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U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Did Not Do Well. Does It Matter?
Most people who heard the United States Solicitor General argue before the Supreme Court in support of the Affordable Care Act agree it wasn't his finest hour. But was it “one of the most spectacular flameouts in the history of the court,” in the ...

Ex-Clinton Solicitor General, Colorado AG React To SCOTUS Arguments
by Frank James It was a question that seemed to be one of the most difficult for the current solicitor general, Donald Verrilli Jr., to answer persuasively, at least to the obvious satisfaction of the conservative justices: If the individual mandate ...

Ex-Clinton Solicitor General, Colorado AG React To SCOTUS Arguments
by Frank James Mar 27, 2012 — After Tuesday's high court arguments, former Clinton-era solicitor general Walter Dellinger told NPR's Robert Siegel it was easy to answer the justices' question about what would stop the federal government from ordering ...

Supreme Court Seeks Solicitor General's Opinion in Clean-Trucks Case
A challenge to the Port of Los Angeles concession requirements for motor carriers moved a step closer to the US Supreme Court as the court invited the Office of the Solicitor General to weigh in on the case. The American Trucking Associations and the ...

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Who do you think Obama should choose to replace Supreme Court Justice Souter? by Q: Who do you think Obama should choose to replace Supreme Court Justice Souter? Sonia Sotomayor, Diane Wood, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano or Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm? I would say Sotomayor who has moderate-liberal views, which would give her some bipartisan backing in the Senate.

A: I wold have to go with....Sonia Sotomayor....................... Sotomayor grew up in the Bronx housing projects in a poor neighborhood whose mother was a nurse and her father was a blue collar worker. President Obama is looking to appoint someone who can bring their life experiences to the court, and Sotomayor certainly fits the bill. Most judges on the court grew up in affluent areas and had to overcome little diversity. Sotomayor did not let her diabetes diagnoses at age 8 stop her; she graduated from Princeton University and afterward Yale Law School. She served as an Assistant DA in NYC and her credentials are impeccable.

Will you request to impeach Keenan about her lie of having no knowledge about Obama Care during her hearings? by Q: She has not recused herself from the upcoming case of Obama Care. As Solicitor General for Obama she would have had access to information regarding Obama Care. This would require her to recuse herself. However, she was asked and answered 'no' if she had information. This is not only a reason for recusal, but also is an impeachable offense since she lied to congress. Source CNS News

A: I would like to, but alas I do not have the power.

Do you think all Supreme Court justices should have past judicial experience? by Q: Last year, Kagan was admitted to the Supreme Court panel and she had no judicial experience at all. But, she was the Solicitor General, meaning she has a really great understanding of the U.S. law. Do you think it's okay that justices on the Supreme Court have never been an actual judge, or do you think they need that kind of experience to perform effectively?

A: A great many former members of the Supreme Court never had judicial experience before becoming Justices on the high court. John Marshall, William O Douglass, Earl Warren, Thurgood Marshall, and many, many others had never been judges and yet became some of the most important members the court has ever known. Past judicial experience counts for nothing. Judges on the high court do not preside over trials, but must listen to arguments. What's needed is not a thorough understanding of judicial proceedings but the law itself.

soliciter general of canada? by jackieb03 Q: who hold the current position of "solicitor general of canada. thanks in advance

A: There isn't one. The position "Solicitor General of Canada" was abolished in 2005.

Which governemnt official is reponsible for argueing the government position to the Supreme court? by Bluefox Q: A) the vice president B) the attorney general C) THe U.S. district attorney D) THe solicitor general Which one is the?!?!?! C or D?

A: Yes,, the Solicitor.. too bad it seems it takes us so long to remove the harm by our Supreme Court, if we can get it done! Earl

Should the "constitutional scholar in chief" try to explain how his health care mandate is constitutional? by Q: I hear his solicitor general couldn't get the job done.

