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goufotoko 今からSOLITAIRE上映会 (@ パタゴニア 名古屋) http://t.co/b4wq8Qty

jejerald_xD When I was a kid, I went to computer just to use paint or to play spider solitaire. :D

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yummybear_94 Spending quality time with mom: she can't get of spider solitaire nd i can't get off my iPhone. Bonding:)

dlb4205 Just won Klondike game #81944 and scored 710 points! http://t.co/jhJYpP7B

JasA_x Just casually playing solitaire to try and sober up a bit!

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bobo336 @bobo336 @Lonestar_GLee IM DEFINITELY PLAYING SOLITAIRE

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When playing standard solitaire, is it possible to deal a layout with no legal moves? by pastanaut Q: When playing standard solitaire, is it possible to deal a layout with no legal moves except moving the cards from the stack to the discard pile? If so, what are the chances (odds) of getting that layout? Is there more than one?

A: Let's think through an example. There are seven "stacks", four discard piles, and the turning pile. I'll assume Texas-style drawing where you draw three cards at a time from the turning pile. If the top of the stacks are: black 2, black 3, black 4, etc, upto black 8 then there are no legal moves immediately. You can't pile black on top of black. Of course this is true if they were all red cards, or any combinations of cards like black 2 black 2 black 3 black 5 black 9 black jack black jack. There are also combinations possible of black 2, red 4, red 5, black 8, etc... such that you can't move anything, but these get horribly complicated when you consider the turning pile. When you're starting the game, you can turn over the turning pile upto 8 times (three cards at a time with 24 cards left in the pack after dealing). You require that those 8 turns don't reveal anything you can match. So continuing the thought of having black 2 to black 8 on show. You could draw: black 2, black 9, black jack, black 3, black 7, black queen, black queen, black king... and that's it, you've failed. So yes, it is eminently possible to deal a layout with no moves, and frankly there will be quite a few of them. In my example, you could have 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 all clubs, or 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 all spades, or 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 a mixture of clubs and spades, or 2,6,3,5,8,7,4 of clubs and spades dealt in any order... or all hearts... or all diamonds... etc etc etc. Good luck!

What is the common name for the solitaire variation called Whitehead? by Andrew Q: On facebook I found a solitaire variation called whitehead but I can't find it anywhere else. Does anyone know what the common name is?

A: Whitehead is the only name the game has. If you do a google search on Whitehead solitaire game, you will get plenty of websites which talk about Whitehead. You might even be able to download a free version of Whitehead using the links at http://www.solitaireinnovations.com/links.html. Most of the large solitaire game software collections include Whitehead.

How can I play solitaire at work without tech knowing? by robin hood Q: It is a sophisticated system which lights up if you go to a site you should not go. A big RED SIGN comes up UNAUTHORIZED SITE. Can you use a CD with Solitaire on it and play it without a trace on the computer? Would they catch you if you did that? It is very easy for them to click into our computer, usually we see them, but who knows what they can do. Big Brother is watching, I am a good worker, there are just sometimes it is slow and I would like to play a game of solitaire.

A: From an IT guy: It is possible that they can see everything on your screen, no matter how it got there - internet, email, or disc. There is no sure-fire way to do it secretly.

How do I put Toshiba Solitaire back on my laptop if erased? by Anthony Q: Solitaire was erased completely off my laptop. What do I have to do to put it back on my laptop?

A: How to Install Microsoft Windows Spider Solitaire Windows XP ------------------ 1. Go to the "Start" menu. Click on the "Control Panel" option. 2. Find the "Add or Remove Programs" option. Double-click on it. You will then pick the "Add or Remove Windows Components" option on the left-hand menu. The "Windows Component Wizard" will appear, enabling you to choose from a menu. 3. Highlight the first selection, "Accessories and Utilities." Click on "Details." 4. Highlight the "Games" selection if the box to the left of it is unchecked. Click on "Details." You will see a few games with boxes to the left of them; click on the checkbox next to "Spider Solitaire" 5. Click "OK." The game will now install to your computer. Windows Vista/ Windows 7 ---------------------------------------- 1. Click on the "Start" menu and locate the "Control Panel." Click on it. 2. Click on "Programs and Features" from the menu presented in the "Control Panel" window. 3. Find the option "Turn Windows Features On or Off" in the left-hand menu. 4. Click on the plus sign at the left of the "Games" option to expand and show the list of games you can install. Toward the bottom, you will see "Spider Solitaire." Click on the check mark next to this option. 5. Click "OK." "Spider Solitaire" will now install to your computer.

What is regular solitaire named in computer games? by kiwi Q: i have a Hoyle Majong and Solitaire game and did a free trial of another solitaire game. I can't find the good old style solitaire as there are so many options. Can anyone tell me what the old standard is called?

A: The solitaire game that come with Windows - played with 7 columns of cards is "Klondike" (commonly called "Solitaire"). Other solitaires included by defaull in Windows are "FreeCell" and "Spider Solitaire".

How to get the windows original Solitaire game on Vista computer, instead of the one vista has? by Ashley Q: I have the vista Solitaire game on my vista computer. But I do not like it compared to the classic original windows solitaire game. I have looked all over the internet to try and download it, but i can't find it anywhere! Can anyone help me?!?! Thanks!

A: You can't get the other one if you have Vista.

What are the disadvantages of playing Solitaire on the computer? by saberonns Q: My husband seems to be obsessed with this Solitaire. He can never sit by the computer without playing Solitaire. That would have been fine for me but Ive noticed that he's become more of an idiot. And he gets "idioter" and "idioter" as time goes by. How can I tell him it's bad for his brains when the fact is I've not come across any research on the ill effects of Solitaire. I need serious answers preferably from psychologists or psychiatrists or from students from that field. HELP!

A: There are no particular effects from playing solitaire. What you're seeing is just that he's spending too much time on the computer and is losing his grasp and interest in real life.

What solitaire for the itouch most resembles the one on Windows? by Mo Q: My mom loves to play the solitaire on my laptop and always tries to beat her high score. I've narrowed down two iTouch apps that most resemble the Windows solitaire between The Top and Solitaire for 99 cents so I would like to know which someone would recommend as the better or if there was a better one between the two. Any help would be appreciated!

A: I use Sol Free. It is free and a great solitare game. Why pay for one when there is a great one that is free?

Solitaire.............? by OverexcitablyExcitable Q: I want to deal the king of hearts out again and not play solitaire anymore...how?

A: Is that a lyric?

solitaire? by bekah Q: if you have spider solitaire on your computer maybe you can help me. when you play medium difficulty there are red and black cards. what's the reason and the rules for this round? like I'll try to move something but I'm not allowed and I don't know why. I know how to play solitaire I'm just asking about spider?

A: I like playing that game too. To win, you have to line up the cards with the same suit arranged in an order, from King down to the ace. Once you've lined up one suit, it is removed from the play automatically. To arrange the cards, you are allowed to move the cards in a certain manner. 1. You can place a single card, regardless of its suit, on top of another card as long as the card on top is one count/level lower than the bottom card. 2. When cards with the same suit are put on top of each other, you can move the whole set. However, if there are several suits in a line up you are only allowed to move the top most card/s. 3. When no more moves are available (none of the cards can be moved or placed on top of any other card) you can use the deal option. Take note there is only a limited number of deals. 4. A deal cannot be made if there is a card missing from the line up. This means there should always be one card per row. So far these are the basic rules. You need to be careful in every move. Once you've lined up a full suit (hearts, diamond, clubs, aces) and the cards have been removed, you are not allowed to undo your move. Keep trying. It took me a long time to understand this game too but I got the hang of it. Good luck and I hope you enjoy.

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