angle etc but im not able to figure out what exactly i can buy.. i do photography of nature, potraits but not into miniature photography.. looking for suggestions.. thanks

A: Don't dismiss the lenses you already have. You don't specify what you mean by "nature" but do say not "miniature", so I take it you mean birds not macro? Well the 300mm end of that lens is fine for "nature". For portraits I recommend that you learn to use the 50mm end of the 18-55mm, you will not get a shallow depth of field though, so try this: The 70-300mm is also a good portrait lens (people here just don't have a clue). Set it to around 90mm and use a wide aperture and see for yourself. Personally I don't think you need any more lenses, you haven't said anything that shows that you need additional glass, you just need to learn how to use what you have, but it's your money. Don't think that buying more will make you better, it won't.

How do I turn on the Black and White Feature in Sony Alpha 300? by Nana Q: My friend just got an alpha 300 from sony and she wants to make the images black and white. I looked at the user manual, and it refers to the Menu==> Creative Style, but when I go there that part of the Menu is not active. Even when I select a picture and then go there, it's still not active. Any suggestions or solutions? Well,I was also surprised that it's not active and I'm not sure if it has that CF card.

A: Creative Style may be a post production aspect of the camera ... that means you have to shoot the images in colour and then using that feature, convert them using the different features in Creative Style. The good thing is the changes should be written to a new file, so your friend will have both the RGB file as well as the new manipulated file they can copy later to their computer. NOTE: I was wrong about the Creative Style feature "Creative Style Settings - To express your creativity and personal taste, you can adjust contrast, saturation and sharpness settings for any of 8 finishing styles -- including Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Night View, Sunset, B & W and Adobe RGB modes" --- from the Sony website. If such a feature was available on your friends camera, it would be called "retouch" or something like that If there is a formatted CF card in the camera, that feature should be active

What is the maximum amount of memory to be put in a Sony Alpha DSLR-A300? by [email protected] Q: I just bought the Sony alpha DSLR-A300 without the memory. I know it needs the CompactFlash Memory, but what's the maximum amount I can put in there for the camera to recognize that amount?

A: For the moment, I believe that the alpha can handle the largest cards you can find out there. That could change down the road of course. I think sony just dropped some new 16GB cards, your alpha should have no problem with those or 32GB cards by other makers. Let's put it this way, you can put a card in your alpha tha might cost about half of what you paid for the cam.

Does anyone know how to link a Sony Alpha 300 to a laptop? by Juwist Q: I want to shoot and get the pictures immediately in my laptop, but have no idea how to do so. I have a Sony Alpha 300 and a Toshiba Laptop. Thanks!

A: Sorry, the alpha 300 doesn't support tethering. you need higher range (a700 and above) to get this feature.

What batteries are used for a sony alpha A 100K slr digital camera? by doodlebug Q: I was just wondering what type of batteries a SONY ALPHA A100K 10.2MP DIGITAL SLR CAMERA would use and how expensive they would be. Thanks!! i'm buying the camera over the internet, and it is saying that they don't have the battery charger or the battery because they already gave that away.

A: The Sony Alpha DSLRs use camera specific rechargeable batteries. A battery and charger will be supplied with your camera. Additional batteries will be about $100 though if you aren't planning to take thousands of photographs in one go, you won't need a spare.

how do you adjust center on sony alpha dslr? by BibleGeek Q: I dropped my Sony Alpha DSLR and now the center is off so I need to adjust it The camera still works fine. However, when I place the crosshairs on the center of an object, the resulting pictures are centered too low. I have to offset the camera to get good pictures.

A: Adjust the "center"? I have no idea what you are talking about, but if you dropped your camera, most likely you have worse problems than "the center being off". steve

What is a better camera Sony Alpha range or Samsung GX10? by bluelightning17 Q: My friend has the samsung and it is rather ugly looking, but produces amazing quality images with its huge ccd. i have just sold my Canon EOS 450D as it was just too advanced. But my uncle has a sony alpha, i hear the mega pixel are amazing, but is the quality there as they are mostly cheap? does it produce similar qualities as it is a well known brand. My friend has the samsung therefore he can help me with it. Any ideas, i have a budget of £300. thanks.

A: Jut as good, but no easier than the 450D, no dslr camaera on the market is easy. However the easiest one is the sony A230, that has a help menu which is great for learning photography. But it's no so is more than £300.

How do you blur a background with a Sony Alpha A100 digital camera? by Money Rain Q: I have a Sony Alpha A100. I am trying to figure out how to do portraits/parties where it blurs the background and the person is in focus....

A: What you want is a shallow Depth of Field (DOF). DOF is affected by three factors: 1) The focal length of the lens. 2) The f-stop used. 3) The subject distance. At http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html you'll find a good explanation of DOF plus a DOF Calculator you can use to compute DOF for any combination of focal length, f-stop and subject distance imaginable. I'll guess that you have the 18-70mm lens that came with your A100. Here is what you'll find using the DOF Calculator: 70mm @ f5.6, subject at 5' DOF is from 4'-10'' to 5'-2''. Anything from 0'-2'' in front of our subject to 0'-2'' behind it will be in focus. If our subject is a person then this would not be a good choice. With only a mere 2 inches in front and back of our focal point (the subject's eyes), the tip of their nose and their ears will be out of focus. 70mm @ f16, subject at 5' DOF is from 4'-7'' to 5'-6''. Anything from 0'-7'' in front of our subject to 0'-6'' behind it will be in focus. This would be a good choice for our subject since their nose and ears will be in focus. As long as our subject is a foot or so away from the background it will be pleasantly blurry. If we wanted to shoot a landscape with maximum DOF we'd use 18mm @ f16 and focused at 5' to give us DOF from 2'-0'' to infinity. Anything from 3'-0'' in front of our subject to as far as we can see behind it (infinity) will be in focus.

I am considering purchasing a sony alpha DSLR. Can I use the lenses from my minolta camera on the sony? by Q: I am considering purchasing a sony alpha DSLR (body only), with or without movie capability. Can I use the lenses from my minolta 35mm camera on the sony or are the mounts different?

A: The mounts are the same. If you want auto-focus, your lenses will have to be such.

What's the difference between the sony alpha nex and a regular dslr camera? by antho051793 Q: I've been looking at both types of cameras. I know that the sony alpha nex and other camera like it are mirror-less. But is that the only difference? Which would you recommend? Which type of camera produces better pictures. I know there are a lot of factors that determine image quality, but overall which one is better?

A: The image quality should be fine. Here are some comparison performance tests of a Sony NEX C3 and some DSLRs http://aviewfinderdarkly.com.au/2011/07/09/sony-nex-c3-test/ The biggest loss is the optical viewfinder with a Through The Lens view and possibly fast autofocus performance in low light.

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