Why does Kagan approve of shoving screwdrivers into babies skulls? by American Resistance Q: Solicitor General Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, helped craft President Bill Clinton’s political strategy for sustaining his veto of the partial-birth abortion ban in 1997. As a result of Clinton’s successful veto that year, the ban was not enacted until 2003, when it was signed by President George Bush. Do we really need a baby killer on the SCOTUS?

A: an evil person appoints another evil person and you find this surprising? Obama is the real problem.. we need to get him voted out of office or impeached ASAP!

What do you think about President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee? by The Beckster Q: Alana Kagan who served as Solicitor General. She comes from a non Judge background. I think that it is a good thing.

A: She isn't far enough to the left for me.

Should Kagan recuse herself from the Obamacare lawsuit when it gets to the supreme court? by Q: Kagan as Obama's solicitor general was part of the government’s response to lawsuits by more than 13 state attorneys general challenging the constitutionality of the healthcare reform. The solicitor general defends the federal government in court cases. Or will the typical underhanded left wing dirty tricks rule the day?

A: Kagan has recused herself from dozens of cases. She will do the right thing, unlike Scalia and Thomas, who have had conflicts of interest and haven't recused themselves.

Did anyone hear the oral arguments at the Supreme Court today? by Q: I was only able to hear the first 1/2 hour but it seemed the Solicitor-General was not doing a good job representing the government's case.Two justices kept interrupting the lawyer's statements and not to ask questions. He either is a mediocre lawyer or is trying to throw Obamacare to the wolves. Of course I didnt hear the whole thing and I am probably wrong.

How did Ted Olson get where he is today without a fancy degree from an Ivy League School? by Lois Griffin Q: He served as Reagan's assistant attorney general and Bush's solicitor general............. and he's argued before the Supreme Court more times than any other living person (almost.) But his degree is from a public school. Berkeley School of Law.

A: Just FYI, Berkely may be a public school but it is highly competitive and their law school is considered top notch. Profile of the Class of 2012 Number of Applicants: 7,960 Number in Class: 292 Median LSAT: 168 (75th percentile: 170 / 25th percentile: 165) Median GPA: 3.83 (75th percentile: 3.95 / 25th percentile: 3.69)

What's up with the pathetic attorney arguing the case for Obamacare? by mark Q: If we can all get past our passions and opinions and actually forget the content of the case for just a moment. Did anybody listen to the Donald Verrilli (the solicitor general arguing the case for Obamacare). He was pathetic. Repeatedly tripping over his words and repeating himself. I honestly think I could have argued the case better than he.

Why does Sonya Sotomayer oppose contibutions to polical campaigns but support donations to terrorists? by Anton Q: By the way arguing the government's (that is her boss Obama´s) position in the material support for terrorism case as Solicitor General, Ms. Kagan, the next Obama´s SCOTUS nominee, called the law a critical weapon in the war on terror. "Hezbollah builds bombs.¨ Sonya Sotomayer disagreed.

A: I love how you don't understand the issue at stake in this case, and use your own failure to understand to blame Sotomayer for ... well, for what? Do you understand that corporate contributions to political campaigns will destroy our democracy? And that this has nothing to do with the standard for "material support for terrorism," under which even people who were forced against their will to provide goods or services to terrorist groups are at risk for denial of their asylum claims? The problem here is that libertarian lickspittles worship corporations, to the point that they will allow corporate money to flood our political process. This reveals something we already knew: conservatives in general, and libertarians specifically, love the rich and the powerful more than they love democracy.

Can the president have a court issue a writ of mandamus to the senate to advise and consent on a nominee? by Fisherman Q: Can the president have the Solicitor General seek and obtain a Writ of Mandamus from a federal court issued to the Judiciary Committee of the US Senate to complete the advise and consent process on a nominee and move the nominee to the floor for a vote? If the Judiciary Committee did not heed the writ can the members be held in contempt of court? Or would the only consequences be the political consequences, if any? Do you think a federal court would issue such a writ?

