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Solar car

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WorldOfGadgets Toy RC cars running out of juice has been resigned to the past - http://t.co/CEhAzJWP

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Where can I find a solar car kit in Malaysia? by Lynn Q: Preferably the race car type. I've tried Jalan Pasar, didn't ask all the shops though. But most of them only sell solar panels. How about Low Yat Plaza?

A: try Kampung Pandan

How do I make this solar car more efficient? by AFG Q: It can only have one standard size solar panel. The chassis (frame) can be made out of any material. We are only provided with a small motor that runs an even smaller gear. You need to be innovative! (Design and Craftsmanship) The wheels and such cannot be directly attached to the solar panel, it must have a chassis. It's a very small car, so if you have any suggestions for how I could intensify the heat that the car receives from the sun .. I was thinking a black box with a mirror for the base. Any help? (((:

A: Increasing the amount of sunlight hitting the solar panel will not increase efficiency at all, although it might make it go farther or faster. To increase efficiency, think reduce amount of heat and sound that is wasted. Quiet and cool means efficiency. It sounds like you can't do anything with the efficiency of the motor. Your transmission, whether it is chain, belt, or gears, needs to be light and efficient as possible. You need to make it as easy to roll as possible. Low friction bearings and tires that roll easily. You also need to minimize drag on the car from the air. The faster it goes, the more important it is to reduce the drag.

How do you make a wind solar car? by Isabella Q: How do you make a wind solar car? My school ask me to make one. But how? Please help me.

A: What the hell is a wind solar car? Do you mean a wind driven solar powered car? You will need: a) a car b) a star c) solar panels d) a big fan e) sticky tape

What is the best way to set up the gears for a solar car? by awesomeness Q: I need to know what is the best way to set up the gears for a solar car. I also need to know the best angle to put the solar panel if I live in the United States of the Virgin Islands(if it matters). It is for a race so need good information. Thanks!

A: Well, a solar car isn't going to reach a very high speed, so, I would think you would want taller (a higher ratio) gearing in the differential. This will magnify the acceleration of whatever type of engine is putting out the limited power. As far as placement of the solar panel, I would think that would depend on when the race starts and ends...and the duration of it. You will want it to be placed for best sun ray exposure, so wherever the sun will be located in the sky for most of the race. This will depend on the direction the car will be traveling too. Find that out and you will probably have a leg up on the competition.

How do you make the perfect solar car? by L i s h a ! Q: In my science class we are building solar cars. The fastest solar car of 30 groups gets some prize yet to be announced. I would like to know what you feel are the best materials to make a car that goes very fast (cardboard, styrofoam, milk cartons, etc. etc.) I basically just need details on how to make it go faster. Should it be thin and light? Thick and heavy? How can my group make the fastest solar powered car. I will choose a best answer ;D

A: Make it as light as possible so there is less strain on the motor. Make it as wide as possible to get the most area for you to mount the solar cells. The more solar cells you have pointing directly at the light source, the more power will be available to the motor.

How can i make a fast homemade solar car with basic materials? by Dj F Q: i need to make a solar car using a small motor solar panel, a piece of small cardboard and wheels and axels. Whats the best way to do this? yes i have a solar panel and i think i'm allowed to use gears. I'm trying to get ahead of the class my teacher hasn't said any thing about gears one way instead of gears is a rubberband thats what were supposed to use. I'm trying to make it as light weight as possible

A: The easiest way to do it is to attach a propeller to the motor and not worry about gears, belts, rubber bands and bearings. Then you just have to fool with the angle of the propellor blades and reducing friction on the axles and or wheels to as low as possible, like on the wooden push cars.

Does a black solar car capture more solar energy than a white solar car? by Susan Q: So.. Solar Car A is black, Solar Car B is white. Because the color black absorbs sunlight, will solar car A's solar panel capture more solar energy because the solar car's body attracts more light rays or does the color not matter?

A: are we talking about the car? or the solar panels? clearly, what color the car, other than the solar panels, is, does not matter. the color of the solar panels is probably determined by what they are made of. painting them, thus excluding light, is not likely to improve their performance. black cars do tend to be hotter. in warm climates, most people like to turn on the a/c. that would sop up all the energy created by a solar panel. look at what solar cars really look like. http://www.winstonsolar.org/challenge/ there's only space for 1 small person. they only run a few hours a day. they don't go anywhere in the rain. the problem that exists is that the amount of solar energy falling on the footprint of a car is really too small to provide the 40-80-160 hp that most folks seem to like. they're just not going to be useful in the foreseeable future.

How can I make a small solar car go fast? by Jon Q: I am making a mini solar car. I want to know how I can make it go fast. I can't change the motor or the solar panel. I need to know about wieght and shape. Thanks so much!

A: well if its going down hill increasing the weight might help, making the car itself more arodynamic might have negligable effects. trying reducing the size of the wheels. big wheels provide more power but end up being slower, small wheels have less power but are a lot quicker.

Can solar car chargers work without having the key to the car turned to accessory? by vector4tfc Q: I am thinking of installing a solar trickle charger in my car. Most of them have a cigarette lighter plug-in for easy installation. But I am not sure they will actually charge the battery. I cannot get power to the cigarette lighter plug-ins without having the key turned to "accessory". If I were to plug in a solar charger, I am afraid that it would not work, simply because no complete circuit to the battery exists while the key is not in the ignition. There are chargers that connect to the battery using alligator clips. But these mean running a separate line to the battery. Is there a solution to this seemingly simple problem?

A: If your cigarette lighter works when the key if off, then yes, the solar charger will work. That will confirm you have popwer to the lighter when the key is off, thus the necessary connection to the battery.

solar car? by donmajed Q: how to assimple a solar car?

A: Buy the 1. Solar Panel built in capacitor to store the power 2. Rechargeable Battery 3. DC Motor. 4. Simple Car Chassis 5. 4 wheels

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