A: No. This is a political question, and you cannot use the court for political issues. The court will not tell the senate, or house, when, where, or how to act. There is no deadline on when to act. Some bills (as with appointments) languish for years. The Supreme Court stays away from the internal workings of the other branches, and only intervenes when there is a violation of a core right (e.g., equal protection, etc.). Thus, the Florida voting case (an internal, state, political question) was surprisingly taken by the US Supreme Court, which had previously refused to intervene in such instances. It reasoned, however, that the voting rights, and equal rights of each voter, was implicated, taking it away from the political realm. The president is left with the power of the puipit, and the power of the people to demand that their own congressmen and senators act, in order to get their nominees through. Not surprisingly, it is much easier to get a vote when your own party is in power, but even then, with the minority threatening a filibuster (both parties do this when in the minority), extremists can be blocked. No court has ever expressed any interest in intervening in such situations.

What is it about Bush & McBush that leads their loved ones to trend in the opposite direction? by Rush Limbaugh Q: George W. Bush - Tried to ban gay marriage in the Federal Constitution. his wife his daughter his vice president and his solicitor general (who was also his lawyer in 2000 to win him the presidency) all want gay marriage to be legal. John McCain - On record for opposing gay marriage. his wife his daughter and his campaign advisor all want gay marriage to be legal.

A: Why have liberal states repeatedly voted against gay marriage?

Can you believe the man who made Bush president is fighting to legalize gay marriage nationwide? by Healthy Environment Q: the man who was Bush's lawyer in 2000 and served in Bush's cabinet as Solicitor General...Mr. Olsen..now joining forces with Gore's lawyer to legalize gay marriage nationwide in a federal case.

A: It's the right thing to do.

Why is the President nominating a tranny for the Supreme Court? by SMUT The Happy Sock Seaman Q: He nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan (A Guy in drag or "she" looks like a guy in drag) for the supreme court. While I don't have a problem with anyone advancing (regardless of race, religion, orientation), I don't believe she/he will get pass senate confirmation due to that reason.

A: We could have bet that it would be a female; but frankly I expected a black female.

How can a solicitor settle in the uk having foreign nationality other than EU? by Q: I am on PSW visa in the Uk and want to settle in the uk but Tier 1 General route is closed. I did Masters in internationl law from Uk, trying to register with SRA as a solicitor. What options are open for me to settle here, if i get a licence of solicitor?

A: You better talk with a solicitor, who have settled in uk that way. He would show you how and which way.

In general, who decides which cases the Supreme Court will hear in a particular term? by k0dex323 Q: A)The solicitor general B) The chief justice C) The Supreme Court D) The American Bar Association E) Congress I think its a trick question. i cant decide between C and B. Please help

A: I have a book and a set of audio tapes called "May it Please the Court" which are transcriptions and tapes from actual arguments in front of the Court. It is a group decision. Thousands of cases are submitted. The clerks of the Justices review these submissions and narrow the field. The 9 justices then review the pool to decide which cases to hear. Don't bother looking for a copy of the book and tapes that I have. Shortly after it was illegally released, contrary to law regarding the Supreme Court, it was withdrawn from publication. A couple of years later, I ran across another boxed set at a thrift store and snapped it up to give to a Lady Friend of mine. I paid $75 for my set, and &7.99 for the copy at the thrift store. They simply did NOT know what they HAD, or they COULD have gotten a LOT more!

What kind of work does a solicitor do in commercial law? by The Kid Q: What kind of work does a solicitor do in lets say commercial law?? if you cant answer that, what exactly does a solicitor do in general?? and also is the difference between a barrister that a barrister represents someone in court is that the difference?

A: Solicitors traditionally have been the first point of contact for anyone who needs legal services, they provide generalized services like help writing wills, buying a house, etc. They used to refer issues to the barristers but that isn't required anymore. Barristers provide specialist opinions on difficult legal problems, draft the more complex documents for use in court and act as advocates in court. Barristers are also relied upon to give definitive legal advice where a solicitor may not be able to.

Why is the Administration fighting to block Justice Kagans emails on Obamacare when she was solicitor general? by Q: I thought all emails sent on the tax payers dime are privy to public information under the Freedom of Information Act and aren't personal when it comes to policy. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/judge-blocks-release-recusal-related-emails-kagan-sent-wh-says-theyre-personal Sadcat - The CIA doesn't "run" on the taxpayers dime, do you know what happened to all the loot that was confiscated from the Nazi's after WWII. Well the CIA took about $10 billion of that have it invested world wide. The CIA is an org with assets worth over $100 billion, read about it and you'll find how corrupt the system is.

A: For the same reason they are trying to remove thomas from the case they know she should remove herself from it and they know she supports it and will pass it as a favor to being appointed to the court.

Do you agree with Reagan's solicitor general that Bush broke the law by sanctioning torture? by prekinpdx Q: Because it is Wrong: Torture, Privacy and Presidential Power in the Age of Terror" by Harvard Law scholar Charles Fried, a Republican, and his son Gregory Fried -- a Suffolk University philosophy professor who votes Democrat -- asks if it is permissible to torture in order to safeguard Americans. Despite the differing politics of the father-son authors, they agreed it was never morally right to torture and therefore never permissible to do so. "I think that (the Bush administration) broke the law and what they did was disgusting and terrible and degrading," Charles Fried told Reuters in an interview. Is he a RINO now or will the right wing do the right thing and denounce the torture sanctioned by Bush? http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100913/lf_nm_life/us_books_torture_1 I see...our choices are a) torture, or b) milk and cookies. Interesting. Oops...tea and crumpets or torture...got it. Damn...that's some limited choices there. I'd also love to see that data that shows torture saved lives. Can you provide that? I would argue that it put our men and women in uniform in danger...and by supporting torture, you in fact do NOT support our troops. You wish them harm. http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKN0852061620080208 Lisa - keep working on those literacy skills.

A: Yes, I do. And Obama is in violation of international laws and treaties by NOT prosecuting the torture that was ordered as a war crime... And for those confused by the definition of waterboarding as torture, it has been torture since the Spanish Inquisition, and has been defined, explicitly, by courts of law as torture. The US put Japanese to death for waterboarding.

is U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan? by David Q: a man or woman

A: who knows? probaly a heshe

what's the name of the solicitor general of guyana? by diana roberts Q: legal officals in guyana

A: Doodnauth Singh is the attorney general and minister of legal affairs. Permanent Secretary of the ministry is Ms. Mitradevi Ali.

Shouldn't the Supreme Court Justice Elana Kagan, Obama’s Solicitor General while Obama-care? by Brainless Liberal Q: was being crammed down the throats of the American people, recuse herself from these preceedings?? YouSa, hell, most of my posts dont even get posted...lol Really Summertime ? Really ??? You personally gave me a waiver like the Unions got ? What a Gal !!! It was Mandated but not crammed down my throat according to a Genius Liberal...lol !

A: That would be the case if she were actually interested in supporting the constitution. My guess is that she isn't and won't.

Why did Solicitor General for the U.S.Justice Dept lie to us about receiving a call from his wife on 9/11? by Q: FBI says Ted Olson lied about receiving a call from his wife (CNN commentator) Barbara Olson from flight 77 on 9/11. http://afpakwar.com/blog/archives/2557 LMAO! American airlines said there were NO air phones on that flight!

A: What a frigging wing ding. "Without the alleged calls from Barbara Olson, there is no evidence that Flight 77 returned to Washington." Yeah, other than the big effing hole in the Pentagon. You grand conspiracy types astound me.

Is U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan a lesbian? by W.C. Felcher Q: Is it her haircut, fashion sense, and manly jowls that give people this notion?

A: Don't know if she is, but don't let that stop you from fantasizing about her.

Did you see former Bush solicitor general Ted Olson's article, "The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage"? by prekinpdx Q: http://www.newsweek.com/id/229957 He argues that same-sex unions promote the values conservatives prize. Thoughts?

A: He's a moron. How can same-sex marriage promote family values, religious values or traditional values?

So who's gonna be the new Solicitor General? by Lois Griffin Q:

A: Ted Olson

Elena Kagan, while solicitor general, expressed happiness about obamacare passing. She must recuse herself ? by Q: HTTP://visiontoamerica.org/5568/kagan-cheered-obamacare-passage/

A: yes.

Who is the solicitor general of Australia? is he really good at his job? by Q:

A: Stephen John Gageler

Obama short lists Kagan for Solicitor General? by msmanners212 Q: Obama has short listed Elena Kagan for the Solicitor General spot. Problem? Kagan, a Dean at Harvard Law has never argued a single case in any courtroom! Surprise that Obama wants someone with no practical experience to defend American laws to the Supreme Court. Is it a situation like Gupta, where people just don't want to buy a ticket for this train wreck, so he is stuck with talking heads over substance? Or Is this just repaying political favors...like Harvard Law refusing to release Obama's records?

A: It sounds like a payback to me- and apparently Obama believes that no experience is necessary as he walks the talk (badly).

Why did the Solicitor General waive his right to respond in the Obama birth certificate Supreme Court "cases"? by Robinson Cruz Q: Republican Solicitor General Gregory Garre, whose has the job of representing the U.S. at the Supreme Court, doesn't appear to think much of these Obama birth certificate petitions scheduled for discussion early next month at the Court. Maybe his bags are packed and he has non-refundable tickets for Hawaii for the holidays? Will he ask to see Obama's birth certificate while he is on his vacation, or will he just lie on the beach like some unemployed bum, now that he doesn't have a job anymore? http://www.concordmonitor.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20081126/NEWS03/811260384/1013

A: That's because the "suits" are frivolous.

What is the job of Solicitor General? by Q:

A: They represent the United States in cases brought against the US.

Name the person of Indian origin (PIO) who has been nominated to become US Solicitor General? by Q:

A: Neal Kumar Katyal

My fiance's Philippine annulment is now at the solicitor general, how long before it's final? by mahal_kitaaa Q:

A: Annulment cases are also under the jurisdiction of the Solicitor General (SG). If the SG didn't find any suspicious elements or adverse judgment in the case, the SG would return the documents back to RTC for continuing action in the proceedings. The RTC judge can ask the SG to expedite the review if it's taking so long. Allow 2 weeks from receipt of SG, otherwise ask your fiance's lawyer to request status from the RTC judge. Normally, RTC judge can release the decision for final and executory after 30 days from SG. After getting the final copy of court decision, ask your fiance's lawyer to work on submitting these documents to NSO and local registrar offices where the original marriage certificates were filed. This is to change the original status to annulled marriage of the former marriage. You can wait however for the RTC personnel to send the copies to the respective agencies but it would take so much time. Good luck!

Who argues before the supreme court more? the Attorney General? or Solicitor General? by Lois Griffin Q: zone: Kagan's not the present one. zone: 34 of the 50 largest law firms in America have defended terror-suspects. This is common practice. It's not a lawyer's job to determine innocent or guilt. That's the judge's job. *correction: the jury's job.

A: The AG never does, personally. It's the SG's job.

What is the difference between the US Attorney General and US Solicitor General (besides the name)? by grim reaper Q:

A: The US Attorney General is the cheif law enforcement officer in the US. He is in charge of interpreting and enforcing the laws of the nation. The Solicitor General works for the Attoenys General. He is the cheif appellate lawyer of the US. His job is to represent the United States on appeals from trials and before the Supreme Court. Your average Solicitor General can look forward to making forty arguments before the Supreme Court in his tenure.

What is a solicitor general, and what do they do? by bugjjo Q:

A: The United States Solicitor General is the individual appointed to argue for the Government of the United States in front of the Supreme Court of the United States, when the government is party to a case. The current Solicitor General is Paul Clement. Nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, the Solicitor General is the fourth-ranking officer in the United States Department of Justice, behind the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, and the Associate Attorney General. Despite this formal "rank", the solicitor general is removed from the administrative duties of the Justice Department, focusing instead on advocating for the federal government before the Supreme Court. Part of the solicitor general's duty is to be the attorney representing US federal government agents and agencies in cases appealed to the Supreme Court.

Is it a good sign when the entire court room laughs at your arguments, like happened to the Solicitor General? by Q: http://www.nationalreview.com/bench-memos/294457/court-general-verrilli-cut-your-losses-tax-arguments-carrie-severino @brown950 Great argument, wonderfully insightful analysis.

Now what Cons, Reagan Solicitor General Says Health Care Is Constitutional? by Q: Fried, now a Beneficial Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, told the committee in his opening statement that the commerce clause of the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate, which is precisely what the law signed by President Barack Obama does. "To my mind, that is the end of the story," Fried said. "The mandate is a rule. More accurately, it is part of the system of rules by which commerce is to be governed." Poor, poor Republicans, still suffering with obsessive compulsive denial disorder. Fried was Reagan's lawyer, LMAO!

A: But but but Glenn beck school of consitutional law says dat it be un constinitutional

If someone was offered a position at the Solicitor General's office as an attorney right after law school? by Q: or clerkship would this be considered prestigious or a good, but not spectacular job?

A: It depends upon what the job is.

Could the former solicitor general, Kagan, have done a better job at defending obamacare than the current? by nooyawker Q: solicitor general?

What's the difference between the duties of the Attorney General and Solicitor General of the United States? by Think about it Q: Norma - so who gets paid more?!

A: Their salary.

Can the assistant solicitor general drop domesgic violence charges before going to court? by Q:

A: Yes. He can poop his pants too. The chances of his doing either are roughly the same.

Is it a good sign the supreme court was laughing at the Solicitor General? by Q: Even the liberals justices were getting their shots in at the SG. None of them were buying that the Health Care "penalty" was a "Tax". Does this bode well for the Affordable Care Act, moving forward.

Is Obama going to appoint Ted Olson to replace Elena Kagan as the Solicitor General? by Lois Griffin Q: Ted Olson was Solicitor General under Bush. Maybe he'll take back his old job as serve under Obama?

A: Obama does a lot of kissing up to Republicans, but this he wouldn't do. He would not appoint a reactionary. Kissing up anyway doesn't work for him Hope this helps

Will US have its first woman Solicitor General, that's too an Indian? by Kent Arroq Q: India-born 42-year-old, Preeta Bansal, a Harvard-educated lawyer who is being seen as a potential candidate for the office of the Solicitor General, a post yet to be filled by a woman in US. She has advised the President-elect on foreign policy and judiciary matters, is among possible appointees to the post. The Solicitor General is the only position where the statute requires that the officer be learned in the law.

A: Here we call it Attorney General. Honestly, I don't think this position is subject to a glass ceiling like other positions have been. Consider that other Cabinet-level positions (the Cabinet is the President's Secretaries and advisors) such as Surgeon General and Secretary of State have already been occupied by women. There are many women in high-profile legal positions - in fact, one of the difficulties in filling a government role is that corporate workers would have to take a pay cut. Consider the amount of money Michelle Obama makes in private practice versus the paltry salary of a cabinet member. As a cabinet-level position, the US Attorney General would be a presidential appointee. The current Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, came into office barely one year ago and will likely be ousted in January when Obama brings in his new cabinet. It's up to Obama, and I think that the Congress would be receptive to a woman in this position.

who is the current US solicitor general? by kikyo199028 Q: Who is the current US solicitor general and what role does the U.S. Solicitor General’s office play with the US Supreme Court of Justice? Please give sources!

A: Neal Katyal (Acting) since Elena Kagan was appointed to the supreme court.

who is the solicitor general for the US department of education? by Ashley Q: Is there a solicitor general for the US department of education, or is that the Inspector General?

A: There is a Secretary of Education who is the Head of the US Department of Education. Her name is Margaret Spellings. The website is www.ed.gov

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